Printer does not print after head flushing

Paper jam

If the Canon MFP G3400 displays a paper jam error when there is no paper, it is a broken paper sensor. Getting to the paper sensor in the Canon G3400 is very difficult. First you need to do a fairly deep and complex disassembly.

When we removed the assembly with the carriage, we get access to the paper sensor.

printer, does, print, head, flushing

In our case, the paper sensor arm is broken in two places. First we glue the parts.

Then we reinforce it with steel wire. The parts will not stick to the glue, they will fall apart over time.


Diaper reset

One of the reset methods, which does not depend on the presence of the service mode, is to restore the firmware. For this, the board is removed, 2 memory chips are soldered, which are programmed with a new firmware on the programmer.

This is not a new factory firmware. With it, the printer will require initialization when turned on. Then he will start it, spend about a quarter of the ink and fill the adsorber even more. The firmware corresponds to the state of the printer immediately after initialization. For the firmware, we remove the control board and solder 2 microcircuits. Then we flash them with a new firmware and solder them back.

The board is located on the right side. To remove, just remove the right side cover.

The price of resetting the Canon G3400 error is 2000 rubles. details here.

Malfunction of the print head

The print head for Canon G3400 may be defective if the printer diagnoses the B200 error, or if the print quality of the head is not satisfactory. You can check the print quality by using the nozzle test. built-in diagnostics. If the vertical lines are in the form of an arc, then the head has degraded,

it is impossible to restore high-quality printing with this head, it must be replaced. When printing, this malfunction is visible as bifurcation of letters in certain places on the sheet.

The color head problem is similar to the black head problem, but manifests itself as an uneven vertical print density. In the picture, this can be seen as ghosting of a color image.

Another unusual error Canon G3400 8 flashes alternately warning and power lights without a message to the computer.

Canon G3400 does not print color, black

The Canon G3400 MFP has two printheads: black and tri-color. If the head is empty, the printer will not print. Those. Canon G3400 does not print in black if the black head is empty. Although the black container is full.

Likewise, if the Canon G3400 does not print color. Because there is no ink in the color head. But the color ink tanks are full.

The heads need to be filled with ink by hand. Then clean.

But these measures do not always help. For example, in the event of a printhead malfunction, which is described below.

Canon G3400 error B200 5200 5B00

Error B200, B202, B204, and the like means a printhead malfunction. First, wipe the contacts on the printhead and the mating contacts in the carriage. If this does not help, you need to replace the faulty head.

Error 5200 means the head is overheating. Refill the head with ink, clean and try again. If it does not help, contact the service center.

Error 5B00 is an overflow of the adsorber. Most importantly, on the Canon G3400 G2400 and G1400, you cannot reset the pads using Service Tools. Not Provided by Canon.

Some ways to reset the pampers error are associated with software reset methods that require the printer to enter the service mode. This mode is often unavailable. In addition, Service Tools does not reset the G3400 canister counter at all. Most likely, Canon considers this MFP a disposable one. But there is a way.

Canon G3400 Repair

The Complex service center repairs the Canon G3400 printer. reset the diaper, clean and replace the head, repair the paper feed, does not print, prints in stripes.

Canon G3400 prints in stripes

Like any system with CISS, Canon G3400 MFP often has a problem with print quality: either the colors disappear, or the MFP strips.

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To solve the problem of poor printing, Canon G3400 needs head cleaning, CISS maintenance. After these measures, the seal is usually restored.


Error 1471, 1300 Canon G3400

Error 1471. stands for Crooked Hands. If the printer cannot recognize the printhead, then the problem is with the ribbon cable. Most likely someone inserted a train with crooked hands. Possibly messed it up. The loop needs to be repaired or changed.

Is there a chance of a head malfunction? No, the printhead malfunction has a different code, such as B200, B204, B203.

A common error 1300 is a paper jam. If there is paper, then everything is clear. You need to find it and remove it. But what if there is no paper at all? First, check the paper feed sensors. Second, look for a malfunction in a service unit or encoder.

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  • Epson TX210 Does Not Print After Flushing

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  • I also carried out an indirect test, the results of which may give another hint. He took off the cartridge block, placed it approximately on the same level with the steam generator nozzles, pressed the yellow cartridge valve. a drop of yellow ink has squeezed out. I pressed red, the result is the same. That is, it is logical to assume that the CISS should be in order, the ink should flow.
    If I am wrong somewhere, please correct me.
    And thank you very much for unsubscribing in my topic. I would like to solve the problem on my own and at the same time gain experience.

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  • And you tried to do something? The reason for the disappearance of the color is the same or similar?

    The printer stood for a couple of hours. two yellow nozzles appeared. The rest (90%) are still missing.
    Please tell me, experts, to which sore the symptoms belong?

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  • you exactly soldered 2 identical transistors? : o there must be a different, complimentary pair. one pnp second npn transitions. can’t stand 2 972.

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  • Homebrew cleaning products from forums

    For example, Mister Muscle (MM), HELP for glasses.

    MM with ammonia. green. effective flushing for inkjet heads. Good for flushing water-soluble Epson ink (that’s how they write it).

