Print a book on a printer on both sides

How to make a brochure from a PDF document?

If you are interested in the answer to the question of how to print a document in pdf format, then for this you need to download Adobe Acrobat.

  • Select through “File” = “Print” the desired device and specify the pages to be printed.
  • Having identified the required pages, and click on “Brochure”.
  • To print specific pages on a different sheet, be sure to specify them using the Sheets From / To option. In the “Properties” you can select the appropriate paper tray and, if necessary, set other settings.
  • At the last stage, you just have to decide on the additional parameters required in order to complete the page processing. For example, determine on which sides of a sheet of paper the document should be printed.

Thus, you will receive a printed PDF document as a book.

As you can see, it is quite easy to make a convenient and beautiful brochure from several pages of a document using a printer and Microsoft Word / Adobe Acrobat if you follow the sequence of actions. Most likely now you will understand how to print a document in the required form.

How to print a brochure. We print a document with a book from Word and PDF

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Sometimes, some users face the need to solve a problem related to how to print a brochure. In general, printing a document in the form of a brochure is not as difficult and time-consuming as it seems at first. All you need to do this is Microsoft Word tools and an inkjet / laser printer or multifunctional device. Therefore, you will not need any additional software applications in this situation, and you can print as many brochures as you like absolutely free. You can just as well print a booklet.

Book layout for stitching notebooks

The layout of the book for stitching with notebooks is similar to the layout for the bracket, the only difference is that the book is divided into certain cycles (most often it is 16 pages). All received notebooks are stitched together to form a thick book with the correct sequence of pages and usually hardcover.

Layout of the book on a thermal binder or spring

For mounting on a thermal binder or a spring, such a tricky sequence of pages is not needed. It is enough that the pages on the face and on the back go in the correct sequence one after the other. Therefore, you can use another tab. Plug-Ins / Quite Imposing Plus / Step and repeat. In the next Windows, you need to set the size of the sheet on which the pages will fit and set the number of identical pages on one sheet.

Tutorial: how to print a PDF file as a brochure

This is an instruction for printing the Success Diary

You can print the resulting PDF file in two ways.

You can print the diary in the usual way. Then staple it, for example, with a stapler or clipboard, and fill. With double-sided printing, you will have 22 A4 sheets. With one-sided. 44.

You can print the diary as a brochure. This is the way I love it. You will need 11 A4 sheets and instructions below.

The instruction contains screenshots with explanations, and at the end of the page you will also find a visual video. I tried to explain everything as simply as possible and I am sure that you can easily handle it. over, this skill is useful. In the future, you can print any PDF files as a brochure.

Preparing a brochure

To get started, open the document from which you want to make a brochure and go to Word on the “Page Layout” tab. There, click “Page Setup”, then check the paper size in the window that opens. If the A4 format is installed there, then leave everything in its place. The fact is that in order for the finished product to correspond to the A5 format, it must be printed on an A4 sheet.

Open the “Fields” tab, then go to the “Multiple Pages” drop-down table. From the list provided, click on “Brochure”. Then the program will automatically change the orientation of the sheet to landscape and show you a sample consisting of two columns, each of which represents a page of a future brochure.

Find out if your printer supports automatic two-sided printing

You can use the following methods to determine if a particular printer supports duplex printing:

Refer to the instruction manual of the printer or consult the manufacturer of the printer.

In Microsoft Office Word, click the Microsoft Office Button. click Print. click Properties. and then click the tabs in the Document Properties dialog box and view the options. The options in the Document Properties dialog box differ depending on the options and configuration of your printer. If you see options on any of the tabs for printing on both sides of the paper, 2-sided printing, or 2-sided printing, the printer might support automatic 2-sided printing.

If your printer supports duplex printing, follow the instructions in your printer manual to make duplex copies.

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If you are printing with a combined copier and printer and the copier supports duplex copying, it probably supports automatic duplex printing.

If you have more than one printer installed, it is possible that one of them supports duplex printing and the other. not.

