Panasonic Printer How To Remove The Cartridge

How to remove cartridge from Panasonic kx mb1500

The recently appeared Panasonic KX-MB1500 devices, which I had to deal with in the field of activity, differ somewhat in the cartridge design from their predecessors. Earlier, as we know, the scheme “drum-unit toner-tube” was used. This machine uses a one-piece cartridge that vaguely resembles Samsung cartridges. When they brought me to the gas station, as usual, I looked for information on the Internet. perhaps someone came across them. However, there was not much of it. just a couple of topics on startcopy.

Having decided to experiment on my own, I requested the device along with the cartridge and got down to business.

So, here’s the actual subject:

panasonic, printer, remove, cartridge

Small, compact and, as the decal on the front cover says, “fits comfortably into the walls”.

The display shows the message:

We take out the cartridge, inspect this miracle of high technology.

This is how it looks from above:

And like this from below:

On the side of the end cover we see a scarf with two contacts:

Let’s start disassembling the cartridge. It is very easy to understand. First, remove the front cover that covers the drum unit and charge roller. It is held on two bolts along the edges of the lid from the bottom and three latches on top.

So, the cover is removed:

A photodrum and a charge roller open to our eyes. The latter, NOT rubber, as I expected, but “furry”. Like those installed in the Epson EPL-6200 drama.

Next, remove the side cover with the board, for this we unscrew three bolts.

When removing it, the drum and the roller simply fall out, since they are NOT fixed by anything else, you should be careful not to drop it. The imaging drum is green, sleeve length. 244 mm. It has two gears. the large one consists of two sections. one with straight teeth, the other with oblique teeth. Small. with small oblique teeth.

After removing the side cover, it looks like this:

We take out the scarf from the side cover. Here she is:

We see two elements. 220 ohm resistor and 150 milliamp fuse. Probably, when installing a new cartridge, the machine burns before and thus the message about replacing the toner is cleared. / cm. Reflections on the fuse D. /

We will return to this a little later. In the meantime, let’s decide what we will pour into the cartridge.

Based on previous experience, having seen the color of the drum, I decided to try Samsung ML-1210 (Bulat).

Toner is poured through the plug, it is quite hard, but it comes off easily.

Previously, I cleaned out the remnants of the old toner with a vacuum cleaner (I just carefully put the thin nozzle of the 3M vacuum cleaner inside). I did NOT remove the dispenser, because first pass cartridge, I think, with original toners on it, I have not yet had time to form scabs. Cleaning is required next time.

After reassembling and installing, it remains to solve the problem of resetting the message. Dear Banzai told me how to do this, gave me a link to the article “Making a fuse box to reset the stove in the Xerox 7750”

I decided to do as described in the last post on the link. I brought two wires outside. It shorted out through a multimeter (I put a milliampere measurement on it), imitating the pre. And after turning on the device, he broke the circuit. The device has successfully entered readiness.

Checking the seal. On the left is the original, printed on the SCX-3200, the case is a copy made on the KX-MB1500. Print quality at a high level:

Thank you for your attention, comments, corrections, constructive criticism are welcome

Good day, dear friends! In this article, we will walk you through the process of refilling the KX-FAT400A7 (1800 pages) or KX-FAT410A7 (2500 pages) cartridge. In fact, I did not find a difference between These two cartridges, in my opinion, they differ only in the chip and the amount of toner used. I have a FAT400 cartridge in my hands, but since the existing chip has 2500 pages, in fact, I will refuel with FAT410. This cartridge all-in-one printer Panasonic KX-MB 1500/1507/1520/1530/1536 works.

We turn the cartridge fotoval towards ourselves and unscrew two bolts from the curtain.

Prying the shutter on the sides with a screwdriver, it will jump out of the grooves and be removed.

Next, unscrew the side cover from the side of the chip, it is held on three bolts.

When you remove the cover, the charge roller will start to fall out along with the photo roll. It’s okay, feel free to shoot them.

On the side, on the dosage, you will see a spring, which also needs to be removed.

Now we remove the second sidewall, which is also held by 3 bolts.

From this side we will see 4 gears, we take them out.

Next, I will remove the toner transfer roller, for this you need to remove the clips on both sides, which are held on the latches.

After the rubber roller, we can remove the metering blade, here unscrew the two bolts at the edges. It is not necessary to unscrew the bolts in the middle.

Now I will remove the plug and start cleaning out the old toner hopper. A special vacuum cleaner helps me here. DO NOT use a household vacuum cleaner if you don’t want to throw it in the trash.

