Lenovo laptop won’t boot what to do

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Battery to help

What if my laptop has a black screen? The previously listed techniques will help to correct the situation. But what if they didn’t work?

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Under certain circumstances, the user can try to shutdown the laptop like this:

  • Disconnect the power cord.
  • Flip the laptop.
  • Disconnect the battery from the main body.
  • Insert it back.

It is done! After the above actions, the user can turn on the computer again. This technique is not relevant for all laptops. It is not suitable for devices with non-removable batteries. Therefore, removing the battery does not always help to get rid of “glitches” and freezing.

Sources of problems

Laptop problems can happen at any time. As a rule, this leads to slow operation of the OS, and then to a complete freeze of the computer.

The most common causes of “glitches” are the following factors:

  • software incompatibility;
  • lack of RAM;
  • processor load;
  • system failures;
  • viruses;
  • incorrectly installed operating system;
  • knocked down OS settings.

Often, a system rollback or an increase in RAM helps to correct the situation. But first you have to turn off your PC. Laptop freeze? What to do? How do I restart or shut down my laptop? All possible scenarios for the development of events will be discussed below.

Normal reboot

Let’s start by looking at a simple computer restart. It only helps when the OS reacts to user actions, but very slowly.

You need to do the following (for example, Windows 7):

  • In the lower left corner, click on the Windows image.
  • Near the line “Finish work” click on the arrow.
  • Click on the command “Restart”.

All that remains now is to do. it is to wait. The computer will terminate all processes and then reboot the operating system. Laptop freeze? What to do in this case?

The laptop is frozen. what to do? How to restart a laptop if it freezes

User’s laptop stuck? What to do? We will have to answer this question further. After all, every user can face a freeze of the operating system. Often, in the case of laptops, you can reboot the PC using a more extensive list of tricks. They will be discussed further. Unfortunately, restarting the OS in the event of glitches is not always safe. And this is what Honor needs in the first place. Therefore, we will try to study safer reboot techniques first.

Reboot without shutting down

Laptop freeze? What to do? If the operating system is still responsive to user input, you can try restarting without shutting down the computer. This practice exists, but it is not used very often.

  • Open the functional menu in any way (via “Start” or Ctrl Alt Del).
  • Select the “Log out” option.
  • Wait a while.

So the user will be able to re-enter the operating system without shutting down the computer. Although, as practice shows, exiting the OS is rarely used in practice.

Force reboot

If the computer “stuck” and does not restart in the usual way, it is necessary to perform a forced restart of the OS. This is a normal phenomenon, the technique is used in practice quite often.

  • Press Ctrl Alt Del on the keyboard.
  • In the lower right corner, click on the arrow button. Next to it there will be an image of a shutdown PC.
  • Select the “Restart” function in the menu that appears.

It is done. In fact, everything is not as difficult as it seems. And now it is clear what to do if the laptop has a black screen or a simple freeze. But this is just the beginning. In reality, there are several other ways to deal with laptop “glitches”.

Eating and waiting

How to restart a laptop if it freezes and does not respond to user actions? It all depends on the circumstances. After all, sometimes it is possible to reboot by simply disconnecting the laptop from the network.

What if my laptop has a non-removable battery and is powered directly? Such circumstances, if you exclude shutdown with the Power button, provide for only one scenario. expectation.

What does it mean? You need to follow these instructions:

  • Unplug laptop from power cord.
  • Try to restart the computer using the previously listed methods (using the keyboard).
  • Wait a few hours.

You can do without step 2. That is, just unplug the laptop from the power supply and wait. True, you need to be patient. the wait will be long. Until the battery of the device is fully discharged. Even in a freeze state, the OS consumes energy.

What’s going to happen? The computer will simply be discharged and shut down. After that, it remains just to connect the laptop to power through the wire, wait a few minutes (not necessary, but desirable), and then turn it on using the Power button.