Create a brochure or book in Word

Odd and Even Pages Print

You can also use the following procedure for duplex printing:

Click the Microsoft Office Button. and then click Print.

In the lower left corner of the Print dialog box, in the Print list, select Odd Pages.

After printing the odd-numbered pages, turn over the stack of pages, and then from the Print list, select Even Pages.

Note. Depending on your printer model, you may need to rotate and reorder the pages to print the other side of the stack.

Create different headers or footers for odd and even pages

How to print a book in Word 2010

Before sending the document for printing, you need to change the settings:

  • set the appropriate size of the fields;
  • set to print two pages per sheet instead of one;
  • choose duplex instead of simplex.

You can also specify the binding width in the page settings.

To the right of the menu is a preview window. with it you can flip through the book and see how the pages will look after printing. This is especially true if you’ve added graphics and set text to wrap around the sides. If a mistake was made in the design, you will see something like this:

Preview and fix any bugs before sending your document to print.

Please note that because we are using 2-sided instead of simplex printing, the printed text will need to be re-placed in the printer tray. Microsoft Word makes the following recommendation:

However, there is one important point: the feeding and output of paper in printers can be different and depend on the model of the device. In some cases, following the recommendations of the program, you can get sheets, one side of which will be blank, and on the other the text will be printed twice. It may also happen that on half of the pages the text will be upside down. To avoid this, do a little test and try printing one sheet on both sides. Once you have figured out how to put paper in the printer tray, you can proceed to finishing the copy.

If the book has many pages, it will not be easy to stitch the sheets together. The best option is to split the document into parts of 10-20 pages, print them in the form of brochures, and staple each one separately. After that, the pieces of the book can be connected to each other, and if necessary, even a strong binding can be made.

You can prepare and print a book in Word 2007 in exactly the same way.

Printing Using Manual Duplex Printing

If your printer does not support automatic 2-sided printing, you can select the Manual 2-sided printing check box in the Print dialog box. Microsoft Office Word will print all pages that appear on one side of the paper and then prompt you to turn the stack over and feed the pages back into the printer.

How to print a document as a brochure: other options

You can do without Microsoft Word. One of the most accessible, but at the same time rather difficult, ways to solve the problem is to print the document and set the necessary settings:

  • Pages per sheet. 2.
  • Portrait orientation.
  • A4 format.
  • Two-sided printing.

Then you need to specify the page numbers to print. This is the main difficulty. To better understand the principle, take a sheet, fold it in half, then number the pages and unfold the paper again. You will see that on one side there are numbers 4 and 1, and on the other. 2 and 3. This means that you need to specify the printing of pages 4, 1, 2, 3. If there are more sheets, the task becomes more difficult. For example, this is how the sequence looks like if you want to print an 8-page brochure:

If there are 12 pages, you need to specify numbers 12, 1, 2, 11, 10, 3, 4, 9, 8, 5, 6, 7.

If there are 16, then 16, 1, 2, 3, 4, 13, 12, 5, 6, 11, 10, 7, 8, 9.

If 20. 20, 1, 2, 19, 18, 3, 4, 17, 16, 5, 6, 15, 14, 7, 8, 13, 12, 9, 10, 11.

As you can see, this printing method is relatively easy only if the pages are few. If there are a lot of them, or if you want to split the document into several parts, print each in the form of a brochure and stitch, you will have to do some serious preparatory work to select the correct sequence.

If the above option is not suitable, you can use programs designed to quickly prepare a document for printing. Examples: FinePrint (Yandex search) and ClickBook (Yandex search). Most of these programs are shareware. This means that they can be used for several days, after which you need to pay for activation. However, if you do not often have to print text in the form of a brochure or book, you will not need a paid version. a standard test period will be enough.

Also keep in mind that the interface language in most of these programs is English. For example, this is how ClickBook looks like:

If you are not comfortable using the English version, you will have to install a crack.

Whichever method you choose, after printing the document, be sure to check the result and make sure that all pages are correctly positioned and numbered, headers and footers are in their places, the size of the margins is selected without errors. The best option is to do a test print before making a book or brochure. This simple precaution can often help clear up errors before you print all pages.