After the bunker is cleaned out, I will force for the rest of the parts. The main thing that I first of all pay attention to is dosage. It must be cleaned of adhering toner. I do it with a cotton swab and acetone.

The toner transfer roller also needs a closer look. Here, too, dirt accumulates, and it rolls down so that visually it seems that the video is clean, but in fact it needs to be cleaned. I tried different options, settled on one. I take a few cotton pads and moisten it with acetone and begin to erase the accumulated dirt. Here you can immediately see how dirty our shaft is. At first, due to dirt, the cotton pad sticks strongly, but after changing a few pieces, when the main dirt leaves, the disc begins to slide along the shaft. The rest of the parts are clean without fanaticism, on the gears if desired Apply grease.

Next, we begin to assemble the clean parts in the reverse order. We fasten the dosage, and behind it we insert the transfer roller and fix it.

Insert four gears into place and twist the sidewall.

Now we can safely put the cartridge in an upright position and pour toner into it. Samsung’s 1210 toner fits very well into the picture of this cartridge.

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I always fall asleep by eye, almost to the top hole. When I photographed the process, I decided to weigh the amount of toner. It turned out to be 130 grams.

Next, I cover the hole with the plug and turn the cartridge over to check that toner does NOT spill. If your toner starts to seep, I will attach some kind of thin gasket to the cork. I usually put on a piece of salafanka.

Now you can put on the spring. In the photo, the arrow shows a groove on the plastic, in yaky Put one side of the spring, otherwise it will pop out.

Next, I put the drum on, and then proceeded to replace the chip.

If you are disassembling a new cartridge, then the chip will be attached to plastic rivets, which need to be cut.

In my case, someone has already refilled this cartridge, and they planted a super glue chip. When I tried to get it, I got a little dirty, as the glue firmly attached the chip to the sidewall.

I use a different method, I just put the chip on double-sided tape. A little advice, if you also want to stick the chip on double-sided tape, then after gluing it is advisable to wait for half an hour so that the tape is more securely fixed (well, or, alternatively, attach the chip at the very beginning of refueling).

When I fixed the chip, I checked the reliability of the adhesion, pressed it with a screwdriver from the outside. everything is holding up perfectly.

Now insert the black bushing of the charge roller into this sidewall, Do not forget to lubricate the seats on the sidewall.

Next, from the side of the gear wheel, insert the white bushing and put the charge roller into it, and, holding this pair with your hand (as shown in the photo), insert the side cover.

Please note, on the sidewall with the chip, the hole for the drum is NOT completely round, and is itself in a semicircle, so when you insert the sidewall, it can resist if you do not expose the side of the axle to the hole on the sidewall.

We twist the side by three bolts and snap the shutter.

Check that the contact of the charge roller is in the correct position. Now fixing the shutter with two bolts.

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Refueling Panasonic KX-MB1500 / KX-MB1520 manual

In this article we will tell you how to refill a cartridge for a new Panasonic KX-MB 1500/1520 printer. Panasonic KX-MB 1520 is a 5-in-1 multifunctional device: printer, scanner, copier and two types of fax. Panasonic KX-MB 1500 is limited to 3 main functions: printer, scanner and copier. Toner cartridges for Panasonic KX-MB 1500 and Panasonic KX-MB 1520 printers are the same: KX-FAT400A7 or KX-FAT410A7. Refueling Panasonic KX-MB1500 / KX-MB1520 DOES NOT represent any particular difficulty for experienced craftsmen and consists of 5 points:

Attention! KX-FAT400A7 / KX-FAT410A7 cartridge has a chip, self-refilling without operating skills may damage the printer. Refueling of Panasonic KX-MB1500 / KX-MB1520 cartridges costs from 497 rubles! Trust your printers to professionals! T. (495) 229-31-32

Frequently asked question from Panasonic KX-MB1500 / KX-MB1520 printers:
See also: How to reset the counter from the Panasonic KX-MB1500 cartridge (zeroing). Is it possible to refill the starter cartridge, which comes with the printer? We answer: Not only is it possible. but also necessary! We fill the toner into the cartridge in full and after refilling the Panasonic KX-MB1500 / KX-MB1520 starter cartridge will faithfully print about 2000 copies of pages for you (and not 200 as initially when you bought the printer).

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How to remove a cartridge from different printers

If the printer stops in the middle of printing and the toner light on the panel is flashing, you need to replace the cartridge. Many do not know how to remove the cartridge from the printer for this. The procedure is not complicated, you need to perform several steps correctly.

