Is there wireless charging on the iPhone 8

Why does the charger get hot??

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For the correct answer to this question, you need to rephrase the question: why is wireless charging less efficient than wired charging??

The answer is simple. Suffice it to recall the school physics course.

When transmitting current through a wire, the efficiency is quite high if a high-quality wire is used. With its help, most of the current reaches the smartphone. Heat dissipation to the environment is minimal.

During wireless charging, a significant part of the energy is dissipated and converted into heat, into heating the charging elements and the smartphone itself.

Does this mean that wireless charging cannot be used??

Known Wireless Charging Issues

Since wireless charging generates a strong electromagnetic field, there may be problems with wireless networks and some smartphones may start to malfunction.

For example, a poor-quality cable to the screen can lead to interference on the display, similar damage to the speaker soldering can lead to rustles in the audio path.

Low-quality wireless chargers can “make noise”. emit a high-frequency sound, which is accompanied by induction.

Since charging has to send regulating packets, low-quality models may supply over or under current. In addition, the battery may be overcharged.

Only iPhones with built-in, native wireless charging are insured against this, as iPhone 8 and iPhone X limit the charge level to 80% when the battery heats up.

But not before. A sudden power surge can damage the smartphone if the temperature rises abruptly.

If iPhone is connected with a Lightning cable to a computer USB port or to an AC adapter, it will charge through the cable and will not use wireless charging.

The relationship between heating and battery life

Does this affect the life of the iPhone battery? Certainly. But not so much as to give up a convenient way to keep the gadget always with a full battery.

  • likely wastes charge cycles;
  • causes the battery to heat up constantly, albeit slightly.

These operating conditions are stressful for any LiPo cell. But what is there. for any batteries, constant heating is harmful.

The flow of current during electromagnetic induction is impeded by metal elements. for example, a plate for a car magnetic holder or a cover covered with silver paint (silver, paint based on aluminum powder).

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A smartphone with a battery cover, a thick cover or a metal case can behave in the same way.

All this can lead not only to the complete inoperability of charging, but also to additional heating of the case.

Wireless charging affects the battery in the same way as others. The difference is almost impossible to notice.

Fast charging, wired and wireless, destroys the battery faster than usual.

Constant connection to a charger is harmful as it wastes stock.

Running “heavy” applications while charging can cause severe overheating.

When charging wirelessly, network surges are even more dangerous. It is advisable to connect them to stabilizing devices.

iPhone 8 Wireless Chargers

The main harm comes from poor quality chargers and cables.

Well, and most importantly: buy good, high-quality wireless chargers. And only in proven places. Otherwise it will be like this.

How wireless charging works?

Most smartphones equipped with wireless charging provide it in accordance with the international Qi standard (read “Qi”).

According to it, 2 flat coils of wire are used to transfer energy from the charger to a smartphone, be it a Samsung or an iPhone.

One of them is the base and is connected to an energy source (a power supply connected to a 220V AC outlet), and the second is inside the charged device and is a receiver.

During operation, the initial detection occurs as a result of the deviation of the change in capacitance or resonance of the transmitter coil.

It is enough to touch the smartphone with the corresponding Qi-coil under the lid to the charging base, and the process of energy transfer begins. charging the battery.

To control the charging process, start or stop it on time. To do this, the Qi base and the Qi receiver are able to exchange system information.

Once the object has been detected, the base station checks to see if the Qi-compatible device is located on it and transmits data. If it sends a response signal, charging starts.

During the charging process, the Qi device sends out control data packets to adjust the power level and finally stop charging when the mobile device is fully charged.

How Wireless Charging Affects iPhone Battery

Now is the time to figure it out: is it possible to use wireless charging for the iPhone? Or really because of this, the battery of the smartphone breaks down faster?

Wireless charging rules

How to Extend iPhone Battery Life While Using Wireless Charging?

It is enough to follow a few simple rules. Exactly the same as when using conventional, wired charging. A quality accessory, cable to it and power supply is the main guarantee of safety.

Other rules are not so binding. After all, 20% battery degradation is not really noticeable. And we change smartphones at least once every 2 years.

If these figures are scary, it is enough to remove the smartphone from charging after replenishing the battery to 80% and, in principle, do not store it on the charger.

It is also not worth using power-consuming applications while charging, especially 3D games or navigation programs that force the processor to work at maximum frequencies. This leads to overheating.

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Simple adherence to the rules will make using the iPhone much more pleasant and reliable.

How long does it take to charge iPhone 11?

There is no fast charging included with the iPhone 11, unlike the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. IPhone 11 users get an old 5W PSU that charges a smartphone in 3 hours 45 minutes.

Why wireless charging is harmful?

