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What steps should be taken for the printer to start printing documents

Today we will try to answer the following question: why the printer does not print and what to do with the car goods situation. There can be a lot of reasons here, related to both technical problems of the device, which can be easily eliminated manually, or with the software part of Windows. I will consider several possible options for problems and analyze in detail the ways to solve each of them.

Looking ahead, I want to say that if your printer does not print: Epson, HP, Canon, Samsung or any other printer model and you think that the problem is in your printer model, then most likely this is an erroneous opinion. There are, of course, some models of printers that require an individual approach, but there are very few such printers. Therefore, this instruction will most likely help you find the problematic part in today’s situation.

The first reason, no matter how funny it sounds, is associated with poor contacts, network outages and other similar nuances. Therefore, before reading further, make sure that all of the above is in perfect order.

Also at this stage it is necessary to check the sheets in the printer. Try taking out some of them if you put in too many. Try to push them a little deeper into the printer’s inlet. If it does not help, then move the sheets either all the way to the right or to the left. Is the tray still NOT willing to accept A4? Turn off your device, restart your computer, then reconnect everything. Still to no avail? So the situation is really serious. Let’s figure it out!

Checking Windows Settings

First, let’s check if this device is disabled in the computer itself. We go to “Start”. “Devices and Printers”. In the window that appears, look for your printer model and paying attention to the printer icon, if it is discolored, so to speak, then you need to check the contacts. Because this indicates that drivers are installed on the computer, but the computer does not see this device.

You should also make sure that the printer on which you are going to print the document is the default device. This is done as follows: go to the same “Devices and Printers” in the “Start” menu, at the bottom left on the icon there should be a green check mark. If there are checkboxes, then right-click on the desired printer and select “Use as default”.

If none of the above did not affect the solution of the problem, why the printer does not print from a computer or laptop, then we will try to restart the print manager. Before starting the procedure Disconnect all connecting wires from the printer. Now go to “Start”. “Control Panel”. “System and Security”. “Administrative Tools”. Double-click on “Services”. Find “Print Manager” in the list and go to properties using the right mouse button.

On the “General” tab, opposite the “Startup type” item, the value “Automatic” should be set. If not, fix it. Also in the “State” there should be an active “Stop” button, if this is not the case, then click on the “Run” button and save the changes by clicking on “OK”. Now again Right-click on the name of the Print Manager service and look for Start. Click it. There is no such inscription? So everything is ok and you did everything right.

Installed printer drivers?

So, your printer still does NOT print, what to do you do not know? If you still do not have the drivers installed on your printer, urgently install them from the supplied CD. Above you saw that in my case everything is fine with the drivers, but if you do not have all types of printers at all, then most likely the problem is in the drivers.

Whole disk? We go to the official website of the manufacturer of your printer and download the drivers directly from there. By the way, even if you had everything installed, you still DO NOT hurt to look in there, as the software is becoming outdated at an incredible rate. To learn how to download drivers, here is the article “Why the computer does not see the printer”.

Sometimes there are problems even with the installed drivers! If you installed the drivers, but the printer still does NOT print, then you need to uninstall the driver from the printer and reinstall it. This problem is very common, so you shouldn’t DO NOT consider it.

Print queue

As an option, I can also suggest cleaning the print queue. To do this, go to the already familiar “Devices and Printers” located in the “Start”. Then we right-click on our printer, select “View print queue”. We delete absolutely everything that is in the window that appears, if it is empty, just close it, the problem is clearly not this.

If the queue is NOT deleted, then you need to restart the computer. After that, go to this window again and try to delete the queue. It is possible that these manipulations will NOT lead to anything. Then disconnect all wires from the computer that belong to the printer and try cleaning.

Does NOT print in a specific program or a problem with the ports

For example, you want to print a MS Word document and everything freezes (there is such a problem), then you need to open another program and try to print any document from it. To do this, open Notepad, type a few letters in this program and print.

If the printer prints, then it’s the program. You will need to remove it and reinstall it. If there was no printing, then most likely the problem is in the printer.

