Printer Can’t See Cactus Cartridge

Cactus CS-PH6022C

cheap 🙂

I haven’t found them yet, maybe they are comments.

Excellent cartridge, NOT inferior to the original


I use constantly

I bought all the colors in citylink as well as the printer copier 6020. All cartridges fit all work.

Satisfied trner DO NOT search

Cheap, print quality, excellent compatibility

not found

Xerox phaser 6020.
Starter cartridges were installed in the printer (which are without chips and less capacity. A900 and so on).
After installing cacti. I decided without problems and additional manipulations. Prints high quality, did not notice the difference with the original.

Works seamlessly on phazer 6020

no problem


DOES NOT read Xerox6020

Full horror wrote that for the Xerox 6020 but the Ego printer does not read

Very cheap, especially compared to the original. The quality is excellent.

You need to walk around the printer with a tambourine for something to work. Inexperienced users Better not to poke around. (((

Some write that there are problems with the cartridge. Like, the printer does not see it and gives an error. Faced the same problem. I found the solution, as always, on the Internet. It turned out that Xerox ReStarter will help in this situation: This resets toner readings. The main thing is to remember. The printer must be connected via a cable, not via wi-fi !! Plus, pull out or seal the chip! And everything will work for you if you do it according to the instructions.

Xerox Phaser 6020 printer. The second time I ask such a cartridge. Both times works fine. As a native, and the price tag is much lower than the original. Other Cactus colors also work without problems. The installation is very simple. Printer software updated.


I don’t understand why others do not work. Can someone please clarify.


does not work with xerox phaser 6022

waste of money

Unlikely to work with printer


Xerox Phaser 6020 Printer Cannot See Cartridge

When replacing from a starter cartridge to this printer, I stopped seeing the cyan cartridge at all. Highly not recommend!


the device does not see the cartridge

Xerox Phaser 6020 Region 1 Printer Generates Error Cyan Cartridge Defective


Until I found

Features cactus CS-PH6022C. General characteristics

A type cartridge
Appointment for laser printer
Colour blue
Number of cartridges 1 PC.
Printer manufacturer Xerox
compatible printers Phaser 6020/6022 / WC6025 / 6027
resource 1000 pages


warranty period 12 month Store in a dark place in a box and a sealed bag to avoid light exposure.

Fixing a bug with detecting a printer cartridge

Sometimes users of printing equipment are faced with the fact that the printer stops. Having detected the ink tank, this is indicated by a notification on the computer or the display of the device itself. Almost always, the cause of this problem is the cartridges themselves, their hardware or system failures. The malfunction is solved in different ways, each of which requires the user to perform certain actions. Let’s take a closer look at the available methods.

Fixing a bug with detecting a printer cartridge

Some users will immediately try to restart the printer or pull out and reinsert the ink tank. Such actions sometimes help, but in most cases they do not bring any results, therefore, more complex processes related to clearing contacts and fixing system failures should be carried out. Let’s deal with everything in order.

Checking contacts

I would like to immediately Please note that almost always the error occurs after refilling or replacing cartridges. If you purchased new ink tanks, compare their contacts with the topic located on the device itself, because they must be the same. This can be done quite simply:

    Place the holder in the replacement position after lifting the cover and remove the cartridge assembly.

Flip them over and make sure the pins match.

If everything is normal, it is recommended to clean the contacts, because sometimes they oxidize or get dirty after refueling. A regular eraser or alcohol wipe is best for this. Just gently wipe each chip, then push the ink tank unit back into the all-in-one printer or printer until it clicks.

The electrical elements in the device itself should also be diagnosed. You will get access to them immediately after you take out the cartridge. Make sure there are no foreign objects on them, if necessary, gently remove dust and other dirt with a clean cloth.

Check how well the block is fixed in the holder. The slightest waste of contacts can cause malfunctions in the printing process. If the cartridges are loose, take a small piece of paper, fold it as many times as needed and place it between the mount and the ink bottle. This way you securely fix the parts inside the device.

