Printer does not print after refilling toner

Top Reasons Why Canon Printer Doesn’t Print

After several years of moderate operation of any laser printer, you have to think about new components. At first, users are faced with the need to replace the toner, but, as it turns out as a result of inspection, not only. In order to quickly decide on the nature of a technical problem, it is sometimes necessary to have a good understanding of the reasons. For example, why a Canon brand printer, after refueling, sometimes does not print or prints poorly. What to do in these cases?

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Study the instructions for a service life

Regular maintenance is necessary not only for cars, but also for computer peripherals. If you have a stocked device that gives poor print quality, this is the case. Perhaps, to fix the problem, you still have to bring your peripherals to the service, so that experienced craftsmen can carry out a full diagnosis, fix faults and replace worn out components.

Before we start a master class on how to self-diagnose your printer, you should familiarize yourself with its instructions, namely the toner resource. In the case of Canon, we can talk about a record number of copies that can be printed on one device. The resource, depending on the device, is 1500-4000 sheets, provided that the sheet is filled with 5%, it is obvious that in many cases the wear of the part is much greater. Toner-loaded device has a life of approximately 2,000 copies.

The problem of a Canon printer, like that of other brands, can be not only in powder, during operation the drum unit gradually wears out, printing defects can already appear on 7,500 copies, on average it is enough for 15,000 sheets. over, if some parts of the device have exhausted their operational limit, then simply replacing the toner cannot be dispensed with.

After reading the instructions and the guaranteed number of copies, try to compare this number with your work on this peripheral device. Then proceed to diagnose why your Canon printer still prints stripes.

Diagnosing the problem

Toner shortages and critical drum wear appear differently on printed sheets. over, in some printers, the drum may become unsuitable for high-quality printing already at the first refueling. If the lack of toner can be determined by the characteristic light stripes, then if the drum fails, the Canon printer prints with a “tractor” mark. If you have to face such a problem, you need to carefully choose a service center, since when replacing a non-original part is installed, therefore it is very important to choose the “replica” correctly.

For example, in the MP230 printer, as a result of two or three refills, one of the following parts may be unusable (pictured):

  • cartridge. usually enough for 2-3 toner replacements;
  • imaging drum. service life up to 15 thousand copies, but in some cases it breaks down much faster. This is due to the quality of the paper, toner, and the humidity and temperature of the work environment;
  • squeegee. removes toner residues from the sheet; if the polyurethane is damaged, you will observe the powder on the sheet;
  • The magnetic roller that carries the toner to the drum unit can sometimes be damaged by foreign objects or poor quality paper;
  • corotron, charge forming roller. It should be regularly cleaned of paper dust and toner residues to prolong its life;
  • dispensing blade, also removes the remaining toner into the hopper.
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However, even with rather poor print quality after refueling and high operational wear, the listed parts may be tolerable in order to maintain normal quality. In this case, most likely, an unqualified toner replacement was made without maintenance and cleaning the waste from the hopper. So the ideal option when such a problem occurs is a visit to a Canon branded service center. It is highly undesirable to engage in self-troubleshooting and find out empirically why your printer does not print.

How malfunctions manifest: classic printing imperfections

Here are the main problems that users may encounter when printing sheets only with a refilled cartridge or during the operation of a printing device (see the video and photo provided):

  • a white line on the sheet and / or a faint print. implies a decrease in the amount of toner, sometimes it is possible to temporarily solve the problem by shaking
  • black lines at the edges of the page (right or left). the drum unit is worn out, you will need to replace the squeegee and cartridge;
  • repeating text. the reason is in the corotron, in some cases it just needs to be cleaned;
  • Canon practically does not print after refilling the cartridge. the wrong toner is filled, the imaging drum is out of order, the squeegee or dispensing blade is damaged, the magnetic roller has poor contact;
  • output with stripes at regular intervals occurs often due to poor replacement of toner and insufficient contact of the magnetic roller or its breakage;
  • black powder on the sheet. poor cleaning, squeegee and drum unit defective;
  • transverse lines. the hopper with the waste powder is poorly cleaned when refueling;
  • wavy marks. inappropriate toner and wear on the blade and shaft bushings.

All of the above printing problems require elimination by an experienced technician at the service center. At the same time, these drawbacks of the output should be distinguished from the case when the device rolls white sheets. This situation may be related to software errors that can be manually corrected.

Perhaps you just ran into a situation that your Canon MP230 does not print in black. The malfunction can be of a software or technical nature. The first step to take is to print a test page. Better to do it right in the salon. In the absence of an imprint, the flaw may be programmatic in nature. If the print quality is poor, then we are talking more about one of the listed drawbacks that can be eliminated during maintenance.


Most errors and malfunctions are fairly easy to find and fix. A number of optimal solutions can be distinguished.