Another pitfall to tell you about is misuse of the port. To test this, let’s go back to Devices and Printers. Right-click on the device of interest to us, select “Properties”. On the “Ports” tab, carefully look at the value set. It should be of the form USB, if the wrong port is used, select the appropriate one from the list. Save changes and close all windows. Now disconnect the printer from the computer for a couple of seconds and reconnect. Everything should work.

For inexperienced users, I remind you: when printing a document, in any program, pay attention to which printer you are sending this document. Sometimes, users choose the wrong printer they want.

That’s all I wanted to tell you. I sincerely hope that one of the methods I described helped you to deal with your printer printing problem.

Does NOT print brother what to do?

Printers, scanners and similar devices require regular maintenance. If you do not conduct it, then the equipment can simply fail and lose all its working properties. There are problems with equipment from a wide variety of manufacturers, since they all require periodic inspection, as well as replacement of consumables.
Some users are experiencing problems that brother does NOT print. These printers are no worse than others, but they also have malfunctions, as well as failures of certain elements. If you have a problem with a multifunctional device from bother, then first of all you need to determine the cause, and then simply fix the problem. Most problems can be corrected on their own at home, while saving time and money. The services of service centers are quite expensive and for many they may simply not be affordable.
Often, when brother DOES NOT print, he displays the error “Update toner”. Inexperienced users are afraid of this problem, and they turn to the wizard for help. This problem occurs when refilling the cartridge. But you can fix this error on your own, following the following instructions.
Reloading toner.

  • Remove the cartridge and any paper from the product.
  • Take out the toner inside your device. To do this, there is a special blue lever.
  • Insert the toner housing into the all-in-one printer, then on the left you will see a key that performs zeroing.
  • Click on it, while Cover the equipment with a lid.
  • Do not release the button, wait until the printer mechanism starts spinning. Then release the button for a few seconds, then press it again. Hold it until the mechanism stops spinning.
  • Next, you have to return all the components to their places, and the error will disappear. If it remains, then try to go through this instruction again, most likely you made a mistake when resetting the counter.
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These frauds will need to be done after each cartridge update, as the printer from brother will require toner renewal. It is quite simple to do this, most users solve all problems on their own, while they manage to do it the first time.
Paper jam.
Also a fairly common mistake due to which brother does not print. The display shows a “Paper Jam” error, and the product may not even have one.
In such a situation, the sensor is most likely to blame, which controls the paper. The problem may be with the path, which makes the paper feed. In such a situation, you can independently track the operation of the sensors, as well as their appearance, simply by disassembling the device. If you do not find the torn off sensors, then most likely the device will have to be carried for repair, since it is sometimes difficult to independently find the cause of the malfunction even for the most experienced craftsmen.
Before carrying it to the master, thoroughly Examining the apparatus, perhaps a piece of paper is stuck somewhere. Check the paper on which you printed, if there are any defects on it, then most likely nothing has “jammed” into the printer
The above error can be generated if there is a problem with the cartridge. Most likely, you installed it incorrectly, after which it overheated, being in an unnatural position. In such a situation, it is necessary to remove the cartridge for several hours. Then return it to its place, carry out automatic cleaning of the multifunctional device, and it is also recommended to print a test page.
The second reason for this problem, which is also associated with the cartridge, is a special material, it is inside the unit that is not sufficiently saturated with ink. This way, ink does NOT go to the print head. Leave the cartridge in the printer for one day. After that, we will perform several automatic cleaning cycles. Preferably at least three, as you need to thoroughly clean the unit.
Wi-Fi connection.
If you changed the parameters of your access point, or moved it somewhere, then the premise that Bother does NOT print may be the absence of a signal.
To test the connection, print a report on the local WLAN connection on the printer, if it contains error codes, then most likely the problem is in them. The official website of the bother company has all the necessary information that will allow you to find out the cause of this error, as well as to eliminate it. The only inconvenience may be the lack of a Russian-language version of the site, but this can be fixed simply by using a translator or a special browser extension.