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Find out if your printer supports automatic two-sided printing

To find out if your printer supports duplex printing, you can check the printer’s instruction manual, or consult the printer manufacturer, or you can do the following:

In the Settings section, click Single-sided printing. If Print on Both Sides is available, your printer is configured for duplex printing.

If you are printing with a combined copier and printer and the copier supports duplex copying, it probably supports automatic duplex printing.

If you have more than one printer installed, it is possible that one of them supports duplex printing and the other. not.

How to print two pages on one sheet: three ways

When working with documents, there is often a need to print them on a printer. However, to save sheets of paper, many would like to print two pages of a document on one sheet. Fortunately, there are several, or to be more precise, three ways of how to print two pages on one sheet. The aLGorithm of actions is proposed in the article.

How to print on both sides?

Double-sided printing has its differences from the usual one, here it is necessary not only to adjust the correct position of the text in your editor, but also to set certain printing parameters for the printer. It should be noted that this method is not very suitable for printing books, rather for creating brochures.

An alternative way is to specify first to print the odd ones in the print options dialog box. After completing the procedure, the pages must be turned over and disassembled so that the first page lies at the top. Load paper with the blank side up. After that, in the print parameters a check mark is put in front of the “Even pages” box. The difficulty here lies in setting the correct field values ​​in the editor itself in the editor. To do this, go to the markup menu and click the “Page setup” item. Select a mirrored text layout and save the document before printing. The size of the binding and margins is also set in the editor.

Open the Fields menu and find the Custom Fields item. Enter the desired values ​​into the appropriate forms and apply the changes. Print your document and arrange the pages in the order you want.

How to print both sides of a brochure?

We print using a printer that has automatic two-sided printing

Before solving a problem like “how to make two-sided printing” you need to make sure that your device has the appropriate option. To find out if it has double-sided printing, you need to contact the manufacturer of the device, rummage on its official website or in the instruction manual.

Alternatively, in an open Word document, you can go to the “File” tab and click on “Print” there. In the list that opens, select the desired device and go to the “Settings” section. In the new window, select the appropriate function, and if your printer model really supports this feature, then you will easily print the required number of documents in automatic mode. Most importantly, do not forget to put the required number of sheets in the paper tray so that the printing process on both sides does not stop for a minute.

It should be added that if your device is combined with a copier that supports double-sided copying, then the printer most likely has a double-sided printing function.

printing on both sides

If you do not have a printer with duplex printing and you need to print two pages of text from a document on both sides of the paper, then the previous two methods will definitely not work for you. But there is a third one that will do for such cases. Here is the sequence of actions:

  • Complete all preliminary preparations in Word.
  • Place the print sheets in the printer.
  • Print the first page on one sheet.
  • Turn the printed sheet over and reinsert it into the printer.
  • Print the second page of the document.
  • Repeat these steps until the entire document is printed.

This was the third way for those who are interested in the question of how to print two pages on one sheet. The disadvantage of this method immediately becomes obvious. it is necessary to print one page at a time, each time turning the sheets over in the printer. But if you have few pages in the document, then it is optimal.

Step-by-step instruction

Modern models of printers with the ability to print on two sides of the sheet at once are expensive and not everyone can afford. Therefore, in order to print the brochure, you must use either a regular printer or contact a printing house or copy center. Last option for those who do not want to bother, but we will tell you about the first in detail below.

