Mobile Internet does not work on iPhone

Problems with mobile connection

If the mobile Internet does not work, then we try the following steps:

  • Unplug and unplug your phone.
  • Try reconnecting to mobile internet.
  • Look at the icon at the top of the phone. it is possible that the connection does not work, because you are far from the tower: for example, you are outside the city or in the forest.
  • Check the balance on the account, it may need to be replenished.
  • Go to “Settings”, find the subsection “General” and then go to “Reset”. You need to find the button to reset the network settings and click on it.
  • We call the operator on the hot line mowing line.

How to turn on mobile Internet on iPhone: solving connection problems

Hello everyone! Today we will consider the question. how to enable and configure the Internet on the iPhone. This can be done in two ways: using mobile access (3G / 4G / 5G / LTE) or via Wi-Fi. Let’s consider both options. If you have any questions or something goes wrong. write in the comments.

NOTE! The instruction is suitable for all known iPhone models: 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, SE, 7, 7Plus, 8, 8Plus, X, XS, XS Max, XR, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max. SE and later models.

Mobile Internet

ATTENTION! The phone must have a valid prepaid SIM-card, which includes a package for access to the global network. If you do not have a SIM card yet, then contact any current operator: MTS, Megafon, Yota, Beeline, Tele2, etc.

Open the “Shutter” menu. to do this, on the main screen, swipe up with your finger. Next, you need to click on the button with the antenna image.

NOTE! If you are using mobile internet, turn off Wi-Fi.

Also, the mobile Internet on the iPhone is turned on elsewhere:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Go to the “Cellular” section.

You do not need to do anything else, the data transfer settings for the mobile Internet are configured automatically. Then you can surf the internet. If you have any difficulties with connection, then first of all look at the balance of your personal account. You can also call your provider’s tech support phone number. You can access the Internet through the standard Safari browser.

  • Turn on the function by moving the slider to the right.
  • Wireless networks will be displayed below. select the desired one and enter the password for connection (if any).
  • At the top you will see a connection icon.

NOTE! If the mobile global network and WI-FI are turned on at the same time, then the connection will be made to the wireless Wi-Fi network.

Let me remind you that you can also share the internet with each other. That is, one phone connects to the global network, then it switches to the “Access Points” mode and distributes the Internet via Wi-Fi. Instructions for enabling this mode. read here.

Wi-Fi problem

Go to the “Wi-Fi” section in the settings and check again that you have correctly connected to the wireless network, perhaps you entered the password incorrectly and the connection did not occur. Go to your router and reboot it by double-clicking the power button. It can also be restarted by unplugging and inserting the power supply.

Why LTE stopped turning on

The reasons why the Internet does not work on the iPhone are different. The most common problems faced by iPhone users are:

  • error in wireless settings or 3G connection
  • iOS system error
  • iPhone hardware breakdown
  • incorrect operation of the SIM card

In most cases (especially when it comes to software problems), you can fix the situation yourself.

Internet does not work on iPhone

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Apple produces high-end smartphones, but this does not exclude the problem that gadget users sometimes face. the Internet does not work on the iPhone. The problem arises with different mobile operators. The most common reason for this is incorrect settings, but there are also more serious reasons. Follow these simple instructions to understand why the internet sometimes works poorly on smartphones and how you can fix iPhone malfunctions on your own.

Data network problems

You may not be connected to the internet if your cellular data network is off. Look in the parameters of your mobile phone. if it is disabled, then the icon disappears in the status bar. To connect the network, follow these steps:

  • go to the connection settings menu
  • make sure that in the items “Cellular data” and “Enable 3G” the slider is in the activated state
  • turn on the transmission of cellular data if necessary

Even if the cellular connection was working properly, the coverage of the cellular network may be different, which is why the smartphone does not receive a signal everywhere. Operators cannot provide the same good cellular reception in different parts of the city. If the 3G icon changes to E or H, this is not considered a malfunction.

