Kyocera how to reset non-original cartridge error

Aftermarket toner cartridge in Kyocera what to do

Modern printers of the Japanese company Kyocera, which were developed after 2013, are equipped with a special mechanism. It detects the amount of toner in the cartridge and alerts the user to purchase a new one. It also has several functions. One of them knows how to identify a counterfeit cartridge. Therefore, users often come across the message. “Non-original toner cartridge. Click [Help] “in Kyocera. You can find out what to do in this situation from this article.

How to disable the message about non-original cartridge

If an error message about not genuine cartridge appears, the user is not able to continue working. In this case, some other functions of the device are blocked, for example, print functions, the “Start” button and others. But this does not mean that we will not be able to use the seal and continue working. Japanese developers have foreseen it is possible to work with a printing device in the event of such errors. Usually, to eliminate an error, you need to press several keys or hold them on a certain model.

These steps will need to be performed each time you change the cartridge on your device. For details, you can study in detail the instructions for your printer.

Let’s take a look at several models and a combination of buttons that help you clear the message “Non-Genuine Toner Cartridge”:

  • For the following devices FS-1040/1, FS-1060DN (FS-1061DN). press the “Cancel” and “GO” buttons together and hold for 4-5 seconds;
  • Models FS-1030MFP, FS-1130MFP, as well as FS-1035MFP, 1135-MFP. try to press together “Stop” and the “OK” button at the same time. They must be held for at least 5 seconds;
  • The next row of models FS-2100D, FS4100DN, FS-4300DN, FS-2100DN. hold down the “Cancel” and “OK” keys for more than 3 seconds;
  • For these devices FS-1100, FS-1320D, as well as models FS-1110 and FS-1120D, hold down two buttons. green and red for 5 seconds or more;
  • For ECOSYS M2530dn, ECOSYS M2030dn and ECOSYS M2035dn. hold down the Stop and Ok keys.

There are also other errors related to refilling the cartridge. For example, a “Add Toner” error means the cartridge is faulty or incorrectly refilled. In this case, you can contact the person who fueled it and make your claims about the quality of service. Let’s consider a few more models in which the error occurs.

  • In models ECOSYS M2135dn, as well as ECOSYS M2635dn and ECOSYS M2540dn. press the two buttons “Stop” and “OK” together and hold them;
  • ECOSYS M2540dn, ECOSYS M2540dw, ECOSYS M2635dw. select together and hold down the Stop and Ok buttons for at least 4 seconds;
  • ECOSYS P2335d, ECOSYS M2735dn, ECOSYS M2835dw. press “OK” and “Stop” and hold up to 5 seconds.

Other Kyocera bugs

These device models are susceptible to other errors, such as “developer unit not installed”. But this does not mean that you need to immediately contact a technical service. If you have good instructions on how to fix this error, you can easily fix it yourself. Sometimes it is possible to get rid of this error by pressing together the following buttons on the panel: “Stop” and “Ok”. But this is only a short-term measure and it does not completely eliminate the error.

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To get rid of the message “Non-Genuine Toner Cartridge” permanently, you must first install what is causing this problem. This can happen if there is not enough toner. Or in simple words. the colors are running out. When using non-genuine toner cartridges. The Kyocera product is then unable to detect the remaining toner level and will display an error. Sometimes this occurs even when using original cartridges. To troubleshoot such failures, you can also use the tips above.

Causes of the error

Replacing cartridges or refilling them is almost always accompanied by printer failure. The reasons can be purely technical or related to the quality and origin of consumables:

  • coloring powder (toner);
  • ink;
  • cartridge.

