Laser printer printing on thick paper

Samsung ML-1210 and ML-1250 laser printer testing

In the past, when purchasing a printer for home, we had to opt for inkjet printers, even though the cost of inkjet printing is ten times higher than laser.

The reason lies in the high cost of the laser printer itself, significantly exceeding the existing psychological barrier of 200. All attempts to reduce the cost of a laser printer were based on the use of alternative printing technology, very high cost of consumables and a serious limitation of capabilities.

We consider OKI printers to be the most striking example. These were the first laser-quality printers, priced at just over 200, and were also the smallest laser printers. The main drawback of these printers was and remains the highest price of consumables, comparable to the cost of a new printer.

recently, Samsung has made a breakthrough in this sector with the ML-1210 laser printer for less than 180.

Despite such a low price, the ML-1210 has excellent performance. Like most entry-level laser printers, the ML-1210 has a resolution of 600x600dpi. Its main difference from all models of this class is a huge 8Mb memory capacity and high printing speed. 12 ppm.

These two characteristics make this model ideal for a wide range of applications, including high volume image and document printing in the home and small office.

Before buying any printer you need to find out the cost and availability of consumables. If this is not done, then in the future you can get into a very unpleasant situation, and it may even be necessary to purchase a new printer.

HP has the best consumables situation. All companies trade in them. All other manufacturers are slightly worse on the market. However, our study of the situation with Samsung consumables, conducted on the Internet and in the Savelovsky market, showed that many companies today offer original Samsung consumables at a price of less than 50 (a cartridge for 2500 copies).

Samsung ML-1210 laser printer has a traditional design for printers of this class.

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The rear of the printer has a 150-page input tray and an optional tray for printing on envelopes, transparencies, heavy paper and other special media.

The front has a 100-sheet output bin. Samsung ML-1210 has an additional compartment on the front side for horizontal paper output. This makes it possible to print on thick paper with minimal bending. Output tray selection is made using a lever on the front of the printer.

Unlike some entry-level models, the Samsung ML-1210 has control buttons and service indicators that allow you to easily control the printing process and quickly respond to errors that occur.

There is a button for test print, cancel printing and redo the last page, very nice, translucent, toner save button, and three indicators (error, paper, data). We draw your attention to the fact that all inscriptions on the printer are made in Russian, which makes it as easy as possible for novice users to use the device.

On the back there is a power switch, a socket for connecting a network cable, and two interface ports (USB and LPT).

Thanks to the use of a universal interface, a well-written manual, the installation process takes literally a few minutes.

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Before connecting the printer to the power supply and the computer, you must install the included 1000-copy cartridge. To do this, open the front cover by gently pressing on the two recesses on the right and left sides.

You can now plug the printer in, insert paper into the input tray, and try to print a test page. This will allow you to make sure that the cartridge is installed correctly (although we do not understand how you can install it incorrectly) and see the possibilities and quality of printing.

There are two ways to connect the Samsung ML-1210 printer to a computer: via LPT or USB port. Because an LPT cable is supplied with the printer, we used this method.

Depending on the operating system used (Samsung ML-1210 supports Windows 95/98/2000 / Me / NT / XP, Linux (Red Hat 6.0), MAC OS 0.8 and above), you need to install the appropriate driver.

The easiest way to install the driver under Windows XP. This operating system will be able to install everything you need, but we recommend installing the driver from the disk. In this case, you will be able to use 100% of some interesting features of Samsung ML-1210.

Samsung ML-1210 driver has several interesting features.

In addition to the ability to select the type and size of media, the user can adjust the print quality, control output, make overlays and watermarks.

In this section, the user can configure not only the quality, but also set the rules for the printer in various situations.

Of greatest interest is the “Output” section, which allows you to change the output format of documents. So, you can select the “Multiple Pages Per Side” mode, which allows you to place up to 16 pages on one sheet, which significantly saves paper. Also here you can select the “print with scaling” mode, which allows you to scale the document to smaller sheets.

And the last, interesting function of printing posters, allows you to print large format images on multiple sheets with automatic separation.

Printer performance

As we said at the very beginning, the main feature of the printer is a large amount of memory (8Mb) and a high print speed of up to 12 pages per minute.

We ran several tests with text and graphics documents, in “cold” and “hot” mode. First of all, we measured the speed of printing 10 pages of text from the moment the printer was turned on. As a result, the first page came out in about 30 seconds, and the entire text was printed in 50 seconds, which is quite consistent with the normative data. Immediately after finishing, we started reprinting the same text. In this case, the printer issued the first page in 13-15 seconds, and the time to print the entire text was also 50 seconds.

Then we printed a photo in resolution 1600×1200 with a volume of 291Kb. The first page, as in the case of a word document, was printed after 30 and 13 seconds, respectively, in “cold” and “hot” mode. Time to print one page was 5-7 seconds, which also meets the regulatory specifications.

The absence of a time difference lies in the large amount of memory and a fairly fast processor with a frequency of 66 MHz.

By the way, during the print speed test, we noticed the very low noise level generated by the printer, which is not typical for entry-level printers.

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Unfortunately, it is very difficult to describe in words the high quality of laser printing. In principle, the print quality is no different from the print quality of expensive models.

