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Best color printers for the office

Often, employees at work have to print Not only text documents, but also various color graphics, diagrams for illustrating a presentation or commercial proposal, brochures for clients and much more. Therefore, today color printers for offices are by no means a luxury, and even less so rare.

The most suitable for the office, despite the increasing distribution of the main competitor. an economical inkjet printer with CISS. are still considered laser and sometimes LED devices. After all, the printing speed of the best of them can be tens of pages per minute, the paper tray holds an impressive stack of sheets, and the mechanisms are designed for rather heavy loads.


Through the long history of the brand, Kyocera devices have established themselves as worthy of value for money and the Most Affordable Laser Printer continues the tradition. Despite the impressive dimensions and weight of 21 kilograms, this model for the home is purchased at least as often as for the office. It will no doubt come in handy when printing color documents, diagrams and even drawings. Indeed, for a laser device, this member of the rating received a very good resolution. Feeding 300 or more pages can be handy when printing a large project. Built-in card reader and wireless modules allow Kyocera to receive files without connecting to a computer.

Canon PIXMA iP7240

The undisputed leader in this category is the Canon PIXMA iP7240 inkjet printer. This is a great model that attracts buyers with its original design, medium size and low cost. It is perfect for placement at home, and its impressive characteristics can answer for print quality and reliability.

First of all, it is worth noting the function of printing photos and automatic two-sided printing, which is an unconditional plus in the karma of this model. The maximum resolution for color printing is 9600×2400 dpi, which can also be considered a good indicator. In terms of color and image quality, a system of five cartridges is responsible. The standard CMYK scheme is complemented by another, pigment black. This fact does not in the least affect the already excellent monochrome printing, as it is intended solely for the photo printing function. The control interface is SIMple and straightforward, so there are no problems in working with this model.

Canon SELPHY CP1300

Unlike the previous participant in the rating, the Selphy printer only supports the A6 format, that is, it prints only on photo paper and labels. With a weight of less than 900 grams and dimensions comparable to the size of a small but thick book, the mini-printer will fit not only on any shelf, but also in a backpack or even a handbag. Therefore, the model is suitable both for home and for instant photo printing right on the go. A notable plus for amateur photographers will undoubtedly consider the built-in card reader, which allows you to view, edit and transfer fresh photos from an SD card to paper. In addition, the portable printer is battery operated and supports a range of wireless technologies.

In addition to lightness and functionality, many users are attracted to models by the excellent print quality and good speed for such a crumb. The printer is often praised for its pleasant ergonomics combined with a large color screen.

Brother HL-3170CDW

The printer with LED printing, in many ways SIMilar to laser, is often called the best because of its high speed and unpretentiousness. Designed for high volume, Brother is equipped with high capacity paper trays and prints at 22 sheets per minute. The resource of the cartridge of 1400 pages for color printing and 2500 for black and white exceeds even laser counterparts. over, unlike inkjet printers, the model is also suitable for occasional printing. The ink in the cartridge dries up with rare use, which, combined with a good resource, makes it possible to rarely change consumables. The printer is also handy for double-sided documents and supports a range of wireless technologies.

Canon PIXMA G1410

Surprisingly, the leading three best home printers include a budget and in every way profitable inkjet machine. Despite the lack of popular interfaces, the model is considered very technologically advanced and modern. Its main advantage is the perfectly implemented CISS technology, thanks to which there is no longer any need to choose between economy and print quality. Inks for CISS are cheaper than conventional cartridges, and their volume reaches 7000 sheets for color printing. At the same time, the resolution reaches 4800 x 1200 dots, which guarantees stunning accuracy of photos and documents.

Experts and hobbyists alike appreciate the color and detail in prints. Also, many consider the budget CISS to be profitable and quite nimble, in comparison with other inkjet printers. The weaknesses of the device are only modest functionality and the lack of a USB cable included.

HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M553n

The HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M553n laser printer should be classified as a high-end, high-performance printing device. However, it was the high price that did NOT allow this model to be awarded the title of the best, even despite the high quality of the received files and a large working resource.

The HP printer is geared towards mid-level office use, but won’t get lost in large workspaces. Its resource is measured by 80 thousand printed pages per month, which is more than enough for the needs of large companies. The maximum quality of the resulting images is 1200×1200 dpi. The print speed is also okay: the device can print up to 38 black and white or color pages per minute. The resource of color cartridges is designed for 5 thousand pages, and black. for 4 thousand. The printer is large and massive, but not devoid of creativity and corporate identity. Its weight is 27 kilograms.

