Printer does not print after refilling HP cartridge

Why, after refueling, the cartridge does not print?

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Some models of laser and inkjet printers require the installation of fairly expensive cartridges. Replacing them every time they run out of ink can be costly. Therefore, the practice of refilling cartridges for printers and MFPs is widespread.

But what if after this procedure the device stops printing? Let’s figure out possible problems and ways to solve them.

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Causes of inkjet printer malfunction after refueling

If the printer completely refuses to print, giving an error, produces sheets with the wrong colors or completely blank, then the reasons may be as follows:

Clogged print head. Its nozzles have a small diameter, therefore, during prolonged downtime, they quickly dry out or become clogged with dust.

Failure of electronics. Relevant for HP and Canon cartridges. They work on the principle of heating ink in nozzles so that droplets are ejected from them. If there is no ink in the tubules, the head overheats and destroys the electronics. Then, after refueling, the cartridge does not print.

A special chip in the cartridge tells the printer software that the toner has run out. In this case, if the HP cartridge does not print after refilling, then a message appears that a non-original cartridge is installed or that it is empty. To continue working, you just need to agree to use it. For a Canon printer, you will have to programmatically disable ink control.

To find out which case you have, check the passage of ink through the nozzles after filling them. To do this, you need to attach the cartridge with the printing part to the napkin and look at the result. If there are clear ink streaks on the napkin (triple color or single black), then the cartridge is fine and should work. If there is no trace or it has an intermittent character, then, most likely, there are difficulties.

Three options are too little ink, dry out feed passages, or air lock in the feed passages. Accordingly, there are three options for solving:

Use a special device to remove air locks. If there is no such device, then you can shake the cartridge like a thermometer. Just before that, carefully wrap it with a napkin.

Dried heads can be soaked with special flushing liquid. You can do this with improvised means, for example, the green “Mister Muscle”. But specialized washes are a guarantee of the absence of a negative effect on the cartridge.

If the cartridge leaves the correct marks on the napkin, but still does not print, then most likely the printer needs repair.

If the cartridge stops printing after refilling the laser printer

This happens in cases when the user tried to refuel the device with his own hands. Most often, the problem is related to one of two reasons:

The chip has not been replaced. Almost all laser cartridges are equipped with microcircuits (chips), which contain a sheet counter. After a certain number of sheets, the printer considers that toner has run out. The chip can be replaced, this is done by a service specialist. Although in such a situation the printer can continue to print, only badly, more pale.

The checkbox is not cleared. This case applies to Brother brand printers. When the main cartridge is installed, the gears in it and in the printer or multifunctional device are connected and the counter is reset. Each individual device has an individual reset sequence.

If, after refilling the cartridge, the printer does not print, the device itself may also fail. If necessary, a filling center specialist will disassemble the container, clean and polish the inside. In addition, no more than four refills are allowed, after which its device is subjected to a recovery procedure, replacing the main elements, and only then continue to print documents.

HP and Canon often have Windows for viewing the toner level. If you installed a cartridge with a caked toner or changed a chip in a cartridge without toner, then when printing starts, the printer immediately “finalizes” the chip, defining it as empty. Accordingly, after refueling, the cartridge does not print; if you suspect that the toner may have caked, be sure to shake it up. You should be more careful, since such a case does not come under warranty.

Our company “Service 812” in St. Petersburg will help to cope with all the problems of printers and cartridges. We are often contacted when an HP cartridge does not print after refilling, or there are other problems with filling new toner. And so that such problems do not appear initially, contact us immediately as soon as the printer runs out of ink.

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Tips for “reanimating” built-in printhead cartridges

The print head prints using fine nozzles, they are thinner than a human hair, it is through them that ink flows onto the paper.

If you have not used the cartridge for more than 1 month, then there is a high probability that they are clogged, then the chance of a successful refilling of the cartridge becomes less, about 50 to 50%, if you have not printed for six months, then the chance of restoring the cartridge is very small.

If the cartridge does not print after refilling the cartridge, you can clean the nozzles (nozzles). To do this, you need to insert the cartridge and in the printer settings look for the item “ink tracking” in the menu (in different printers it can be called differently, but the meaning is the same).

If this does not help, then you can purchase a special liquid, pour it into a container and lower the cartridge for 18-20 hours, after placing a piece of cloth in the container. After the time has elapsed, remove the cartridge and wipe with a dry cloth.

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A less common reason, but if you came from the cold and immediately inserted the cartridge, then there is a high probability of incorrect printing. It is enough to wait an hour or two and the cartridge will seal.

