Is it possible to print from a phone to a printer

How to print from phone via USB directly?

It turns out that you can print a photo even by connecting the printer to the phone directly via a USB cable. But for that, you need something useful. Firstly, you will need a special adapter cable (OTG cable) that will allow you to connect a real USB Type-A to your phone. And secondly, you will need to install a special program (for example, PrinterShare).

Then we just connect the printer, go into the program and select it in the settings. Through the same program, all files in the device’s memory will be available.

I warn you right away that this method does not work on all phones and not with all printers. Think it might be better to use a cloudy print or some other way?

Can I print a file from my phone to a printer?

If you want to print a document or photo from your phone, you do not need to upload these files to your PC. Transfer them directly to the printer via cloud storage, Google services, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. You can also use a USB cable if the devices support such a connection.

Wireless connection

To print over Wi-Fi to the printer, it must support a wireless network. Each device has its own connection method. Details are in the annotation and on the manufacturer’s website. But the router needs to be additionally configured:

  • Connect it to PC.
  • Open a browser and write “” or “” in the address bar. The IP may be different. It depends on the router model.
  • Enter your username / password. By default it is admin / admin.
  • Go to Wireless Options. WPS Setup.
  • Find the Protection Setup security characteristics and activate the protection.
  • Disable MAC address filtering.
  • In the Wi-Fi parameters or on the case of the router, there must be a WPS key. Click it. Or run the disk that came with the modem and find the wireless network characteristics on it.
  • Press the WPS key on the printing device. Don’t hesitate. If you do this after two minutes or later, the accessory will not connect.
  • If it doesn’t work, try again.
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There must be a telephone on the same network. Go to its options, open the characteristics of the wireless connection and connect.

How to print from your phone via the cloud?

If your printer supports web and cloud printing, then you can set up printing without using a computer. You will need to register in the cloudy storage (or log in, if you are already registered) and set up printing on your device. By the way, this can be not only a phone or a tablet, but also a PC, which is located many kilometers from the printer. For printing, the presence of the web and access to cloudy storage is enough.

Google Cloud Print, a virtual printer from Google, is perfect for this purpose. When you connect the printer to your own Google account, you can print any document from the Google Chrome browser in which you are authorized. Or you can install additional software on any phone or other device so that you can print out completely any file from the device’s memory. Go to the Play Market and install the Google Cloud Print app. It’s easy to figure out the options.

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How to print from your phone. Can I print a file from my phone to a printer?

AirPrint for iPhone

The iPhone also has such a function. AirPrint. It is configured automatically. One condition. a mobile device with a printer must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

  • Open the file on your phone. For example, a photo from the gallery. In some iOS applications, you cannot print a document.
  • Click on Share, Share, or Export. In different programs, this key looks differently: a square with an arrow, a circular arrow, three dots.
  • Available actions will appear. Tap on “Print”. this is an icon in the form of a printer with paper.
  • If it is not there, click on “” (the ellipsis icon) and find a suitable button in the list.
  • “Select a printer” item. The program will find devices with the AirPrint function.
  • Specify the number of copies of the document.
  • Arrange the rest of the characteristics (for example, pagination).
  • Click on “Print”.

Not all MFPs have Wi-Fi. AirPrint can also work over a local network. Connect the device to the PC LAN port. Try to send something to him from the iPhone. If the accessory is connected to USB, nothing will work. It must be on the same network as the iPhone.

If your device does not fit, you can “cheat the system.” Use Printopia or AirPrint Activator software. It’s easy to deal with them: install, run, enable. Unfortunately, these utilities only work under Mac OS.

How to print photos from your phone on a printer?

Hey! It is true that the quality of photos taken on mobile phones at the moment is so high that it is sometimes difficult to distinguish this photo on a phone or on a digital camera. That is why the memory of our phones is packed with photos to the eyeballs. Hence, a completely logical question follows: “Is it possible to print a photo from a phone to a printer directly?” Immediately I will answer. you can! And there are quite a few methods for this, which we will now consider.

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Print from Android to HP Printers Using a USB OTG Cable | HP Printers | HP

Some methods of printing from a phone to a printer work directly, while some still require little outside help. But let’s not pull the cat by the tail, let’s get down to consideration. One of the methods should certainly be convenient for you.

If you want to perfectly process photos without unnecessary hassles, then the article “Photo Editors for Dummies” will help you!

How to print a photo on a printer from an Apple phone?

All of the above methods apply directly to Droid devices or software from Google. But if you have an iPhone or other Apple device, we have a couple of printing tips for you too.

How to Print from Any Printer in Android Phone (No Wi-fi Printer)

In any case, to print from an Apple phone on a printer, it must be possible to connect to a WI-FI network or to the web. Here are some applications that will help you print all the photos and other files you need from your Apple phone:

  • Apple airPrint is one of the most widely used IOS apps for printing directly from your phone to a printer. Forget about wires;
  • Handy Print is a good candidate for Apple airPrint. You can print on a printer for free for 1 2 weeks, later, unfortunately, you will have to pay for this pleasure;
  • Printer Pro is another program for printing files from Yabloko to a printer.