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4GB iPhone customer reviews

Good afternoon, Bogdan. Yes, this iPhone supports e-SIM.

Product: Smartphone Apple iPhone 11 64GB Yellow (MHCU3) Delivery method: New Mail Customer review: Everything was as expected, the iPhone was packed, nothing was damaged, I recommend the site for 5 Overall impression: Excellent

Good day. Tell me what equipment is included?

Good afternoon, Artem. Apple iPhone SE 2020 64GB Black (MX9R2) has the following set: iPhone, cable, charger and headphones.

Do I understand correctly that this is a completely new iPhone? Not recovered?

Good morning Ivan. Yes, this is a brand new, unactivated iPhone XR 64GB Black (MH6M3) in its original packaging. WARRANTY 1year.

Does the phone come fully loaded? (Headphones, charger, cord). Thank you.

Good afternoon, Julia. This model iPhone 11 64GB White (MWLU2) has the following set: iPhone, cable, charger and headphones.

Good evening, Angelina. On October 13, Apple presented new iPhone 12 models, and also announced a change in the configuration of all iPhone models (12, 11, SE, XR). The models that were on sale before October 13 were bundled with: iPhone, cable, charger and headphones. The same models after October 13 are completed by Apple only directly with the iPhone and cable. Official package for iPhone 11 64GB White (MHCQ3). iPhone and USB ‑ C to Lightning cable.

Why so cheap if not activated. and can i check when buying?

Which iPhone SE 2 (2020) is better to take: 64 GB, 128 GB or 256 GB?

When the era of cloud technologies and the Internet comes, you start to think about the required amount of memory on your smartphone.

The future owners of the new iPhone SE 2 (2020) are already faced with a dilemma. “With what memory should I take this device?”.

Apple released three versions: 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB. Let’s discuss each of them.

Should I take the iPhone SE 2 (2020) with 128 GB of storage?

As for me, the 128 GB version is the golden mean for absolutely all users.

You can buy it for 44,990 rubles. and based on this, the difference with the previous model is only 5,000 rubles.

By paying this difference, at first you can definitely forget about buying space on iCloud and deleting unnecessary photos if there is not enough memory.

Whatever one may say, the number of photos and videos will become more and more every day, so you will surely say thank you very much later in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Is 64GB enough storage on iPhone SE 2 (2020)?

It is very obvious that this particular model will be the most popular, because the cost is only 39,990 rubles.

In general, this amount of memory will be enough for basic needs.

This is the case when I have downloaded the necessary applications, and a small number of photos and videos have time to be uploaded to iCloud.

For those who download millions of applications, very often take pictures or are actively involved in video shooting, they will surely suffer.

Conclusions: worth taking if you want to save money and are willing to pay for iCloud if necessary (for example, 2.99 for 200 GB).

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Do I need to pay for iPhone SE 2 (2020) with 256GB storage?

If you have 53 990 rubles and don’t really want to worry about memory, then why not.

This is exactly the moment when you do not go into the settings at all to look at the number of remaining gigabytes.

The only thing that confuses me is the price. Surely many will take this model to save money, but here is already a fairly round sum.

So if you are a fan of this format and have the right amount of money, we take it without thinking.

But do not forget that for 54,990.00 rubles you can take the 128GB iPhone XR. What can I say, think.

Storage iPhone SE

Should I take the iPhone SE in 2021, won’t it be low on memory? Will not be, now the iPhone CE is available in modifications for 16, 32, 64, 128 GB of permanent memory. I recommend not to consider 16 GB at all, but starting from 32 GB it is normal. 32 is suitable for a person who does not often take photos / videos and who needs a basic set of everyday applications. And 64 and 128 GB are enough for anyone.

And at the end of the topic, it is worth noting that this is a very compact, convenient and beautiful smartphone, which also works smartly, has all the modern chips and supports the latest iOS updates. This is a great option for lovers of small phones. It is also suitable as a second phone, as it is not expensive. iPhone SE is worth buying in 2021!

3.5 mm audio jack

In modern smartphones, there is almost no mini-jack for standard headphones anywhere, which is bad, and the iPhone CE has a legendary 3.5 mm jack, this is a big plus to its purchase.

Should you buy an iPhone SE in 2021

On the threshold of the third decade of the second millennium, mobile phones have stepped far ahead compared to their ancestors ten years earlier. The main visual differences: a large frameless screen on the entire front panel area; the presence of several cameras for different shooting modes; lack of “home” buttons, instead of which frontal sensors are often used to scan the face.

And at this very time, we still have the opportunity to walk around with the good old compact form factor, with a small display, an ordinary mechanical home button with a fingerprint scanner and just one main camera. Meet the iPhone CE is a smartphone that is relevant today, made according to old traditions. Should you take the iPhone SE in 2021? We will answer this question according to 4 main criteria by which we will evaluate the current model:

IPhone SE camera

Still quite relevant 12 MP 6-lens with support for 4K video at 30 frames per second. HDR is there, Live Photos are present. There is even slo-mo 120 and 240 frames per second. Well, full of stuffing, not very many useful features have now been added in modern iPhone models. Therefore, there are no questions about the camera, the iPhone SE is worth buying in 2021, this is still relevant.

Support for the latest version of the OS

Which iOS version does iPhone CE support? Is the iPhone SE worth buying in 2021 and how long will it last? Yes, everything is very simple, iPhone SE supports iOS 14, the current version of the OS. And that’s great, which means there‘s still a whole year to go around with the phone and get the latest software updates. After that, it is not yet known whether the iPhone SE will support iOS 15, but we can say with confidence that if not, then the smartphone can be used normally for another couple of years until the applications stop updating (remember that popular applications are updated on two.the last three versions of ios).