    MM with acetic acid can be blue and orange. It is recommended for Epson pigment ink.

    The main components in the products are isopropyl alcohol, sodium sulfoethoxylate, and ethylene glycol. To make a wash, you need to add 10 parts of distilled water to the product. Those. dilute 10 to 1.

    Our opinion of Mister Muscle is a completely useless thing. Because it has never helped with severe blockages. All the stories on the forums about the miraculous properties of MM are Scheherazade’s tales. In reality, water-soluble ink is washed with water.

    How to properly clean the printhead

    What rules should be followed when cleaning the print head?

    • Brush all colors, even if they print perfectly. It has been repeatedly noticed that if you clean one color, the rest of the colors after cleaning often stop working perfectly. For example, the printer did not print in black and you cleaned only black. After installing the head, you notice that many of the color nozzles have stopped working. I have to remove the head again and clean the head a second time.
    • Do not apply excessive pressure when flushing the print head. This can lead to damage to the head or obstruction of the channels. In Epson printers, overpressure can rupture the diaphragm and short circuit the head.
    • It is not permissible to use unsuitable cleaning agents. For example, you cannot use water, including distilled water, to clean pigment ink channels.
    • It was noticed that we were able to restore the work of 90% of the heads that were not subjected to self-cleaning. But if they have already tried to clean the head, then the opposite is true. Recovery is impossible in 90% of cases.

    Why you need to clean the printhead and when

    If you have not printed on an inkjet printer for a long time, then there is a risk of drying the print head. the nozzles of the head stop letting ink through. Such heads require cleaning. restoring the patency of dried nozzles, channels and filters.

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    Black is usually the first to dry, because users often copy and print in color, and dark gray synthesized from color ink is mistaken for black. In addition, pigment ink is used as black ink in 4-color inkjet printers, which dries faster and can solidify in tubes without air.

    To properly clean the printhead of a printer, you need to understand how it works and what needs to be cleaned. Heads from different manufacturers differ in their design.

    Head recovery in Brother printers

    Brother heads are also piezoelectric, but they are much more difficult to remove and clean than Epson heads, and they also have a different design. The main advantage of Brother heads is that they do not burn in such a mass quantity as Epson.

    And all because there are no fittings. In addition, the head is mounted on two rails and you need to disassemble half of the printer, remove the rails.

    Removing the Brother head is a much more complicated procedure than in Epson, HP and Canon, it is better not to do it yourself. In addition, when cleaning the Brother head, there are many nuances about which Honor can be found here.

    Head flushing steps

    Sometimes the print quality of an inkjet head is degraded by ink adhered to it, consisting of dried ink and debris. In this case, the printer smudges the page while printing. The figure shows the head of an inkjet printer, in which part of the black head is covered with ink mass, to which hairs have adhered, smearing ink on the page.

    After cleaning, the print head looks like this. The printer stops smudging the sheets with black ink after cleaning the print head externally. But the printer still does not print in black, and the color nozzles are heavily clogged. After cleaning in solutions and ultrasound, color printing is restored. over, there is no black yet. And only after prolonged cleaning with preliminary soaking in a special composition, black nozzles begin to open, black text begins to be printed. To restore high-quality printing, you need to spend another half day. After the final cleaning of the black head, we get the following picture, in which all the nozzles are open. This can be seen from the fact that the print on the left side of the sheet is perfect. An interrupted print indicates that the cartridges are bad or the channels are not cleaned sufficiently. It can be seen that the black cartridge cannot provide free flow of ink to the print head and creates a vacuum. The ink stops flowing to the print head until the pressure is equalized. After a while, printing may resume. However, additional cleaning with the printer itself may be required.

    Repairing an inkjet printer associated with cleaning the printhead is painstaking, tedious, and labor-intensive. depending on the degree of drying, the number of flowers and the complexity.

    Head Cleaning in Epson Printers

    Epson piezoelectric printheads have a completely different structure and principle of operation. The main differences are:

    • firstly, the presence of fittings for supplying ink from cartridges;
    • secondly, there is no direct access to fine filters;
    • the presence of a membrane separating the electrical part from the ink
    • connectors for loops, high voltage in connector pins
    • flooding the contacts with liquid can damage the head and control board;
    • isolation of ink channels with a soft sealant (very afraid of pressure), if the sealant is damaged, neighboring colors mix, mix;
    • small nozzle size
    • the head is afraid of corrosive liquids and high pressure, because this damages the membrane

    Epson head cleaning is very different from Canon and HP head cleaning. For example, for Epson, even cleaning products are different, ultrasound does not help at all.

    Epson piezoelectric heads are different from HP and Canon thermoelectric heads. First of all, the presence of a diaphragm that isolates the electrical part from the ink. The diaphragm can be damaged, for example, by aggressive flushing liquid or high pressure. The ink is causing a short circuit on the printer control board. At the same time, powerful key transistors, a fuse and, possibly, a head control driver microcircuit burn out. Head restoration is not possible. In this case, you need to change both the board and the head.

    In order not to damage the Epson head during cleaning, certain rules must be followed. First, when cleaning the channels with flushing liquid, fill a part of the syringe with air. At least 3-5 cc. Secondly, do not keep corrosive liquids in the head for more than 30 minutes. And most importantly, make sure that no liquid gets on the connector or board in the head.