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There is network coverage, but the internet is not working

LTE connection errors most often come from the mobile operator. Typically, this problem occurs after a hard reset or factory reset. Even with good network coverage, unlimited internet may not function. Distinguishing this problem from others is easy. the cellular antenna is displayed in the status bar, but the icon disappears. The following actions will help to correct the situation:

  • go to iPhone settings
  • select the tab “Cellular”
  • find the menu “Data Transfer”
  • type APN and username, after specifying them with your mobile operator

However, before checking the settings, make sure that you have paid for the Internet, have network coverage, and the operator provides this service. Check the details of the tariffs for mobile communications. If your Internet often does not work correctly, discuss technical assistance with your cellular operator. Some users, in order to eliminate the problems that arise, change the mobile operator to a more suitable one.

If the 3G icon is missing

When the 3G icon in the status bar is displayed, but the browser does not load the pages, you should eliminate the problem with the browser. The easiest way is to download all the proposed updates to the application, or uninstall and reinstall it. If you are using a standard browser, try the following steps:

mobile, internet, does, work, iphone
  • disable javascript in browser
  • restart phone (Power Home)
  • close the browser by double-clicking on the Home key and swiping up the application tab

Many iPhone owners have experienced poor page loading and following links after updating the operating system to version 9.3. Updating the iOS system to the latest version will help solve the problem.

The methods described above are relevant only if the problem is caused by a browser error, and there are no problems with LTE mobile communication on the part of the cellular operator. If the network icon or cellular data still disappears, you should look for other reasons.

How to identify the problem

Problems with unlimited mobile internet are easy enough to distinguish from any others. The main symptoms of a problem are:

  • you cannot go online on your iPhone (via 3G, LTE or Wi-Fi)
  • tethering won’t turn on (or iPhone doesn’t work as a Wi-Fi hotspot)
  • the Internet works intermittently or pages are not displayed on the mobile phone screen if there is a connection icon

How To Fix Mobile Data Not Working On ANY iPhone!

If you encounter a system error, just restart your smartphone. after turning on, the unlimited Internet function should work as usual. It also sometimes helps to switch to Airplane mode and then return to normal mode. If simple actions did not help, the error should be looked for in the phone settings, software or hardware.

How to connect modem mode

If the mobile Internet on your smartphone does not function in modem mode, or the device does not allow you to connect to the network in access point mode, make sure that the corresponding function is turned on. It is easy to do this:

  • go to the settings menu
  • select “Modem mode” or “Cellular data”. “Modem mode”
  • move the slider to the on position
  • check the settings and the password that your mobile phone will generate

If everything is in order, you should restart your phone. Typically, the modem mode function is then restored. It is recommended to perform the same actions if it is not possible to create access. Another way is to reset the settings to the factory settings and then enter all the parameters manually.

Why the Internet does not work on iPhone 5s and other versions

According to service statistics and regular user polls, the most common causes of Internet breakdowns are:

  • No default settings. iPhone by default does not have Internet settings, so it is unreasonable to expect instant connection after inserting SIM.
  • After restoring or flashing, all parameters have disappeared. To celebrate, after a successful update or restore, re-enter the data for accessing the Internet, some iPhone owners simply forget.
  • Incorrect WI-FI password. Very often, the Internet does not work on the iPhone 5s and other models due to the changed password to the wireless Internet access point. The old password is incorrect, which means that authentication fails.
  • Changed data of the service provider. For example, if your MTS mobile Internet does not work on your iPhone, then you should contact the operator’s technical support for the correct Internet access settings. Do not forget to refuse all additional services, because help with help, and you need to promote paid services.
  • Broken component inside the unit. If the mobile Internet of MTS on the iPhone does not work, and technical support informs about the correct connection, then you should not immediately scribble angry letters to the management and promise all kinds of punishments to the operator personally, because the breakdown may be in the phone itself. Diagnostics in any service will help to establish the exact cause.

Internet is not configured

Usually, the Internet on the iPhone works flawlessly, but it requires initial setup. You need to act as follows:

  • Turn on the device and wait for SMS-messages about the imminent delivery of a message with parameters. If it comes. accept and activate the new Internet profile, if not. go to the next step.
  • Call your operator. It doesn’t matter if it is MTS, Beeline or any other operator. each cellular service provider has its own technical support. Request internet configuration settings for your iPhone model. Usually, a configurator message is sent, but they can also give out text settings. In this case, let’s go further.
  • Enter Internet settings on iPhone in the expert settings menu. If you don’t know where it is, it’s better not to look for and correct what you don’t know.
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Why the Internet does not work on the iPhone

“Why is the Internet not working on the iPhone?”. this is the question that is asked in case of problems with the connection, not only by beginners, but also by the owners of “apple” equipment with experience. In fact, there are not so many reasons for such a problem, and most of them are easy to fix on your own. The review below will help you fix the Internet on iPhone with ease.

