Laptop Does Not See The Printer Via USB Windows

The computer does not see the printer. Causes and solutions to the problem

Laptop Does Not See The Printer Via USB Windows

If the computer stopped seeing the printer, then in this case you will have to try to find the source of the problem. So why can’t the computer see the printer? Almost every user of office equipment encounters a problem of this kind, and first of all, you should check whether the printer is properly connected to the computer.

Most often, it is because of poor contact between the PC and the printer that the computer does NOT respond to the connected equipment. In this situation (if the connection is via usb), you should remove the cable and reinsert it, and also check the reliability of the existing connection on both sides. Make sure the USB connector is working when the wire is inserted. During the test, Connect the cable one by one to all connectors in the system unit, having previously disconnected the mouse and keyboard. Perhaps, the PC will eventually react to some of the connectors. Otherwise, you will have to contact the service center, because if the printer is not detected, then the problem may be in it.

Failed settings

Check the default hardware for printing. To do this, go to Control Panel, then to Hardware and Sound. View devices and printers. Right click on the printer icon and select the “Set as default” option. In some cases, this is enough for the device to work correctly.

If the problem persists, double-click the equipment icon, in the window that opens, select the “Printer” tab and uncheck the “Pause printing” and “Work offline” items. Also click on “Clear Print Queue”.

If this does not help, go to the control panel, select “Small icons” from the “View” menu, go to the “Administrative Tools” tab and open “Services”. In the window that appears, you need to find the “Print Manager” service and set the automatic startup type.

If the service is stopped, also click the Start button and then print a test page.

Reason # 5. print service is not active

If the Print Manager service, which in Windows XP is called Print Spooler, is disabled by default, then document printing will not be available, although the printer will be visible to the computer as a printing device. Therefore, if it is visible, but refuses to print, it is worth checking if this service is activated.

To do this, open the “Control Panel” section, then “Administrative Tools” and after “Services” (in some cases, the path may be as follows. “Control Panel”. “System and Security”. “Administrative Tools”. “Services”). In the list that opens, we find the service we are interested in and double-click the left mouse button to open the information about it. In the column “Startup type” should be “Automatic”, and in the column “Status”. “Running”.

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If there are other settings, then change them to these and click “OK”.

Why the computer does not see the printer. the main reasons

Why can’t my computer see a USB printer? Unfortunately, there is no universal answer to this question. There are several reasons for its occurrence, ranging from poor contact of the USB interface, ending with software failures of the operating system. In this topic, highlight all the most common causes of such a problem and give practical advice on how to fix it.

Computer cannot see printer via usb windows 10

Driver problem

If the computer or laptop does not see the printer and the problem is not related to the USB cable, the problem may be in the “broken” or “faded” drivers. It is also possible that you SIMply forgot to install them. If the situation is related to your forgetfulness, then download a special program on your PC from the installation disk, which you purchased with the printer. When installing Follow all the instructions that appear on the screen in front of you. If there is an installation disc, then you can find the corresponding drivers on our website in the Downloads section. You can also download them from the official website of the manufacturer of your printing device. When doing this, take into account the device model and OS installed on the PC.

But quite often the problem appears with existing drivers. In this case, its cause lies in the operating system installed on the computer. In a SIMilar situation, it also happens that the laptop cannot even detect the connection to the printer via Wi-Fi. Why is the device not visible in a SIMilar situation? The reasons for this problem may lie in the router that is not very configured to receive the signal, and not the paid services of the Internet provider, and not the settings made, and the antivirus may block the home network. Another reason that NK cannot see the printer via Wi-Fi may be the following. the IP address was not entered automatically. So, if the driver is “buggy”, then to solve the problem, you first need to go to “Add or Remove Programs”, find the name of your printer there and remove it. Then again you need to go through the “Device Manager” to the “Drivers” tab, select the desired printer model and delete it. After that, it remains to install the printer driver again.

Reason # 1. poor contact of the USB interface

NOT to say that this reason was the most popular, but it takes place. As a rule, the interface cable supplied with the printing device is difficult to break down, using it as intended and properly. This will require unthinkable manipulations with it on bends, bends and other mechanical influences. But you must admit that the printer is a stationary device that requires a one-time connection. Therefore, wire breakage in the cable is unlikely.

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Another thing is the loss of contact in the computer connector. But again, if the computer at some point stopped seeing the printer that had been working properly before, and you did NOT take any action to reinstall them, then it is more likely that the reason is also not the case.