Types of printers and cartridges

The most common types of printers that are installed in offices and homes are:

  • Color inkjet printers;
  • Laser black and white printing;
  • Color laser printers.

Many manufacturers combine print, copy and scan functions in laser products. The cartridge in a modern printer is an independent unit, which can be easily removed and inserted into the device.

It contains under one building:

  • Toner (coloring powder) for printing;
  • Parts of the cartridge that provide direct printing;
  • Chip that transmits information from a computer to a printer

An inkjet cartridge is a container, often made of transparent plastic, hermetically sealed, having a chip for communicating with a computer and equipped with a print head. In some models of printers, the cartridge of each color is separately removed, there are models in which cartridges of different colors are connected into one unit with one head. In such cartridges, it is easy to control the amount of ink and the need to replace it.

General rules for removing the cartridge

Remove the cartridge from the printer if:

  • The toner or ink out light is flashing;
  • The lines on the printouts are too faint;
  • A white stripe forms on the side of the printed sheet;
  • A letter is stuck or torn in the printer.

There are some general rules according to which the cartridge is removed from any type of device.

First, you need to carefully inspect the printer and determine its manufacturer and type. Typically, the printer brand is listed on the front operation panel. The printer type can be determined by looking at the printed sheet. If it is impossible to read the name on the front panel, there is always a label on the back of the printer with the full name of the manufacturer, model, and serial number of the device. The same information is displayed upon request in the computer menu Start. Devices and Printers.

I invited information on the model and the question: “How to remove the cartridge from the printer” in the search engines, we will get links from a video that clearly shows the replacement process.

It is not necessary to use force to remove the cartridge from the printer. If done correctly, the cartridge slides easily into the guide slots.

Then, check if the printer is turned on. Inkjet models of printers allow you to pull out the cartridge only when turned on, in laser there may not be such a need.

You need to find a cover that blocks access to the cartridge. On its inside, all manufacturers place a picture. instructions for replacing the cartridge, which you can use to pull out the cartridge.

Many printer models are equipped with a work panel, where commands will be displayed on the screen, prompting the procedure for replacing the cartridge.

On some product models that combine a printer, scanner and copier, the cover that prevents access to the cartridge is located under the scanning part.

In inkjet printers, once removed, the print head is automatically positioned against the access cover. After it stops, you can take out the cartridge.

It is necessary to check if there are locking levers that hold it in place. If they are, then in order to pull out the block, you need to lower the levers and disconnect the cartridge with a movement towards you.

In some cases, it is pulled straight up.

When pulling out the laser cartridge, you need to be careful. if there is a poor-quality refill, you can get very dirty with toner.

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Removing the cartridge from the HP printer

A large number of modifications of HP printers are in use. Let’s take a look at how to remove a cartridge using the example of the HP Laserjet M1132 all-in-one printer and the HP Deskjet inkjet printer.

To remove the cartridge from the HP Laserjet M1132 all-in-one printer, the photo follows:

  • Carefully flip up the HP Laserjet Upper Scanner Unit until it locks into place with the Special Levers;
  • Some models have a cover that additionally closes access to the cartridge, it must be lifted;
  • Gently, without effort, pull on the black plastic handle of the cartridge, it should easily move along the guide grooves;
  • The control panel will display the message that the cartridge is missing.

Removing the cartridge from the HP printer

To remove the cartridge from the HP Deskjet printer:

  • Turn on the printer
  • Find and open the cartridge access cover on the front panel of the printer;
  • Wait until the Printhead locks in;
  • Gently, pressed on the cartridge, pull it out of the slot.

Removing the cartridge from the HP printer

How to Remove Cartridge from Samsung Printer

In order to remove the cartridge from the Samsung printer you need:

  • Turn on the printer
  • Carefully fold back the front cover. it is located under the print output tray and has a special stop for opening;
  • Gently pull on the opened cartridge handle. to facilitate sliding in the grooves, it must be slightly raised.

How to remove cartridge from Canon printer

Canon printers are available in inkjet and monochrome and color laser printers.

In order to remove the cartridge from the Canon printer you need:

  • If the tray for loading paper is at the bottom of the printer, then lift the top cover for receiving printouts;
  • Fold back the protective cover of the device; for convenience there is a special recess in it;
  • Pull out the cartridge by the handle of the case;
  • If paper is loaded from above in the printer, then the cover flips down.
  • When the cartridge is pulled out correctly, action does NOT require any effort.