Doesn’t connect to WI-FI

In the case when the Internet does not work on the iPhone due to the lack of a WI-FI connection, you can do the following:

How to Fix Mobile Data not Working on iPhone

  • The connection fails: check the correctness of the password and the type of authorization, in case of failure, restart the router and try again. It is important to understand that it is better not to try to brute force the password.
  • Does not see the access point: turn on the router or restart it, wait until it is fully turned on. If the problem persists, check the signal from another device.

iPhone may not connect to hotspots due to interference or other problems, but still be fully functional.

We fix the Internet on the iPhone

Let’s analyze several typical situations with problems and ways to fix them, excluding non-payment of the tariff and a faulty router (they are not related to the iPhone).

Signal receiving and transmitting devices are broken

In the worst case, the Internet does not work on the iPhone 5s and other varieties due to the failure of modules like WI-FI or LTE transmitters. In this case, either component repair will help, which should be done only if you have experience, or contact an official service center.

It is recommended to bypass all sorts of cellars and kiosks that repair equipment, since you may not see your device anymore.

Always check the correctness of the entered data, use serviceable equipment and do not damage the device, then the Internet on your iPhone will never be lost!

The reason is in the provider itself

In the work of the mobile Internet, a lot depends on the telecom operator. You should immediately understand a few simple things:

  • there is no network coverage on the entire surface of the planet, therefore there are a lot of places (including certain parts of the city: especially the outskirts and the subway) where the Internet works poorly or does not work at all;
  • the work of an operator. the company is unlikely to allow you to use Internet services if your account has insufficient funds or even a negative balance;
  • tariff plan: it is necessary to take a closer look at the entire tariff as possible, because not all packages provide for the possibility of using mobile Internet.

When the network coverage is poor, it is difficult to do anything to amplify the signal. Of course, there are a number of standard tips, like finding an elevation or trying to restart your smartphone, but this is unlikely to help. And spending time looking for a good signal is not a good idea.

If the network indicator is at the mark of two divisions or less, then you will not see high-quality Internet on the device.

Table: APN hotspot for popular mobile operators

Operator Yota MTS TELE 2 Megaphone Beeline
APN internet.yota internet
Login mts beeline
Password mts beeline

What to do if the mobile Internet does not work on the smartphone

With the introduction of mobile gadgets into life, you can do more both at work and in school. Keeping your finger on the pulse of events is like eating an apple: tasty, fast and healthy. Smartphones, tablets and other devices help us in this matter. But what if the gadget suddenly stopped connecting to the mobile Internet? It turns out that the situation can be corrected in a matter of minutes.

Adjusting Smartphone Access Point Settings

It may happen that the access point that the smartphone uses to access the network. In this case, it will be simply impossible to connect to the web, and the situation can only be corrected by replacing the settings with the correct ones.

Eliminating the reasons for the broken Internet on the smartphone

Before proceeding with the diagnosis and treatment of the problem of mobile Internet, it is necessary to check two important settings of the smartphone.

The first is whether data transmission is enabled, that is, whether the smartphone’s modem is active. To check the installation on Android, slide your finger across the screen from top to bottom and activate the icon with two parallel lines and the name “Internet”.

Turn on data transfer in the Android control menu

On iPhones, the situation is similar: on the main screen, swipe up from the bottom to bring up the device control panel. And in the menu we make the icon with a schematic image of the antenna active.

In the IOS control menu, turn on data transfer

But that’s not all. If the flight mode is activated on the smartphone, the device automatically disconnects from all networks, including the mobile Internet. To turn off the mode, deactivate the icon with the image of an airplane in the same menu where the mobile Internet is turned on.