Zeroing cartridges

Sometimes a notification appears on the computer that the ink cartridge is empty. In most cases, this problem occurs after replacing or refilling the ink tank, because the device does not calculate the costs by the remaining volume of ink, but by the amount of paper used. First, we are with a notification. Most often, there will be written instructions that you need to follow to continue printing.

If the instructions given by the developers did not help or it does not appear, check out the following guide.

    Many all-in-one printers or printers with an integrated display have a dedicated reset button on the cartridges. Hold it down for a few seconds to automatically reset the ink level. Of course, the device must be turned on.
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Next, read what appears on the display and follow the instructions.

Let’s carry out this procedure with all the ink tanks remaining in the block.

In the event that the slam-shut device has a reset button, pay attention to the connection board itself. Sometimes it has two small contacts located next to each other.

Take a flat-blade screwdriver and disable them at the same time to automatically reset the paint level.

Then the unit can be gently inserted back into the printer.

Take a look at the photo below. There you see an example of a board with and without special contacts.

If they are missing from your slam-shut, the reset procedure is quite simple:

    Open the top cover of the printing device to access the ink tank unit.

Remove from there Necessary in accordance with the manual for your device model. The sequence of actions is often depicted even on the lid itself.

Reinsert the cartridge until it clicks.

Confirm the replacement by following the instructions on the display, if applicable on your product.

Today we have analyzed the main ways to fix the error with detecting a cartridge in the printer. They are universal and suitable for many models of similar equipment. However, we cannot tell about all the products, so if you still have questions, ask them in the comments, indicated your device model.

Printer HP Cannot See Cartridge. Solution

If your printer HP does not recognize the cartridge, there is likely a problem with reading the chip. There may be several reasons for this:

  • There is something wrong with the chip. Out of order, incompatible with printer firmware, ink counter out of order.
  • Cartridge construction defect. This is possible if you use non-original consumables.
  • Problems with the contacts with which the printer recognizes the chip.

The ink cartridge may simply be out of ink. This should be verified first.

If the printer HP does not see the original cartridge

Check the ink levels beforehand!

In cases where the cartridge is guaranteed to be new and original, refer to the instructions or consult Hewlett-Packard Authorized Technical Support. Let’s point out only common mistakes:

  • The cartridge is installed incorrectly. Generally, genuine cartridges slide in easily and clicks.
  • DO NOT fully close the cartridge cover. But it is not worth making excessive efforts to avoid damage.
  • Forgot to remove the protective yellow tape from the cartridge.

If you bought a cartridge from authorized dealers, it is quite possible that you are in front of a fake. An analogue of a third-party manufacturer sold under the guise of an original, or a “remanufactured” cartridge (ie a spent original, refilled by a third-party company). In both cases, the problem is most likely in the chip.

If the printer HP does not see the shut-off device and CISS

Be sure to fill the slam-shut / CISS according to the instructions.

Common reasons why the device does not recognize the slam-shut / CISS:

  • The chip contacts are dirty. A common problem. details can be found, for example, in the article on malfunctions of CISS and shut-off devices for HP 655, 178, 920, 934/935, 903/907 cartridges.
  • Broken contacts for reading cartridge chips. For example, in printers based on HP 950, 951, 933, 932, 711, 970, 971, 980, 952, 842, 953, 957, contacts are often damaged. What you can read in more detail in the article on repairing contact data.
  • Incompatibility of the chip with the new firmware (firmware / firmware). So the firmware IG_10_00_00.2 for DesignJet T790, T795, T1300, T2300 “killed” the cartridges emulating the original HP 72. Check the firmware version of your device before installing alternative consumables (for example, in the instructions for determining the firmware for HP OfficeJet). The problem can also be associated with too old firmware (example with R1640).
  • Chip lock by counter. Original chips in the PageWide and OfficeJet Pro line are completely blocked when the built-in counter is reset, excluding the possibility of refueling.
  • Chip locked due to repeated sensor error. An ink sensor triggering due to a missed refill or the use of bad non-original ink will block chips for devices. Learn more in How to remove this lock for HP Officejet Pro x451dn / dw, x551dw, x476dn, x576dw, x585dn / f, x585z, x555dn / xh devices. Related article on Blocking for devices on HP 711, 950, 951, 933, 932 cartridges.