  • The first thing to do is check the connection of all wires and connectors. Inspect everything for the integrity of the shell and correct connection.
  • In case of software failures, it may be sufficient to reinstall the device drivers. You can download them from the official website or the installation disc. If everything is in order with the drivers, then you need to look at the “Services” tab in the task manager, where the printer is started, and if it is turned off, then turn it on. Next, you need to check if the printer is used by default, the absence of a tick in items such as “Pause printing” and “Work offline”. If the printer is printing over the network, then check the shared access and, accordingly, turn it on if it is turned off. Check the Security tab of your account to see if you are allowed to use the printing function. After all the manipulations, carry out diagnostics using a special installed application. This will kill two birds with one stone: check the functionality of the software and clean the printheads.
  • In case of problems with the cartridge, you must pull it out and insert it back. it is possible that initially you installed it incorrectly. When changing toner or ink, run diagnostics to help not only unclog the nozzles, but also improve print quality. Before buying, carefully study which toner or ink is compatible with your device, do not buy cheap consumables, their quality is not the best.
  • In case of problems in the printer hardware, the best solution would be to contact a service or workshop, as self-repair can cause irreparable damage to your device.
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Possible reasons

After refilling the cartridge, the Brother printer does not print for the following three possible groups of reasons:

  • reasons related to software failures;
  • problems with cartridges and ink or toner;
  • printer hardware problems.

If the matter is in the printer software, then it is quite simple to check.

Try to send the document to print from another computer and if the print went well, then the source of the error is in the software.

If the problem is with cartridges or ink (toner), then there may be several reasons:

  • drying of ink on the print head or air ingress into it;
  • incorrect installation of the cartridge;
  • the loop of the continuous ink supply system does not work.

When changing a cartridge to a non-original one, a red light is also often lit, indicating an error.

Often, the printer does not work due to a problem with the printing device. Such problems manifest themselves as follows:

  • the product does not print one of the colors, and there is toner in the cartridge;
  • partial printing;
  • the print error light is on;
  • when refilling a cartridge or continuous ink supply system with original ink, the sensor indicates that it is empty.

Of course, this is not the whole list of reasons, but only common and most common problems.

Why won’t my Brother printer print and what to do?

Often, users of Brother printers run into a fairly common problem when their device refuses to print documents after refilling with toner. Why this happens, and what to do if the cartridge is refilled, and the light is blinking red, we will analyze in more detail.

Follow these simple rules to keep your Brother printer up and running.

  • Try to use only original cartridges, toner and ink.
  • To prevent ink drying, air clogging of the print head and malfunctions of the continuous ink supply system, we recommend printing at least once or twice a week, printing several sheets.
  • Pay attention to the expiration date of ink or dry toner.
  • Periodically carry out self-diagnostics of the printer. this will help to correct some of the system errors.
  • When installing a new cartridge, be sure to remove all restraints and protective tape. This is a fairly common mistake that happens when you replace the cartridge for the first time.
  • When refilling the cartridge yourself, make sure the ink or toner matches the marking and series for your printer.
  • Always carefully read the instruction manual of the equipment.

Of course, most printing problems can be solved on their own. But if the printer’s self-diagnosis system indicates that everything is in order, you checked the connectors and wires for serviceability, your cartridges are correctly installed, and the printer still does not print, then it is better to contact the specialists at the service center or workshop.

How to reset the counter Brother HL-1110/1510/1810, see below.

The printer does not print well after refilling. Why is this happening and how to solve the problem?

It has long been known that OEMs are not interested in recharging cartridges. It is much more profitable for them to sell a new one every time to replace the finished one. Therefore, the original toner and parts are not commercially available from laser service companies. Absolutely all service companies use compatible toners and spare parts. It should be remembered that there are allegedly no “original spare parts”. None of the manufacturing companies will allow their toners and parts to fall outside the factory. they make money on the final product. This makes refilling the cartridges not as easy as it might seem. Resolving the question of why a printer won’t print or print poorly after refueling will require the refueling technician real skill and applied knowledge based on experience.

  • The first thing to check is the chip. Installing the chip is another attempt by the manufacturer to protect against charging. A chip is a microchip that provides a certain limit of prints, the task of which is to encourage you to buy a new cartridge. The complication is solved by replacing the chip, resetting the counter data or flashing the printing device.
  • Loose contacts in the cartridge or between the cartridge and the device. Recheck all connections and make sure that the cartridge is installed correctly in the printing device.
  • Malfunction of the “flag” fixing the presence of powder in the hopper.
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If the printer does not print well after refilling the cartridge:

  • Faint prints should make you think about settings. If the settings have nothing to do with it, you should make sure that the toner is compatible with this device model. The next step is to check the main parts that, if they fail, can give a pallor effect (drum, squeegee, primary charge roller, magnetic roller, metering blade) and replace them if a problem is detected.
  • Stripes are one of the most common difficulties. If the stripes are vertical, clean the waste powder compartment. Mechanical damage to the drum or squeegee cannot be ruled out: the reason may lie both in a regular paper clip and in natural wear and tear. Horizontal stripes repeating at an equal distance indicate a violation of the contacts of the magnetic shaft with the contact strip inside the case. Mechanical damage or deterioration of the drum unit is also possible.
  • Completely black sheets are possible when the drum is exposed to light. being in direct sunlight or under bright artificial lighting. Sometimes a couple of minutes is enough to require replacement of this part. Also, it is likely that the contacts are broken or the charge roller is missing due to incorrect assembly.
  • Blank (white) sheets often indicate a complete lack of contact or its breakage between the cartridge contact block and the magnetic roller.

As you can see, we have listed just a few common complications and the likely causes of their occurrence. But it is already becoming clear that only a real professional in his field can really solve the problem qualitatively. In order to avoid this kind of situations, we recommend that you turn to the services of positively proven specialists. In order not to wonder why after refilling the cartridge the printer does not print or prints poorly, our experienced craftsmen are at your service. We will be happy to save you from unnecessary trouble in the maintenance of laser office equipment.