Canon PIXMA TS304

The novelty from the very beginning of 2018 is confidently among the top three due to the favorable ratio of parameters, high-quality assembly and the lowest cost. As the cheapest modern color printer, Canon will strike the imagination of even the most sophisticated user with its rich functionality and printing accuracy. Even devices that are many times more expensive than Pixma will envy the 4800 x 1200 resolution. The print speed is average, but the inkjet printer supports borderless mode. At the same time, the device interacts with other equipment via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, gets along with accessories for iOS and Android.

The model is also energy efficient and consumes only 2 watts during standby and 10 watts during operation. Regarding consumables, the printer, alas, is not modest for centuries. The original cartridges required for its operation are designed for only 180 pages, costing no less than other Canon consumables. However, they can be replaced with cheap analogs.

Epson L312

In second place in the ranking of the best inexpensive inkjet printers is the Epson L312. a solid device designed to work primarily at home. The main advantages of this printer are its complete set, long life of cartridges and excellent design, bordering on low weight.

Like its competitors, Epson is designed to print A4 documents, but bypasses everyone in terms of compactness. Its weight is only 2.8 kilograms. The use of paint during work is also striking. The link of the color cartridge is enough to print about 6.5 thousand standard pages. To expand the possibilities for printing and trouble-free refueling, the inkjet printer is equipped with a CISS. a system for additional ink supply from reservoirs prudently placed by manufacturers under the matching housing. The only drawback of the model is the lack of Wi-Fi connectivity. However, with such advantages, such a minus is SIMply invisible.

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Choosing a printer for your home in 2019

In the era of universal smartphoneization, every second person who does not apply any special problems can get quite decent quality photos. And if most people use these photos for social networks and instagram, there is still a category that loves and continues to print their photos on paper. Recently, most of the darkrooms have already closed, as the flow of customers has dropped dramatically. And what should photography lovers do? Of course, buy a photo printer for your home. over, the for such printers now often do not even exceed the cost of an ordinary smartphone. And you can already print photos in any quantity and very decent quality.

I’ll try to Organize a little and write which photo printers for home printing you can buy in 2019.

I think I will not be mistaken if I say that Epson is the leader in the field of home photo printing. I myself have a printer produced by this company at home. In terms of price / quality ratio, this is certainly the best choice. And if you focus on modern realities, the best choice for home will be the Epson L805

At an affordable price, we get the following characteristics:

  • Print resolution: 5760 x 1440 dpi
  • Maximum speed of b / w printing, ppm, up to: 37
  • Maximum color print speed, ppm, up to: 38
  • Photo printing speed 10×15 cm (“draft”), sec, up to 12
  • Maximum paper size: A4 (210 x 297 mm)
  • Ability to print on discs: Yes
  • Input tray capacity: 120 sheets

Honestly, in my purely personal opinion, this is the best purchase in terms of price / quality ratio. The printer has excellent color rendering. Decent speed. Support for wireless connection. Modern appearance and NOT the largest dimensions. And besides, an affordable price. This printer can even be used to organize a small photo studio (by the way, in most Larkov for photo printing in supermarkets, it is the Epson L805)

But if you want not only to print photos, but also to make copies, print documents for children of schoolchildren or students, then you should pay attention to the Epson L3070 MFP model

The Epson 3070 MFP has the following features:

  • Machine functions: print, copy, scan
  • Printer resolution: 5760 x 1440 dpi
  • Maximum speed of b / w printing, ppm, up to: 33
  • Maximum speed of color printing, ppm, up to 15
  • Paper size: A4
  • Input tray capacity: 100 sheets
  • Receiving tray capacity: 30 sheets
  • Fax: No
  • Network: Wi-Fi Despite the fact that the device is not declared as a Photolaboratory (in contrast to the L series printers), this printer can print fairly good quality photos and even make photocopies.

