Is it possible to print from a tablet to a printer

Google Cloud Print (hereinafter GCC)

By setting up GCC, you will be able to print to your printer from anywhere on the planet with an Internet connection. You can also share your home printer with colleagues or friends.

GCC: Printer Connection

  • If you don’t have a Google account, then it’s time to get one. You can use your account from a tablet if it’s on Android. You will also need a browser from Google. Chrome, where you just need to sign in.
  • Go to the Chrome menu (upper right corner) and select the Settings menu.

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  • Next, go to advanced settings

    At the very bottom, find the virtual printer settings item.

  • For authorization, enter your account details. The service will itself determine the output device and register it. Click the Add Printer button. That’s it, the printer is connected to the GCC service.

It turns out that Chrome acts as an intermediary between the GCC service, your device and the printer. The tablet transmits data to the service, the latter via the Internet to Chrome, and the web browser gives the command to the printer. Based on this, it turns out that you must always be authorized in Chrome, except when the printer has the Cloud Print standard, that is, it works with the service without a computer.

Cloud Print: Printing from Tablet

  • First, download the Cloud Print program, then log in to it with the same account for which the printers were added on the computer (you can have many accounts on the tablet at the same time).
  • Documents are printed by clicking on the button in the upper corner. A menu will appear where you have to select source. The source can be not only your files, but all your documents from cloud services (Google Drive or Dropbox).

Now you know how to print to your tablet. Everything is much simpler than it seems at first glance. By the way, after installing Google Cloud Print, you can print entire web pages from your browser. You can also print Gmail mail, but only if you are logged into it in the Chrome browser.

How to print documents from a tablet

The tablet has penetrated not only into private life, it has fully penetrated into business, education and other practical areas of life. That is why it was necessary to implement the possibility of printing to a printer directly from a tablet. Let’s consider whether it is possible to print documents on a tablet, what tools you may need for this.

Today, almost all the latest tablets have the ability to print from a printer that is not even connected to a computer. Printers, of course, must be equipped with radio transmission modules (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi). Best of all, printing from a tablet to a printer is implemented by Google’s Cloud Print technology. The best part is that the device (and / or any other gadget) doesn’t have to be special. This also applies to the printer. You just need to configure everything correctly. Let’s take a closer look.


A printing program that works much like Google’s service. She herself shares your printer on a special server. With it, you can print documents via a local or home network, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Of course, there are fewer possibilities in it, but installation and implementation of basic functions is much easier. over, you do not need to create special accounts and so on. But there is one but. The program is available in two versions. free and for 112.

Is it convenient to print on a tablet? Undoubtedly. Yes! You can completely untie your hands while working, for example, on the way to work. Upon arrival, the necessary documents will be printed. You can print all files from anywhere, thus saving yourself the hassle of carrying piles of waste paper. In the ability to print from a tablet, you can see only the pros! Also, a tablet has some advantages over a laptop in terms of typing comfort.

    Some of the advantages of a tablet:

  • Less gluttonous in terms of power consumption, that is, it will take a little longer to work on it than on a laptop.
  • Does not affect eye fatigue as much. Retina displays are particularly different.
  • suited for quick connection to different devices and networks.
  • A tablet is undoubtedly more ergonomic than a laptop.
  • Concentration on the tablet has a greater percentage, due to the fact that unnecessary programs, panels and shortcuts are not visible.
  • The touch keyboard is much more practical than the physical one, although it takes time for the user to get used to it. You cannot work on it only under a downpour or during a blizzard. The device is practically not afraid of spilled liquid and is easily brought into working condition.
  • A tablet prepares faster than a laptop. The latter takes a long time to load operating systems and specialized programs.
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Printing applications

On the same “Android Market” or “Apple Store” there are many different applications that will help you quickly set up printing from your phone or tablet. Below we provide a description of several of the most popular options for both operating systems.

Printing from a Smartphone Using the PrinterShare App

A universal application that supports most printers and can replace both branded applications and Google Cloud Print. It even works with printers that connect via a USB OTG cable. But it makes sense to use it only when the number of different-sized office equipment is very large and all of it needs to be combined in one application. The principle of setting up and using PrinterShare is quite simple:

  • Download and install the PrinterShare Print Service application.
  • In the application, select your printer connection type.
  • Connect the printer using one of the methods listed earlier in the instructions.
  • After completing the setup, printing from an Android smartphone will be available directly from the application.

The PrinterShare app allows you to print online from anywhere you can connect your smartphone to the Internet. At the same time, you can use for printing any of the configured and synchronized with the service active and connected to the Internet printers. The main disadvantage of PrinterShare is that some of the functionality will not be active without purchasing the premium version of the application.

