Print A4 Colored Paper On Printer

Photo printing 10 × 15 on a printer

Sometimes users need to print a photo of 10 by 15 centimeters. Of course, you can contact a special discussion service, where employees, using high-quality equipment and paper, will perform this procedure for you. However, if you have a suitable device at home, you can do everything yourself. Next, we will look at four ways to print a 10 × 15 image.

We print a photo 10 × 15 on a printer

I would like to note right away that to complete the task you will need color inkjet equipment and special paper of A6 or larger format.

In addition, we advise you to make sure that the peripherals are displayed in the device list and are functioning normally. If you are making the first connection, you will need to pre-install the drivers.

Microsoft Office Word

The Microsoft Word text editor is also suitable for performing some actions with pictures. It has a function that allows you to customize and print. You need to add a photo to the document, select it, then go to the “Format” tab, open the size options and set the Corresponding values ​​in the “Size and rotation” section.

You will find detailed instructions for performing this task in method 2 in the material at the following link. The process of preparing and printing a 3 × 4 photo is described there, however, it is almost identical, you just need to set other sizes.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the most popular graphics editor and is installed on computers by many users. In it, you can work from a snapshot, and a 10 × 15 photo is prepared as follows:

  • Run the program and in the “File” tab, select “Open”, then specify the path to the required photo on the PC.

After it is loaded, go to the “Image” tab, where click on the “Image size” item.

Uncheck “Maintain aspect ratio”.

In the “Print Size” section, specify the value “Centimeters”, set the desired values ​​and click “OK”. Please note that the original image must be larger than the final image, since this way you will compress it and not lose quality. When you enlarge a small photo, it will become of poor quality and pixels will be visible.

Through the “File” tab, open the “Print” menu.

The default settings are for A4 paper. If you are using a different type, go to “Print Settings”.

Expand the Page Size list and set the appropriate option.

Move the image to the required area of ​​the sheet, select the active printer and click on “Print”.

Now it remains to wait for the printing to be completed. You must get a photo that matches the color and is of good quality.

Special programs

There are programs that allow you to prepare and print drawings of different formats. With the help of them, you can work with the size 10 × 15, since it is quite popular. Management of such software is carried out at an intuitive level, and the applications themselves differ only in some tools and functions. Meet them in our other material at the following link.

Windows Standard Printing Tool

Windows has a built-in print facility that works well with most popular formats except 3 × 4. If the original version of your photo is larger than 10 × 15, you should first resize it. You can do this in Photoshop, with the first four steps from the 2 methods above. After the change, you only need to save the snapshot by pressing Ctrl S. Next, we will perform the following manipulations:

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    Open the file through the image viewer by clicking on it with the left mouse button. Click on “Print”. If it is missing, use the hotkey Ctrl P.

You can go to the printout without opening the photo. Just right-click on it and click on “Print“.

print, colored, paper, printer

In the “Print images” window that opens, select the active printer from the list.

Set the paper size and image quality to be used. Skip the next two steps if you are using A6 sheets.

If A4 paper is loaded in the printer, in the menu on the right, check the item “10 x 15 cm (2)”.

After transformation, the image may NOT completely fit into the frame. This is fixed by unchecking the “Image by frame size”.

Click on the “Print” button.

Wait for the process to complete.

DO NOT take out the paper until the procedure is over.

This concludes our article. We hope we helped you cope with the task at hand and you found the most convenient option for obtaining a printed copy of a 10 by 15 centimeters photo.

Varieties and selection of printer paper

  • Kinds
  • Dimensions
  • Density
  • Top manufacturers
  • How to choose?

In office equipment, various consumables are used, including paper, which has its own characteristics, density indicator, appearance and purpose. The choice should be based on the parameters of the printing device and personal goals. Such products are offered in several sizes, postcards, banners, catalogs can be printed on it, so it is useful to study the description of consumables. Let’s take a closer look at the types and choice of paper for the printer.

Choosing printer paper is not as easy as it might seem at first glance, as it is offered not only in its usual form, but also in a wide variety on the market. Having studied the specifics of the material, you can understand what this or that type is suitable for. To choose the right product, you need to determine the classification, Get acquainted with the main characteristics of the paper subtype.

Colored paper

These are double-sided sheets, painted in different shades. They are available in all colors and have a white edge when cut. This option is most often used in an office environment, and it is also suitable for decoupage and cardmaking. Such paper can be used to print presentation materials, flyers, advertising brochures and other similar products. Samples are offered in different densities.

If you need to make beautiful leaflets, you can print them on thin multi-colored paper, because it can be red, yellow, blue, gray, and so on. This type of material is suitable for copying graphics, just select the appropriate shade and density if you need strong brochures or booklets.

Double-sided paper

This material is often used for printing catalogs, colorful brochures and ordinary text files. The paper is glossy, has a smooth surface, and images look clear and colorful on it. On the market you can find matte coated photo papers in different weights. Double-sided paper should be used with care, especially when printing on inkjet printers.


This copier paper is available in white and comes in a variety of sizes. This type of office material is suitable for printing text documents, scanned images. This is the most practical and affordable option. The paper can be thick, the indicator is always in the description.

Perforated or roll paper

The material is suitable for use on dot matrix printers to print seamlessly a stream of graphic or text data. If you need to print large amounts of information, paper with such high consumer characteristics is perfect. There are holes along the edges, the material has tear lines.