A few words about ML-1250

As you can imagine, the ML-1210 has a very clear positioning for the home sector. For those looking for higher resolution and PCL6 support, Samsung offers a modified ML-1250.

This printer completely repeats the ML-1210, only it has a resolution of 1200×600, PCL6 emulation and, for some reason, a reduced memory size of 4Mb.

In principle, this volume is sufficient for most tasks, however, in the case of printing large files, there may be some slowdown in printing speed.

If necessary, the user can expand the printer memory up to 64Mb by installing a SIMM module.

The first days of using the Samsung ML-1210 printer completely dispelled our idea of ​​what “cheap” means “bad”. Samsung has indeed managed to create a state-of-the-art laser printer with a unique price-performance ratio, which once again confirmed the campaign’s status as the world’s best IT company. And this is not an advertisement.


Density from 80 to 90 g / m2 average. Any equipment is adapted to it and settings are not needed. This is the standard. Thin paper with a weight less than 80 g / m2 will not work for a regular printer. He will crush it, chew it. This will ruin the technique. Thick is also not suitable for every model. Gripping sheets is difficult. Special equipment required.

What is thick paper and what is cardboard? Cardboard is sheets with values ​​from 300 g / m2 to 160 g / m2. this is the ideal density for brochures. If a glossy sheet with a density of 160 g / m2 is chosen, the color scheme is successful, the graphics are interesting, then the brochure, booklet, brochure is ready. 160 g / m2. ideal for important information, large print runs.

Heavy paper for laser and color printers

Today, almost everyone has a printer at home. A color inkjet or laser printer are inventions that have dramatically changed a person’s life. You need thick paper, paint. and it’s in the bag. In what sense? Let’s figure out how much color printing, a printer, and, of course, good thick paper does for a person today. The achievements of civilization must be used, they must be effective. There are two types of benefits from them. profit and pleasure.

What paper can be

The paper guarantees the attractiveness of the copies, takes care of the operability of the technique, and is pleasant to the touch. It happens:

  • glossy;
  • matte;
  • color;
  • white.

Why does a man need a printer? For work and entertainment, information, advertising, propaganda, creativity. Once upon a time, everything depended on the printing house. Today everything depends on desire. To make a million, to achieve a goal, to make an impression, pleasant little things help, printing without borders. What else is needed in the era of information technology?

A home printer, whether inkjet or laser, can do wonders. You can open your own television, your own radio station, a printing house, without hiring staff, roughly speaking, without getting up from the couch. It is very comfortable. Sharing ideas, making money, decorating your life, changing reality is easy, which means that the future will be wonderful, there is a lot of good ahead.

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Matte paper looks great, glossy glitters, colored paper grabs attention, simplifies tasks. White and matte are used most often. But the paper can also be flavored, corrugated and so on.

Earn a million

By purchasing a color laser or inkjet printer, you can start your own business of producing advertisements, souvenirs and even brochures. It will bring in income very quickly. This is a good business plan with a high return on investment, minimal costs, a simple idea, close to perfection. Creativity, imagination and creativity help to withstand the competition. And they are unlimited. You just need to let them develop.

Business cards are easier to work with than a notebook and contact list. A business person’s business card holder always contains a large amount of valuable information. The printer allows you to create business cards, thick paper from 260 g / m2 on average, the talent and skill of the designer. Business cards are a profitable form of advertising, as practice shows. Plus, this is a sign of status when it comes to positions in the staffing table of the corporation: they will not be made for everyone.

Varieties of paper

Format is one of the main characteristics. A4 and A5 are the most common types. The A5 fits easily into your. This is ideal for brochures, pamphlets. It is no longer necessary to cut the sheet. If the A5 format is selected, you can safely fasten it. The A5 is being used more and more often precisely because it is convenient. book is A5. Why not turn her into a desk book?

The following parameters must also be indicated on the package:

  • density;
  • rigidity;
  • smoothness;
  • white;
  • opacity;
  • dustiness;
  • acidity;
  • coating.

They must be noticed, it is important to understand them.

Opaque sheet and dust

Opacity is another important characteristic. It ensures high quality duplex printing. The images will not come into conflict due to the fact that the sheet is not translucent. Too thick paper is not needed to implement ideas.

Dustiness allows you to avoid unnecessary expenses for equipment repair, because it will tell you about the ability of the sheet not to form crumb during operation. A laser color printer is a delicate device. He needs paper with a low dust content. It is not easy to clean it. So it’s much better to buy good paper.

A bit of history

Characteristics of hardness and smoothness

Stiffness refers to the ability of a sheet of paper to maintain flatness or bend. When printing a large print run, this characteristic must be taken into account. The sheet is crumpled not only due to its low density, but also due to insufficient rigidity. Why do you need to know about the smoothness of the purchased sheet? Whether thick paper or thin paper is chosen, smoothness provides sharp images, contrast, and reduces toner consumption.

A rough leaf is an overrun. Whiteness also affects legibility. It guarantees ease of perception. The optimum brightness for vision is 90%. If 98% is specified, the image will be of good quality, but the tension from the contrast will dominate. With low whiteness, vision has to be strained by volitional effort, which is not so bad.