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Rapunzel coloring pages.

On this page, you will find coloring pages with the characters of one of the best Disney cartoons. Rapunzel: A Tangled Story. A cartoon about the adventures of another Disney princess. an extraordinary girl with magical hair, loved not only by girls, but also by boys and even their parents. You can download Rapunzel coloring pages for girls by choosing among 60 pictures posted on the corresponding page of our website.

Coloring pages for girls Dasha the traveler.

The characters of this series of coloring pages once again became the heroes of the cartoon series. This time it is the television animated series “Dasha the Traveler” (the second version of its name “Dasha the Pathfinder”). Coloring books, like the series itself, are designed for girls aged one and a half to six to seven years. The main character of the cartoon is also a girl. Her name, as you might guess, is Dasha (and in the original version in English her name is Dora). Since the series is educational, Dasha teaches her viewers something useful in each episode: English words and phrases, numbers, rules of behavior. than 100 coloring pages for little girls are waiting for you on the page dedicated to inquisitive Dasha.

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Winx coloring pages.

The popular animated series about the Winx Club is presented in our coloring pages in several pages at once, each of which is entirely devoted to one of the heroines of the cartoon or a specific season.

Printable coloring pages for girls for free

All coloring pages from this catalog can be downloaded or printed absolutely free of charge. To do this, you need to select a theme that you like, and by clicking on the picture with the mouse, go to the selection of coloring pages. Then, in the same way, we select the coloring that we will download or print on the printer, click on it with the mouse. After that, a window with a large picture and buttons for printing and moving to the next picture will open. And in order to download coloring pages for girls, you need to right-click on the picture and select an item similar to this in the menu that opens: “Save picture as” or “Save image”.
Now in this catalog you can find coloring pages for girls on the following topics:

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Monster High coloring pages for girls.

Many girls adore Monster High dolls and the animated series about them. On our site, Monster High characters are represented by two pages, which contain more than 200 coloring pages in total. Among them there are not only students and students of the Monster School, but also their favorite pets.

Lets Talk About Paper and What Paper to Use for Printing Out Digital Coloring Pages and Stamps

Bratz dolls. coloring pages for girls.

Another popular series of dolls and cartoons with their participation has found its reflection in coloring pages for girls. The dolls are an image of teenage girls with large heads, unusual eyes and bright makeup. Bratz cartoons are about the friendship of funny and pretty fashionistas Jasmine, Sasha, Chloe and, of course, Jade. From this page you can print and color 66 pictures of these Bratz characters.

Barbie coloring pages.

Of course, the section “coloring for girls” cannot do without Barbie. After all, this is not only the most popular doll in the world, for several decades, Barbie has been in first place in sales among all toys. In addition, there are more than 30 cartoons featuring Barbie, as well as a huge number of computer games for girls, a series of books and magazines about her. than 60 Barbie coloring pages you can easily download from our dedicated page.

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Friendship is Magic coloring pages for girls.

The cartoon series about the adventures of little ponies living in the city of Ponyville was enjoyed by girls aged 3. 5 years and older. Coloring pages Friendship is a miracle, there are more than 70 pieces. Here are all the main characters of the cartoon, the names of which every girl who has watched at least one episode probably knows:

How To Print Coloring Pages

  • Twilight Sparkle,
  • Pinkie Pie,
  • Rainbow Dash,
  • Fluttershy,
  • Applejack,
  • Rarity.
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