    It should be said that different types of heads need to be cleaned in different ways. For example, Epson XP-600, XP-700, XP-820 have a head without fittings. Due to their absence, cleaning of such heads is difficult, because it is difficult to pump them after soaking.

    Non-original service fluids

    For head cleaning, the German company OCP produces the following basic fluids.

    OCP ECI is a non-corrosive resuscitation fluid for EPSON blue printheads. It allows filling directly into printer cartridges. But it only helps with small blockages.

    OCP RSL is a basic service fluid for all types of printers. But the liquid works best when heated to 35-45 degrees.

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    OCP LCF III. Pigment Soak Off Service Fluid.

    Flushing liquid WWM-CL08 for Epson with water-soluble ink;
    Flushing fluid WWM-CL06 for Epson with pigment ink.

    Causes of Print Head Drying

    If an inkjet printer does not print well, or prints blank pages at all, then the reason for this is probably the print head. Namely, in the blockage or airiness of its nozzles (nozzles). Less often, the problem lies in the control board.
    Reasons for blockage of the print head nozzles:

    • long idle time of an inkjet printer without printing;
    • mixing pigment inks with water-soluble inks when refueling cartridges;
    • bad ink, or unsuitable;
    • air ingress into the head;
    • bad cartridges or CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System);
    • incorrect position of the CISS in height, clogging of the ink supply tubes;
    • dried ink in the pump or discharge tube

    Example of cleaning a clogged pump outlet tube. The photo shows the squeezed out solid ink fractions after their partial softening with solvents.

    Resetting the “diaper”

    When the equipment does not want to print after refueling, the head is not always to blame, perhaps the problem lies in the “diaper”.

    The display shows the inscription “error 46”, which means that you need to go to the instructions:

    • Printer connection.
    • Go to the main menu.
    • Power connection.
    • Starting the Maintenance function.
    • System check.
    • Self-diagnosis function.
    • Resetting the “diaper”.

    If the HP printer does not see the cartridge, it is a software error. Through the main menu, you can again use the Maintenance function, but this time the black and white printing is removed. There is a START button at the bottom of the screen.

    IMPORTANT! During the test, the user can observe various numbers, do not be alarmed, this is the program code.

    Problems with the chip or diaper meter

    If the printer does not see the cartridge after refueling, you can check the chip or the diaper meter. Considering inkjet models, they use disposable and refillable elements. As stated earlier, the cartridges must be of a compatible type. Otherwise, the control chip fails.

    IMPORTANT! Blocking occurs when ink runs out.

    Sometimes the signal can be false, there is a sufficient amount of consumable in the tank. If the printer does not recognize the cartridge after refilling, the service center recommends replacing the chip. As for the diaper, it is a pad that absorbs excess ink. A sensor is installed nearby that monitors the level of the consumable.

    A breakdown of an element means the following options:

    • It shows excess paint.
    • Doesn’t respond to signals.
    • Shows that everything is in order.

    TIP! The sensor is much cheaper than the chip, so it is easier to replace.

    Recovering HP printers

    On the example of the HP 650 printer, cartridges often fail, and the system asks to pour ink, because it does not see it. A malfunction of this kind is a problem with the meter. For later models, this can be done without installing special programs. The function is in the menu, the “service” tab.

    Ink selected incorrectly

    TIP! When buying ink, it is recommended to pay attention to the expiration date (indicated on the lid).

    Canon Printer Solution

    Canon printers swear if a cartridge is missing or the user has refilled them incorrectly. The check is recommended to be carried out by inspecting the printheads. On the market there are options with removable and non-removable elements.

    The head is easy to find as it is located next to the cartridge. It is also not clear to users of Canon products why after refueling the technician gives an error. The problem lies in a software failure, and then the self-diagnostic function is activated.

    The cartridge is not installed correctly

    When the HP printer does not see the cartridge, the technician refuses to work. Often the computer swears because the item is not responding. This is due to a breakdown in communication between electrical contacts. As conceived, they should match, and the slightest malfunction leads to the interruption of the signal.

    When installing the cartridge, dust, dried paint gets on the contacts, and it can also become an obstacle. When the protective film comes off, you must immediately install the element. Users who have not turned on the technique for a long time wonder why the printer does not see the cartridge. The reason mainly lies in the damage to the loop, while the sensor can be blocked.

    Restoring the print head

    When the printer does not print after refilling the cartridge, you must follow the instructions:

    • Opening the cover.
    • Get the carriage.
    • Flush element.
    • Wipe the surface.
    • Installing the carriage.
    • Print check.

    At the end of the procedure, you must make sure that the head is dry and you can continue to work.

    Reanimating Epson printers

    Unlike the HP 650, Epson printers do not stand out for their durability, and suffer from incorrect installation of cartridges or chip breakage, and it is not clear what to do. The first step is to clarify the cause of the malfunction, and it is recommended to pay attention to the printer settings. If the printer does not respond to signals, it is better to reset the counter.

    ATTENTION! All equipment owners should familiarize themselves with the PrintHelp program.

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