Is It Possible To Refill The Jul Cartridge

Suorin air plus

Consider a new product from Suorin, recently at the show was presented the Suorin Air Plus pod system, which is an improved version of the previous model.

  • Appearance
  • Specifications
  • Instructions for use
  • Is it possible to refill and how long does the cartridge last??
  • approximate cost


For comparison, it is necessary to consider the main indicators of the operation of Suorin Air Plus:

  • The device has the following dimensions: width 50 mm, height 93 mm, thickness 10 mm, and weighs only 135 grams.
  • The battery is designed for a capacity of 930 mAh, which made it possible to increase the operating time without recharging.
  • Full battery charge takes approximately 50 minutes.
  • The device can operate at a maximum power of up to 22W.
  • Operating voltage from the mains from 3.3 to 4.2 V, current is 1 A.
  • The resistance in the evaporator is 0.7-0.8 ohms.

Is It Possible To Refill The Jul Cartridge

A review of the new system showed that it really is better than the previous version. Manufacturers have used new technologies and improved the technical characteristics of the electronic cigarette.

Is it possible to refill and how long does the cartridge last??

One of the most fundamental questions for users is the ability to refill and reuse the cartridge. Fortunately, the presented model has the ability to fill with a special liquid for smoking.

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A reservoir with a capacity of 3.2 ml is installed inside the cartridge, this volume should be enough with active use for about 2-3 days. After use, it is possible to fill the tank through a special opening under the silicone cap in the lower corner.

It is best to fill the container with standard saline nicotine, this will ensure normal cravings and good taste while smoking.

The cartridge together with the reservoir are attached inside the case using magnets, which provides reliable fixation of the equipment.


In the standard set, the system looks like this:

Instructions for use

The principle of operation and the internal structure of the system have a fairly SIMple operation mechanism. However, for proper use, it is worth reading the instructions and reading the operating instructions.

Basic working principle:

  • Before use, you must fill the cartridge with a liquid based on saline nicotine.
  • Charge your e-cigarette using a power cord or computer.
  • After that, you can start smoking, the device has a special sensor that reacts to a puff. When you inhale, smoke will automatically go out and you can enjoy your smoking session.
  • As soon as you quit smoking, unplug your device. Keep an eye on the battery level indicator, before insertion charges the cigarette and refill the cartridge.

approximate cost

If you like the new electronic cigarette from Suorin, ask about the possible purchase methods. You can buy an electronic cigarette in one of the following ways:

Is it possible to refill a chip cartridge?

It is believed that it is impossible to refill a chip or so-called “smart” cartridge. In fact, this is not the case. It is only important not to cause irreparable damage to the printer. You can avoid this if you turn to specialists, and not try to do something yourself.

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First, you need to understand the principle of the chip, its role in printing. The chip monitors the ink level. This means that the printed copies are continuously calculated. When a certain number is reached, the printer will inform the user about the low level of toner (ink) in the cartridge. If you continue to use the product, no further printing will be possible. However, refueling will also be much more complicated. Previously, there were SIMple ways to zero chips, but over time, manufacturers have significantly increased protection. It is clear that chips are beneficial for manufacturers, not consumers. It was believed that this solution would allow avoiding counterfeiting when purchasing original printing elements. In fact, it turned out that the refueling procedure would be only more complicated, but still doable. No matter how hard brand companies try to protect cartridges from refueling (if we compare the price of a new original and the cost of refueling, we can only roughly calculate the companies’ losses from each procedure for restoring and adding toner), but they cannot be strengthened.

It is clear that you will NOT be able to refill a cartridge equipped with a chip on your own. The only thing that can be achieved with such an attempt is a waste of time and money. In the worst case, the printer will fail, requiring costly repairs. Naturally, it is possible to find a solution in such a situation. it is enough to send a product with a chip to the “Printing Rules” company for refueling. Reprogramming (flashing, zeroing) or installing a new chip will allow:

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One of the possible ways to solve the problem of refueling the printing element, equipping with a chip, is flashing or reprogramming. It is performed at the hardware level (sometimes with the use of specialized programs). Only extensive experience and knowledge in the field of modern office equipment technologies, and this equipment is currently a rather complex electronic system, allows you to reset the meter readings in the shortest possible time. As a result, the printer will see a new cartridge after refilling. We remind you that independent attempts to reset the counter shown by closing any contacts will SIMply disable the cartridge itself.

The second way to refuel the product is to install a new chip. The chips themselves are not so expensive, and therefore every owner of office equipment can afford such a procedure. You don’t need anything. the specialists of the Printing Rules company will quickly install a new chip and fill it up. The printer will then detect the original cartridge with 100% toner level.