Wireless charging harms the battery

In order to transform energy from one type to another, a considerable part of it must be spent on the transformation itself. For gasoline engines, the efficiency is barely close to 30%, for electric motors it is slightly higher. May 27, 2020.

Which wireless charger to choose for iPhone?

Best wireless charger for iPhone: top 2020

  • ZMI WTX10. stylish and compact ZMI WTX10 ©
  • Mi Wireless Charging Pad is the most affordable
  • ANKER PowerWave 7.5 is a good charging stand
  • Skyway Race-X is the best car
  • Mophie Wireless 4117. simple and reliable
  • Belkin Boost Up. Certified Option
  • Bixton QiPad. triple and interesting

How long does it take to charge iPhone 8?

Testing has shown that it took 90 minutes to fully charge the iPhone 8 Plus from zero to 100%. Using a less expensive 12-watt iPad charger, the smartphone fully charged in 105 minutes. The included 5-watt iPhone 8 Plus charger fully charges the battery in 2 hours 30 minutes.

Which iPhone can be charged wirelessly?

Which iPhones have wireless charging

  • iPhone SE (2nd generation)
  • iPhone 11.
  • iPhone 11 Pro.
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max.
  • iPhone XS.
  • iPhone XS Max.
  • iPhone XR.
  • iPhone X.

Which wireless charger is suitable for the iPhone 8?

Wireless chargers of this standard are supported by your iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

What to do to quickly charge your iPhone?

LookAtMe offers 8 tips to help you charge your iPhone and iPad faster.

  • Turn off the device
  • Charge your iPhone and iPad from a wall outlet
  • Optimize USB charging.
  • Observe the temperature regime
  • Use an app to speed up battery recharge
  • Purchase a USB charging adapter
  • Run Y-cable

How much is?

The iPhone 8 supports wireless charging, but the branded solution comes at a hefty price tag. Third-party counterparts are expected to cost RUB 4,500.

Features at work

If you have a new iPhone 8, how wireless charging works won’t be an issue. You will learn how to use this transmitter as soon as you read the annotation. Leave the technical details to the programmers and physicists. In short, the charging structure works by transforming electromagnetic waves, which are transferred to the battery in the form of electricity.

Among the advantages is the ability to charge the gadget in public places, such as restaurants or airports. Latest car models are equipped with a separate compartment for a portable battery.

  • The device cannot be used while charging. Incoming messages can be checked, but you will have to wait with games or watching videos.
  • A thick case may interfere with charging. With an incoming call, the phone will move from its place and the process will be interrupted.
  • Qi standard portable battery won’t replace your Lightning cable.
  • The docking station will not allow you to copy files from iPhone to PC.
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How does wireless charging for iPhone 8 work and how much does it cost?

Qi wireless charging is the only wireless power transfer solution integrated into smartphones. No special battery housings or covers are required for use. If you are wondering if the iPhone 8 supports wireless charging and how gadgets interact, learn more about the secrets of the developers. A world without wires, the ability to simultaneously charge multiple devices, as well as use counterparts from third-party manufacturers. the advantages of the Qi standard.

Qi guarantees that gadgets will work with a charging surface that meets this standard, regardless of the brand. Place the Qi-compatible device on the surface of the transmitter.

Features of counterparts from third-party brands

If you don’t know which wireless charger is right for your iPhone 8, use any device. Since Apple uses open Qi technology in new devices, most of the charging designs will fit the iPhone. Please note that the innovative iPhone 8 transmitter is not just for your phone or smartphone. It can also be used for tablets, cameras and players. Wireless Charger for iPhone X works in a similar way.

AirPower. Apple’s Qi Wireless Charging

It was Yabloko who developed the platform called AirPower. The world first learned about it in 2017, when the company announced a new development as part of a special event.

In terms of design, the new battery does not differ much from the many similar designs on the market. The Apple AirPower Qi Transmitter is an induction mat that charges three Apple devices at the same time. Connect the cable to the charging platform that will connect the AirPower to the mains.

Does iPhone 8 support wireless charging

Apple developers have made a breakthrough in technology. Users have the opportunity to charge their smartphone quickly and easily. Which gadget to choose for the iPhone 8, how wireless charging works, what to do if you have difficulties. the main questions will be discussed in this article.

Can the battery be damaged?

In theory, yes, because the structure generates additional heat. Thermal effects will shorten the life of the battery. Apple says smartphone software will be able to figure out when to stop charging before it cools down.

Does the iPhone 8 support the new standard?

For the iPhone, there were such transmitters before, but a special case was required. Since the eighth generation, gadgets have been equipped with a special glass panel with the Qi standard. If you wondered before if the iPhone 8 supports wireless charging or not, now you know for sure that the answer is yes.