If the HP laser printer does not see the cartridge

Problems with recognizing cartridges in laser printers arise for similar reasons as in inkjet printers.

  • Toner has run out. Always check the toner cartridge level first.
  • Chip is NOT recognized.
  • Cartridge is not installed correctly.

Original and new cartridge

For laser printers, the problem of an undetectable cartridge is often solved quite simply: open the lid and insert the cartridge, then close the lid leaving a small gap for your finger. With our finger inside the printer, we grope for the cartridge and “squeeze” it.

There is always a possibility that under the guise of a new cartridge you have been sold a compatible analogue or a “remanufactured” original. If you DO NOT use alternative consumables. buy cartridges from authorized Hewlett-Packard dealers.

The cartridge is original, but it has already been filled

Checking the toner level and the correct installation of the cartridge are relevant in this case.

If the original cartridge has survived several refills, the elements in it could be damaged by which the printer recognizes the presence of the cartridge. Or the digital page yield counter has been triggered.

In the first case, the replacement of the failed element is required, in the second. the flashing of the chip.

Compatible third party cartridge

If you are using compatible third-party cartridges, try installing the original cartridge. If the device does not see the original, there is a problem inside the printer (chip recognition fails, for example).

Otherwise, the matter is most likely in the chip:

  • Out of order.
  • NOT compatible with printer firmware.
  • Installed unevenly.

What to do if the device does not see the cartridge. Incorrect cartridge installation

A cartridge is a container that supplies ink. The contacts located on the bottom of the ink tank must fit snugly against the contact pad of the printer for proper operation.

If the device does not see the cartridge, remove the container and put it back again, it presses more tightly to the carriage contacts. In some models it is necessary to insert before a characteristic click. Do not touch the copper contacts with your fingers, as the static current accumulated in the body can disable the equipment. It will not be superfluous to blow on the contacts in order to remove dust accidentally falling on them.

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If the cartridge reaches the contacts, you can put paper folded several times or other material, for example, thin foam rubber.

If a new cartridge is installed, the seal may NOT have been removed. Remove the ink tank and peel off the sticker.

Short circuit of contacts

If pieces of foil or other small metallized objects get stuck on the cartridge chips, the contacts may short-circuit. Remove Foreign Bodies with Magnifier and Flashlight.

On some HP products, the carriage contacts move, and if the ink tank is not installed properly, they may accidentally bend and short-circuit each other. You can bend the contacts to their original position with any thin object.

Non-genuine and incompatible cartridges

Many printer models require you to buy a specially designed ink cartridge. You can scan the QR code from the package with your smartphone to find out whether the ink tank is suitable and whether it is original before purchasing. To check consumables from HP there is an application “HP SureSupply”.

To determine the compatibility of a cartridge with a printer, you can go to the manufacturer’s website. For example, on the HP website there is such information in the section with ink and toner. The page has a search either by cartridge number or by printer model. In the line “Cartridge number” enter the information in the purchased consumables. When you find the model you want, there will be a Compatible Printers button below it. After pressing it, all possible options for compatible devices will appear on the screen.

Breaking contact

When the printer no longer sees the cartridge due to dust, dirt or ink remaining between the contacts, a cleaning procedure is required.

  • Pulling out the inkwell.
  • We lay it on a flat surface with contacts up.
  • Take a lint-free cloth or sponge.
  • Moisten the sponge in purified or distilled water until it is moist, but not completely blotted.
  • Removing contamination from the ink tank and carriage contacts.
  • After 10-15 minutes. Installing the cartridge back into the printer.

The connection of the cartridge chips to the carriage contacts may be incomplete due to the high mounting height of the chips. To restore contact, you need to cut the plastic solder to the base and reinstall the cartridge.