  • Open a Word document and start changing the settings according to the following scheme: File. Page Setup. Several Pages. Brochure. OK. After that, the page size of the document will change. By the way, immediately adjust the size of the margins. no more than 1.5 cm.
  • It is necessary to adjust the number of pages so that it becomes a multiple of 4. If this is not done, then in the middle of the brochure there will be blank pages.
  • Then select the “Print” menu or simultaneously press the CtrlP combination. Select the option “Two-sided printing”, then the option “All pages” and click OK. The printer will automatically set the page numbering.
  • After the printer finishes printing, you need to take out the sheets and change their order. transfer one sheet from the first pile to another. We put the resulting stack of pages into the printer’s paper tray again.
  • Attention! Blank-side up or vice versa depends on the printer model, so it’s only trial and error to determine the correct one. Before printing, you need to practice on unnecessary paper to get everything right the first time.
  • After the printer prints the text on the back pages, you need to check the position of the sheets and, if necessary, fold in the correct order. At the end, you can start stapling the finished brochure.
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two-sided printing

The first method, which prints two pages, is to use a dedicated duplex printer. Of course, not all devices have such a function, so if you do not have it, go straight to the next methods. Well, we offer a direct procedure. So how to print two pages on one sheet?

  • Start Word.
  • Open the document you want to print in it. To do this, click on the “File” button, select “Open” and in the “Explorer” that appears, select the file itself.

You just have to wait until all the sheets are printed. This was the simplest answer to the question of how to print two pages on one sheet in the Word. If it doesn’t suit you, move on to the next one.

We print a book on a printer

The peculiarity of the problem under consideration is that it is required to produce two-sided printing. It is not difficult to prepare a document for such a process, but you still have to take several steps. You need to choose the most suitable option from the two that will be presented below, and follow the instructions given in them.

Of course, the drivers for the device should be installed before printing, if not already done. In total, there are five publicly available ways to download and install them, previously we examined them in detail in separate materials.

If your printer does not appear in the device list even after installing the software, you need to add it yourself. Our other material at the following link will help you to understand this.

Printing a book on a printer

The standard print settings do not allow you to quickly convert a regular document to a portrait format and send it in this form for printing. Because of this, users have to resort to performing additional actions in a text editor or other programs. Today we will talk in detail about how to print a book on a printer on your own using one of two methods.

Microsoft Word

Now almost every user has Microsoft Word installed on his computer. This text editor allows you to format documents in every possible way, customize them for yourself and send them to print. To learn how to create and print the necessary book in Word, read the article at the link below. There you will find a detailed manual, with a detailed description of each procedure.


There is third-party software developed specifically for working with documents, creating brochures and other printed materials. As a rule, the functionality of such software is much broader, since it is focused specifically on this task. Let’s walk through the process of preparing and printing a book in FinePrint.

    After downloading and installing the program, it will be enough for you to launch any text editor, open the necessary file there and go to the “Print” menu. It is easier to do this by pressing the key combination Ctrl P.

In the list of printers, you will see a device named FinePrint. Select it and click on the “Settings” button.

Mark the “Booklet” box with a marker to convert the project to book format for duplex printing.

You can customize additional options such as deleting images, applying grayscale, adding marks, and creating binding margins.

In the pop-up list with printers, make sure the correct device is selected.

After completing the configuration, click on “OK”.

You will be taken to the FinePrint interface as this is the first time it is launched. Here you can immediately activate it, insert an already purchased key, or simply close the warning window and continue using the trial version.

All settings have already been made before, so go straight to printing.

If this is the first time you are requesting duplex printing, you will need to make some adjustments to ensure that the entire process runs correctly.

In the opened Printer Wizard, click “Next”.

Follow the instructions that appear. Run the test, mark the appropriate option with a marker and proceed to the next step.

So you will need to complete a series of tests, after which the printing of the book itself will begin.

There is also an article on our site that contains a list of the best programs for printing documents. Among them are both separate full-fledged projects and add-ons for the text editor Microsoft Word, but almost all of them support printing in book format. Therefore, if FinePrint for some reason did not suit you, follow the link below and get acquainted with the rest of the representatives of similar software.

If, when trying to print, you encounter a paper picking problem or stripes on the sheets, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our other materials below to quickly troubleshoot the problem and continue the process.

Above, we have described two methods for printing a book on a printer. As you can see, this task is not difficult at all, the main thing is to correctly configure the parameters and make sure that the equipment is functioning normally. We hope our article helped you cope with the task.