Power off

Laptop freezes and won’t shutdown? The following advice may be suitable for users who work with laptops without batteries, that is, with the battery disconnected.

If the computer cannot be restarted, you must turn it off. Disconnecting the laptop from the power source is not the best, but very effective method.

In simple terms, the user simply has to unplug the power cord from the laptop. If the laptop was initially not connected to the battery, an emergency shutdown of the OS will occur.

Attention: this technique is used in extreme cases. It can cause quite serious damage to the computer and the operating system as a whole.

This does not mean at all that turning off the power of the laptop is contraindicated. Sometimes this approach is the only method to solve the problem. Therefore, every modern user should know about it.

Laptop won’t turn on. BIOS problems or hardware errors

The mobile computer starts up, the indicators are on, but after 1-2 seconds the device turns off. Most likely, in this case, a physical failure. Reinstalling Windows won’t help here.

Such symptoms indicate that something is wrong with the BIOS and may need to be restored.

If you are sure that the bootloader is not damaged, this indicates a problem with the motherboard or microchip.

There are many reasons: incorrect connection of a defective device via USB, processor overheating, short circuit, and others.

The laptop does not turn on at all. check the power

Please note that this can be either an old or a new laptop. You press the “On” button, wait and it does not turn on. the device does not respond to our actions, even if we try to turn it on once, twice or 5 times.

Relax and start by eliminating the obvious reasons. Black screen in laptop can be caused by full battery discharge.

Then it is necessary to connect the power source, only sometimes the laptop does not turn on when working from the network, but this does not mean that it has already come to the end of its life.

You need to carefully check the power supply and socket in the laptop and even the electrical outlet.

You need to look at the cable, whether it is damaged, whether it is worn out and in what condition the plug in the power socket.

If you can, try running it on a different battery or PSU. The use of non-original, as well as cheap power supplies can sometimes lead to a short circuit. this is not always the case, but many confirm.

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If the power supply is on and the laptop won’t turn on, turn it on again, but this time listen to how it reacts.

You need to check if the hard drive and fans are working. It is also worth seeing if the light diodes (indicators) are on, confirming the start.

often than not, when you hear the sounds of running components and the laptop does not turn on, or, to be more precise, you see only a black screen, it is very likely that you will need to replace the video card.

Reasons why the laptop does not turn on

Shocks, falls, moisture penetration can seriously damage the parts, as a result, after such manipulations, the laptop does not turn on.

There is one more basic problem. a broken power button, fix it to continue using it. Due to the broken power connector, you will also not be able to use the device.

The laptop turns on and does not boot further

The source of this problem could be the BIOS, or more precisely, its settings. Try to set the default settings.

This function may be in different places in different BIOS, but its name usually looks something like this: “default BIOS settings”.

It is also possible that after starting the system, you see the message “Press F1 to continue”.

Usually this problem occurs when a battery is installed on the motherboard (not the main battery), shows the wrong time or BIOS settings.

Another problem could be the hard drive. You can determine if it emits a squeak or pops.

There could also be a problem with the RAM. Maybe you just need to turn off RAM memory and clear contacts.

7 proven reasons why your laptop won’t turn on

In the mobile age, few people still use desktop computers. they are increasingly being replaced by laptops HP pavilion / compaq / probook, asus, acer aspire, Lenovo yoga, Samsung, dell inspiron, MSI, Toshiba, sony vaio, packard bell, dns, emachines. irbis, prestigio, fujitsu, digma, haier, iru, acker, Xiaomi, fan, haier, 4good light am500, siemens, hi, alienware, brother, dexp, nek and others.

These are extremely useful devices, but they may also sometimes fail to turn on. What to do if the laptop does not turn on. just the black screen is on and that’s it?

