Mini Printer For Printing Photos From Phone

Photo printer with Wi-Fi wireless connectivity and record low cost price

Photo Printer Wi-Fi wireless printing Record low cost per print 6 colors (black, cyan, magenta, yellow, light cyan, light magenta)

Epson Email Print


Print images directly from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to Epson printers.

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Device compatibility. Epson Email Print

Epson Email Print allows you to send documents and images to print from anywhere in the world by email.

Now you can print photos on your home printer while on vacation, or print urgent documents on your office device while on a business trip.

How to set up Epson Email Print (Cloud Print)?

  • Download Epson E-Print and install it on your computer;
  • Connect the printer and PC to the same wireless network;
  • Register your Epson printer on a dedicated server (the driver will automatically invite registration during the installation process);
  • Attach the desired document or photo to an email and send it to the device’s email address you received. The letter and its attachments will be printed on your printer.

Epson iPrint

The Epson iPrint application is specially designed to make it as easy as possible for owners of mobile devices to work with Epson equipment. Just install the app and you can print and scan documents and photos using any mobile device based on the iOS or Android operating system.

Epson iPrint. Compact MFP with integrated ink tanks and Wi-Fi printing and scanning

Ink tanks fully integrated into the body of the device Record low cost of printing Printer. Scanner. copier with Wi-Fi printing and scanning Consumables set for 3 years of printing

The lineup

The first printer model from Xiaomi, in which I want to say, is Xiaomi Mijia. It has a wide functionality: there is support for copying photos, scanning and printing photos from the WeChat service. The model has a SIMple control system. There is an automatic cleaning of the print head here, which allows it to be serviced and reduce the risk of device failure.

The high performance of this printer is provided by a 4-core processor with a frequency of 1.2 GHz. It can print images up to 4800 x 1200 pixels. The usual set of cartridges in this inkjet model is enough for color printing of 9.5 thousand pages. The device also features high definition printing, the ability to convert online WPS files.

Another model that deserves the attention of users will be a phone printer called Xiaomi Xprint AR Photo Printer. It is designed to make prints of photographs, which a couple of moments ago were taken on the phone. The model easily fits in the hand due to its small dimensions. 133x80x27 mm. Weight. only 237 grams. Among the features, we should mention the technology of inkjet piezoelectric printing and the fact that on a single charge of a 650 mAh battery the device can print 20 files. That is, this printer is mobile.

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The print resolution here is only 300 dpi, which allows you to display the smallest details on the photo. In addition, there is a function of automatic lamination of the resulting image, which is also convenient. For printing here, dye sublimation paper is used with a size of 5.4 by 8.6 centimeters from the brand from Japan DNP. And if you install the XPrint mobile app, you can record a short one. What auto mode can be integrated into the photo. The device has wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth, or NFC. In general, this is an ideal mobile printer, as practically no one can leave indifferent.

Features of Xiaomi printers and tips for choosing them

Today, such a device as a printer is in almost every home. This is not surprising, because this technique is no longer a novelty and has become a necessity when there is an urgent need to print text, photographs, pictures and other materials. But in this article we will also touch on another category of printing devices, namely, portable mini photo printers. Consider what the well-known Chinese brand Xiaomi can offer to users in the category of printing technology.


If we talk about the features of the printers of this brand from China, then, probably, we should first of all name a wide range of functional capabilities. For example, many models have support for copying photos, printing photos directly from WeChat. Any Xiaomi printer has a very SIMple, literally intuitive control system, which allows even an inexperienced user to easily customize a printer or photo printer to suit their needs.

If the printer is inkjet, then almost all models from Xiaomi are equipped with a mechanism for automatic maintenance of the print head, which makes it possible to exclude a device breakdown due to clogging of the print head, which is very convenient.

Tips for choosing

To choose a good printer from Xiaomi or any other manufacturer, you should pay attention to some criteria and characteristics that will make it possible to purchase a device that will satisfy the user’s interests as much as possible. The first thing you need to pay attention to is the type of device. There are 2 of them:

  • Traditional;
  • IFI.
Mini Printer For Printing Photos From Phone

The MFP has more advanced functionality, which consists in supporting various printing technologies and the ability to scan documents. The second point that will be important when leaving is the load. If the printing device will be used at home, then you should not purchase a too technically advanced printer.

Another point is the printing technology. It happens:

  • Inkjet;
  • Laser;
  • LED;
  • Sublimation.

An inkjet printer will be good because it runs on liquid ink, which provides high quality prints, is great for printing photographs and has an affordable cost. However, there are also disadvantages. If the ink is rarely used, it dries up. Also, with this technology, the print speed will be slower. And the cartridges have a significantly shorter resource than the laser analog.