HP printers (Hewlett-Packard)

The HP Incompatible Print Cartridge error can be resolved with the product turned off but plugged in with the power cord. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • press and hold the button with the “X” (“Cancel”). We turn on the device;
  • on the requested code, sequentially press the blue, green and gray buttons;
  • in the next window, press the blue button. If everything is done correctly, the message “Information Menu” will appear;
  • press the green button and then gray;
  • after the message checksum for relock data appears on the display, press the Green button;
  • the appeared set of numbers (code) is confirmed (button “X”);
  • after the disappearance of the code, double-click “X” (“Cancel”);
  • we complete the procedure by printing an alignment sheet.

If done correctly, the “HP Incompatible Cartridge” error is resolved. Otherwise, it will have to be repeated.

For your information: the complex protection of the equipment of this company does not always allow the printer to start up the first time.

Eliminating the error

A general recommendation for all printing devices in a situation that has arisen is to rewrite their software. Re-flashing the chips of the cartridges eliminates the problem for 3-4 refills. Then the procedure will have to be repeated.

Certain printer models can be started up independently without changing the software.

Technical reasons

Technical reasons arise when purchasing original consumables. Among them are:

  • incorrect installation of cartridges in the wrong slots or in the wrong sequence;
  • contamination of contacts;
  • damage to one of the chips when replacing cartridges or cleaning contacts;
  • incorrect installation, when the contact of the chips of the cartridge and the printer is not ensured.

If the printing device refuses to work on native consumables, the device turns off, then several sequential operations are carried out:

Attention: using alcohol to clean the contacts can damage the microcircuits.

If, after reinstalling the cartridges, the device does not work, the chips should be checked for integrity.

The quality of consumables is the main cause of the error

Fierce competition between office equipment manufacturers pushed them to take an extraordinary step. selling their products below cost, sometimes several times. They compensate for their losses by a sharp increase in the cost of consumables. For example, in a number of models of printers from different companies, the price of a cartridge is 70% of the cost of the device itself.

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The next step of manufacturers is to install demo cartridges for finished products, the resource of which is approximately 2 times lower. The process of returning the lost profit is completed by the installation of special chips in the cartridges and the printer, which identify the original ink and toner.

In addition, the printer is programmed to replace the cartridge, not refill it. So, most printers and MFPs see the native cartridge and the original dye, but do not fix its replacement due to the special chip label. Old label. cartridge used.

This also explains the message “incompatible toner cartridge” when filled with original ink powder.

Why the Incompatible Cartridge Error Occurs

One of the most unpleasant moments in working with printing devices occurs when the printer writes an incompatible cartridge or displays a fault code, when decrypting it, the error “Incompatible cartridge” is diagnosed.

Samsung printing devices

You can bypass the protection of the Samsung scx-4833fd and Samsung scx-3200 models only by flashing the devices. However, even in such a situation, the message “Incompatible Samsung 288 Toner Cartridge” may appear after refilling the cartridge.

To eliminate the error, enter the service menu of the device by pressing the stop stop stop buttons on the control panel. Using the up arrow, look for the Latin letters “FC” on the display. Click “OK” and find the code “07”. Press the “OK” button again and wait for the printer to reboot.

Replacing consumables in a printer is always costly. It will be possible to save money if the user has mastered all the secrets of bypassing protection against the use of non-original consumables.

Resetting Non Genuine Kyocera Toner Cartridge Information

New models of printers and MFPs Kyocera (released after 2013) when using non-original cartridges without a chip or refilling cartridges are blocked:

However, the manufacturer, Kyocera, allows work with the device and information on resetting the error is indicated in the instruction manual. It is necessary to simultaneously press two buttons and hold for 3-4 seconds. until the warning label disappears on devices with a screen and / or the green indication of warning diodes appears.