It is not uncommon for a laptop to not turn on at all. I have seen such a defect in ASUS d541n, k750j, x551m, m50s, k52d, f3, f5r, x751m k50af x52n, k52n, n550, lenovo g500, g50, g505, g700, g580, b570e, g565 в590, np350, Samsung r540e laptops r425, r528, np300e5c, rv508, np350, HP pavilion g6, m6, dv6, g62, dv7, g62, g7, 625, g7 2300er, 6715, probook 4730s, omen, bcm943142y, compaq cq58, presario cqire e15, acer 571g, v3 571g, e531g, v5we2, toshiba l40w, satellite l300, emachines e642g, d620, dell inspiron 15, vostro 15 3558, haier hi133, msi vr330x, cx620, alienware m17x, iru jet 1521, sonyvood sve501s11 am600, dexp athena t132.

Only you should know that there can be many reasons why the laptop does not turn on. some of them are trivial and easy to fix, others are related to the graphics card and even replacing the motherboard.

Therefore, in my guide what to do if the laptop does not turn on. only a black screen, I have collected the most common causes and solutions.

Black screen on laptop and won’t turn on. what to do

As I wrote above, the reasons why laptops won’t turn on can be very prosaic, but unfortunately, this is not always the case.

There are times when a hardware failure occurs. then you have to take into account significant costs. A black screen in a laptop may be for this very reason.

If you hear the sounds of operating components when you press the power switch, connect an external monitor (maybe a modern TV) to the VGA or HDMI jack. This procedure will bring you closer to figuring out what makes only a black screen see.

If the image appears on the external screen, it means that you do not need to change the video card. it works and interacts correctly with the monitor. In this case, you need to check your operating system settings.

Perhaps the screen was simply turned off, and the connection to an external monitor was activated. Pins in the case connecting the screen to the rest of the computer could also be damaged.

What if there is no image on an external monitor connected to the laptop? There are many signs of a graphics card failure. What to do in this situation?

Laptop does not turn on. replace video card

A malfunctioning graphics card can be a serious problem. In this situation, it seems to us that the laptop is not working, but in fact it works, but does not display an image on the screen.

The idea immediately arises of replacing the old card with a new one. The problem is that on most laptops it is impossible to replace the video card yourself.

Lenovo laptop not booting into windows, quick resolution and diagnostics

On many models, especially low-cost ones, graphics cards are integrated into the motherboard in the form of a BGA chip.

To replace it then you will not only need a lot of knowledge, but also the corresponding equipment.

The more expensive ones have separate graphics cards, but in this case, replacing this module will not be an easy job.

As a rule, replacing it without special tools borders on a miracle. Then the only option is to use the services of a professional, proven repair service.

Replacing the graphics card is so difficult that you may need to first remove the hard drive, Wi-Fi module and matrix, keyboard and GPU cooling.

As you can see, to get to the video card, you need to disassemble most of the device, and after that you need to fold it all.

There may be other damage that will cause your laptop to be unable to turn on. Sometimes the motherboard needs to be replaced.

Laptop won’t turn on. constant restart or shutdown

Most likely, this is a hardware problem, not always, sometimes reinstalling Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 (depending on which one you use) solves it.

Hardware problem, may be due to high dust content in the processor. In this case, you may hear a loud fan noise and notice a constant reboot.

When you hear the sounds produced by the device, it is better than nothing. Silence can indicate the general and final death of the laptop.

Usually, if it screeches, but does not start, the sounds are produced by the BIOS, and thanks to them you can pinpoint exactly where the problems have arisen. Let’s take a look at the set of sounds in the BIOS Award system. AMI BIOS has a similar.

How To Fix Lenovo Boot Loop, Restarting, Stuck Loading, Stuck Diagnosing PC

A short single beep means the system is working properly. After that, it should continue with a normal start.

Two short beeps are an encouraging sign. The system speaks of minor malfunctions.

Three beeps. keyboard error. A complex combination of 1 long and 9 short beeps indicates that the data cannot be read from the disk.

What can be done at home

Another reason why the laptop may not fit is the lack of contact between the motherboard and the RAM. In this case, the cooler will work and the LEDs will be on, but even the motherboard splash screen will not start and you will see a dark screen.