In some Epson printers, the contacts in the print head are too long, they can easily break if the cartridge is pulled out carelessly. If the contacts are broken, the cartridge will not be recognized. Broken contacts can be easily identified visually or by pulling out each inkwell in turn.

Dirty cartridge, drying ink

The nozzles, through which ink is supplied to the paper, are very small, so they quickly become dirty with solidifying ink residues. In order for the printer to recognize the cartridge again, you need to remove the remaining ink.

    Water is poured into a small container with the addition of alcohol or a special liquid. The water layer must NOT exceed 1 cm.

Cartridge replacement incomplete

Refillable ink cartridges Some inkjets may not be recognizable if installed incompletely. For normal operation, it is impossible to partially supply the shut-off valve, left part of the original consumables. Slam-shut valve Must be installed fully equipped.

Problems with CISS

CISS is mainly powered via a USB cable, but there are new models of Epson equipment, in which power comes from 1-2 batteries. If the system is not displayed, check if the system is receiving power. If the CISS is connected via USB, then the power indicator will report the lack of communication, if there are batteries, then they need to be replaced.

In addition to power supply, CISS may have problems with the cleanliness of contacts. If necessary, they need to be cleaned of paint residues with an eraser and wiped with a clean cloth. It will NOT be superfluous to check the integrity of contacts. In the event of a breakdown, an independent replacement can be made from a piece of thin wire.

If the automatic installation of updates was enabled in the printer, then the problem may lie in the installation of a new version of the drivers. The solution may be to replace the old chip with a new one or rollback to the old firmware version.

Low toner

In a small number of models, the cartridge is blocked when there is no ink or the ink level is near zero. The only way out is to refuel the inkwell.

It is necessary to reset the counter

Resetting the ink level is done by buttons located on the front panel, and each model has its own combination.

The sequence of actions for Canon MP140. 520, as well as for MX300 / 310:

  • When the printer is on, hold down the “Resume” button. It looks like an inverted triangle.
  • Don’t let go of “Resume”, squeeze “Power”.
  • Press “Resume”, and “Power” Continuing to hold.
  • Press the “Resume” button twice.
  • Letting go of “Power”. After that, the light on the front panel will start blinking, which means the printer is entering the service mode.
  • Press “Resume” four times.
  • We launch a subfunction. If you immediately press “Power”, the main counter will be reset. If before pressing “Power”, click once on “Resume”. The “diaper” counter will also be reset, press “Resume” twice. both counters will be reset to zero. If only the toner counter needs to be reset, enable the sub-function is not necessary.
  • Press the power button to turn off the printer, this completes the procedure.

Algorithm for all-in-one printer Canon Pixma:

  • Turn off the printer.
  • At the same time, all four buttons located on the front panel of the device are clamped for 10 seconds (Power, Resume, start copying in monochrome, Ok).
  • I release the “Power” button, continue to hold the rest.
  • After a few seconds, the printer will turn on automatically. Zeroing complete, buttons can be released.

In Epson printers, zeroing is done by PrintHelp.

Software crash

The printer could be damaged by malware, the user, or an operating system malfunction. If, due to a faulty printer software, it is possible to recognize the cartridge, the drivers are first completely removed and then reinstalled.

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It is better to take the software from the installation disk, which came with the printer, or download it from the official website of the brand manufacturer. Using the installer, the old driver is first removed, and then, following the prompts, the new program is installed.

Modern multifunctional devices have their own OS that stores user settings in their memory. Sometimes the all-in-one printer is unable to detect the ink bottle due to a failure in its operating system. In this case, you need to return the settings to the factory settings through the Toolbox program. You need to go to “Device Settings”, select “Services” and name it “Restore”.

Hardware faults

If hardware problems are found in the printer, they should be corrected by the specialists of the service center. Self-repair can lead to even more damage.

