Manual Channel Tuning on a Samsung TV

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After buying a new TV, it is not enough to know the answer to the question: “How to tune channels on the TV?” Note. Any settings in modern digital technology, whether it is screen resolution, setting the quality of the displayed image or setting the sound level, are made using the “Service menu” function. To open it, press the “Menu” button on the equipment control panel.

In addition to answering the question: “How do I set up digital channels on my TV?” it is also important to know about the quality of the image. This function is launched by pressing the “Menu” button. Then you should select the sub-item “Image”. This section adjusts the image to the optimal quality for the digital TV screen. In this case, the following parameters are used:

  • definition;
  • color;
  • contrast;
  • brightness.

By controlling these parameters, the value of the scale of the required parameter is changed up or down, achieving the optimal picture quality, pleasing to the user’s eyes.

Setting up your TV

But in order. and more often people ask the question: “How to set up TV channels on TV? What should be done?” To set up your newly purchased new TV for watching satellite TV, you need to find all the channels that are available on the satellite equipment. To perform this operation, you must connect the receiver to the TV using a special cable. Then the digital equipment needs to be switched to monitor mode.

To tune the TV to receive terrestrial, cable, analogue or digital channels, connect the TV plug to the TV jack. It is usually located on the side or back of the case. Then click on the “enter the menu” button. After that, you need to decide how to tune the channels. in automatic or manual mode. In the first mode, the technician searches for all available channels on his own. After completing this operation, a message will appear stating that you can enjoy watching TV. Choosing the second method, you have to configure each channel independently and separately, which will take more time.

Disadvantages of automatic search

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To figure out how to tune channels on a TV, every home appliance user should be aware of the disadvantages of automatic search. These include the fact that the channel numbering is carried out by the TV independently, so you have to remember at what frequencies this or that program will be broadcast. It is also possible to accidentally persist interference.

Automatic screen adjustment

Most TV models allow you to adjust the screen in automatic mode using the factory settings optimized for certain programs: bright screen, soft, for movies or watching sports, and more.

In some cases, TV owners are faced with a problem with the geometric proportions of the screen. This becomes noticeable when watching programs and films, when people become very fat or, conversely, thin. The reason for this disadvantage is the incorrect setting of the screen aspect ratio. For modern broadcasts, you should use a ratio of 16 to 9, but for old films, a ratio of 4 to 3 is suitable.

Adjust the image using the remote control by pressing the appropriate buttons (on each TV model they are located differently) or by pressing the “Menu” button. In order to properly configure this parameter, it is best to use the corporate logo of the television channel, which is located in a circle. The MIR, EuroNews and TV Center channels have such an icon.

How to tune channels on TV manually?

To find out how to tune channels on a TV, you should know that this process on modern models is divided into two stages. The first is to set up the input source. The second is to adjust the sound and quality of the image displayed on the screen. It is also necessary to assign numbers to TV channels and adjust the functional parameters. If there is a function of connecting the TV to the Internet, you need to connect your digital equipment to the network.

Antenna types

Those people who are interested in the question: “How to tune the TV to receive channels?” you should be aware that there are several types of antennas for this household appliance:

  • The signal received from the terrestrial antenna should be tuned on TVs using the remote control.
  • Tuning TV channels of a TV that is connected to a satellite dish is carried out using the remote control from the satellite receiver.
  • On a TV that is connected to a cable antenna, you should tune in TV programs using the TV remote.

Not so long ago, television could only be watched using an over-the-air connection. The signal was then transmitted to the TV from the TV tower. The design of the antenna in this case had large dimensions, it had to be installed at a height and directed towards the nearest TV tower. The signal quality was poor, so the picture displayed on the screen often disappeared and noise appeared. In addition to all this, the number of channels was limited. It is not an easy task to tune TV channels for high-quality signal reception using a terrestrial antenna in an urban environment.

Fortunately, more modern cable television is available to most Russians today. Using the latest technology, you can tune your TV to show several dozen analogue channels of flawless quality at once. As well as over 100 digital channels. However, the questions are: “How to tune channels on the TV?”. not less. The image output is carried out using a cable laid in the apartment. If you use this method of connection, no additional equipment is required, such as receivers.

Setting up cable TV on Samsung equipment

Cable TV is one of the most popular ways to instantly transmit signals from a TV tower to an apartment or house. In addition to cable TV, there is also more modern satellite and digital TV. Thanks to such technologies, the viewer is offered a wide range of channels at an affordable price.