In this case, it will be necessary to disassemble the laptop. Action method:

  • Disconnect the power supply and remove the battery.
  • Using a Phillips screwdriver, unscrew the screws on the bottom cover, including the battery compartment. Some of them can be hidden under stickers or laptop legs.
  • Gently pry off and remove the plastic keyboard cover that protects the buttons.
  • Dismantle the keyboard by pressing a pair of slotted screwdrivers on the special slots on the side of the monitor. Disconnect the keyboard cable from the motherboard.
  • Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove any screws you see. Remove optical drive.
  • Remove the bottom cover. Disconnect the components that prevent you from reaching the RAM bar.

In laptops, the RAM is no larger than a pair of matchboxes stacked together. It looks like a textolite printed circuit board with several chips on it. This component is inserted into the connector parallel to the mother chamber in the lower part, from the side of the lower cover. You can use a stationery eraser or honey alcohol to clean the RAM contacts.

And since you’ve disassembled the laptop, clean up the dust at the same time. Being a current conductor, it can be a prerequisite for a short circuit and prevent the device from turning on. Blow out all the “insides” of the computer using a household hairdryer, vacuum cleaner or a can of compressed air.

It is not recommended to install iron nozzles. only plastic ones. When the alloy comes into contact with electronic components, it is possible to breakdown of static electricity and failure of expensive parts.

If you tried the methods listed above, but the laptop did not turn on, this indicates only one thing: the problem is already beyond the competence of an ordinary user. Don’t panic! Any malfunction can be eliminated, the only question is in the cost of devices or soldering parts.

In this case, it is better to contact the service center. And remember that you don’t need to try to fix something while the device is still under warranty. Immediately go to the manufacturer’s service center. it will be easier and faster.

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Software problems

In this case, the following can be noted:

  • Graphics adapter drivers are missing or not working properly, therefore there is no image.
  • Incorrect BIOS options, due to which the motherboard does not describe a piece of hardware.

Such difficulties can be eliminated on your own.

What to do if Lenovo laptop won’t start

As mentioned above, a prerequisite for lags when starting a laptop can be at least some peripheral device that does not work correctly. Try to disconnect any accessories connected via USB ports. If there is a discrepancy in one of them, the laptop will start normally.

Ways to recover Windows on Lenovo

System rollback does not delete personal files. Only a few recently installed programs can be removed.

Lenovo laptop does not start Windows. What to do if Windows does not boot (Lenovo laptop), freezes at the logo?

Restoring Windows in Safe Mode.

  • Turn on or restart the PC, and during boot, when the monitor is dark, hold down the F8 key;
  • In the menu that appears, select boot Windows in safe mode;
  • After that, you will be taken to a simplified version of the desktop;
  • And now, without leaving the mode, perform all the same actions that are described in the first method.

Restore Windows 8, 8.1 on Lenovo devices.

For the eight, recovery is not much different.

  • Press the WinC button combination
  • Select “Options”
  • “Change settings”
  • “Update and recovery”
  • “Reestablish”
  • Select “Recovery without deleting files” and click “Start” and then “Next”
  • In the next window, press the “Update” button
  • Done.

After Windows recovery is over, a list of removed programs will appear on the desktop.

Laptop does not initialize

The laptop turned on, the cooler started up, the lights blinked, but then nothing happens. The cooler is noisy, but there is no image. Most likely the problem is in the display. First of all, read the article on how to connect your laptop to your TV. If there is an image on the external screen, then the problem is with the laptop display. Either the display itself is broken, or the cable that connects it to the motherboard.

If the display is working properly, then the following is likely:

  • problems with the processor, memory or video chip;
  • BIOS problem.

Laptop diagnostics and BIOS reinstallation are best solved in the service center.

Why the laptop won’t turn on?