The printer does NOT print. What to do?

For a person familiar with the contents of the system unit and basic settings, such questions rarely become problems. However, the average user, office worker or home PC owner is likely to be faced with a whole chain of questions. There are quite a few reasons why suddenly your printer stopped printing, and below we will consider the main ones.

What to do if the device does not print and displays an error?

For an ordinary user, there is nothing more terrible than a pop-up window with an error, where many words are written and absolutely nothing incomprehensible. If you can read the content of the message to a knowledgeable person, he will tell you the reason for the error. So there are several types of this kind of messages:

  • The so-called software errors. They will be issued by the PC if the software for the printer is installed incorrectly or removed (not to be confused with drivers). This is often the result of a virus. If one of several printers does not print, the first thing you should do is check for a driver conflict.
  • Sometimes the printer does NOT print over the network due to hardware errors. For example, you see a message that the printer might print faster, or it just stopped responding. This is typical for solving problems with the USB port. A message about replacing the cartridge or cases when the printer does not print well, although there is ink, a signal to check the correct installation of the cartridge itself. Sometimes the chip is stained with toner, which makes the job Incorrect. By the way, the message about replacing the cartridge is sometimes the result of printer overheating.

When the printer does NOT print and no messages appear on the screen, the first thing to do is. Check if the connection is correct. Does your PC see the printer in principle? To do this, in the task manager, you need to find the desired device and make sure that it is connected correctly. In connection problems, the icon in the form of a red cross or an exclamation mark will prompt. Sometimes the settings indicate a prohibition on printing data of a certain format. It would be nice to check the print queue too. Often, due to an error, the printer itself sends an old print job, thereby blocking the work of other PCs.

The printer prints poorly, although there is ink

For those who like to save money and do everything with their own hands, the information about the cartridge itself will be useful. Surely, in every office there is a person who will try to please the authorities and offer to refill the cartridge on his own. Remember: the cost of a new cartridge is often one third, if not half, the cost of the entire printer. And this is already a reason to think carefully.

And yet, the cartridge is captured, but does NOT want to print or the print is weak. When expensive equipment is equipped with a special chip, a page counter, it is very easy to damage it. It’s just as easy to knock a spring down or scratch a drum when it comes to laser technology. But for the simplest ink version, a typical case is paint drying.

The device does not print pdf files

Everything is fine with the paint, with the software too, but your device does not see a certain format and does NOT want to print. Rather, he prints to print, but instead of text on paper, completely incomprehensible characters. This problem is rare today, but modern equipment is not yet available to everyone.

But in fact, the device does not print pdf files due to incorrect encoding. The printer simply cannot understand what language the text is printed in. The easiest way to get around this problem. In the advanced print settings select “Print as image”. The printer now treats the content as a picture.

Despite the fact that using the printer is very simple, additional knowledge of possible problems will make your life much easier.

Does NOT print brothher printer what to do

The printer is a high-tech printing device that gets its name from the English verb “to print”. It connects to the computer as an external peripheral device and carries out the output of graphic and text information from it to paper. Printers are available in black and white and color. By the principle of image formation and design features, they are divided into percussion and unstressed. Impact printers include dot matrix and letter models. And to non-shock options, more common in society: laser, inkjet, sublimation, 3D, thermal, drop-jet, photonic and solid-ink. But no matter what type of printer you have, one day the question will “knock” on you: “Why doesn’t the printer print?”.

Printing equipment can be connected wired and wirelessly. Wired channels Are represented by serial COM port, parallel LPT port, USB bus, SCSI interface or local LAN / NET network. Wireless communication is established via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or infrared port.

Today, a large number of printer manufacturers are known, among which they are most popular: HP (Hewlett Packard), Epson, Canon, Brother, Ricoh, Oki, Konica Minolta, Xerox, Samsung, Lexmark, Kyocera and Panasonic.