What to do if the device does not see the cartridge

The device does not observe the cartridge

A beneficial option for the user’s wallet is to refuel an existing cassette. In this case, a fairly common problem arises that occurs in HP, Canon and Epson printing devices. a refill cartridge is installed, but the printer does not see it and displays a zero ink level. Consider the reasons why the device does not see the cartridge, what to do to solve the problem.

Contact verification

If the cassette is loaded and installed, it is necessary to sequentially disassemble why the device does not see the cartridge.

The first thing to do is to check that the cassette is installed correctly and that there is contact:

  • Cartridge marking must match the printing device model.
  • The ink cassette must be fully installed with the carriage in the correct position. For correct installation, you need to exert effort so that a characteristic click is heard. The carriage can be manually replaced.
  • If the chip changes position, it should be corrected.
  • The chip should not show any plastic residues, ink stains or signs of oxidation. After refueling, wipe the chip with a cotton swab with an alcohol solution, and if there are oxidation spots, additionally treat it with a regular eraser.
  • In some cases, the device does not see the cartridge after refilling due to poor contact of the cartridge with the walls of the carriage. In this case, it is necessary to seal the junction with a thick piece of paper or double-sided tape.

Resetting the ink level

Resetting the ink level

When the Canon printer does not see the cartridge, and the problems described in the previous paragraph are excluded, you can reset the counter. Canon gives users this opportunity, unlike second brand manufacturers.

For Canon printers, the zeroing procedure looks like this:

  • If the system displays a message about the empty cartridge, press “OK” on the screen, or the reset button on the printer (a red or orange triangle in a circle).
  • Further, when the level of ink physically comes to an end, the program will again offer to replace the cassette. You need to clamps the reset button on the printer for half a minute. The counter for the specified cartridge will be reset.

If an ink tank is installed in a Canon printer, proceed in the same way for each ink tank.

Additionally, software control is disabled. To do this, find the printing device in the Control Panel. Printers folder. In the properties, in the tabs in the printer state, the field for displaying automatic warnings is disabled. Be aware that after disabling the monitoring function, you will have to monitor the ink level yourself to avoid damaging the carriage nozzles.

For printing devices with an ink tank, it is enough to carry out the procedure once. For replaceable cassettes, the procedure will have to be carried out after installing each new element. In addition, disabling the ink level tracking feature automatically voids the product from the factory warranty.

Zeroing HP Chip

The method described above practically does not work on HP devices. If the HP printer does not see the cartridge, you can perform the chip zeroing procedure differently. The essence of the method consists in sequentially blocking the contacts of the cassette (in the photo) so that the system defines it as new.

The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Remove the cartridge from the printer. Tape contact number one.
  • Insert the cartridge, click “OK” in the system warning window. Print a test letter.
  • Take out the cassette. Seal contact number two. Repeat the procedure for installing the cartridge and printing a test sheet.
  • Remove the first tape, install the cartridge, wait until the printing device sees it.
  • Take out the cartridge, remove another tape. Wipe the contacts with an alcohol wipe, reinstall the cassette in the printing device. The system will recognize the cartridge and indicate that it has been refilled.

For black and color ink, different contacts need to be glued. First, the left contact at the top is glued (in the figure). Next, for black ink, you need to glue the upper right contact, for color ink. the rightmost one in the second row from the top. Another option is suitable for both cassettes: the top left contact is glued first, the second is at random any lower contact in the center. Try different options, you can get the printer to recognize the cassette.

Epson Cassette Zeroing

Epson refilled cassettes can be zeroed in similar ways:

  • With a special button on the printers, which needs clamps within 5-10 seconds.
  • If the button is missing, and the cartridge has two round contacts, you can try closing them with tweezers. This action will reset the counter.
  • If the system requires you to replace the cassette, you can take it out and immediately insert it back. Often this method works and the system detects the cassette as new.

Zero cassettes for Epson

printer, cactus, cartridge

The last recommendation applies to printers of any brand. Using outdated cassettes and ink tanks, refilling them with low-quality, cheap ink, may lead to premature damage to the printing device.