Print a card for money on a4 printer

Play money to print Ukrainian hryvnia on a printer

Small bills, suitable for A4 sheets. Can be edited. Quality is not lost.

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U.S. dollars

I will clarify that, in principle, you can print money in JPEG format. But pdf files are much more convenient. First, you don’t need to print every image. Multiple pages are sent to print at once. Secondly, this ready-made template is ready for editing in Photoshop (or any other photo editor).

How do I print money? Just click on each image and save the image to your computer. Banknotes can be easily edited in Photoshop (without loss of quality).

Print for the Euro game

Small banknotes for A4 sheet. The quality is good, does not blur when editing and printing. JPEG format:

Print Russian rubles

Play money to print Russian rubles on a printer. PDF format. Large banknotes (12 pieces) per A4 sheet:

Small banknotes on A4 sheet (JPEG format):

Money mockup for printing on a printer

It’s easy and simple to print money for kids! Download the attachments at the bottom of the page and print them on a color printer (A4 paper), then help your child to carefully cut the pictures along the connection lines, and that’s it. your little one has their own money! Print the pictures in multiple copies, depending on how much money you need. Money can be used to play various board games and more! Children, usually, in a playful way, begin to understand much faster what value money has in everyday life, how to use it correctly, and most importantly: teaching a kid to count in this form is completely painless, quick and simple.

There are quite a few games that require play money. Of course, the most popular game of this kind is Monopoly. You can play Monopoly online. But it is much more interesting to print the “game board” and play money. Especially if you are a small company and want to try interesting, but at the same time simple games.

All you need is good quality cardboard and paper, office scissors, and a regular liquid glue color printer. By the way, in order for the bills to be cut easier and smoother, you can use not scissors, but a clerical paper knife. So, print the game money on a printer:

Print Belarusian rubles for the game

Belarusian rubles (1.3.5 rubles). Large banknotes, for A4 sheet

Belarusian rubles (10, 25, 50, 100 rubles). Large banknotes, good quality.

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Envelope templates for printing on a plain A4 sheet of paper. Can be printed to any printer directly from a pdf (PDF) file.

It’s actually quite simple to make a gift envelope, just insert the necessary pictures into a Word document (MS Word). And then, from the printed sheet, cut the desired shape with scissors, which will only have to be folded and glued.

You don’t have to buy an envelope for money, if you have a printer, you can print it out for free! Select and download a ready-made template, with a certain skill of working on a computer, you can add any image yourself to an A4 sheet. Then carefully cut the desired shape from the sheet. Fold and glue, in the absence of glue, you can use a stapler (stapler) or paper clips.
Instead of a greeting card, you can also print an envelope in which to put the greeting text.
If you need to send a note, then it can also be issued in the original style.

A wide variety of examples.
Cake and balls, cartoon characters (Winnie the Pooh and Piglet, a hare and a wolf from Nu pogodi, Cheburashka and Gena the crocodile), bunnies and bears, cats, flowers and fireworks.
Color and black and white sketches.

Flowers with wishes

This homemade card for your beloved mother is perhaps one of the most difficult. A schoolboy can handle it, but not a kindergartener.

The luckiest ones are those with a printer and colored paper. you can just print the blanks. They look like this.

Although you can take any others. Also, the child can cut flowers with long petals on stencils. Then you just need to carefully write wishes or words of congratulations for mom by hand. Petals can be made less or more, and there are never too many blanks, as well as kind words for mothers.

In every piece of paper or cardboard you need to make a hole. exactly in the center. This is necessary in order for the postcard to be mobile. We fold the central part from small blanks.

These triangles are made from squares. Just fold the pieces up to fold tightly and then glue them to the center of the postcard.

Take a decorative bead or button. Pass a nice cord or braid through the center of the card. Tie it in a small knot at the back, or hide it under a cardboard circle. Such a card will definitely move your beloved mother, because so many kind words and confessions cannot leave anyone indifferent.

Volumetric flowers

If you have a patterned stapler, your child can make such a postcard with his own hands in just 10-15 minutes. If there is no stapler, color templates will help out.

