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The best photo printing software

Even the brightest events will fade in memory over time. Fortunately, photography helps to preserve the colors and emotions of the experienced. It is so pleasant to leaf through the album, which keeps warm moments. The frames, which are entrusted with the most valuable memories, Should be of the best quality. However, full-fledged photo processing and prepress are often available to the user. But do not rush to spend money on photo salons, you can do it yourself! Simple and convenient Russian photo editor “Home Photo Studio” will come to the rescue! This article will show you how to prepare images for printing.

Improving picture quality

Before sending a photo to print, it is worth bringing it to perfection, because even a successful shot needs minimal processing. Photo Editor “Home Photo Studio” allows you to correct even serious defects such as a cluttered horizon or Geometric Curvature of objects (distortion), not to mention the elimination of red-eye and lighting correction. At the same time, thanks to the thoughtfully designed interface in Russian, using the tools is so simple that even a beginner can cope.

Let’s get acquainted with the tools that come in handy for improving the quality of photos. You will find them in the functions directory, which can be accessed from the File menu.

Color balance. Correct the color gamut of the picture, achieving the most accurate reproduction of shades, or stylize the image to your taste.

Brightness and contrast. Make the image juicier and clearer.

Horizon leveling. In a couple of mouse clicks, I fix one of the leading mistakes of novice photographers. a littered horizon.

Lens Correction. Easily and quickly eliminate the effect of curved objects in the photo.

Cropping. Remove unnecessary details from a photo or improve composition.

Elimination of “red eyes”. Because of the flash, the pupils of the people in the photo turned red? Fix the defect easily and accurately with the appropriate editor function.

Lighting correction. Was the picture too dark or overexposed? It’s okay, just adjust your lighting settings. Photo will be perfect!

As you can see, if you download the program for printing photos “Home Photo Studio”, you can professionally prepare pictures for transfer to paper. Don’t worry that there are so many options and some seem complicated. the editor’s interface is thought out in such a way that it was as easy as possible to find and use the necessary tools. In addition, the program provides tips, and if they are not enough, on the site you will find articles and video tutorials detailing each function.

You can not only correct imperfections, but also creatively process photos. To do this, the program for quick photo printing offers a lot of interesting tools. Change the background of the image to a new one, accentuate the center of the picture with a vignette, turn the picture into a delicate watercolor drawing, blur the background of a portrait, make original inscriptions or apply one of dozens of interesting effects.

The free program for printing photos “Home Photo Studio” also offers to independently prepare a variety of products from photographs. Make a colorful postcard for loved ones, arrange a gift calendar from the best pictures, add stylish frames and masks to your photo, or Create an interesting collage.

You will NOT have to pay any more specialized salons for what you can do yourself in just 5 minutes! The powerful photo studio is now right on your home computer. Discover amazing photo processing and editing possibilities. Now it’s so simple and interesting!

Prepare your photo for printing

When you have finished editing photos, correcting all defects and embellishing the image as much as possible, you can proceed to transfer it to paper. Click the button with the image of the printer or go to the print function from the File menu on the top bar of the program. You will see the “Print Wizard” window. Presets can be made here. The program for printing photos 10×15, 10×12, A4, A3 and other formats allows you to choose the orientation of the sheet, mark the margins, adjust the picture to the desired size, and not change the original proportions. In addition, you can mirror the image or return it 90 degrees.

If you want to print multiple shots on one sheet, Home Photo Studio has a huge selection of templates with different frame arrangements. Choose the appropriate one and drag the photos to the appropriate fields. This way you can save paper while getting beautiful results.

It remains only to select a printer and start printing the photo. Done, enjoy wonderful pictures, which will be the perfect addition to family photo albums.

Photo studio at your home

A good photo editor on your home computer is a great solution Not only for those who are too lazy to get to a specialized salon. No one shows as much attention and love to dear to heart pictures as you do. With “Home Photo Studio” you can process photos to your liking, achieving the desired result. over, it is so easy and pleasant to do it! Does not waste time on long training and complex programs, create masterpieces the first time! At the same time, there will be enough software tools Not only for beginners, but also for experienced users.