To display the channels on the screen of “Samsung” equipment, you need to set up the signal reception. Each channel broadcasts at a specific frequency. The tuning procedure consists in recording in the TV’s memory information about what frequency is necessary for demonstrating various information to the viewer.

How to automatically tune channels on your TV

This is the easiest way to set up and requires a minimum of effort and knowledge. The TV itself finds all available channels and remembers them.

To enter the automatic tuning mode, enter the TV menu by pressing the MENU button on the remote control. Depending on your TV model, this button may also be denoted by the words HOME, INPUT, OPTION, SETTINGS or special symbols in the form of three longitudinal stripes, a house, an arrow in a square, and others. detailed information on this matter contains the instruction manual for the operation and tuning of TV channels. Some variants of the designation of the menu call button are shown in

In some cases, before tuning channels on a conventional antenna, you must additionally select the region of your location. To do this, in the setup menu, find the COUNTRY or REGION item and select the corresponding entry in the list.

After the auto tuning of channels is complete, a sort menu may appear on the TV, with which you can arrange the found channels in an order convenient for viewing.

It is worth noting that when changing or adding transmitted channels by the cable TV operator, the setting must be done again.

How to manually tune channels on your TV

For all its apparent simplicity of automatic configuration, it has several significant drawbacks. Some channels may be repetitive, distorted picture or sound. In this case, you should correct the situation manually. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to manually set up TV channels:

  • In the “Channel setup” menu, use the navigation buttons to select “Manual tuning” and press ENTER / OK.
  • Select the “Program” item and assign a serial number to the channel by pressing the numeric buttons on the remote control.
  • Select the color system of your area of ​​residence: PAL, SECAM, NTSC or AUTO.
  • Select a sound system: 2.0 (stereo), 5.1, etc.
  • Search for the channel and, if successful, add it to the TV’s memory by pressing the “Save” button.
  • Repeat the same procedure for all required channels.
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The manual channel setup menu might look like this:


It should be remembered that all actions in the proposed instruction are confirmed by pressing the ENTER / OK button.

How to tune channels on a TV without a remote control?

The process of automatic and manual setup in this case occurs in a similar way, but to access the TV menu, the buttons located directly on its body are used:

If there are no such buttons, you need to purchase a remote control.

Analogue Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes in the process of setting up channels, certain questions may arise, some of which are discussed below.

How to tune channels on your TV

If you have purchased a new TV, changed your cable TV operator or broadcast type, then the first procedure you will have to face is setting up TV channels on your TV.

Depending on the method of signal reception, there are three main types of broadcasting:

  • over-the-air. the broadcast from the TV tower is transmitted to a regular antenna;
  • cable. channel packages from the operator’s distribution center are transmitted to subscribers’ apartments by wire method;
  • satellite. the signal from the satellite is transmitted to a parabolic antenna (dish) and converted by the receiver.

In turn, terrestrial and cable television can be analog and digital. The second has a higher quality of image and sound, but to view it, you may need additional equipment in the form of a digital set-top box (tuner), especially when it comes to the old TV model.

Within the framework of this article, the automatic and manual tuning of analog channels on the TV is considered (for cable channels, everything will be identical).

Preparing the TV

Before proceeding with direct channel tuning, you must connect the TV to the broadcast source. With an analog signal, the cable of the antenna or cable TV operator is connected directly to the antenna input of the TV (marked in the photo):

In this case, it is worth considering separately the situation in which more than one TV is used in the apartment. In this case, a special antenna splitter is used for connection, which in most cases has two or three outputs:

How to tune channels on an old TV?

In the absence of a menu, channel tuning is carried out by special controls, which can be located under the switching buttons or on the back side near the antenna connector. In addition, on old domestic televisions such as “Electron” or “Rubin” and portable car TV receivers, band switching is provided using jumpers, sliders or buttons. Tuning TV channels for such devices is performed only with your hands.

Manual Channel Search

To manually tune digital channels on a Samsung TV, proceed as follows:

  • to do this, go to the antenna settings of the main parameters menu;
  • select manual setting type;
  • specify the broadcast frequency, data rate, and the type of module;
  • start a search and wait for some time for results;
  • after the end of the search, save the changes.

Channel setup

There are several possible ways to tune channels on your Samsung TV:

  • manually. used for self-selection of channels, when there are already existing ones in the list of works, this method helps to keep the data from being deleted;
  • automatically. the frequency range is selected in which the channel search will be performed, everything happens without human participation in the process.