I advise you to buy ink from trusted manufacturers, do not skimp on this, since our refueling service center uses VEDI ink, they completely suit us.

There are contacts on the printhead cartridges, check them, they may have been filled with ink when refilling and just wipe them.

Canon and HP printers can “swear” after refueling, especially newer models. If on Canon the problem is solved by pressing the red button, just hold it for 15-20 seconds and release. The printer will “swear” and show a low ink level, but it will print.

It shows a low ink level since it actually does not have a counter in the cartridge. The printer understands that a new cartridge has been inserted into it by short-circuiting the contacts that are on the cartridge, the closure occurs only once.

With HP, everything is more complicated, new printers simply stop seeing the cartridges and can display the error “cartridge is damaged or missing” in 90% of the problem solution, you need to do the following:

  • get cartridges;
  • go to the special menu (Reset reset menu) to do this, hold down “Cancel” (it is usually in the form of a red cross), then you need to press the power button;
  • enter the password to enter by pressing the buttons (down, up, ok);
  • go to the service section of the menu to do this, use the up and down buttons, the “ok” button is green;
  • select Partial reset in the submenu and press ok. The printer should turn off. Unplug the power cord and wait 3-4 minutes
  • then turn on the printer and follow the instructions on the display.
  • repeat steps one through four
  • select Semi Full Reset in the menu and press ok. The printer turns off. Disconnect the power cord and wait 7 minutes.
  • then turn on the printer and follow the instructions written on the screen.
  • repeat all points from the first to the sixth.

Their distinctive feature is that the printing mechanism itself is built into the printer, and the cartridges are essentially a container with ink and chips. The main reason for poor print cartridges after refilling is dry nozzles.

On some models of printers, for example, Brother, Canon, they turn on and clean themselves, usually this happens once every two weeks, the main thing is that the printer is connected to the network. But many printers do not have this.

Here the actions are the same as we wrote above, either do a head cleaning using the menu or pour a special liquid into the nozzles. The last method is problematic for some models, since sometimes it is quite difficult to get to the nozzles and you have to disassemble the entire device.

Printer manufacturers are cunning and they try to protect the printer from refueling as much as possible so that you fork out. We do not recommend refueling such cartridges, because they have chips and if they are not replaced, the printer blocks the operation, and it is rather difficult to bypass the protection, here are a couple of tips for HP models

Advice: Buy analogs. for the same price you get a new, ready-to-use cartridge of quality comparable to the original.

If after refueling you do not print, then it is better to change the refueling service, at home we do not recommend refueling

Possible reasons for a not working cartridge:

  • You haven’t changed your chip. The fact is that on 90% of laser cartridges there is a chip (microcircuit), it has a page counter and the printer uses it to determine when the cartridge will run out. If you write “the cartridge will run out soon”, most likely you simply did not change the chip, the only solution is to replace the chip. Some refills motivate this by the fact that the cartridge continues to print, and this is indeed the case, but the printer thinks that the cartridge is running out, it can give a faded print, saving toner.
  • The checkbox has not been cleared. This flag system is used on Brother printers. When you insert the cartridge, the gears in the printer and the cartridge interact, due to this, the counter is reset. Each device is reset individually, let’s look at the most common reset options:
    • press the menu button;
    • find and click device information;
    • find and click to reset the photo of the drum;
    • I will appear and the choice is either yes or no, just press the OK button and hold until the inscription “start” appears;
    • press “start” and scroll to 11, if the arrows are up and not, then type 11 on the panel and press “ok”.
    • open the cover;
    • click reports;
    • start;
    • up arrow to 12;
    • press “ok”.

    For other questions, you can contact our company for a free consultation.

    Resetting the Epson Printed Sheets Counter

    Epson, like other manufacturers of office equipment, began to install special chips on their cartridges that protect the company’s products from counterfeiting. The information on the chip consists of two sections:

  • Greeting. After installing a new cartridge, the printer checks its originality based on the information entered into the chip. If the check is successful, permission is given to start printing. If the chip does not meet the requirements of originality, printing will not start, and the Epson printer will signal the flashing of the indicator lights about a cartridge malfunction.
  • Counting the amount of ink used. The on-chip firmware keeps track of the ink used on a given cartridge. If the cartridge is multi-color and, for example, one color has run out, printing will be blocked. It turns out that the ink in the rest of the compartments will never be used. To prevent this from happening, many users use reusable refillable cartridges.
  • If the user refilled the cartridge and inserted it into the printer, it will not print, since the microchip will transmit information that the cartridge is empty (after all, he “does not know” that ink is already there).