Nevertheless, before I find out why the computer does not see the printer, I take drastic measures, this probability must be checked.

To get started, SIMply re-plug the cable in the connectors of both devices. If the problem persists, then connect the printing device via USB to the second PC or laptop with the same cable. If it is successfully recognized as a new device, we can conclude that the reason is most likely of the software nature of your PC.

Reason # 3. lack of drivers

Lack of drivers. If you just purchased a printing device, then most likely it does not have specialized software installed. We’re talking about drivers. This software is recorded on a CD and is supplied with the device. Just insert it into your floppy drive and follow the instructions of the installation wizard. There is nothing complicated in this procedure. At the end of the installation, the device will be completely ready for use.

It’s another matter if the driver disk is lost, the drive is missing or does not work in the computer, or the drivers SIMply do not have compatibility with the new version of the Windows operating system. In any of these cases, you will have to download the drivers from the official website of the printing device manufacturer and install them as described here.

Faulty connection

Sometimes a computer or laptop does not see the printer via USB due to a faulty cable or port or a bad connection.

  • Unplug the device cable on both sides and then plug it back in.
  • Check if the USB connector is working properly. Try connecting another device through it: for example, a keyboard or mouse.
  • Try plugging the printer into a second USB port.
  • Replace cable if possible.

Also make sure the printer is turned on. Some devices have the power button on the back or side, and users SIMply forget to press it. Sometimes the computer does not see the printer via USB due to such a trifle, and the solution of the issue takes literally one minute.

The main reasons why the laptop does not detect USB devices

  • Incorrectly installed drivers.
  • The same connected device is not configured correctly (the same tablet or phone is not set to USB storage mode).
  • Failure of the laptop south bridge.
  • DO NOT grasp the power supply (in the case of no plugging in).

Other reasons include too many USB devices connected to the laptop. If you connect a camera or 3G modem through a hub (USB hub), because there are no free ports on the laptop, then the equipment may not have enough power. Try to disconnect unnecessary devices and connect the USB device directly to the laptop.

How to enable debug mode on Android

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Go to the section “For Developers”.
  • Enable USB Debugging.

The same applies to a USB flash drive and any other device connected via USB. If this is a mouse, then make sure that it has a working cable or the bluetooth module is fully inserted. Try to connect the equipment to the second computer. if the device is detected correctly, then you should look for the cause of the malfunction in the laptop.

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The laptop does not see the USB device. Why

Let’s see why the laptop does not see the USB device (flash drive, 3G modem, keyboard, mouse, tablet, etc.). To fix the problem, you can do something yourself, but somewhere you need the help of service center specialists and special equipment (soldering station, etc.).

Next, we will talk about the main reasons for the breakdown. We are NOT responsible for your actions.

Check the connected device for functionality

Before looking for a breakdown in a laptop, check the device that you are trying to connect. If the laptop does not see the tablet via USB, make sure that debugging is enabled on the device (relevant for Android).

If the reason why does not see the USB device. The laptop itself

If the laptop does not recognize the USB flash drive, try troubleshooting as follows:

  • Turn off the laptop. Unplug from the mains, remove the battery.
  • Hold the power button for a few seconds to reset the final charge.
  • Turn on the laptop and try to connect the USB device to it again.

If the system still does NOT detect new hardware, then it is worth checking the USB drivers of the motherboard. they may have started to work incorrectly:

    Click WinR. Run the command “devmgmt.Msc”.

Check if there are unknown devices. If you see such a period, right-click and run the “Update drivers” option. You should launch an automatic search on the Internet.

  • Go through the USB Controllers section and remove all hubs and controllers. After restarting the laptop, the ports will be reinstalled and should start working without errors.
  • If reinstalling the port does not help, try opening the properties of the connected device in the manager. In the “Power management” section, remove the checkbox “Allow shutdown to save power”.

    Another point in setting up the power supply is setting a prohibition on temporarily disconnecting USB:

    • Open the “Power” section in the control panel.
    • Launch the power settings window for the circuit you are using.
  • Go to change advanced parameters.
  • Prevent disconnecting USB ports.
  • The most serious reason why USB ports are not working is the breakdown of the south bridge of the motherboard. The south bridge is responsible for starting the laptop and the operation of peripheral devices. USB, hard disk, port for a network cable.

    The microcircuit usually burns out due to improper use of USB ports. If you connected a USB flash drive from an unknown manufacturer or a device with high power consumption, and did not use safe removal, then the south bridge could fail. It is impossible to repair it yourself, so you will have to carry the laptop to the service center.

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