First, you need to set up your Samsung TV. To do this, go to the general settings, select the language layout, region, and also the code that allows you to save data from loss. It is usually specified in the documentation.


In this case, digital signal transmission is used to obtain information. Usually provided by Internet service providers and is included in the standard cost of services. No special antenna is required to receive the signal. Common connection and dedicated signal converter are used.

Usually a prefix is ​​used to display a picture on the screen. At the same time, many providers supply a special receiver, the cost of which is included in the basic package. Users don’t like it.

Among the advantages of this method are the following:

  • no need to invest a lot of money. no need to buy special equipment, everything is provided immediately by the provider for a certain fee;
  • a large number of different content. a wide selection of channels of any content is offered, depending on the selected service package, the cost differs.

Preparing for basic settings on a Samsung TV

Tuning channels on your TV requires adherence to certain rules set by the manufacturer. Functionality differs from model to model, which may cause certain problems for users. Today’s Samsung TVs have many different features and customization interfaces, so each model is different than others.

Before you set up cable television on your TV, you need to decide on the type of signal received, as well as the equipment used to connect.

General recommendations

All methods on how to tune your TV to digital channels have similar actions. Some of the nuances may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, but the general principle remains the same. In order not to get confused and do everything right, it is recommended to consider the general sequence of steps:

  • Pick up the TV remote control. Click on the button that is responsible for going to the main menu. It may differ depending on the manufacturer.
  • Now go to the options tab.
  • Choose automatic search parameters. A window will open with a list of available signal types. Choose the one you will use.
  • An information window about the quality of the available signal will be displayed. After that, you need to select the item with digital broadcasting and start it by clicking on the corresponding button.
  • To complete the TV setup, you will need to specify the signal detection method, as well as the receiving frequency and frequency range.

How To Rescan Channels On A Samsung TV

The procedure may differ depending on the TV models. For example, there are devices with the ability to search network or Smart TVs of the new generation. The main thing is to choose a channel search method and start detecting them.


One of the most common methods at the moment. To connect, no special equipment or large investments are required. For this, the following means are used:

  • receiver. used to receive a signal, it;
  • decoder. used to convert the received information into a format that is easily perceived by the TV.

This method of how to set up digital TV on a TV is one of the easiest. Small investment and effort required.

Smart TV

In Smart models, the principle of channel search practically does not differ from the methods described above. The main difference is that the automatic channel search is much easier, since it is possible to distinguish the type of signal. Even if old channels are deleted, they will be replaced with new ones.

Automatic channel search

To do this, you just need to go to the main menu. After that, go to the channel settings tab. Select one of the specified broadcasting methods, then start automatic search.

Setting up any Samsung TV: a step-by-step guide

Setting up a Samsung TV is not as difficult as it might seem at first. You can do it yourself without any problems. over, the menu of this manufacturer is distinguished by a high degree of unification, and this allows you to do this operation with a minimum amount of time. It consists of the following steps: connecting, searching for channels and adjusting the image and sound.

Setting up a Samsung TV begins with commutation, as mentioned earlier. At the first stage, a wire from the local TV antenna is installed. Further, if necessary, a CAM module must be inserted into a special slot. This will allow you to watch scrambled channels in digital quality. Additionally, you can connect a satellite receiver via RCA, SCART or HDMI interfaces. A digital tuner can be connected in the same way. If the TV is equipped with an RJ 45 jack, then you can connect a twisted pair cable from a laptop, stationary PC or router to it. At the final stage, you need to connect the power cord from a 220 volt outlet. And only after that you can turn on the voltage supply button on its front panel.

Next, you need to give a command to turn on from the remote control. To do this, press the appropriate button on it. Setting up your Samsung TV at this stage is to automatically search for available channels. To do this, you immediately need to change the menu language. Press the appropriate key and find the item “Setup”. We go into it by pressing the “Enter” button. Then we look for the “Language” item. Again we press the same button on it, change its value to “Russian” and exit the menu. Then by pressing “Menu” again we return and find the item “Settings”. It should contain a section “Search and configure channels”. In it we select “Autotuning”. Next, you need to wait for the time required for the TV to scan all available bands. At the end of this operation, the first found channel will be switched on. You can view all available programs by switching the corresponding buttons on the remote control. When using an external device (satellite receiver, for example), you need to select the source of information for TV by pressing the “Source” button. Then the selection of programs will already occur with the help of his remote control.