Let’s determine the stages of loading the laptop until it is fully turned on. We consider that the operating system has been successfully loaded as full power on. There is a desktop image, the mouse and trackpad are working. To get to this point, the laptop goes through several stages:

  • power on;
  • initialization and appearance of the image on the display;
  • loading the operating system;
  • working operating system.

Laptop hard drive defective

The laptop turned on, the indicators were blinking, and concise lines of system information appeared on the screen. That was the end of it. The operating system does not load any further. The hard drive is most likely to blame for this situation.

Laptop won’t turn on

Option 1. We connect the power supply, but the indicators do not light up. The laptop does not respond when the power button is pressed. The problem may not be with the computer, but with the outlet. We are trying to connect something to it, for example, a table lamp.

If the socket is working properly, then we check the power supply. The best way. use a serviceable power supply. If the outlet and power supply are working, then the problem is with the laptop. Either the power controller or the power circuits on the motherboard are faulty. Such repairs require qualifications and components, so it is better to go straight to the service center.

Option 2. When you connect the power supply on the laptop, the power and battery indicators light up. This means that the power supply is working properly. But the laptop does not respond to the power button, the cooler and hard drive show no signs of life. Unplug the power and leave the laptop for 2-3 minutes. Then connect the power. Should help.

Problems with the RAM appear similarly. Disconnect the computer from power, remove the memory modules from the slots, and then reinstall them. You can install the module in another slot, if available. If the laptop has two memory slots, then check their serviceability one by one by running the laptop to one memory module. The check will show whether the problem is in the memory modules or in the slots. If the memory fails, then we buy a new module. Otherwise, we take the laptop to the service center.

Spontaneous shutdowns

Leave your opinion and wishes to the article “Why does the laptop not turn on?”

Laptop matrix not working

Your monitor may not work. that is, the laptop matrix is ​​out of order. It can be replaced by specialists in a service center or in a repair shop in your city.

Remove the laptop cover and check the fastening of the RAM modules

We advise you to check the tightness of the connection of the RAM modules with the slots of the laptop: if the RAM bar has moved away from the motherboard, it is quite possible that the PC will not turn on.

Contact the service center

It makes sense to perform all of the above actions only if you have special skills in laptop maintenance. Otherwise, contact a reliable specialist.

Use Safe Mode to boot your laptop

I have a black screen problem. At night I put the laptop into sleep mode, in the morning I turn it on: the laptop has a black screen and the mouse cursor runs if you move it.

I went to reboot the laptop, everything is fine with the Windows icon, but the black screen, I wanted to reinstall Windu, I chose it from the USB flash drive. all ok but again a black screen. I pulled out the battery, tried to return Windu to its normal state, knocked out an error. What to do if your laptop screen won‘t turn on?

Symptom: When you turn on the laptop, you see the Windows logo, but as soon as the boot is completed, a black screen with a cursor appears. The desktop is not displayed, while you can go to the task manager.

How to fix a black screen:

A small but effective method if you cannot restore the operating system boot on a laptop in the normal startup mode is to enter the OS through safe mode. The fix method works with Windows 7, 8 and 10.

  • Turn on the laptop by pressing the power button.
  • Immediately after turning on, hold down the F8 key on the keyboard (after initializing the BIOS, before loading the operating system).
  • From the Select Action menu, select Troubleshooting.
  • On the Diagnostics menu, go to Advanced Options.
  • The laptop will restart again, a menu will appear.
  • In the Boot Options menu, among the additional boot options, select Safe Mode.
  • Wait for the OS to load in Safe Mode.
  • If booting is successful, try uninstalling unnecessary programs and drivers that could theoretically lead to a system crash.
  • Reboot your PC normally.

Useful link (if suddenly it did not work out according to this instruction): Turn on Windows Safe Mode

Check if the hard drive is detected in the laptop BIOS

If the laptop does not boot and you still see a black screen, try going into the BIOS (if it boots) and check if the hard (SSD) drive is detected.