Home Photo Studio is a convenient photo processing and printing. Your memorable shots deserve to be perfect. Install it on your PC!

Benefits of our program

You can enhance your pictures with one click of the mouse, easily replace the background in photos, retouch portraits with the help of Special brushes.

Best software for printing photos

You can print photos using most common image viewing programs. But such solutions are NOT flexible, you cannot configure all the print parameters that you want to specify to the user. And the image itself, which the printer prints with the help of such programs, is not always of high quality. Fortunately, there are special applications for high-quality photo printing, which have Advanced settings, adjustable for every taste.


One of the best photo printing software is the Qimage application. It allows not only to print photos in the angle in which it is convenient for the user (including several photos on one sheet), but also has a powerful toolkit for image editing. In addition, the application is capable of printing high quality images. It works with almost all raster graphic formats. Thus, in terms of functionality, Qimage is quite close to universal programs for image processing and is one of the best in its segment. The main disadvantage for the domestic user of this generally wonderful program may be the lack of a Russian-language interface.

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Photo Print Pilot

The functionality of the Photo Print Pilot is significantly inferior to the previous program. This application is much less versatile, but at the same time, it is a very convenient product for printing a large number of photos with the ability to determine their location on a sheet of paper, including several pieces. This saves consumables. In addition, the Photo Print Pilot program, unlike Qimage, has a Russian-language interface. But unfortunately, the application does not support working with less common file formats, and also has practically no tools for editing photos.

Pics Print

Pics Print is very similar in functionality to ACD FotoSlate. It also uses in its work special Wizards, who form albums, calendars, posters, postcards, business cards, and more. But, unlike the previous program mentioned (which is no longer supported by the developer), Pix Print has quite extensive possibilities for editing images using effects, color control, contrast, etc. The main drawback of the program is the lack of Russification.

Priprinter Professional

The main feature of priPrinter Professional is the ability to print photos to a virtual printer. This way the user can see how the photo will turn out before printing it on a physical printer. Also, the program has ample opportunities for image editing. It is shareware, so you need to purchase it for continuous and continuous use. However, this applies to all other solutions described here.

Ace Poster

The Ace Poster application is also NOT multifunctional. Its only function is to create posters. But performing this process in this program is simple and convenient, like in no other. Ace Poster will help you to make a large poster even with a regular printer, split the image into several A4 pages. In addition, the program is able to “catch” pictures directly from the scanner, without saving scans to the hard drive of the computer. But unfortunately, there can be no other problems for Ace Poster to solve.

Home photo studio

The Home Photo Studio program is a real combine for working with photos. With its help, you can Not only print photos, placing them on a sheet of paper, as you like, but also edit them, organize them into groups, draw, make photomontages, create collages, postcards, calendars and much more. Batch processing of graphic files is available. Also, the program can be used for simple viewing of images. But, unfortunately, although Home Photo Studio has a rather wide list of functions, many of them are NOT fully implemented or require improvement. Access to some features is inconvenient, so it seems that the developers, chasing several hares right away, did not catch a single one. This product looks rather damp.

As you can see, there is a wide range of popular photo printing software. Some of them are designed specifically for this function, others can be called universal. But any user has the opportunity to choose the application for printing images that he considers more suitable for himself and the solution of specific tasks.

The best programs for printing photos of different sizes

Hello everyone, dear readers of my blog. Today, most people don’t care about keeping photos on paper. They are quite satisfied with the fact that they are in digital form on a computer or phone. But I prefer to keep some of the images in a material form. In addition, do not forget about the photo for documents, where only the paper version will be available. Therefore, today I will show you some programs for printing photos of different sizes.

Today, having a printer has become the norm. This even made our life easier, but in order to print a photo of high quality, we cannot do without Special Programs. It also takes into account what size we want to print this object, edit photos, we are very inspired and want to create something unusual. So now it is not necessary to carry everything you shot to special salons, you can print everything yourself on any printer. And so we proceed.