We will NOT question the quality of workmanship or the reliability of the printers of these brands. But situations are different, which means that any equipment, even the most tested, can break down. When circumstances are not in your favor, and the printer refused to work for any reason, you need to be ready. In order not to panic, let’s answer the most popular question:

“What could be the cause of the printer malfunction

There can be many reasons, but the consequences of each of them undoubtedly spoil the mood and can even stop the entire work process of a large company.

Checking the power cord. If the contact between the computer and the printer is not broken, the indicators are on, but printing is still NOT in progress. go directly to the next step. If the device does NOT show signs of life when turned on, try this cord with other devices in order to check its performance. Replace if necessary.

We check the drivers. We go to the device manager of the control panel of the operating system, open the “Print Provider” tab (it can also be called “Printers” or “Print Queue”) and look for the absence / presence of exclamation marks, indicating the malfunctioning or absence of hardware drivers. If you find a problem or doubt this software. remove the driver completely and install the new version from the official website of the printer manufacturer.

We check the paper. Printing may stop even if paper jams or runs out. The computer and printer do not always warn about this. Paper jams can usually be seen right inside the product if you DO NOT see it. Try opening the cover and removing the cartridge. The standard design for a laser printer, for example, has several pairs of paper path rollers located just behind the cartridge. This way you can see the dented sheet in the body. If there is one, we gently pull it towards ourselves without jerking so as not to leave a torn piece that can make a malfunction.

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We check the cartridge. Lack of toner or ink in a cartridge can also stop the printer or cause it to print blank pages. Such a plot can become possible both with head breakages and with poor-quality refueling. The amount of ink or toner can be controlled, for this we go to the properties of the device in the “Devices and Printers” control panel. Of course, many will say that the operating system provides incorrect or approximate data. Trusting them completely is not worth it, but they will do as a guide. For a laser type printer, it will be useful to carefully remove and lightly shake the cartridge to redistribute the toner in it if it has not run out.

Checking the print settings. When you send a document to print, make sure the devices have the correct printer for the task. The Windows operating system can rarely create several printers in the list of printing equipment, some of which are not related to your device and simply organize confusion.

Checking the print queue. An error with the print queue or its freezing occurs quite often and is one of the most common problems in offices where several users are connected to one device via a local network. To resume normal printer operation, go to the “Devices and Printers” control panel. Open the menu with the right mouse button and select “View print queue”, where all documents sent for printing are indicated. We can cancel all of them with the mouse and Clear the print queue (the “Printer” tab). Most often, this will revive the technique, and you can again send the necessary files to work.

Analyzing and testing all of the above tips will allow the printer to resume working properly. In more difficult situations, when the recommendations did not help, it is better to entrust the diagnosis of equipment malfunction to specialists in order to avoid deterioration of the device’s condition. Our company can easily cope with the diagnosis of the problem and the subsequent repair of the printer. And if you find out that the cartridge has just run out, dial our phone number or leave a request on the website. We will help you even in the most difficult situation.

Why my Brother printer does NOT print and what to do?

Often, users of Brother printers run into a fairly common problem when their device refuses to print documents after refilling the cartridge. Why this happens, and what to do if the cartridge is refilled, and the light is flashing red, we will analyze in more detail.

Possible reasons

After refilling the cartridge, the Brother printer does NOT print for the following three possible groups of reasons:

  • The reasons associated with software failures;
  • Problems with cartridges and ink or toner;
  • Printer hardware problems.

If the matter is in the printer software, then it is quite simple to check.

If the problem is with cartridges or ink (toner), then there may be several reasons:

  • Drying of ink on the print head or air ingress into it;
  • Incorrect cartridge installation
  • The loop of the continuous ink supply system does not work.

When changing a cartridge to a non-original one, a red light is also often lit, indicating an error.

Often, the printer does not work due to a problem with the printing device. Such problems manifest themselves as follows:

  • The product does NOT print one of the colors and there is toner in the cartridge;
  • Partial printing;
  • The print error light is on;
  • When refilling a cartridge or continuous ink supply system with original ink, the sensor indicates that it is empty.