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The next step is to adjust the Samsung TV settings related to image and sound. It’s good if everything suits you right away. But this does not always happen. Then we go to the main menu in the previously described way. In it we find the “Service menu”. Next we need to find “Image” and “Sound”. Each of them has a number of parameters that must be set to the required values ​​by selection. Setting up an LCD TV should begin with correcting the picture, and only then you can proceed to the speaker system. When finished, there is no need to save the set values, this operation is automatic.

Setting up a Samsung TV. this is not as difficult a procedure as it seems at first glance. It is within the power of everyone, regardless of their qualifications. Following the previously described algorithm, you can easily set up any TV from this Korean manufacturer. Including models with support for 3D and Smart TV. At least their basic settings are set in the same way.

Speaker Audio Reversed

If the left and right speakers of the Samsung Soundbar sound like they are upside down, there is a good chance that the wires were crossed at some point when you connected devices. Check the audio cables connecting the soundbar and source device to make sure everything matches.

Changing Sound Mode and Using Sound Effects Select.

230 pages of detailed instructions and user manuals

Changing Sound Mode and Using Sound Effects Sel. 171166 Using Sound Effects, Using Sound Effects 172 Sound Settings, 167 Customizing Sound, 167 Using User Sound Profile 173 Profiles, 168 Changing Custom Sound, Changing Custom Sound 174 Advanced Sound Settings, 169 Selecting Speakers, 169 Assigning TV Installation Type 175 Supports Samsung multiroom link 176 171 Advanced Sound Settings, Advanced Settings 177 172 Listening to 3d sound to 3d mode, 172 resetting all sound settings, Listening to 3d sound to 3d mode 178 General, Setting the time and using a timer, 173 Setting the current time 179 174 Using timers, Using timers 180



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Changing Sound Mode and Using Sounds

Choosing the Right Sound Mode to Create Atmosphere

Sound Modes use presets for sound,
optimized for various viewing and listening conditions.

Sound modes cannot be applied when listening through external speakers.

Amplification of music over the sound of a voice.

Provides the best sound when watching movies.

Reinforcing high frequencies to improve sound perception. Designed for people with disabilities

the value is automatically set

for more realism when viewing.

cannot be installed by the user independently.

How to adjust sound settings on Samsung TVs 2018

As with display setting, there are two methods of accessing sound settings.

Open Quick Settings for sound presets. The first way. use quick settings on the home screen. Navigate all the way to the left to the Settings tab and up to the top menu bar. Select Sound and press Enter. Here you can switch between several sound modes with preset sound profiles for Standard, Optimized and Amplify.

2.Get more control in your audio settings. For more detailed sound control, press on the remote control to open the equalizer setting. Here you can adjust the levels for specific frequency bands, allowing you to boost or cut the signal level for each of them.

Select a preset. In this menu, you can cycle through the same audio presets as in the quick settings, or select additional settings for an extensive list of tuning options: balance, equalizer, audio delay and more.

Customize certain parameters. In expert settings, you can not only adjust the balance and certain frequencies in the equalizer, but also change the preferred HDMI audio format, select digital audio format (including Dolby Digital Plus), change the delay between audio and video tracks when using the optical SPDIF output, and enable and turn off automatic volume leveling.

If the sound is tuned to your home and your ears, you should hear movies and music better than ever.

How to adjust sound settings on your LG TV 2018

Sound is just as important as display, and you’ll want your audio settings to be able to hear the dialogue, music, and sound effects of your favorite movies as the director intended. There are two ways to access sound settings for your TV: via the quick settings menu or the full settings menu.

Open quick settings. The third option offered in the quick settings menu. this is a sound mode that allows you to switch between multiple sound presets.

Sound mode options. LG Smart TVs have several sound modes with presets optimized for specific content such as movies or games.

  • Standard: The default option that offers OK sound for various content.
  • Cinema: Optimized for Movies.
  • Crisp Voice: Emphasize dialogues for clearer speech in movies and shows.
  • Sports: Simulates an arena with a roaring crowd for more realistic gaming.
  • Music: optimized for “rich music”.
  • Game: optimized for gaming.
  • Dolby Surround: allows you to turn on or off the Dolby Surround sound.