Laser models use toner powder that is transferred to paper and baked. The advantages of such devices will be high printing speed and long ink durability. But their price will be higher. The LED will be somewhat SIMilar to a laser, but NOT a laser is used there, but a panel with LEDs. The technology works in the same way as laser technology. And the sublimation printing option is suitable for those who need to do really high-quality photo printing.

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The number of colors will also be an important factor. According to this criterion, all printer models can be color or monochrome. The latter usually have only 1 cartridge and can only print in black and white. But color can contain from 4 to 12 cartridges. If the model is basic, then there will be 4 standard colors: yellow, magenta, black and cyan. The semi-professional models will already have 6 colors, and the professional ones will have even more. But an increase in the number of colors will be a prerequisite for an increase in the price and cost of consumables.

Another factor that matters is the resolution of the prints. It is usually measured in terms of dpi and means the maximum number of dots per square inch from which an image is made. The higher it is, the more detailed the photo will be. If you plan to print only documents, then 600 dpi will suffice, and if diagrams and graphs are to be printed. 1200 dpi. But for a good number of photos, you need a model with an indicator of 2400 dpi.

Print speed is another important metric. It will depend on the type of device. Inkjet models can print about 10 black and white and 5 color pages per minute. For laser models, these figures will be slightly higher.

The parameter of acceptable paper sizes will also be important. Most of the models on the market can print on A4 and smaller paper. Some compact printer will support the A6 image format. Typically, such a printer will generally be -sized, that is, very small. But professional models can print on A3 sheets, but they are NOT too common, their cost is high.

The availability of various connection interfaces will also be important. Most printers are connected to a computer using a USB interface. advanced devices offer connectivity via Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Bluetooth. This will be relevant for connecting mobile devices. phone or tablet. That is, it will be possible to directly print the necessary files from them, which is very convenient.

In the next one you will find a detailed review of the Xiaomi Photo Printer.

How Cloud Printers Work

Epson Email Print or Cloud Print feature allows you to send files to print from anywhere in the world. To do this, you need to download the application on a PC or gadget and have an active Internet connection. This option will allow you to remotely control the printing device from a smartphone based on iOS or Android as well. To take advantage of this opportunity, you must register the printing device on a dedicated Epson server. If the procedure was completed correctly, your PU receives an email address to which you can send files for instant printing from anywhere in the world. Make sure that at this moment your gadget and printer have an active Internet connection.

If you do not know how to connect the printer to the phone, refer to the website of the manufacturer of your printing device for more information. As a rule, developers make it as easy as possible for the printer to communicate with smartphones and other devices.

How to print photos from your phone on a printer

Printer manufacturers offer models with remote control capabilities. The need to turn on the computer every time you need to use the printer is a thing of the past. With the help of new technologies, communication with a printing device is greatly SIMplified. As a rule, the function of remote communication with the PU makes it possible not only to communicate with a smartphone, but also a tablet, laptop.

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For example, Epson offers a line of iPrint models on the market. Let’s take a closer look at how to use it.

Open the Play Store application and write “Epson iPrint” in the search bar. This application is available for all Android or iOS devices.

After downloading, in the window that opens, you will see a list of available printing devices. Please note that the printer and phone must be connected to the same wireless network.

Select the required PU in the list.

Return to the previous menu item and select “Photo” in the window that opens. Next, a dialog will be offered for choosing a photo that you plan to send to print.

To confirm the operation, click on “print”.

With this software you can transfer to paper Not only photos, but also text documents, notes, web pages, and other images. To carry out basic image correction before printing, you do not have to display the image on a PC. all operations can be carried out directly in the application window on the phone screen.

Printer for printing photos from your phone

We increasingly use smartphones as a camera and less and less take our favorite DSLR with us. This leads to the fact that the bulk of the phone’s memory is taken up by pictures. We often have enough time to send photos to a computer or laptop, print them for an album or interior collage. Because of this, pictures are often lost, forgotten, disappear forever along with a failed smartphone.

To avoid this situation, you should choose printers that print from your phone. You can transfer a picture from your phone to paper in just a couple of minutes. At the same time, you do not have to send files to a PC, connect a computer with a printer and set up the printing process. The procedure is much faster, does not require special knowledge and takes a minimum of time. As a rule, in terms of price, models with the ability to print from a smartphone slightly differ from PU without such a function. In total, with minimal investment, you get the opportunity to quickly receive high-quality photos, documents, and other images. Take a look at the instructions to find out how to connect the printer to the phone and vice versa.

How to save more money on printing

We offer a wide range of compatible consumables to the market. For example, the use of CISS with alternative inks makes it possible to reduce the cost of one print by 20-30 times. At the same time, you get bright, rich and realistic images, which are not inferior in quality to those created with original consumables. The continuous ink supply system does not require professional maintenance, and does not void your PU warranty from the seller, and also allows you to use ink as efficiently as possible.

Contact our experts to choose a printer for direct printing from a smartphone and consumables for it.