To replace ink cartridges in a Canon Pixma 2 printer from this manufacturer, you should:

  • Turn on the printer and wait for the download;
  • Wait until the carriage is installed;
  • Disconnect power to the printer by unplugging the power cord
  • If the cartridges have a locking lever or a cover, it must be raised, the levers will be lowered;
  • L pressed down on the cartridge, pull it out of the slot towards you.

How to remove a cartridge from an Epson printer

To remove the cartridge from the Epson printer you need:

  • Check if the printer is on
  • After starting and loading the printer, open the printer cover;
  • After stopping the printer head By pulling out the cartridge towards you;
  • If the cartridge is removed, check if there is a lock lever in the printer and change its position;
  • On some models, the cartridge will come off after light pressure on it with a click.

For some Epson models, after opening the cartridge cover for 3 seconds. Press the ink control button. After that, remove the cartridge straight up, squeezing the edge to release the latches.

How to insert the cartridge into the printer correctly. How to replace an empty cartridge

The ink in inkjet cartridges sooner or later run out. What should you do then? Call a special master, pay him to make a replacement? What for? You yourself can replace the cartridge of your printer, read this manual!

Write down the manufacturer (HP, Epson, Canon, etc.) and your printer model on paper. This information is contained in the documentation for the device or on a special label on the back of it.

Turn on the printer and open the cover that covers the cartridges. They are a block that slides towards the center of the print area.

Pull out the empty cartridge carefully. To do this, take it with your hand at the top and pull it up at an angle from the attachment point.

Write down the number and type of cartridge (s).

Remove the packaging from the new cartridge and remove the adhesive tape that covers its metal surface on one side.

Insert the cartridge this side straight into the holder and lock it in place.

Close the cover and print a test page. Make sure everything is ok.

Congratulations! You just replaced your inkjet cartridge yourself and saved money!

Finally, a small visual video on how to replace a cartridge in an HP printer.

How to insert the cartridge into the printer correctly?

The need to insert the cartridge into the printer arises in the following cases:

  • When buying a new or used printer, if the cartridges are not inserted into It;
  • Out of ink;
  • The paint has dried;
  • You are not satisfied with the print quality and want to replace the cartridge with another one with better ink.

If you took out a cartridge with dried ink and tried to “soak” it, then after that you will need to insert it back into the printer, or purchase a new cartridge with color and black ink and insert it already. The wrong approach to installation can lead to malfunctions of the printer and software, and also will not allow you to achieve the desired print quality.

Preparing to install the cartridge

Preparation consists in repairing a dried cartridge or buying a new one. In addition, you need to initially turn on the computer, connect a printer to it (if this is NOT done, for example, when buying new equipment), install the software.

After you turn on the printer, you need to wait a few seconds until the print head is set to the standard position. Then you can remove the black or color ink cartridge. Do not pull too hard, so as NOT to damage anything. In most models, extraction is quite simple, but in SEPARATE cases special locks or restraining structures may be provided.

Therefore, before proceeding with the extraction, you should read the instructions for the printer in detail or contact specialists for help.

How to get the cartridge?

In most cases, it is enough to open the front cover, find the desired cartridge (color or black) and pull on the special tab to remove it. It is worth remembering that when working with any printing technique, the use of force is unacceptable. Therefore, if you are unable to remove the device without great physical effort, then you are most likely doing something wrong. Refer to the instructions or consult with a specialist so that replacing ink does not turn into a printer breakdown for you.

It is usually not difficult to insert the cartridge into the printer either. You just need to place it in the printhead and press a little until it clicks, which will mean the cartridge is locked.

After that, you need to go into the program installed for the printer and select the “Maintenance” tab or similar. Here you can reset the ink level, which will allow you to adjust the operation of the printer, which will again determine the level of black or color ink, and if it drops critically, it will notify you that there is already little ink and it is worth preparing to replace the cartridge.

Some subtleties

The most important feature in the repair or maintenance of any equipment is the difference in the device of different models. Printers in this regard are no exception, therefore, both removal and insertion of cartridges should be carried out as written in the instructions. If you have instructions, or it is lost somewhere, then look at the brand and model of the printer and find all the necessary information on the network. Only after studying it will you be able to know exactly how to actually remove the cartridge correctly. And then reinsert it exactly on your printer model.

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Computer advice. Replacing a cartridge in a printer or all-in-one printer

It is unpleasant when ink runs out during printing of any principle documents. What to do in this case? You urgently need to complete the printout. There are two options. The first is to call the technician and pay him to replace the cartridge. The second is to use the instructions, which describe in detail how to change the cartridge in the printer and do everything yourself.

