Pantum m6500 printer does not print from computer

How to turn off ink level monitoring

This function is only available in Canon devices, other manufacturers have not equipped their devices with the ability to deactivate ink control.

You need to know this! Ink level control is disabled not on the device, but on the cartridge. Therefore, when it is replaced, the automatic ink control is reactivated.

Pantum M6500 | Cartridge refill | How to disassemble

When one of the ink cartridges runs out of ink, a warning message will appear on the screen. You can stop printing (stop / reset) or continue (ok). Depending on which option you choose, the document will be printed or the operation will be canceled.

After another ink cartridge runs out of ink, an alert will appear again prompting you to replace it. If your printer has a built-in cartridge, hold down the Stop / Reset button for thirty seconds. This will deactivate the ink level monitoring function.

Such an action will not affect the operation of the Pantum m6500 printer in any way, the print quality will not deteriorate. For devices with several ink tanks, a similar action is carried out separately for each.

You can “opt out” of automatic ink control directly on the computer. Go to the “Printers” section through the control panel, click on the icon of the required device and select “Properties”. A window will appear, select the category “Maintenance” in it, then “Printer Status Information”. “Options”.

Uncheck the box next to the line “Display warning automatically”. The system will shut down, and you will have to check the remaining ink yourself, periodically looking under the cover of the Pantum m6500 printer. Remember that printing too many pages with an empty cartridge may damage the print head.

Of course, replacing the cartridge is not the most difficult procedure, but the chance of damaging the chip or device is high, so it is better to entrust the chip zeroing to professionals.

How to zero?

If after refueling the Pantum m6500 printer writes that the cartridge has run out, reset the chip. This can be done in several ways:

  • The easiest option is to replace the faulty chip; this procedure is only available in laser devices. Inkjet printers have a built-in chip that cannot be removed and replaced;
  • There is no way to make a replacement? There are special programs for zeroing. However, it is better to entrust this procedure to professionals. For people who do not have the necessary knowledge, universal programmers are suitable that can be applied to any model;
  • Zeroing can be done without the need for software. Just turn off the Pantum m6500 printer, remove the cartridge and turn on the device. Next, in the service menu, press the “OK” button, and hold it for a few seconds. Then perform the following chain of actions, in turn press “Resert Menu”. “Ok”. “Partial Resert”. “Ok”. After the performed manipulations, the Pantum m6500 printer will turn off. Run it again, select your language and country. Further, the device will offer detailed instructions for further actions. They need to be followed with 100% accuracy. After that, the ink level should be full and the machine will start working properly.
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Inkjet device chip upgrade process

First, let’s decide how, in the general case, you can reset the chip, as well as what needs to be done for this. Depending on the model, there may be some nuances, but the general aLGorithm is still preserved.

The procedure is performed through the service mode:

  • Bring the carriage to the cartridge replacement mode, for this you will need to press the “drop” button.
  • After moving the carriage, you can see a green button, you will need to press and hold it in this position for about 5 seconds.
  • Return the carriage to its place, if it is still blinking, then repeat the operation, holding the button for a little longer.
  • Press on the drop and go to cartridge replacement mode.
  • Remove the cartridges and then replace them with a click.
  • Press the green button to reset.
  • Replace batteries if present on sensor or device.

The above method is used to restart the printing of the vast majority of printing devices, but there are exceptions, so let’s analyze the sequence of actions for specific models. If you cannot do it in the described way, in the interface of all printers there is an option “Replace cartridges manually”. Please note that you cannot reset the chip of Canon, HP and some other devices this way.

How to reset the printer: instructions for dummies

Laser and inkjet printers do not have built-in hardware to measure the amount of ink remaining. Instead, software techniques for estimating ink consumption are used. The printer calculates the coverage for each sheet sent to print. Based on this parameter, the approximate amount of liquid ink or powder toner used is calculated. The information is written to a chip, which is usually found on a cartridge. After refilling most models with toner or ink, it becomes necessary to reset the printer.

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During zeroing, information is erased not on the printer itself, but on the chip. Some refueling kits also include a separate microcircuit that is installed in place of the old one, the counter of which has been exceeded. Color models may have several such chips. Each of them stores information about the remaining amount of paint of a certain color. Normal use of the device will be impossible until zeroing or replacing all microcircuits, the resource of which is exhausted.

Pantum M6500 | Refill | Chip and Fix

Canon Printer Zeroing Features

There are many more ways to reset the chip on Canon devices than on equipment from other manufacturers. The recommended sequence of actions differs depending on the specific model, while for some devices it is indicated directly in the instructions. The most common methods are:

  • Reset the printer by gluing the desired contact on the contact pad of the cartridge.
  • Disable ink level monitoring in device properties.
  • Hold down the cancel button (usually red) for 10 seconds.
  • Completely disable bi-directional communication via hardware properties.

Important! In order to directly reset the information on the chip, you must use a special device. a programmer.

About the features of refilling Pantum cartridges, as well as a small instruction.

In this blog, I already wrote in passing about Pantum printers, to be precise, about refueling kits. In this note, I post information on refilling Pantum cartridges, based on my real practical experience.

What do the Chinese do best? Copy, of course. Pantum printers are no exception. On closer inspection, any specialist will immediately see a similar design with Samsung ML-1610 / Xerox 3117 printers. Pantum took this printing platform as a basis and simply modified it. It turned out, I must say, very successfully: design plus the reliability of the time-tested printing platform. Although there is a fly in the ointment in every barrel of honey. Given the low demand, spare parts for printers should not be expected, which makes them non-repairable, that is, disposable.

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A small instruction on refilling Pantum cartridges

On top of the cartridge, unscrew the two fixing screws located at the edges

When I first got hold of a Pantum cartridge, I subconsciously expected, as usual, cheap thin plastic with a very mediocre geometry. As it turned out, my expectations were not met. Pantum cartridges are made conscientiously. at the level of leading Japanese OEM manufacturers. The disassembly of the cartridge is almost identical to the Samsung ML-1610 cartridge, with the exception of a few minor details.

Removing the waste toner box

Pour out the waste toner and wash the charge roller from paper deposits

Disassembling the cartridge begins with removing the waste toner box. To remove the hopper, unscrew the two fixing screws from above. After removing the waste toner box, pour the toner out of it and wash the charge roller from paper deposits. I recommend washing the charge roller with warm water and soap. Many people use more aggressive mixtures such as alcohol or acetone to clean the charge roller, but it seems to me that this is already too much.

To remove the sidewall, you need to unscrew the three fixing screws

The plug through which the toner cartridge is refilled.

From the end of the cartridge from the side of the chip, unscrew the three fixing screws and remove the sidewall. Then everything is simple. open the cork and fill in the toner. By the way, unlike Samsung cartridges, the cap in Pantum cartridges is made of soft plastic and can be easily removed. The cartridge fits about 120g. toner. You can put into the cartridge not only the toner that comes with the kit, but also any other from Samsung monochrome printers.

Now we put the sidewall back on, change the chip and assemble the cartridge to the end. The complication of refilling the cartridge arose where they did not expect to meet. Updating the device driver turned out to be an extremely long and dreary process. And the point is not in the installation, but in the driver download. The Pantum website works every other time and lies more than it works. A banal driver jump takes up to half an hour, if you’re lucky