  • stencils;
  • cardboard;
  • velvet paper;
  • half beads;
  • Super glue.
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We fold the cardboard for the postcard in half. We cut flowers according to stencils or using a patterned stapler. We make big and small petals. If the child is still in kindergarten, it is better to make the simplest color options for the Mother’s Day card, which he can easily cut out on his own. If the child is older, you can try something more difficult.

For decoration we use glossy cardboard and matte paper. you get an interesting combination that will decorate the postcard. We attach the petals to superglue, and place an elegant bead in the center.

Even an older schoolchild can make this Mother’s Day card. the gift will look worthy.

Mother’s Day card with palms

At home with a child, you can make a more easily soiled, but interesting present. Any paints will do. It can be acrylic, finger or gouache in jars. Even watercolor will look good.

  • A4 sheet;
  • paints;
  • wet wipes;
  • straws for juice;
  • scissors;
  • colored cardboard or thick paper for postcards;
  • colored paper;
  • PVA glue or hot.
  • Pour the paint into a flat dish and lower the child’s foot into it. Or paint over the leg with a brush. We apply it to the white sheet. Wipe immediately with napkins.
  • In the same way, we make prints of different colors in the shape of a palm.
  • When the paint is dry, cut out the workpieces along the contour.
  • We glue the tubes on the cardboard, and then the resulting templates of the legs and palms, creating a craft card in the form of a vase of flowers. We decorate additionally at our discretion.

Working with paints is very useful for developing child’s hand motor skills. Therefore, do not be afraid to let children draw, even at an early age.

Potted Flowers Postcard

A soiled, but very funny way to make a gift for mom is to make a postcard using paints.

  • paint “Gouache” of three or more colors;
  • white cardboard;
  • preparation of pots and flowers;
  • glue and plastic plates.
  • Pour paint into the plates. Dip your palm in any color you like and apply it to the cardboard.
  • We glue the pots at the base of the hand, and flowers on the fingers.

Flower bed on paper

This original postcard is perfect for kindergarten crafts. The child can make it on his own. you only need the blanks. In this example, you see the subject of collective creativity. Children from the kindergarten brought their flowers from home and placed them on a Whatman paper to please their mothers who came to the holiday. At home, you can make a postcard with your own hands and hang it where mom will see it often.

  • a large sheet of cardboard;
  • colored paper;
  • printout with words.
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To begin with, you should make a blank on the computer. Sit down with your child and ask what kind of mother he is. The most kind, beautiful, intelligent, happy, etc. Type the words on one sheet and print on colored printer paper. If this is not possible, we will cut petals out of colored paper, and write definitions by hand.

The child can draw flowers himself. We cut them out of colored paper and glue them together with a piece of paper.

The postcard can be painted with bright colors and supplemented with photographs. Then you will get not just a postcard, but a real collage for Mother’s Day, which will touch any mom.

Postcard “Flower meadow

Adorable postcards will appeal not only to mothers, but also to children who will make them on their own under the guidance of a teacher.

  • colored cardboard and paper;
  • Scotch;
  • scissors;
  • threads of various colors;
  • ruler and pencil;
  • PVA glue.
  • Using a printed template or a drawn blank, cut out a circle with rounded edges from cardboard.
  • We make a square frame for the postcard with woolen thread, and then we wind it behind each petal, creating an original pattern. Fix the tip on the reverse side with tape.
  • We draw and cut out 2 templates for flowers, glue them together obliquely.
  • Cut off a strip of a different color and cut into strips. We fold and glue it, forming a pestle. We connect both parts, fix with glue.
  • We place ready-made flowers on postcards and glue them.

During the master class, children will master the technique of light weaving and in the future will be able to apply the acquired skills in the manufacture of other crafts.


Scrapbooking is not an easy technique, but children can still make a postcard like this. We’ll just use the lightweight decor option.

  • cardboard;
  • thin foam;
  • beads;
  • colored paper;
  • any decor.

We fold the cardboard in half. like a blank for a standard postcard. Cut out a frame from the foam sheets, the size of which matches the half of the postcard. To do this, you can use ceiling tiles or ready-made options, which are easy to find in the departments for creativity.

First we place decorative paper on the cardboard, and then glue the frame. In one part, you can insert a photo, in the other. a congratulation. Make some cardboard and colored paper squares. Glue them to the central part alternately, slightly tilting the corners in different directions.

Decorate the card with beads, ribbons and other decor.