    For zeroing Epson chips, special programmers are used. Be careful when buying a programmer for zeroing a specific model of cartridges. it must be fully compatible with a specific type of cartridges.

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    To zero the chip, bring the cartridge to the antennae of the programmer. With proper contact, it should glow green. If the contact is bad, the programmer will glow red.

    Change the batteries in time for proper operation of the device.

    Attention! Auto-refreshing chip cartridges do not need to be reprogrammed. It is enough to refill the cartridge and install it in the printer. Immediately after installation, the device will recognize it as a full working cartridge.

    If a cartridge with a one-step chip (disposable) is used, the printer will not print until the user replaces the chip with a new one.

    After refilling the cartridge, the printer does not print. What to do?

    Many manufacturers try to protect their products in various ways, chips, special chips, reset flags, etc. Despite this, our customers often try to refill cartridges at home. Let’s see why they do not print after refueling at home and when they are “reanimated” in a service center.

    99% of consumers use inkjet or laser cartridges, let’s talk about inkjet. Typically, consumers purchase such printers because of their relatively low cost, but do not take into account

    For this money, you get a device that can print photos and text, isn’t that great? But there is a catch. Starter cartridges for this printer are 30% full, meaning you will only print 60-70 at 5% coverage of A4 pages.

    Average, color = 696 rubles, in fact, the cost of 50% of the printer, you can print pages 200-300.

    But why are cartridges so expensive? The fact is that these cartridges come with a print head. The print head is the construction with which the printing takes place, and the printer itself is just a mechanic.

    If you have an inkjet printer and there are 1 or 2 cartridges, then 100% of your printer is designed this way, if you have 4 or more cartridges, then the print head is built into the printer, but more on that later.

    When refueling, there are a number of factors, observing which one can hope for a successful outcome.

    Is the driver installed?

    The first time you connect any device to your computer, you need to install drivers. In the case of printers, it is better to install not only the driver, but also the program for working with the device. The software is almost always supplied on disk with the device and also contains instructions in several languages.

    Occasionally, in expensive models, the software is provided on a USB stick. To check if the driver is installed correctly, you need to go to the “Device Manager” of the Windows operating system.

    • left-click on “My Computer” on the desktop or “Computer” in the “Start” menu and call “Properties”;
    • select “Dispatcher” in the menu on the left;
    • check the list for your device.

    The machine must be in the Printers & Scanners category. Its name should correspond exactly or approximately to the name of your device (in case the driver is universal, or the software and hardware part has not changed from the previous model).

    For example, you have a Canon Pixma MP 280 model, in the task manager it may appear as Canon Pixma MP 200 or MP 2.

    Samsung or Xerox laser printers

    Most cartridges of this type have a special chip that controls toner and ink consumption. When the counters reach a certain critical value, the operation of the device is blocked.

    To avoid the situation when the printer does not print after refilling the cartridge, and safely reuse the cartridges, you need to flash the chip or flash the printer itself.

    When you have already flashed your device, you need to use a special instruction to reset the page counter.

    Color laser printers

    Laser color printers HP, Canon, Samsung, Xerox have a page counting chip on the cartridge, which blocks the printer when the maximum counter value is reached. The chip reports that the cartridge has run out and does not print any further until the chip changes.

    The chips on the cartridges change every time you refuel, if the printer says after refueling that the cartridge is empty, then the chip has not been changed or it is defective, in this case we change it under warranty for free.

    HP and Canon cartridges often have opto-pickup Windows for viewing toner levels. If you yourself replaced the chip in an empty cartridge or installed a cartridge with caked toner (before installing, slightly shake the cartridge to stir the toner), then the printer may finalize the chip, that is, immediately write the value “empty” to it. This does not count as a warranty case. be careful.

    For some Samsung and Xerox printers, there are firmware firmware for the device that allows you to use cartridges without chips, the toner counter there is automatically reset when the printer is turned off. Models for firmware are indicated on our website and catalog of cartridge refills.

    Checking OS and device settings

    If you are faced with the fact that the device does not display any messages on the screen, and nothing happens when you send a file to print, then before contacting the service center with the question: “what to do the printer stopped printing, check the connection settings of the device, as well as the operating systems.

    To do this, the first step is to check if the device is correctly connected to the computer and whether the operating system sees it.

    • open the task manager and find the required device;
    • it should be in the list and correspond to the name of your device;
    • opposite to it there should be no signs of an erroneous connection, conflict or disconnection (yellow exclamation mark or red cross).

    Now you need to check if the settings of the device itself are correct.