  • ACD Foto Slate
  • Arc Soft Photo Printer
  • Pics Print
  • Photo Cool
  • EPSON Easy Photo Print
  • Printpic

ACD Foto Slate

This wonderful application will help Not only professionals in their field, but also ordinary home users. You can choose the format of the photo yourself, a huge plus lies in the huge list of formats. You can also create brochures, calendars, albums, tables, collages and much more.

This program edits images in one go, you can develop new projects, independently form the structure of the template, choose the appropriate format, size and location. It’s easy to work with. The program can be used to customize the color profiles of the printer, monitor and even scanner.

Arc Soft Photo Printer

Convenient and very easy to learn program for printing photos on a printer. Contains many photomontage effects (removes red eyes, changes filter, crops, edits, rotates and mirrors). You can also add an image Not only from hard disk, but also receive photos from digital cameras, memory cards and scanners, you can even capture an image from a video.

There is also such a problem that the application cannot adapt to photo paper, but it can adjust to most brands, such as Epson. Kodak. Avery. Canon and others. Can print formats of different sizes, including photo for documents, as well as 46, 57, 810, 915, 1517 and others. Photos can be immediately printed and, if desired, saved in well-known graphic formats, including JPG. TIFF. GIF. PCX and many others.

Pics Print

Pics Print. Program for high-quality printing of images. With the help of the proposed templates, it will be easy for you in a matter of seconds to customize everything to your format. You can also use them to create greeting cards, photo album pages, calendars or posters, even huge images on a plain sheet of paper or specialized photo paper.

These functions are performed using built-in templates, but may seem inconvenient to you. Photos can be imported from a camera or scanner. You can sharpen images, perform color corrections, as well as align, crop and much more. The application has a large selection of formats, common standard and several new ones.

Photo Cool

As the developers write, a program that will make your photos in cool memories. Images can be presented in the form of thumbnails, by fixed scales or adjusted manually. After uploading a photo, you can use Photo Cool photo editor. After the editorial alignment settings, red eye removal, sharpening, you will see your photo come to life.

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Which you will not be ashamed to send to your friends and Photo Cool will also help with this. The program supports the main graphic formats, as well as 3.55, 46, 57, 810 and others, which is very suitable for printing photographs for documents. The only drawback is that the program is NOT in Russian. Saved in graphic formats (PDF. JPG. TIFF. GIF. PCX and many others)

EPSON Easy Photo Print

EPSON Easy Photo Print. The first in our today’s list of free software for printing your photos from the famous company Epson. The interface in the program is simple in the brain and bones, i.E. All kgo control tied to three buttons (image, paper type and fit to the size of the media). True, this is where its advantages end, since setting your size there is quite problematic. Unless you initially make a picture of the desired format.

But the possibilities for editing images are simply not there, so you will only print what is available to you. This is why I didn’t really want to describe free software for printing. Everything there is so bad and cut down that it is better to pay a couple of hundred rubles and enjoy a normal application.


DO NOT confuse this app with the above Pics Print. They are different, only this application you can download and use completely free of charge. As in the previous case, it has a simple interface, but it is practically nonexistent in terms of editing. Nevertheless, there is one very cool trick there, namely, stretching the image over several sheets if you are going to make so-called composite posters or posters. And quite a good choice of settings.

But still, no matter how well I describe all these small programs, there is nothing better than Photoshop. Yes, there you can not only swagger, make collages or designs of something, but also work with photographs for printing. Therefore, I recommend that you study this photo editor because it will replace everything else for you, and you simply do not want anything else.

To study it, I recommend that you take a course on Photoshop for beginners. Or a special course for photographers. Where you will be taught to use with Photoshop in terms of processing and working with photos. Both courses are just bombing and probably the most understandable among all that I have seen. So I highly recommend them.

On this I will probably end my article today. So now you know how to make your own photo studio. Hope you find it helpful. And I recommend you to take more pictures, so that when viewing, you will always have notes of nostalgia and pleasant memories.

And of course, be sure to subscribe to my blog, social networks and YouTube channel, so as not to miss a fresh and interesting article. Good luck to you. Bye Bye!