Of course, this is not the entire list of reasons, but only common and most common problems.


Most errors and faults are fairly easy to find and fix. A number of optimal solutions can be distinguished.

  • The first thing to do is to check the connection of all wires and connectors. Inspect everything for the integrity of the shell and correct connection.
  • In case of software failures, it may be sufficient to reinstall the device drivers. You can download them from the official website or the installation disc. If everything is in order with the drivers, then you need to look at the “Services” tab in the task manager, where the printer is started, and if it is turned off, it will turn it on. Next, you need to check whether the printer is used by default, the absence of a tick in items such as “pause printing” and “Work offline”. If the printer prints over the network, then check the shared access and, accordingly, turn it on if it is turned off. Check the Security tab of your account to see if you are allowed to use the printing function. After all the manipulations, carry out diagnostics using a special installed application. This will kill two birds with one stone: check the functionality of the software and clean the printheads.
  • In case of problems with the cartridge, you must pull it out and insert it back. it is possible that initially you installed it incorrectly. When replacing toner or ink Run diagnostics. it will help Not only to clean the nozzles, but also to improve the print quality. Before buying, carefully study which toner or ink is compatible with your device, rather than Buy cheap consumables, their quality is not the best.
  • In case of problems in the printer hardware, the best solution would be to contact a service or workshop, as self-repair can cause irreparable damage to your device.

Here are some simple rules to keep your Brother printer working.

  • Try to use only original cartridges, toner and ink.
  • To prevent ink drying, air clogging of the printheads and malfunctions of the continuous ink supply system, we recommend using printing at least once or twice a week, printing several sheets.
  • Pay attention to the expiration date of ink or dry toner.
  • Periodically carry out self-diagnostics of the printer. this will help to correct some of the system errors.
  • When installing a new cartridge, Be sure to remove all restraints and protective tape. This is a fairly common mistake that happens when you replace the cartridge for the first time.
  • When refilling the cartridge yourself Make sure the ink or toner matches the label and series for your printer.
  • Always carefully study the instruction manual of the equipment.

Of course, most printing problems can be solved on their own. But if the printer’s self-diagnosis system indicates that everything is in order, you checked the connectors and wires for serviceability, you have correctly installed cartridges, and the printer still DOES NOT print, then it is better to contact the specialists at the service center or workshop.

How to reset the counter Brother HL-1110/1510/1810, see below.

The device does not print: what to do?

The device does not print than 1000 sites will stop opening in Internet Explorer: who is next How to protect yourself when antivirus is not installed on Windows 10? A real way to get rid of scammers who call and drop A new type of scam Dumb calls: what is the danger of the silent Recovering a file deleted by Windows 10 defender as saving a drowning man is the work of the drowning man himself

For some users, it can be critical when the device does not print at the most inopportune moment, which in some cases can stop the activities of organizations. In order to quickly fix this problem, we will try to describe all the possible causes and solutions to this problem in this article.

The printer does NOT print: what to do?

Why doesn’t the device print. There can be two reasons:

  • Software (Windows error, driver, application)
  • Hardware (device, power, paper, or ink problem)

Software error. Check availability

Open Devices and Printers (WinR. Control printers) and check if your device is present.

If it is not in the corresponding tab (it may be in the device tab or other devices), and in the Task Manager under Printers there is a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark on the device icon, then the driver has failed and because of this the printer stopped printing. You will need to reinstall the driver.

There are 3 ways to reinstall:

  • Installation via Windows Update (RMB on the printer in Device Manager and Update Driver. Automatic Search)
  • Installing the “old” version of the driver (Update driver. Search for driver on the computer. Select from the list of available)
  • Installation from the manufacturer’s website (Google the model that you have indicated, download the Corresponding driver and Install)

If these steps did not help, try removing all devices (along with software) and reinstalling the driver from the manufacturer’s website.

Default printer

Sometimes after installing the driver or updated on Windows, the default driver may crash. Everything is in order in the device settings, the device is displayed and works, but nothing happens when sending to print.