Open all sound settings. Another way. go to the full settings menu, where you will be offered more granular control. This allows you to customize everything from sound modes to synchronization of dialogue and display.

Activate Dolby Atmos. You can also enable or disable Dolby Atmos audio support, which provides immersive audio with simulated verticality, and left / right horizontal audio, which provides other surround sound options.

Customize the sound for your living room. Using the microphone on the smart remote, you can tune the TV to suit the room it is in by detecting and adjusting the distance from the TV to the remote control (and presumably the sofa) and whether the TV is on a wall or on a stand.

Adjust the sound balance. In the sound mode settings, you can also adjust the sound balance by slightly shifting the sound to the left or right.

Use a sound equalizer. If you want truly detailed sound control, the Sound Mode settings also offer a full equalizer, allowing you to adjust the volume of a specific frequency to get exactly the sound you want.

  • Or the absence of sound when the TV is operating in one of the modes it supports. receiving TV broadcasts via a digital and analog channel, playing video recordings from external drives (flash drives) and Internet resources, when using a computer as a video source.
  • Or no sound when working in one of the listed modes.

Before repairing, any TV technician first “drives” the TV in all operating modes, which will allow to localize the problem. In the same way, you can identify the causes of the malfunction that have nothing to do with the operability of the TV itself. Let’s consider this issue in more detail.

Way to Turn off Parameter Reading Voice on Samsung TV

Those who have purchased a plasma panel from Samsung often ask on the forums how to turn off the monotonous voice of a woman. She constantly comments on all our actions: switching the channel, increasing the volume, turning on the timer, and so on. This voice gets boring very quickly.

Voice guidance on TV

over, there is no need for scoring. There are two ways to remove the voice acting on the TV.

  • Take your Samsung remote control in hand;
  • Press and hold the volume button;

Press and hold the volume button

Select the item “Voice instructions” from the menu;

Voice guidance on Samsung TV

  • Deactivate this option.
  • Then click on the “Close” button. If the checkbox is on other items “Video description”, “Subtitles”. remove them as well. The remote control buttons and their functions may differ from one Samsung TV to another. For example, if you hold down the volume button for a long time, nothing happens. In this case, consider the instruction to turn off voice guidance through the settings.

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    Adjusting the picture and sound

    Many users run into problems when it comes to how to adjust the picture or adjust the volume. This is actually very easy to do. You will need a remote control.

    Often, the picture is too dark or light, to adjust the optimal color rendition, go to the appropriate settings. Open the service menu by pressing the button on the remote control, and then go to the “Image” section.

    • by changing the contrast, the user adjusts the ratio of dark and light tones;
    • clarity allows you to get rid of the blur effect, the sharpness of the image is adjusted;
    • adjusting the brightness will make the picture darker or lighter, depending on the situation;
    • color correction allows you to make the image as saturated as possible.

    Correctly adjusted color rendition will provide the best possible picture quality. Samsung TVs also allow advanced picture adjustments, but this command is more suitable for advanced users.

    Also, a few words need to be said about how the sound is tuned. Believe me, this parameter affects viewing no less than image adjustments. Go to the service menu, namely the “Settings” tab, and then select the “Sound” subsection, here you need to select “Quality and method of sound transmission”.

    Newer models of television equipment are equipped with additional functionality for adjusting sound parameters. First off, EQ, Dolby and Surround Mode should be noted.

    The speaker system of absolutely all TV models has individual characteristics, which undoubtedly need to be taken into account in order to properly adjust the sound. Each parameter in the final score affects the overall sound.

    Of course, Smart TV models are equipped with a more detailed system of sound and picture settings, so the user will be able to adjust the operation of the television equipment for himself. When adjusting the picture, open the image and compare by it how much the template you created differs from the default parameters.

    That’s all. We examined all the subtleties of Samsung TV settings and gave specific recommendations that will allow you to choose the optimal settings.

    Algorithm for manual channel tuning

    Manual search is used if the automatic search did not satisfy the user for some reason. For example, not all channels were found.

    To carry out the operation manually, press the Menu button on the remote control and go to Settings.

    • Select “Channel”. item Antenna, which we change to Cable.
    • In the “Country” submenu, the system will ask for a PIN-code. enter four digits 0. If it is in the list. put Russia, no. others or Eastern Europe.
    • Next, go to the section cable search parameters. If it is not in the main menu, then you need to look for it in autotuning.
    • Here you need to enter the frequencies manually. For terrestrial digital TV, you can get them on the website, choosing your location on the map and the nearest repeater. The frequencies of the cable TV providers should be checked with the operator.
    • After that, we start the search by ticking the boxes “Full” and “Digital channels”. When the automation finishes its actions, then all configured channels will appear. To save, press the OK button.