    If printing does not start, there may be several problems:

    • the connection port is specified incorrectly;
    • the address or name of the computer to which the network printer is connected has changed;
    • the device that is the link for the network connection (router, router, computer) does not work;
    • the wrong printer is selected as the default device;
    • the device settings prohibit the output of a certain type of data.

    To check this data, you need to go to the “Control Panel” and select “Devices and Printers”. Here you can change the default device for printing (by right-clicking the menu and activating the corresponding checkbox). In the properties of the device. check the correctness of the settings.

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    If you cannot connect to a network machine, it is best to contact the remote computer user or network administrator for assistance.

    New toner cartridge does not print

    One of the answers to the question of why the printer does not print after replacing the cartridge may be that the laser printer has problems with contacts. In addition, the problem may also be the fact that the laser shutter has stopped opening. In both of these cases, in order for the printer to become a printer again, you need to contact the wizards.

    In addition, to solve the problem: I changed the cartridge and the printer does not print. you will need to remove the shipping tapes, if this was not done initially. Typically, these tapes need to be removed prior to installation. The solution to this problem, as a rule, is shown on the packaging of the consumable or in the attached instructions for its installation. In the event that the shipping tape is not completely removed, then such a cartridge cannot be used.

    What to do if the printer does not print after replacing the cartridge

    In general, there are several ways to solve the described problem, and they directly depend on the original cause. It should also be added that the cartridges of laser and inkjet devices in structural terms are quite different from each other. Hence, the reasons why they do not print can be different.

    New ink cartridge does not print

    So, if a new cartridge does not print well or does not print at all, then the first and most common reason for such a problem is that the cartridge was not installed correctly. In this case, you must carefully study the instructions for installing ink cartridges for your printer model in order to strictly follow all the recommended steps.

    First of all, you need to free the consumable from the packaging and remove the special fixing clip by pulling it on the protruding part. Next, you need to get rid of the protective tape that closes the air channel and the cartridge head, and then insert this consumable into the designated place in the printer. Finally, do a test print on several sheets of paper, but the text on the first two documents may be a little blurry.

    If during installation you accidentally touch the nozzles and contact pads that are located on the body, then be sure to wipe the nozzles with a napkin, which should first be moistened with a flushing liquid specially designed for inkjet printers. As for the contact pads, in this case, they can be cleaned by resorting to the help of the most common alcohol.

    If this recommendation did not help, then in order to answer the question of why the new cartridge does not print, you should make sure that the purchased consumable is fully compatible with your office equipment. It is very easy to do this, you just need to find out the model of your printer (as a rule, it is written on the body of the device) and using it, using our website, find the cartridge numbers that fit.

    But if the new cartridge still does not print, then the problem may be dirty contacts on the printer. To solve this problem, it is better to seek help from the masters, since any inaccurate movements can completely ruin the printer. In addition, it is not uncommon for the contacts to become dirty at the cartridge itself, if it has been refilled several times or you have purchased a used part in order to save money. In general, the average service life of black and white cartridges is from 5 to 10 refueling cycles, while for color cartridges this parameter usually does not exceed 3-4 cycles.

    Another possible reason for the above-described problem is that the ink of the cartridge simply did not have time to soak the material inside the housing, which has a porous structure. This means that the ink has not yet penetrated to the print head by means of special capillaries. This problem is not so difficult to solve. you need to leave the cartridge on the printer for about a day and from time to time perform the so-called. “Cleaning cycle”. For this reason, many masters recommend refueling consumables without waiting for the complete end of the paint in it.

    Common problems

    Before answering the question of what to do with a new cartridge not printing, it would be nice to also know about the problems that are common to inkjet and laser consumables. For example, one of the problems may be that the wrong printer was chosen for printing, because in any modern version of Windows, the user is asked to select one of several printers before printing, some of which have nothing to do with real office equipment. Many users, when in a hurry, simply forget about this moment, as a result of which it seems to them that the cartridge is defective.

    Another reason, common for both inkjet and laser printers, may be a glitch associated with the operating system itself. This problem is the usual hang of the print queue. this usually happens when several people use the printer connected to the local network at the same time. Therefore, in this situation, there is no fault in the consumable.

    Sometimes the problem when a cartridge does not print is a driver problem. In this case, you should open the tab from the printer in the device manager and pay attention to whether there are exclamation marks, the presence of which indicates problems with the drivers. There is a problem, it is precisely in them, it is recommended to uninstall the printer and system drivers, and then install new ones, if possible, of the latest version. In general, it is possible to restore the cartridge’s performance on its own with a competent and responsible approach, but in any case, you can use the services of service centers.

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