Programs for printing photos on an Epson printer. TOP 5 best

Modern technologies enable the user to independently print photos on a printer at home. Almost all image viewing applications allow you to print your images. But they lack the flexibility of settings so that the user can adjust the print parameters. Therefore, there are now special programs designed for printing photos.

  • EPSON Easy Photo Print
  • Picasa
  • ACD FotoSlate
  • Qimage
  • Ace Poster

EPSON Easy Photo Print

Ideal utility for high-quality transfer of images to paper. The program interface is simple and straightforward for any user. It allows you to select the paper type and fit the image. In addition, the proprietary program for printing photos on an Epson printer works with almost all models of printing machines, as well as with various sheet sizes.
To ensure stable operation of the application and avoid technical failures, you should download the Easy Print Module add-on, which is distributed free of charge. The utility is suitable for those who regularly edit and crop photos, as well as often print images.


  • Bordless function allows you to print images without borders;
  • Ease of use due to three function buttons;
  • Easy setup that even an inexperienced user can handle;
  • Interaction with all Epson devices;
  • Compatible with any operating system.


Picasa. Universal application for editing and printing photos from Google developers. The utility allows you to fine-tune image parameters, has a large selection of various tools to improve gamma, brightness, saturation and image quality.

The simple and intuitive interface of the program looks like a library, but does not have tabs for navigating between the catalog, image and editor. To open a file in the editor, just double-click on it. In addition, the utility has the following features:

  • Sending full-size photos by mail in two clicks;
  • Built-in screensaver, which shows snapshots and images from the network while the computer is idle;
  • Batch photo resizing;
  • Built-in video editor, which allows you to create your own video clips from the photo gallery with background music overlay. In addition, the user can immediately upload the file to the YouTube server.

There are few settings for photo printing in the program. Mostly the standard parameters provided by the printer driver are used. But for home use, the app is perfect.


  • Additional functionality, including the creation of collages or posters and posters;
  • Automatic image quality improvement;
  • Fast and convenient printing;
  • Intuitive interface.

ACD FotoSlate

The program for printing on Epson printers and other devices offers a large number of advanced settings for editing and enhancing images. It is a versatile tool for working with images. The main difference from other programs is that it supports a large number of hardware. Photos can be printed without copying files to a computer hard drive. directly from a scanner or photo equipment.
The utility is also used to edit pictures. With its help, it is possible to improve the image quality, adjust contrast, saturation and brightness. Allows you to apply frames, filters, labels.


  • Working with uncompressed high-resolution images;
  • Compatible with various Epson models, including Epson l354 or Epson l222;
  • Built-in color correction tools;
  • A huge number of templates that users can modify.


  • The program is paid, but basic functions are enough for use at home;
  • Complex interface.


Another Epson printing program that has a powerful photo editing tool. It allows the user to print photos from any angle, including multiple images on one sheet. The wide functionality of the utility will provide the following features:

photo, printer, application
  • Viewing images with high-quality visual reproduction, supporting most raster graphics formats. When viewing photos in very high resolution, the program does not require a lot of computer resources;
  • Built-in convenient manager, which provides comfortable navigation through folders and allows you to sort photos;
  • The editor allows the user to change the size, color scheme, remove noise, flip the image and improve the overall quality of the image.

Qimage allows you to print pictures with advanced settings. In addition to the choice of device for printing, the number of copies and the orientation, there is a wide selection of paper sizes.

  • NOT demanding on system resources;
  • Displays pictures in high quality;
  • Lots of tools for editing and viewing.
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  • License with a trial period for 2 weeks;
  • Comments of the Russian-language interface.

Ace Poster

A program that allows you to create and print large posters. Using a simple and intuitive interface, the user can select the desired photo or picture, specify the desired size and send the picture for printing.

The utility is compatible with most raster images: JPEG, PNG, TIFF, TGA, PSD, GIF and others. You can select a picture not only from a computer hard disk or removable physical media, but also directly through a scanner or digital camera without loading into the PC memory.

  • Intuitive interface;
  • Easy creation of posters of any size;
  • Work with all devices.


  • Sun additional editing tools;
  • Lack of Russian.

PS: Please tell us in the comments what programs do you use to print your photos?