How to print to a printer from a phone or tablet in Android OS: all the ways

How to print any document from a phone to a printer, we will tell in this article in detail with detailed screenshots of all actions and performing the necessary settings. But first, you still need to connect your Android smartphone or tablet to the printer. Consider the options for connecting via a WiHi router without a computer, via a USB cable and a few other ways.
Smartphones and tablets have become part of our life, which is hard to imagine without them. With their help, today we can store photos and other useful documents. There are often situations when you need to print a photo or pdf document directly without using a computer. But I still do not know everything how this can be done.

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Printing files from an Android phone

Many Android phones have a Google Cloud Printer Interface module already built into the software. If the Android build you are using does not include the Google Cloud Print package, you can easily install it by downloading and launching the corresponding application from the Google Play website.

When Google Cloud Print is installed on your phone, you do not need to launch it every time before printing any file: the Google Cloud Print app works as an add-on to your phone software. The only thing to be sure is that the Google account associated with the phone matches the one used when adding the printer to the Chrome browser.

To print a file from an Android phone, follow these steps:

  • Open the document to be printed. This can be anything from a text file or photo stored on a cloud drive to the contents of a local phone storage device.
  • Click on the “Menu” button (three dots in the upper right corner).
  • Click “Print”.
  • Click on the down arrow to the right of “Save as PDF”.
  • Select the printer from which to print. To get a list of all connected printers, you need to click on the “All Printers” button

After everything is ready, you can click on the print button (blue circle with a printer icon)

WI-FI connection

This is perhaps the simplest method. No need to use third party accessories or special software. All you need to do is download Printer Share, the most popular printing software for Android devices. You can also use analogs.

After installing the program, you need to run it, and then follow the very clear instructions. The interface is simple and easy to use. As stated above, to use this function, you must make sure you have a WI-FI adapter.

Flatbed printer

Very often you have to print a document or web page directly from your tablet. At the same time, you do not want to save everything to a USB flash drive, connect it to a PC and only then print. But how do you connect to a printer? Let’s take a look at the ways you can print directly from your tablet.

How to connect a printer to a tablet via USB

Let’s look at how to connect a printer to a tablet via USB, although this method is not the best and not all models and printers can do this. For everything to work out, you need to have a USB Host output on your tablet PC. But besides this, you will also need drivers for the device. There are very few printed devices with Android drivers. However, sometimes the device starts to be seen after installing the “USB connection Kit” application from the Play Market. If everything is exactly like that. steel drivers, a tablet with a USB host, then the printing device will be seen as USB and, accordingly, it will be possible to print on it.

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Among all the manufacturers, only HP took care of their models. They created an ePrint app that, once installed, sees almost all of the company’s devices on tablet PCs connected via a USB cable.

Connecting to a Wi-Fi Printer

Is it possible to connect printing to the tablet if both have Wi-Fi. Here, of course, everything is simpler. You can connect in several ways. So, modern printers can be printed directly via Wi-Fi Direct. It must be turned on. To turn on Wi-Fi Direct, go to Device Settings under. Some Android versions call it “Wi-Fi Direct”.

In the first models with a Wi-Fi module, this is not possible, but you can do it differently. connect to the network. It has been discussed in many forums that tablets cannot see network printers, but there is a trick here. It is necessary to make it network not through a computer, but connect directly to the router.

Setting up a direct connection between the router and the printer’s Wi-Fi via WPS

To configure some models, you need to know the SSID (network name) and password for it. Also check if your device supports WPS at all. It is also desirable that the network be protected with WPA or WPA 2 encryption. And finally, you need to make sure that MAC address filtering is turned off.

One more nuance: you must know your PIN. It is located on the box from the router (8 digits under the serial number or MAC address).

Next, you need to enable WPS on your router. Type in your browser. Login and password. “admin”. Set the “ENABLE” parameter in the WPS SETUP located in the “Security / Security” section. This is done in most routers. But there are some types of routers with a slightly modified interface. For example, as in the picture.

At the same time, check if MAC address filtering is disabled:

Sometimes the router has a physical WPS button, which, of course, needs to be pressed. The device should also have a button, but only search for a network. Clamp it until the two devices connect. If there is no such button, then you will have to perform a search using the device software. Next, you need to find the “Network” section, go to the “Wireless” section there and select the “Wi-Fi Protection Setup” item. Remember that you need to enable WPS on both devices within a range not exceeding 2 minutes!

Virtual Printer Services

This is the easiest way to print from your tablet. There are a huge number of services on the Internet that will make your printer virtual without any problems, that is, you can print on your device from anywhere in the world. The most important thing is that there must be internet.

The most popular is Google’s Cloud Print service. In order for flatbed printing to work, you need to have your own Google account. You need to connect one or more devices to it.

To do this, go to Chrome settings. At the bottom you need to click “Show advanced settings”. Go to the very bottom again, where in the third section from the bottom there is an option to add printers.

To print from your tablet, you need to install the Cloud Print app and print. New features and functions appear in the service almost every week. Using Cloud Print or similar services makes everything much easier. For example, you don’t need to set up something every time. you only need to remember your Google account and password.