Disable the airplane icon in the smartphone control menu


In Android, the Internet connection parameters are located in the SIM card settings.

mobile, internet, does, work, iphone

    Open the smartphone settings and go to the “SIM-cards and mobile networks” column, in it we go to the SIM card settings, which is used to access the Internet.

We set the access point, as well as the login and password, if required

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For iPhones, the path to the access point settings is the same.

  • In the smartphone settings, go to the “Cellular” column.
  • Then open the “Data Options” installation.
  • And open the tab “Cellular data network”.
  • After that, we fill in the “Cellular data” column, according to the settings of the mobile operator.

Fill in the APN fields, login and password in the IOS settings

Restoring settings automatically

It so happens that the device has lost its network settings. It is not difficult to restore them and you can do it in two different ways: get the settings from the operator or perform the configuration manually. The first method is, of course, preferable. Simply because it is simpler. You don’t need to boggle your head with all sorts of technical details. For some time now, this service has become available with every mobile operator. To download the settings from the provider’s server, you need to call a specific number or send an SMS to the number. For Beeline, this is a call to 06503, for MTS. SMS to 1234, Megafon receives SMS to 5049, and Tele2 is waiting for your call to 679.

In response, the operator will send a package of settings to the phone, which will be automatically registered in the operating system of your phone. that is, you will not have to do anything with “pens”. If you do not know the “magic” number of your operator, then refer to his website. there should be this information.

What to do if the Internet does not work on your phone

Few people have not encountered a similar problem. It seems that everything should be in order: the phone is working properly, the SIM card is inserted, the contract with the provider has been concluded. but there is no access to the Internet. And just about he was still there, and after a minute. it was gone. A familiar situation, isn’t it? If the Internet does not work on your phone, then do not despair and rush to the service center at breakneck speed.

With very little effort, you can really cope with the problem without someone else’s help. The Internet on the phone is configured somewhat differently than on a regular personal computer, and this often causes difficulties for users. Which interface elements are responsible for setting up the connection? What are the possible reasons for denied access to the network? We will consider all these questions in our article. The most commonplace reasons are the least paid attention to. And completely in vain. Here is a short list of them:

  • The Internet on the phone is disabled for non-payment. That is, you have a negative balance on your account.
  • Your phone won’t connect to the internet because you are out of range.
  • Data transfer option is out of order.
  • In all other respects, a normally working mobile phone did not go through the automatic registration procedure.

The probability of the above is quite high. It is with checking these options and troubleshooting these problems that we will begin our fight against the disappeared network.

The simplest tests

First, we check the balance. Each provider offers a different method. Read the instructions or dig into the contact list. usually there is a corresponding number. To obtain information on the account, dial. then some three-digit code (unique for each operator), followed by the # symbol and press the call button. In response, the display shows the amount of the amount available to pay for calls. If the wallet is empty or there is an overrun of cash, top up the account and the Internet will appear.

Let’s assume that everything is OK with the balance. What to do next? We look at the indicator of the network connection. If it is deactivated, it means that you are out of range. There’s only one cure for this. get out of this place.

All modern smartphone models have a special option. It is called “Data Transfer”. To get to this parameter, you need to do the following:

  • Go to the connection settings menu.
  • Click on “”.
  • Click on “Mobile network”.
  • On the screen that opens, check the “Mobile data transfer” checkbox. The figure below will serve as a good illustration:

What if there is still no internet connection? You can try turning off your smartphone and turning it on again. Sometimes it helps. The fact is that 3G networks often stop pinging after leaving the subway and in other cases entering the access zone from places where there is no network. In this case, the machine is unable to connect to the network without rebooting.

Restoring the settings manually

It is theoretically possible for everyone to set the parameters manually, but not the one who is not at all friendly with the OS of his smartphone. Here is a short instruction (for more or less experienced users, it should be enough):

  • We get to the APN access point settings. Usually through the items “” = “Mobile network” = “APN access point”.
  • Create a new access point by clicking on the plus sign. A form with fields for filling will open. Here you will need to set the connection name, username, APN parameters and password to enter the network.
  • We take the field values ​​from the following table, which contains data for each operator:

Enter values ​​in the fields, save and reboot the phone. If after turning on the network is still absent, then things are bad and you have to go to the specialists. Here, in principle, is all you need to know about why the Internet does not work in your own phone.