When the laptop is turned on, the screen is black. what to do?

If your laptop does not turn on and you see a black screen after booting, this is not a reason to run to a service center. The article contains basic solutions, among them you will find a suitable one. If the guide does not help. ask a question in the comments, I will give you advice.

Clean your laptop from dust

Finally, one more tip: If your laptop is noisy when booting up, dust it off. Sometimes, overheating of the computer directly affects the success of Windows boot.

Remove conflicting drivers on the laptop and replace with working ones

the laptop started giving a driver error. when I started the game, I turned it off. the laptop worked fine, came in and again. then pressed the button and turned it off, then restarted. now the laptop does not boot, black screen, does not light up at all. everything works except the screen 🙁

What to do. Boot Windows into Safe Mode and uninstall conflicting drivers. Go to the developer’s website and download the latest drivers for your operating system version. Instructions on how to do it.

It also makes sense to contact the developers with this problem or look for a solution to your problem on the video card developers forum. Judging by the description of your problem, the black screen on the laptop is caused precisely by the driver conflict.

The laptop constantly reboots or turns off

If your device is constantly shutting down and rebooting, then it is most likely a serious hardware problem. Perhaps the fault is in the short circuit in the south bridge, which caused it to overheat. Or, dust has gotten into the cooler, which has caused excessive heating inside the processor. If so, the fan will run at high speeds, but it will still not cope with the problem. As a result, your laptop will periodically shut down and reboot. This will happen at a variety of times, regardless of external reasons. You are unlikely to be able to solve the problem yourself this time, so immediately contact the service center.

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But before that, make sure it’s not a bad diet. If the laptop battery runs out, the device can turn on and then immediately shut down.

A message is displayed about the inability to start from the boot device

As a rule, we are talking about a variety of messages in English. If you are faced with this, then remove all flash drives from the device, and remove the disk from the drive. Restart your laptop. If your actions have not brought any positive result, then the problem most likely lies in the hard drive. Such a malfunction can be of both software and hardware nature.

In the first case, reinstall Windows. If after that your laptop began to work as before, then this means that the problem was software and now it has already been resolved. If reinstalling the operating system did not save the situation, then it’s time to contact the service department, whose employees will solve this malfunction at the hardware level.

Coolers can be heard, but the laptop screen is not working

So, you know what to do if your laptop won’t turn on. But there are also cases when it starts, but its screen remains dark. What to do in this case?

Take a close look at the monitor. Perhaps you still manage to consider something? If so, then the screen, most likely, is in order, but the backlight does not work. You can enable it using the hotkeys on the keyboard. Each model has its own and most users are well known.
2. Another way to check if the screen is working is to connect an external monitor to the laptop. If a picture appears on it, then there is no doubt and the cause of the malfunction is determined.
3. Often the problem is hidden in a discrete video card. This element sometimes overheats and breaks down. By the way, some video cards are prone to breakdowns more often than others. For example, nVidia graphics cards have a short lifespan.

To prevent such damage, do not hold the laptop on your lap or in any other position with the ventilation holes covered. It is advisable in such cases to use special stands that do not impede air circulation.

If your laptop is not a gaming laptop, then do not devote too much time to games on it. And one more thing. do not forget to monitor the temperature of the video card. If the reason is in it, then remove or simply turn it off. on some laptop models, switches are specially provided for this. With the missing discrete video card, your device will continue to work, you just have to temporarily say goodbye to some games.

Of course, the reason why the laptop boots and won’t turn on can be more serious. For example, in some cases, the problem is with the processor or firmware, motherboard or memory. But you are unlikely to cope with such difficulties on your own.

Turns on and freezes after the splash screen

Sometimes, for some reason, the laptop does not start in any way. And sometimes it still starts, you can see the initial splash screen and basic information about the device on the screen, and then the device freezes. Either nothing happens at all, or information appears about errors that interfere with the full operation of the machine.