In most cases, to reset the error information, press the [Reset] (orange) and [OK] buttons, except for the Aquarius series:

Resetting information in the Kyocera FS-1020mfp MFP. [Stop / Clear] button and select button

Resetting information in the MFP Kyocera FS-1025mfp, Kyocera FS-1120mfp. [Stop / Clear] and [OK] buttons

Resetting information in the Kyocera FS-118MFP MFP

Resetting information in printers Kyocera FS-1040, Kyocera FS-1060DN. [GO] and [Cancel] buttons

The location of the buttons depending on the model of the Kyocera device:

Resetting information in the MFP Kyocera M3040DN, M3540DN

Resetting information in the MFP Kyocera M2030DN, M2035DN, M2535DN

Resetting information in printers Kyocera FS-2100DN, FS-4100DN, FS-4200DN

Resetting information in Ecosys P2035d, FS-1120D, FS-1320dn, FS-1110

Other Kyocera devices

In other devices: previously produced, new color or TASKalfa series, the information is of a warning nature, the operation of the printer or MFP is not blocked.

Clearing the error message for installing a refilled or non-genuine cartridge in Kyocera printers

When a Kyocera cartridge is low on toner, a message immediately pops up on the printer (or computer) display. In addition, the operation of the printing device is completely blocked. For some MFPs, even the scanner stops functioning normally. There are three ways to get out of the situation:

  • Buy an original cartridge for the Kyocera printer. This is the most correct and simplest option. Replace the old ink cartridge with a new one and the error will reset automatically when the machine is restarted. However, the original cartridge is very expensive, so this method may not be affordable for everyone.
  • Buy compatible cartridge for Kyocera printer. An analog consumable is many times cheaper than the original version. Its use will cost you much less. However, during installation, it may be difficult to identify a non-original cartridge.
  • Refill cartridge for Kyocera printer. This is the cheapest option. In addition, replenishing a consumable is not only profitable, but also practical. After all, this can be done immediately after the end of the toner in the cartridge. But inserting a refilled cartridge into the printer will not remove the blockage.
kyocera, reset, non-original, cartridge, error

With the first point, everything is clear. We ordered an original cartridge of the corresponding model, removed the old consumable, installed a new product, rebooted the printer and you can print again. With the second and third points, everything is not so simple. But there are a minimum of difficulties. Just in addition to the steps that were indicated above, after installing a refilled or non-original consumable, you need to press a certain key combination on the printer control panel.

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Kyocera Printer Compatible or Refilled Cartridge Installation Error Reset: Button Combinations

As already mentioned, in order to get rid of the error “Non-original cartridge is installed”, you need to press certain buttons located on the printer control panel. As a rule, you should simultaneously hold down the select and reset buttons for 3 seconds. However, on some models, the functionality of the keys may differ significantly. Therefore, we added a table indicating which keys should be used to reset the error of installing compatible and refilled cartridges for some models of Kyocera office equipment:

Error reset buttons (simultaneously hold down for 3 seconds)

Kyocera MFP control panel image

[Print Mode Selection] and [Stop / Clear Red]

[Green, with an incomplete circle] and [Red, with a triangle in a circle]

[Ok] and [Red, with a triangle in a circle]

[Ok] and [Red, with a triangle in a circle]

[Ok] and [Red, with a triangle in a circle]

How to reset “Non-genuine Toner” Error on Kyocera Ecosys FIX

[Enter] and [Stop] or press Next on the touch panel. “Proceed”. “Close”

[GO, green] and [Red, with a triangle in a circle]

Press Next on the touch panel. “Proceed”. “Close”

kyocera, reset, non-original, cartridge, error
  • After turning the printer off and on again, the error will reappear, after which the device will be locked. To get rid of it, repeat the procedure by pressing the button combination corresponding to your printer model.
  • Installing a refilled cartridge in a Kyocera printer and pressing the appropriate button combination may not clear the error. The point is that the system considers the chip to be old (or this may be the case if the firmware version of the chip does not match the firmware version of the printer). In this case, the purchase and installation of a new Kyocera chip will help get rid of the problem.
  • If you installed a refilled cartridge in a Kyocera printer, the error did not disappear, but was re-qualified in “Add toner” or “There is no toner in the cartridge”, this indicates that the consumable was refilled incorrectly. Contact the service center or replace the cartridge with a new product.