The next interesting option for home use, I would call the Epson L3050 MFP

The printer has the following characteristics:

  • Machine functions: print, copy, scan
  • Printer resolution: 5760 x 1440 dpi
  • Maximum speed of b / w printing, ppm, up to: 33
  • Maximum speed of color printing, ppm, up to 15
  • Paper size: A4
  • Input tray capacity: 100 sheets
  • Receiving tray capacity: 30 sheets
  • Fax: No
  • Network: Wi-Fi

In fact, this is the same Epson L3070 but without a built-in display. Other characteristics are SIMilar. And the print quality of these printers is very decent.

But what am I only about epson yes about epson? There are other manufacturers on the market as well. I would advise Pay attention also to the MFP Canon PIXMA G4511

The MFP has the following characteristics:

  • MFP (printer, scanner, copier, fax)
  • 4-color inkjet printing
  • Max. A4 print size (210 x 297 mm)
  • Max. Print size: 216 x 297 mm
  • Printing photos
  • LCD panel
  • Automatic feeding of originals when scanning
  • Wi-Fi

This is a novelty in 2019, with quite interesting characteristics and an affordable price. One of the key factors in favor of buying this model may be the presence of CISS and high print quality at 4800×1200 dpi. This is more than enough for household needs.

There are other printers, of course. The market now provides a large selection. There are a large number of models from the years before last. But it is the models above that I would advise you to consider as a priority in choosing a home printer for printing documents and photos. And of course, I advise you to use only original consumables: paint and photo paper. Only in this case you can get the maximum quality from the devices. A good quality photo will delight you for many years.

Which printer is better for printing photos, laser or inkjet?

Greetings, dear reader of my blog. We are in touch with you, Timur Mustaeva. Today we will focus on photo printers. Now that a digital camera has ceased to be something unusual and almost everyone has, if not as a separate device, then integrated into a smartphone, the need to purchase a photo printer comes to the fore.

Modern technology of photo printing has stepped far forward. Now the question becomes very relevant, which printer is better for printing photos? The line of such devices on the international market is constantly updated, you just have to choose the preferred technology. inkjet or laser.

Epson model L100

The L100 model printer is a device from Epson, which has a standard CISS. This is the first such model and it attracts attention primarily by the fact that for the first time the manufacturer has so dramatically changed its principles.

Prior to that, Epson was a supporter of the harm of such devices and disseminated information that such a device threatens with sad consequences:

  • Failure of the entire printer;
  • Inconvenience during operation;
  • Poor quality printing;
  • Disclaimer of warranty for standard device.

L100 is the first trial copy and therefore there are no such “chips” as:

  • Wireless and wired network connection;
  • Fax functions;
  • Printing on discs;
  • And other modern innovations.

These new products are available. But everything will be compensated by the four-color CISS unit on the left end. It is very easy to remove and refill all containers with fresh ink. But owners should know that the ink is Water Soluble. While more modern pigment inks.

Is it worth paying attention to if now there is the possibility of multi-color printing with great savings for the family budget.

But there is a function of printing borderless photos with a resolution of 5761 × 1441 dpi. Produces a color photograph of 10 × 15 cm in 93 seconds.

In order to understand the difference, we present a more advanced model of inkjet printers.

Canon Laser Shot LBP5200

It produces especially high quality color text printing. The output is a very clear and vivid document.

With photographs, the situation is worse. They look a little paler. But again in comparison with the quality that inkjet printers are capable of delivering.

But printed invitations, envelopes, cards and postcards from this laser printer come out bright and clear. So partners, receiving your letter, can find out, without even reading, from whom it was received.

But one must be prepared for the fact that it will take longer to wait for the uploaded document to be released. Inkjet printers can print much faster. LBP5200 6-page color document Prints about 1.5 minutes.

It will process a photo in A4 format in 35 seconds. But again, when compared to an eight color inkjet printer, the print will be a little paler. But I must say that although printing a photo is still NOT the main profile of a laser device, the prints are quite good. Colors, if a little pale, but quite clearly convey the displayed image.

HP Photosmart 7510

It is suitable for both professional and photography enthusiasts. This is an All-In-One Thermal Inkjet Print with a Flatbed Scanner. It is capable of printing laboratory quality photographs at home. It has five cartridges installed at once for five colors and with a maximum resolution of up to 9610 x 2410 dpi.

HP Photosmart 7510 has a color touchscreen display.

Interestingly, the device is the fastest among devices of this class. the printer will quietly print a photo of 10 × 15 cm. In the Draft version in just 17 seconds. Thanks to the Internet connection, it is possible to send the captured photos immediately for printing from any device connected to the network.