In this case, you need to manually set the device that will be used.

Restarting Print Manager

The printer stopped printing, what if the previous steps did not help? Let’s move on to the next step. Open the Services window (WinR. enter services.Mcs) and look for the Print Manager.

LMB presses on the service and choose to restart, if no error occurs as a result, we try to send the document to print.

Clearing the print queue

Also, the reason may be that all documents are stuck in the queue and you need to clear it. It may be in a network printer, It does not print because too many accesses have been recorded to it.

First, you can open the queue through the settings and clear it.

If this does not help, then we will do everything manually. To do this, first stop the Print Manager service from the previous version or enter net stop spooler in the command prompt window as administrator

And then we clear the contents of the folder C: \ Windows \ System32 \ spool \ PRINTERS, and then turn on the service back (command. Net start spooler).

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Environment Variables

If the environment variables for temporary files were changed, the printer may stop printing, since some drivers set the Limit saving of temporary files on the system disk, and not on a job by the system.
We go to System. Additional system parameters. Advanced. Environment variables.
Variables TMP and TEMP Must be set to the following values:

Also, due to system errors, an error may occur when accessing temporary files, therefore it is recommended to GRANT full user access to this folder.
As in the path% USERPROFILE% \ AppData \ Local \ Temp, and to the folder C: \ Temp


The last resort is the standard Windows trawler. Open the Taskbar. Troubleshooting. Printer Usage.

If after the steps taken, printing did NOT resume, then go to the next step.

Hardware error

Paper. jammed or missing

If the error is related to paper jam or missing, some devices report this. For example, in the case of the Canon LPB 2900, a red light will be on to indicate a paper problem:

In any case, open the paper feed cover and check for paper, torn pieces of paper or other foreign matter on the paper feed drums. If something gets in the way, unplug the device and carefully remove the item.

Out of toner or ink

As with paper, many of today’s all-in-one printers warn of the problem of running out of ink or toner. Try removing and reinserting the cartridge, and then check.


If the problem is connection or power, then try the following options:

  • Power off
  • Using a second USB port for connection
  • Using a second USB / power cable


Well, the most extreme and unpleasant option is to call the repairman or take it to the Service Center for diagnostics.

What to do if the printer does not print?

A printer connected to a computer has long ceased to be a curiosity available only to very wealthy people or large companies. Now buying it will NOT hit the budget of even the poorest family.
It would seem: this is the time when you can fully enjoy the fruits of progress, however. Sometimes you have to figure out why the printer does not print. The reasons can be very different: from the simplest, which can be eliminated on your own in a couple of minutes, to the most complex, in which the restoration of the device’s operability is possible only in a service center. In this article we will give an answer to the question of what to do if an inkjet printer does not print.


All modern models are equipped with a paper sheet feeding system. Now it is enough to place a stack of A4 sheets in a special tray, and the printer will take them one by one when printing. However, not everyone knows that if the printer does not print, then this particular node needs to be checked. The fact is that a special sensor is installed in the sheet feeding system, which determines whether the tray is captured or empty. In most models it is electromechanical, therefore NOT overly reliable. Thus, if, for example, a Canon printer does not print, and the empty tray lamp flashes on the panel (although there are sheets there), then you need to take a pack of 20-80 A4 and place it in the tray, and then. Extract. This needs to be done several times. This is usually enough. Our advice: Always keep the tray full. Avoid working with 1-5 sheets in it.

Some users, after trying to independently install the ink supply system in cartridges, are faced with the fact that the printer does NOT print: everything seems to be assembled correctly, but printing does NOT work. Often this is due to the displacement of the head block in the off state of the printing device, which causes a failure in carriage positioning. In this case, you need to disconnect the printer from the mains, and after a minute, turn it on again. If there is a reset button on the device panel, use it. Do not forget that if the housing cover is not closed tightly, the printer will not print.