Apple AirPrint

Unlike Google’s solution, AirPrint sends files for printing exclusively over the local network, so your gadget must be connected to the same wireless router as the printer. Also, it must support AirPrint.

Setting up AirPrint
Make sure your printer is AirPrint compatible, update its firmware to the latest version, and access the Web Based Control Panel. Here you need to activate AirPrint and specify the name of the printer. Since AirPrint is a component of the iOS operating system, there is no need to install a separate app.

Printing from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
Some iOS applications provide an arrow icon in the context menu. Touch it, then touch the printer icon, then you can select the printer on which the document will be printed and set the printing options. Your file will be sent to print over the local wireless network. AirPrint is also supported on Mac OS computers.

Convenient printing from smartphone and tablet

Documents and photos can be printed from mobile devices as easily as from a computer. This is made possible by cloud services and mobile printing applications. On almost every smartphone and tablet, you will find several photos and documents. Anyone who wants to print them will face difficulties, since it is impossible to do this in the usual way for personal computer users. But […]

Documents and photos can be printed from mobile devices as easily as from a computer. This is made possible by cloud services and mobile printing applications.

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On almost every smartphone and tablet, you will find several photos and documents. Anyone who wants to print them will face difficulties, since it is impossible to do this in the usual way for personal computer users. However, over the past few years, manufacturers of printers and the most popular mobile operating systems have tried to simplify the procedure for printing from various gadgets as much as possible.

The latest versions of Google Android and Apple iOS already have easy-to-use wireless printing solutions built in. Looking ahead, we note that Android allows you to print even over the Internet. Printer manufacturers have developed free applications for both platforms. With their help, the user will be able to send files from a smartphone or tablet to printers and multifunctional devices of various models. Since the programs allow you to change various settings, including sheet size and margin size, they are better suited for printing photos than standard solutions from Google or Apple. And the network functions implemented in some applications allow you to send jobs to the printer remotely.

Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print are supported by most modern WLAN / LAN printers. MFP apps let you not only print, but also scan and copy documents. In addition, they take into account all the features of printing devices, so they are better suited for solving specific tasks, such as printing photographs.

Apps from manufacturers

To be able to manage all the printing parameters, install an application developed by the printer manufacturer on your gadget. In this case, the printing device itself must be connected via Wi-Fi to the same router as mobile gadgets.

Canon Pixma Print
Once you install and run the Pixma Printing Solutions mobile app, it automatically searches for compatible printers over the wireless network. Upon successful completion of this procedure, the functions for printing photos, documents and scanning will become available in the main menu. For example, by clicking the “Photo Print” button, you can send to the printer pictures from among those stored on your gadget. After clicking the “Print” button, a window will open in which you can set the paper parameters.

Epson iPrint
IPrint for Epson printers allows you to print web pages, photos and documents stored both locally and in the cloud. In addition, it has a scan function. Select the printer by clicking “Printer is not selected” in the main window, after which you will be able to change its settings and view the status. When sending photos for printing, you can specify the paper size, print quality, adjust brightness, contrast and some other parameters.

HP ePrint and AiO Printer Remote
With the Hewlett-Packard ePrint app, you can print to their printers over the Internet and WLAN. To print, you first need to select a printer and then click “Photos”, “File” or “Web” to send photos, documents, or web pages to the printer, respectively. Next, you can configure the print settings. Use the HP AiO Printer Remote software for multifunctional devices from this manufacturer.

Google Print

Google Cloud Print service allows you to connect your printer to the Google cloud and print from all computers and mobile devices with Internet access. Modern network printers natively support this feature. Older models will have to be connected to a computer on which you need to install the latest version of the Chrome browser.

Setting up the printer
Link the printer on which you will print from mobile devices to your Google account via the web interface or through the manufacturer’s utility (see screenshot). If your printer does not have a network module, install the latest version of the Google Chrome browser on the computer to which it is connected. Next, click the “Configure and manage Google Chrome” button (to the right of the address bar in the corner of the screen), then go to the “Settings | Show advanced settings | Google Cloud Print “and follow the on-line help when you click the” Learn “link.

Printing from Google Cloud Print
Install the Google Cloud Print app on the gadget. Launch it or go to the “Settings | Print ”(for Android 4.4), click“ Cloud Print ”and make sure your printer is available in the list. Open the file you want to print in a gallery, text editor, or other program. Then select “Print” from the menu and select the printer to which you intend to send the document or photo.

Email Printing

Many modern printers with WLAN modules support e-mail printing. In this case, the branded service assigns a unique mailing address to the device. Documents and photos sent to this address in an attachment to the letter will be automatically processed and sent to the printer. This feature, for example, allows you to print vacation photos directly from your hotel on your home printer. E-mail print services are usually set up through proprietary software, the device control panel, or the printer manufacturer’s website.