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Drum printers are suitable for this type of paper. The fanfold material is offered in different perforation grades. Fine paper is used on high quality paper, slit paper is used on a lower quality, and self-copying consists of several layers.


Magnet-based materials are printed on special paper. The consumer is offered glossy and matte, so first you need to decide which picture you want to get. Magnetic paper should be used with inkjet printers. It is compatible with pigment and water soluble inks. Photos, graphics, pictures are often printed on it. It is easy to cut, and is magnetised to metal surfaces.


This type of paper is called thermal transfer paper. It is used in inkjet printers, which are suitable for printing images and writing on dark fabrics. Transfer paper is available for black and colored cotton and white fabrics.

Scrap paper

Such material is often used by creative people who like to create something unusual with their own hands. The paper for postcards should be thick so that it can be used as the main background or pasting over the blank. Sheets are offered in different formats. It is better to use laser printing so that the ink will withstand the glue and be water resistant, rather than blurring during operation. This is a kind of designer scrapbooking paper that attracts DIY enthusiasts.


It is a self-adhesive film used for printing promotional items including signs and notices. The main feature of this material is that it can be applied to almost any surface. metal, glass, plastic, wood. The paper is produced with a sticky layer, inkjet printers are used for printing. The big advantage of transfer film is its brightness, so it attracts attention and becomes a real assistant in advertising campaigns. It is durable, dries quickly and is NOT susceptible to moisture.

Writing paper

The material is made from recycled materials, it has a low density and a grayish tint. It is thin paper and therefore comes at a low price. It is most often used to print newspapers and other similar products.


This indicator plays an important role. In the office sector, A4 paper is in greatest demand. This is a common size suitable for printing documents, graphics, photocopiers. Marking A is used almost everywhere. The main format is considered A0, after which the next size is equal to half of the previous letter. That is, if you divide A0, you get A1 paper, and so on. Each letter has its own size, namely:

  • A0. 841×1189 mm. better suited for making posters, posters, wall tables are printed on it;
  • A1. 594×841 mm. these parameters also allow you to print posters and posters;
  • A2. 420×594 mm;
  • A3. 297×420 mm. newspaper products are produced in this format;
  • A4. The most relevant 210×297 mm. used when printing documentation, contracts, applications, invoices and even many books; all printers support this printing format;
  • A5. 210×148 mm. compact, therefore suitable for stories, quote books, small notebooks and so on;
  • A6. the smallest 148×105 mm, or 10×15 cm when it comes to photo paper.


This is one of the most fundamental indicators of paper quality, which is why special attention must be paid to this parameter. Density refers to the thickness of the sheet, which affects the appearance of the printed matter, its shelf life. Each such indicator is suitable for specific purposes. The density is always indicated on the packaging of the paper, measured in grams per square meter.

  • The density of the offset material ranges from 60 to 160 g / m². This paper is used for printing office supplies. Sheets are versatile and easy to print with markings on.
  • Coated paper has a special layer, so the printed image will be bright, as the ink does NOT absorb. The paper has a density of 70 to 300 g / m². It is suitable for advertising glossy brochures, posters and posters.
  • Designer is considered the most dense. here are 100 to 300 g / m². Such paper is used for printing booklets, business cards, paperback books. The material is abrasion resistant, durable and last much longer due to its thickness.
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Top manufacturers

If you want to choose office paper, you can consider the range from Svetocopy. The products have been thoroughly tested and tested by consumers. The main advantage is that it is suitable for any model of printers, often used in copying machines. It is offered in a standard white format. Its density is 80 g / m², which is enough for business.

Ballet Premier products, which are produced in A4 format, 500 sheets per package, can also be included in the rating of the best. It is the smoothest surface on which ink dries almost instantly.

It is difficult not to add office paper from Canon to the list, because the company uses a natural product for production. She has achieved the highest level of whiteness. The material is suitable for documents that should be kept in the archive for many years. For printing photos, it is extremely important to select the right consumables on which the image will look natural, vibrant and dynamic. Therefore, the leader among the rich list is undoubtedly the same Canon, which is not surprising, because the company is also engaged in the production of the very equipment for which it offers consumables and accessories. Photographic paper is produced in Japanese factories and has a high density. The ink should not spread on the surface, the equipment perfectly perceives such material.

Important! For home and professional photo printing, you can buy Epson paper, which has managed to gain confidence in the high quality of the sheets, resistance to moisture and direct sunlight. The colors on it are vibrant and truly realistic.

How to choose?

In order to choose the right consumable, first you need to decide on the products that will be printed, as well as on the equipment used. the printer. When buying paper, first of all, its purpose is taken into account, and then the density. If using a laser device, thick paper will NOT work as it can simply build up in the machine. The degree of smoothness affects the contrast and clarity of the image. Therefore, if it should be a glossy magazine, catalog or flyer, it is better to choose colored double-sided paper. Rough materials increase toner consumption when printing images.

Stiffness characterizes the resistance of the letter to bending. It is not recommended to buy decorative paper if the printer is laser, as the pile will stick to the mechanism, and the life of the equipment will quickly decrease. Initially, you need to set a goal. what exactly are you going to print, in what quantity. It is necessary to decide what should be the brightness of the colors, whether this type of consumable supports the all-in-one printer.

For information on how to choose paper for printing on inkjet printers, see the following video.