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Color laser printer

Laser office assistants are also capable of producing quality color prints. In order to find out which device is preferable. laser or inkjet, let’s look at what this printer can do.

Inkjet printers

Most likely, many have encountered inkjet printer problems at home. This is a lack of working space for the device, finding the right driver, but the most important eternal problem is replacing cartridges.

Manufacturers wondered. why change the entire cartridge if you can just add ink to it?

This is how devices with CISS appeared. New models eliminate the need to buy a fresh cartridge after it runs out of ink.

What is CISS? The abbreviation is strange, but in reality everything is SIMple. “Continuous ink supply system”. Thanks to the ability NOT to buy another cartridge, but SIMply topping up ink, the cost of photo printing has dropped dramatically.

Of course, it is tempting to purchase such a “system” for your inkjet printer. The user solves several problems at once:

  • Such a device does not require drastic alteration;
  • Any user can cope with the refueling process;
  • The resource of the print head increases many times over;
  • The cost of printing is reduced by 15. 25 times.

Also, if the owner of the purchased printing device wants to install such a system, then the manufacturer interprets such a change as an interference with the design of the device and the warranty for it ceases to apply.

Manufacturers in such devices saw a threat to their profits. And this is understandable. Buying expensive cartridges with a small resource is extremely profitable for them.

But, for example, Epson decided to meet the consumer halfway.

In conclusion, I would like to take a closer look at several more models of inkjet printers from Epson. This model is L800, L810 and Epson Stylus Photo P50

Advantages of the Epson L800 printer, it has a built-in CISS system. And the clarity of printing photos is achieved by printing not 4 colors, as is usually the case, but 6. The printer prints using 6 colors. He also has the ability to print on CD / DVD discs.

This concludes our small review of inkjets for printing photos. But there will be other reviews of printers. Visit my blog often and find out more information about the latest news.

If you want to use a laser printer for printing photos because of the speed, then there are inkjet machines nowadays that almost reach the speed of laser printing devices.

Some users use laser printers because of their speed. The print speed of laser printers is by far one of their biggest advantages. But if you look at the new inkjet models currently on the market, you will see that they are not that far behind laser models in terms of speed. In fact, some of them can work as fast as color laser printers. Today there are models of inkjet photo printers that can print up to 25 color pages per minute, making them very productive devices for home photo printing.

Color laser printers are just as unsuitable for high-quality photo printing as monochrome

Some may assume that color laser printers are better suited for high-quality photo printing than monochrome ones, but this is not the case. Color laser printers can SIMply print in color, which is of course very good as these devices are more versatile. But photo printing is NOT their specialty, and even if you print a photo using a color laser printer, you will still get a low quality print.

Printing photos on a laser printer

Hello dear readers of my blog in computer peripherals. Have you ever seen or heard of a laser photo printer? So do I. The truth is that at the moment there are no laser printers that are designed to print photos. While you can use a laser printer to print images, that doesn’t make it a laser “photo” printer. The concept of a photo printer is that it can print photos in a professional, or close to professional, level. So even if you print your photos on a laser printer, they don’t have to be as good as you’d like. Here is a small list of facts you should know about the so-called laser photo printers.

Laser printers do not print photos very well due to the technological nature of laser printing

As their name suggests, laser printers use laser printing technology. This process uses a dry dye called toner. Toner is transferred to media using an electrically charged drum unit. The level of charge on its surface changes under the influence of a laser beam, which forms the pattern of the future print. You can read more about how a laser printer works here.

Due to the fact that this method uses dry dye, as well as due to the peculiarities of the technology, the quality of the resulting images is not very good for full-fledged photo printing. High-quality photographs are distinguished by a high level of detail. This makes the laser printer ineffective for this type of work (even for monochrome printing or in grayscale), since it does not have the ability to transfer a sufficient number of gradations and halftones. Therefore, when printing photos on a laser printer, problems such as uneven or incorrect combinations of colors and shades, as well as saturation levels may arise.

To print photos, you should use a laser printer with a resolution NOT lower than 2400dpi

Let’s say you still decide to print photos on a laser printer. To get at least some professional-level results, you should use a device with a resolution of at least 2400dpi. This will give finer detail in prints and a wider range of colors, so the quality of the photo can be nearly comparable to inkjet samples. But at the same time, you need to take into account that the higher the resolution, the higher the price of the printer, so you should think before buying such a printing device.