Free download software for printing photos on a printer

Hello! It is possible to print the image with the help of almost any program that allows you to View them. But all the so-called “players” have one rather significant drawback. most of the parameters for printing documents for documents simply cannot be changed.

And if you want to get a picture in good quality, then you definitely need software, which has a printing function or is completely specialized for this task.

In them you can specify all the parameters in more detail, and in some you can process the image by applying several filters or “loops”. So, today we will tell you about six such programs. Let’s get started.

Appendix 1. Qimage

So, this utility is one of the most famous among applications that print photos.

It is not surprising, because in addition to the function of printing photos we need (with advanced settings, which allow, for example, to print several copies of images on one sheet), but also quite large functionality in the form of a wide selection of tools for photo editing.

Based on this, it can be argued that the “Qimage” utility is not only one of the best specialized utilities for printing on the market, but also can be used as a full-fledged graphic editor, like “Adobe PhotoShop”.

Naturally, this functionality comes at a price. But there is also a trial version in which you can use the software before purchasing.

Of the obvious shortcomings, only one can be distinguished. the lack of a Russified version of the interface. The rest of the application is good enough.

Photo Print Pilot program

The Photo Print Pilot utility is significantly inferior in functionality to the previous application from our list. Of course, the set of tools here is not so wide, and it is not suitable for post-processing photos, but it copes with its task No worse than “Qimage”.

For example, here, as in the previous program, you can set up printing several images at once in a small format on one A4 sheet and select their specific location, which allows you to significantly save on paper.

Also, unlike “Qimage”, this program has a fully Russified interface. Of course, it is also paid, but the full version costs only 950 rubles, which, against the background of 70 dollars in Qimage, seems an insignificant amount. And if you DO NOT want to pay immediately, you can try the free version.

Another disadvantage is the lack of support for uncommon photo formats.

Pics Print Program

And with the help of this application, you can print not just a photo, but convert it (or them) into something more, for example, albums, calendars, posters, postcards, business cards, and so on and so forth.

But this application, as well as in “Qimage”, completely lacks Russification, which is quite inconvenient for a Russian-speaking user.

4.Priprinter Professional program

Of the features of this software, one can single out the function of feeding a photo to print not to a physical printer, but to a virtual one.

That is, with the help of this tool, you can find out what the image will be like after printing it on a physical printer, but does not waste extra paper.

In addition, this software has a fairly wide selection of tools for interacting with the image, which allows you to get a sufficiently high-quality image at the output.

“PriPrinter Professional”, like all previous programs, is distributed exclusively on a paid basis with the possibility of testing.

Also, its interface is fully translated into Russian, which for some users is almost a key factor when choosing an application.

Program 5. Ace Poster

This application, even against the background of all the previous ones, has a rather modest functionality. The only thing you can do in this app is create posters. But it is worth noting that in none of the previous applications this feature was implemented so conveniently.

That is, for example, here you can print a poster of just a huge size using a regular printer, which accepts only A4 format. the image will be split into several sheets so that Subsequently you can combine it and get an A1 format poster, or maybe even A0.

Also, the image is able to process images that are in the scanner even without first saving them to the solid-state drive.

Of course, the functionality of this application leaves much to be desired, but if you need to print any large poster, you can safely use it.

Program 6. Home Photo Studio

And this application is so multifunctional that it simply cannot be described in words.

In addition to the fact that this application is a full-fledged graphic editor, which is able to compete with giants like “Adobe PhotoShop”, you can also arrange them on the sheet in the positions you need before printing, create collages, make postcards, cooperate applications between yourself, make a full-fledged photomontage and so on.

By the way, the program supports multi-processing of photos, and also knows how to work with all existing photo extensions.

But, it is worth noting a rather important fact. although the set of functions of this application is impressive, some of them still need improvement or their complete rethinking.

Availability of Certain functions is very resentful, so this program can be called “raw”.
However, the russified interface and low cost can induce an ordinary user to purchase it.

So, today we have analyzed the six most popular programs with the function of printing images. Each of them is good in its own way, but which one to choose, as always, is up to you.