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The autonomy of the iPhone SE

Should you take the iPhone CE in 2021 if it has an old, small battery? Definitely worth it, because although the battery in the iPhone SE is not large, the energy-efficient processor and good optimization of iOS 14 allow the device to work for an adequate period. The battery capacity of the iPhone SE is 1624 mAh. This is enough for a full day with moderate use, or a day and a half with modest use. After all, what modern smartphone can boast of other indicators now? iPhone SE in 2021 is worth taking.

IPhone SE specifications

Should you buy an iPhone SE in 2021 if its technical parameters are 2015? Worth it because the A9 processor is powerful enough to handle any task and current application. 2GB of RAM also adds performance to the iPhone CE. Although this is the very minimum, it is still enough. And just remember how many years Apple kept 1 GB of RAM for the norm Today, the iPhone SE is worth buying in 2021, because its hardware is still relevant.

Полный обзор черного iPhone 7

Which is better to choose: iPhone 8 or 7

The presentation of the iPhone X in September 2017 caused a flurry of excitement, since the company for the first time in several years showed a truly new smartphone, and not an “improved” rework of the previous generation, without altering the design at all. After all, everyone is observing a visual “evolution” that begins with the 6 / 6S models and ends with the eighth generation of devices.

But we want to make out not taste preferences, but something more prosaic. cost. The release of new items significantly affected the price tags of the representatives of the previous generation, namely the iPhone 7 and 8. Why them? Yes, because there are practically no changes between generations: the metal has been replaced by glass, the camera has been slightly patched up, the screen has been improved. Does it make sense to overpay for the G8, or is it not worth it? Let’s disassemble.

We intentionally do not want to discredit the Honor of this or that device, and therefore we will be as objective as possible when announcing the verdicts. I want to rely on the following points:

  • design;
  • performance;
  • display;
  • camera;
  • wireless connections;
  • the cost.

The key difference between the iPhone 7 and 8 is the “opposition” between glass and aluminum. The novelty is a kind of technological “sandwich”, dressed in a glass case. The advantages are that the engineers managed to get rid of the plastic antennas and add wireless charging, which would not be possible with the “winged” metal.

Also, the tactile sensations have changed dramatically, but this is more a matter of taste, since an expensive device will probably lie in a case. Engineers seriously declare that the material is as strong as possible and is not afraid of falls, but we know what the catch is: the cost of replacing the back panel will result in a tidy sum.

cores, more performance

The iPhone 8 is based on Apple’s new proprietary A11 Bionic chipset, while the previous lineup is based on the A10 Fusion. The company’s engineers claim that the new processors (which are also found in the iPhone X) provide up to 25% performance gains and up to 70% faster in background tasks.

The graphics subsystem has accelerated by 30%, while the level of power consumption has been cut exactly in half. On the face of an increase in autonomy in all its glory. Additionally optimized the ISP processor, which is responsible for the shooting speed.

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If you are looking for maximum performance, buy iPhone 8.On the other hand, Apple iPhone 7 plus smartphones will remain one of the most powerful devices of our time for a very long time.

Bright display with improved matrix

The diagonal and screen resolution in the Phone has not changed in any way since the release of the 6th version of the gadget. Stable 4.7 “(5.5” for Plus) and 1334×750 dots (1920×1080 for Plus). Yes, with each new generation, the picture quality has grown, and the iPhone 8 has a True Tone mode, previously available only for Apple professional devices.

But let’s be clear: you won’t see any difference between 7 and 8 displays, unless you peer for a few hours at a time.

there, 64gb, iphone

The third point is shooting capabilities. The engineers did not dissemble and honestly admitted that they did not change the G8 matrices: a 7 megapixel FaceTime selfie module with an f / 2.2 aperture, software flash and FullHD video recording.

64GB iPhones are Okay.

The basic 12 megapixel sensor with f / 1.8 aperture has the same 5x digital zoom and the ability to shoot in 4K. Of the innovations, I would like to note the following:

  • Slow Sync mode (240 fps in FullHD mode);
  • the ability to change the bitrate for UHD quality (24, 30 or 60 fps).

iPhone 8 Plus has additionally learned to simulate studio lighting.

This is where the advantages over the seventh generation end.

Despite the fact that fast and wireless charging appeared in Android back in 2012, Apple has only now decided to implement such standards in its devices. Commendable, albeit belatedly.

But here, too, there are pitfalls: although the company offers the opportunity to get rid of wires and save time on battery recovery, devices for these purposes will have to be bought separately, and they cost a lot. Compatibility with devices from competitors is also not guaranteed.

What’s really good is the support for Bluetooth 5, which the iPhone 8 received. This standard provides a 4x increase in data transfer compared to BT 4.2, and also works at a distance of up to 100 meters from the source, reducing the likelihood of a connection drop to zero.

At the moment, the cost of the compared devices is as follows:

  • iPhone 7. from 22,950 rubles for the 32 GB version (29,890 rubles for the 256 GB version);
  • iPhone 7 Plus with a guarantee. from 29,950 rubles for the 32 GB version (39,490 rubles for the 256 GB version);
  • iPhone 8. from 42,339 rubles for the 64 GB version (50,699 rubles for the 256 GB version);
  • iPhone 8 Plus. from 49,599 rubles for the 64 GB version (58,599 rubles for the 256 GB version).

Is it worth overpaying almost 20,000 rubles for 64 GB of memory, multiple shooting modes and wireless charging? It’s up to you to decide.

Yes, iPhone 8 is more powerful than its predecessor, but will you use its full potential in everyday use??

The eighth generation of Apple phones turned out to be extremely controversial. This is partly due to the release of the more innovative in every sense iPhone X.On the other hand, the user is already fed up with minimal design and functional changes between generations of phones.

Be that as it may, the overpayment for new functions in the case of buying a more recent device is unjustified.