  • Don’t be intimidated. The most common reason for this is the BIOS settings. You just need to enter the BIOS and reset all parameters. “Load BIOS Defaults”. After that save and exit.
  • Sometimes it happens that the laptop freezes, reports the detected error and asks to press a certain button. For example, “Press F1 to continue”. As a rule, after pressing it, it continues to turn on and then works as usual. And although such a solution to the problem is the simplest, you should not ignore the very fact of informing about the error. Most often this happens if the battery in the motherboard of the laptop starts to run out or the BIOS settings get lost. Please note that you need to contact the service center to replace the battery.
  • Of course, problems with a laptop can be more serious. For example, malfunctions associated with the operation of the hard disk manifest themselves in a similar way. In this case, there is a chance to determine the presence of problems by ear. If the hard drive is faulty, then you will hear the engine trying to start unsuccessfully under a slight crackling of the heads.
  • Another reason why the laptop won’t turn on is RAM. Some device models provide access to its brackets. You can try removing them and gently cleaning the contacts. If this does not help, then start the machine, leaving only one memory module at a time. In the event that your device has only one bar, then put it in another slot and start the device again. There is a great chance that these actions of yours will help solve the problem.

The laptop does not turn on and shows no signs of life

The worst thing that an ordinary user of this device can imagine. What to do in this case?

  • Often, if the laptop does not start, then the problem lies in its power supply. Therefore, first of all, check if there is a light in the house and voltage in the outlet.
  • If there were no problems with electricity, you should proceed to inspect the power supply. Perhaps it began to work intermittently, or it broke completely. The surest way to be sure of this is to get the exact same power supply, only in working order. Connect it to your laptop and see if your device turns on.
  • Often the breakdown of the power supply is very trivial. broken wires or broken contacts in the connectors. By the way, in the future, one simple rule will help to avoid problems with the charger. When charging the laptop, first plug the plug into the device, and then plug the adapter into an electrical outlet. The fact is that with a different connection order, a spark appears, which spoils the contacts.
  • If a similar power unit does not save the situation, then it is time to move on to more decisive actions. Remove the battery from your device, wait 10-15 minutes, and then turn on the device. If it turns on without problems, then secure it and put the battery in its original place.
  • Another reason why the laptop does not turn on, sometimes lies in the devices connected to it. Disable them all, including even the Wi-Fi adapter. Try to start the device again. If the laptop turns on, then return the external devices one by one to understand which one triggered the problem.

These are the steps you can take yourself when your laptop won’t boot. If none of them led to the desired results, then the problem should be looked for in a non-working motherboard, broken internal contacts and more. And only an experienced master will help with this.

What to do if the laptop does not turn on: 6 main situations and ways out of them

No one is safe from laptop breakage. But the good news is that most of the problems that arise in the operation of this device can be solved. It is only necessary to determine the cause of the breakdown and its nature, and then act according to the situation. All laptop problems are either software or hardware. It is necessary to accurately diagnose the malfunction, and then you will already know exactly what steps to take to eliminate it.

So, why the laptop does not turn on and what to do?

After loading Windows shows the screen of death, errors on the black screen and reboots

Another fairly common problem is when, when you turn on the laptop, Windows starts to load, but then the boot is interrupted, and the device restarts. The screen turns blue or black and displays numerous error messages.

As in the previous case, the problem can be of both software and hardware nature. And again, restarting Windows will help to understand what exactly happened to your device. Reinstallation of the operating system can be started from a bootable USB flash drive. If you succeed in doing this, then the problem can be considered solved. If not, then you can’t figure it out without the help of specialists from the service center.

Thus, if the laptop does not turn on, then this is not a reason to panic. In many situations, you can diagnose and fix the problem yourself. You just need to analyze your recent actions with this device. For example, if you spent many hours playing a game shortly before the breakdown, then your video card is most likely overheated. Try a little and you will be able to bring your device back to life again.