Perhaps in the future laser photo printers will be developed

One attractive feature is that laser prints will NOT smudge or smear. Since the toner is dry and it is completely fused into the paper during printing, you can safely take a print in your hands without fear of smearing the image. This may also be one of the reasons why people use laser printers to print photos.

Be that as it may, at the moment, laser printers are poorly suited for printing photographs. But who knows? Maybe in the near future a laser printer will be developed, which can be called a photo printing device. Perhaps one of these devices is being developed right now.

While looking for a laser printer for printing photos, you may find that there is nothing suitable for comments. But don’t despair. There are other photo printing devices such as inkjet or sublimation printers. They may not be as cost effective as lasers, but these devices are truly Designed for printing photographs and are therefore the best option for you.

Jet or laser: what technology do you trust?

Which printer is better, laser or inkjet? Many people ask this question. How to figure out what type of printing device you need?

The first step is to determine what you need a printer for. There are not so many options:

Having decided on the main tasks of printing, we will already do half the battle. Now let’s choose which device will best meet our expectations. To do this, it is necessary to determine the difference between a laser printer and an inkjet printer.

MFPs, printers and inkjet plotters are widely used in design agencies, photography studio and in the creation of large-format advertising products. They are also needed in enterprises that are engaged in the development of CAD and GIS projects. They can print high quality computer graphics and colorful photographs.

Inkjet devices are also suitable for home use.

Inkjet technology successfully realizes high quality and resolution of color printing up to 9600×2400 (dpi), and this is the key to excellent image detail.

With devices of this type, you will not have to rack your brains especially where to place the printing device. When comparing tabletop models, string technology is much more compact and does NOT take up much desktop space.

For the price, inkjets certainly win. Typically, inkjet MFPs and printers are orders of magnitude cheaper than laser devices.

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The cost of an inkjet device directly depends on the number of colors presented in it. In modern models, four primary colors are most often used: Magenta, Cyan, Yellow and Black (Key Color). This set is sufficient for printing documents.

There are six-, nine- and twelve-color printers for printing photographs. With their help, you can get the maximum quality of color reproduction. Liquid ink mixes well with each other. This ensures smooth gradations and accurate color reproduction.

The main disadvantage of inkjet printing technology is the high cost of consumables and a relatively low print speed. Long periods of inactivity may cause ink to dry out in the print head, resulting in major repairs.

Laser Color Photo Printer

From all of the above, Let’s make a list of the advantages and disadvantages of inkjet printing devices.

Advantages of inkjet systems:. high print resolution;. acceptable price;. excellent photo printing;. small size.

Disadvantages of an inkjet printer. high cost of consumables;. risk of quick drying of printheads when idle.

Color laser versus inkjet: what’s the difference? Let’s take a closer look at laser printing.

Laser printing technology is widely used for text printing. You can use this type of printer both at home and in the office. Excellent quality / speed ratio makes laser devices indispensable for large and medium workgroups.

Laser prints are crisp and resistant to light and water. The printing speed in laser devices is an order of magnitude higher than that of inkjets. In addition, laser multifunction devices and printers are quieter than inkjet.

Powder toner is used in laser printing technology. Therefore, the cartridge will dry out. This makes the device easy to tolerate periods of inactivity.

Photos in lasers are not very good. The color toner mixes rather poorly, which prevents you from getting bright and saturated photos. At the same time, a color laser costs twice as much as a machine for monochrome prints.

The main disadvantages of this technology are increased power consumption, high cost of the device and its cartridges, and ozone release. Lasers are large enough.

Let’s highlight the main pros and cons of laser devices.

Advantages:. high printing speed;. resistance of prints to light and water;. quiet printing.

Disadvantages of laser printers and MFPs:. increased power consumption;. high price;. large dimensions;. ozone emission when printing.

Inkjet and laser printers: comparison

We have summarized all the criteria for evaluating a printing device in one table.

For comparison, we used three types of printers: inkjet, laser and inkjet CISS. We assigned each technology the corresponding marks on a 3-point scale.