    Algorithm for manual channel tuning

    Manual search is used if the automatic search did not satisfy the user for some reason. For example, not all channels were found.

    To carry out the operation manually, press the Menu button on the remote control and go to Settings.

    • Select “Channel”. item Antenna, which we change to Cable.
    • In the “Country” submenu, the system will ask for a PIN-code. enter four digits 0. If it is in the list. put Russia, no. others or Eastern Europe.
    • Next, go to the section cable search parameters. If it is not in the main menu, then you need to look for it in autotuning.
    • Here you need to enter the frequencies manually. For terrestrial digital TV, you can get them on the website, choosing your location on the map and the nearest repeater. The frequencies of the cable TV providers should be checked with the operator.
    • After that, we start the search by ticking the boxes “Full” and “Digital channels”. When the automation finishes its actions, then all configured channels will appear. To save, press the OK button.

    Manually Tuning Digital Channels on a Samsung TV

    Modern high-quality digital television has entered our lives. now almost every home has the latest TVs, many of which are equipped with Smart functions. However, smart technology requires certain handling skills: it can be difficult to understand its settings. Often users ask the question: how to tune digital channels on a Samsung TV. The tuning algorithm depends on the TV model.

    How to set up digital channels on Samsung Smart TV

    The latest models of receivers receive and display the highest quality TV signal. Almost every recent TV model has Smart features. However, many people still cannot figure out the parameters of Smart TV on their own. Tuning digital channels on a Samsung TV does not require serious skills. any user can handle.

    Is it possible to watch a number without a prefix

    Many modern TVs, in particular those released after 2011, are equipped with a built-in DVB-T2 tuner. In this case, digital channels will be caught without an external set-top box. To understand whether there is such an option in a particular TV model, it is worth referring to the operating instructions. If it is lost, the official website of the company will help, where you can see its specifications by model number.

    Important! Samsung TVs of the LS, M, Q, H, J, K, F, E series have a built-in tuner and are able to decode a digital signal without additional devices.

    If the TV does not have this support, you will have to buy an additional set-top box to receive digital TV. It is inexpensive. about 1000 rubles in the basic version, which is suitable for most users.

    How to prepare your TV for channel tuning

    You can only fine-tune channels on your Samsung TV if the TV and all of its components are connected correctly. For correct installation of the receiver, the operating instructions must be followed. Below is an example of the correct connection of a Samsung 6 series model:

    • For terrestrial or cable TV.
      Antenna is connected to the socket in the ANT receiver through a special cable with a resistance of 75 Ohm. The user will receive an analog signal.
    • For cable or satellite TV, Blu-ray connection, game console or laptop.
      You will need to connect an HDMI cable to the HDMI jack.
    • For online use and software updates.
      Requires a wireless connection using a regular Wi-Fi router. Any of the Smart models from the Samsung lineup supports Wi-Fi connectivity. For a wired connection, you need to insert an Internet cable into the LAN port on the back of the TV.
    • To watch paid channels.
      It is required to install CI or CI cards. It is necessary to remove the protective film and turn off the TV, place the adapter in the two holes located next to the COMMON INTERFACE port.

    Auto tuning

    The names of the auto setup items may differ slightly depending on the series. In general, it is carried out as follows.

    • Press the button with the house icon to select Source / TV / OK.
    • Again, by pressing the button with the house icon, go to Settings / Broadcast / OK.
    • Then select Autotune / Start.
    • You should set the desired type of signal: it can be Antenna or Cable (depending on whether you can catch TV from an antenna or run a cable).
    • If the signal type was set to Cable, you must additionally set the cable search parameters. To do this, in the list of operators offered by the TV, scroll to the end and press Others.
    • Select Digital Channel Search / Full / Scan.

    At this stage, the digital TV setup can be considered complete. now the TV will independently search for available channels and store them in memory. If necessary, they can be sorted in the order convenient for the user.

    Attention! If you have lost channels, then you need to tune the frequencies using a special CAM module, which is activated in the TV menu.

    After completing all the settings for digital television, visually check the quality of the transmitted signal. If for some reason the TV channel is not activated. go through all the points again.

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