The popularity of inkjet printers is largely due to the ability to self-refill ink cartridges, which significantly reduces the cost of prints. However, if earlier manufacturers fought with these recommendations and the denial of warranty service, claiming that third-party paints can damage the nozzles of the heads, now they are using a better solution. For example, if an Epson printer does not print, and the cartridge in it has recently been refilled, then you should know that a special chip is installed on the ink tank, which tracks the amount of ink used. Obviously, if the flow meter greatly exceeds the capacity of the cartridge, then this means that a refill has been performed and printing is blocked. In some models, the counter in the chip can be reset / frozen by software. A more radical solution is to replace the chip with a reprogrammed one. The operation is paid, however, with large volumes of printing, it quickly pays off. Without it, work with CISS in some models is impossible.


Signal transmission to the heads is carried out by means of copper contact pads. They are gradually oxidized, which can lead to an increase in resistance and signal suppression. The sites need to be gently wiped with a stationery eraser.

What to do if the printer is queuing documents but not printing. Checking the connection

Check the connection between the printer and the computer. Make sure that the power cable, USB or Ethernet cable is intact and NOT kinked. When connecting a printer wirelessly, the Wi-Fi signal quality is checked. If visual connection is normal, use the following guidelines.

    Turn off the device, disconnect all wires, then reconnect and start the technique.

Wrong connection port selected. Tray contains paper

When the printer is queuing up and NOT printing, check the paper tray. The device may have hung due to an empty compartment. Fill it a little more than half with clean sheets. To prevent jams, DO NOT fill the tray more than 90%.

Verifies that the paper is compatible with the manufacturer’s declared capabilities of the printer. It is especially important to choose the right photo paper for inkjet printing. The printer manual lists all supported paper types and weights. The information should be compared with the characteristics of the pages used.

Queues due to battery life

If the offline mode is set, the printer gives an error when trying to print text or a picture for printing, and the file remains in the print queue.

To cancel offline work:

    Through “Start” go to “Control Panel”. “Hardware and Sound”. “Devices and Printers”. You can also enter the command “control printers” in the Windws quick launch window (press WinR together).

Paused printing

The stop can be made by both the user and the control program in automatic mode. If the user sent a large document to print, and then saw that there is little toner in the cartridge and the pages are printed in low quality, he can go to “Devices and Printers”, select the machine, call RMB and in the queue window in the “Printer” menu click ” Pause Printing “. To resume printing, uncheck the box.

printer, does, print, brother

Printer not selected by default

If the device does not print a document from the computer, but queues it, you need to check if the printer is marked by default.

  • Select the device and open the context menu by pressing RMB.
  • If there is a check mark next to Use as default, check.

DOES NOT print because queue hangs

When many documents are fed to print at the same time, the queue may periodically be suspended. The printer stops printing and gives an error when physically and programmatically it cannot complete the specified amount of work. To fix the error, clear the queue.

  • Go to “Devices and Printers”.
  • Click on the name of the device with the right mouse click.
  • Choose “View Queue. “.
  • In the “Printer” menu choose “Clear queue. “.
  • If there are still some documents left in the queue, click on each of them in turn by RMB and select the “Cancel” function.

Out of toner, ink

Most printers have sensors for ink or toner consumption. If the sensor indicates insufficient dye, the printer queues the document and blocks output until the cartridge is refilled.

The amount of ink can be seen in the software installed after connecting the printer. Below is an example for HP.

The amount of dye can be checked visually. If the level is insufficient, only refueling will correct the situation.

If there is enough toner and the sensor is blocking printing, try zeroing. The zeroing procedure is different for different models.

Reinstalling the driver

The printers need periodic updates. Printer may NOT print when outdated software starts to conflict with the system.

  • Go to “Start”.
  • Through the search go to the “Device Manager”. On Windows 10, you can go to the manager through the “Control” item in the “My Computer” context menu.
  • In the window that opens, find your printing machine and click RMB.
  • In the context menu, select “Update drivers”.
  • First, select the automatic update option and follow the wizard’s recommendations sequentially.
  • If the driver does not automatically update, download the software from the manufacturer’s website. Then install the driver, run the setup file on the computer.