Cartridges vary depending on the make and model of the printer, but all the steps for replacing the cartridge are the same. Consider all the stages so that nothing will be missed.

Find out the manufacturer and model of the printer

Before changing a cartridge, you need to find out which printer model you have and which cartridges are suitable for it. As mentioned above, different cartridges are suitable for different printers. Record the manufacturer and model of the printer.

Usually the name is on the device itself (see the picture above). If the printer model is listed on the front of the device, there is always information on the back of the technical data label in the printer. Otherwise, you can see detailed information in the instruction book.

Also, if the printer is already installed on a computer or laptop, then you can press Start Devices and Printers and see the name of the installed printer there.

Now that we know the model, you can drive the phrase into Yandex search; printer cartridge printer model and find which cartridge is right for you. But it’s better to make sure by looking at it with your own eyes.

We take out the cartridge

To get access to the cartridges you need to turn on the same device. In some models, the cartridge is replaced when the power is off, but there are often cases where it is necessary to turn on the device. This usually happens with inkjet printers.

After switching on, lift the cover or slide it towards you. In the case of an inkjet printer, you will see a small block that slides towards the center of the device and this is the cartridge. Each model has its own opening mechanism. There are some in which you must first hold down the reset button and only then open the lid. In the case of a laser printer, pull the cover towards you.

Removing the cartridge is not easy. Again, it all depends on the device model. Open the stop mechanism that holds the cartridge in place, or push the catch inward, which will detach it. The other type of cartridges must be removed as follows: grasp its top with your hand and pull up at an angle from the attachment point. Another way is to hold down the reset button on the side of the cartridge carriage. After the necessary manipulations, you can pull out the cartridge.

The picture above shows how to remove the cartridge from the Samsung laser printer. The process on devices from other manufacturers will not be very different.

Take a good look at and write down its type and number. For greater reliability, I will photograph it.

Replacing the cartridge

Cartridges are both original and non-original. Non-original ones are cheaper, but they may not print as clearly as the original ones, and they can also Riot salesmen. Also, you can not buy cartridges, but refill old ones, it will come out much cheaper. It all depends solely on your tasks and budget.

So, the cartridge is in your hands. Take it out of the box, but do not rush to remove it from the plastic packaging. The fact is that the ink can get stuck in the Tonner, and this will affect the print quality. Take it in your hands and shake it a little.

This way you distribute the toner evenly in the cartridge. By NOT doing this on the printout, you might think the cartridge is bad, when in fact it is okay. Now you can pull it out of the plastic. Remove the protective film (colored tab) from the bottom. Be careful not to touch the print head itself during this operation. Small spots on the print lead to significant print deterioration. Even if you lightly touch it, wipe it off with a cloth.

The cartridge is ready. It can now be inserted into the printer. Put it in the cell and lock in place. In a printer that has a stop mechanism, make sure the cartridge is firmly seated. This will be indicated by a characteristic click when pressed.

After you have verified that everything is in order, you can close the printer cover.

Perhaps a video instruction on how to change the cartridge will help you. This video shows the process of replacing a toner cartridge in a laser in an HP printer.

And in this video, replacing the cartridge in HP inkjet printers.

Checking the cartridge after replacement

We proceed to the next step. checking the cartridge. After closing the cover, the printer detects automatically that the cartridge has been replaced. A message will appear on the screen telling you to print a test page. Click “Ok”. If your model does not provide this function, print the printer in the usual way. Be sure to insert blank paper, or an error may appear. Before printing, the settings will be checked in the printer itself and only after that a test page will be printed.

If the picture is true, then everything is fine. If you notice any streaks or gaps appear, do a deep clean. It may be necessary to align the printheads. All these operations are done in the printer control panel. Each device has its own menus, so you can read a detailed description of how to do this in the instruction book or download the user’s manual for your printer on the Internet.

So, you’ve just changed the cartridge in your printer. It’s easy to do. Just a few easy steps to save you money.

A few simple tips:
1. In most cases, inexperienced users do not know how to properly change the cartridge in the printer and, as a result, get dirty hands and clothes.

To get rid of annoying ink stains, take a dry towel and blot as much as possible. Rinse off what remains with cold water. Using hot water will permanently leave stains on the fabric;

If you need to change two cartridges at once. color and black and white, make sure they are in place. If you insert a black and white cartridge in place of a color cartridge and vice versa, you only ruin them. When replacing cartridges, you need to be very careful, since their cost is quite high.