Criterion inkjet devices laser devices Inkjet devices with CISS
print text 2 3 2
photo printing 3 2 3
print speed 2 3 2
Device price 3 1 3
Cost of printing 2 3 3
Cartridge volume 1 3 3
Weight and dimensions 3 2 3
noise 2 3 2
Resilience of consumables to downtime 1 3 2
Energy consumption 3 1 3
durability of printouts 3 3 2
Health safety 3 3
the outcome 28 27 31

Obviously, the most profitable acquisition will be an inkjet printing device with CISS. Laser printers are clearly lagging behind in terms of price and photo printing. But if you need to print only monochrome text documents in very high quality, then the laser is what you need.

Are you looking for a printer that can print both photos and text in good quality and at an affordable price point? The jet is the best choice for you.

In terms of color rendering, the inkjet printing device is unrivaled. True, the cost of consumables in this case is very high. But there is a way out. The problem of high cost of consumables is easily compensated by the continuous ink supply system. From the inkjet you can print both text documents and photos.

For home printing of documents of various kinds, the Epson XP-420 MFP is perfect.

For photo printing at home, the Epson XP-620 Multifunctional is an excellent choice.

A high-performance MFP Epson WorkForce WF-7610 or an Epson WorkForce WF-7110 printer (maximum print format. A3) is perfect for office work.

For professional photo printing, Epson 1500W (A3 format printing), Epson Stylus Photo R2000 and Epson Stylus Photo R3000 will be great helpers.

Print with quality and DON’T forget that the choice: inkjet or laser printer is always yours!

Color laser printer for printing photos

Today we live in the age of information technology. And practically each of us has the opportunity to realize literally any of our dreams. The technique became available and, importantly, very easy to use. Most of us are fond of photography: someone buys ordinary budget cameras, and someone does it professionally, buying top-end equipment. SLR cameras.

But, before both groups of this category, the question arises. how, after taking a photo, to print photos? Which printer to use, laser or inkjet. Printing photos is both SIMple and difficult at the same time, a lot of nuances appear in the user, which you need to Pay attention to that the printer as a result prints out the picture that you are watching on the computer monitor.

In professional photo studios and SIMply in amateurs, you can often find inkjet color printers designed for printing photographs. These printers have a lot of advantages and benefits (this is a topic for a separate review), but do not forget about color laser printers. In this article we will look at some of the issues related to printing photos on a color laser printer.

When choosing a color laser printer for printing photos, you should answer several questions:

  • How often will you print in color??
  • Only print photos or something else?
  • Are you a professional or an amateur?
  • Your budget
  • Print speed

Answering the first question, you can immediately make your choice. If you plan to print a large number of photos (for example, from 200-400 photos per year), you will EARN from selling photos, of course, it is preferable to choose an inkjet printer. Since, in order to receive photographs of the same quality on a laser printer, you will have to purchase a model, the cost of which will be calculated in thousands of conventional units, as a rule, from 2500 dollars. Someone can afford it, the main thing here is to understand why you need a color printer.

If your plans include printing Not only color photographs, but also various presentations, color forms, booklets. you can purchase a budget model of a laser color printer. In this case, it is important to remember that you should use a laser printer specifically for color printing.

Since black and white printing, a number of color printers also use up color cartridges, which is not entirely profitable. In addition, you need to understand that using a budget model of a color laser printer, you can very quickly become disappointed in the quality of printing your photos, because. The rule applies here. either an inkjet printer or an expensive laser.

As we said, if you are a professional, of course, at the moment, an inkjet color printer is superior to a laser printer in print quality. The choice is obvious, but if the budget allows and there is a desire, you can also purchase a color laser printer designed for the photo industry.

How to choose a color laser printer for printing photos?

When purchasing a color laser printer, you should also consider the cost of its maintenance: buying or refilling color cartridges, which, as a rule, is more expensive than operating an inkjet printer.

If you are printing photos for yourself, in small quantities, of course, a color laser device will not be the printer of choice. Here you can advise to purchase a fairly good model of an inkjet printer, and the resolution in a color laser printer, as a rule, is inferior to the same parameters of an inkjet printer.

As for the speed of printing pages in a laser color printer, it is more constant than in inkjet, where the printing speed depends on the complexity of the picture. But, again, decide for yourself which criterion is critical for you in order to make the right choice.

Summing up, we can conclude that for printing photographs, a color inkjet printer is more suitable than a color laser printer, the main purpose of which is various kinds of color presentations, graphics and coverage of other office needs.