Printer Does Not Print Even a Test Page

How to print a test page on an HP printer?

Each user, after purchasing a new technology, seeks to try it out as soon as possible. Of course, this also applies to printers. The only sure way to test the printing device is to print a durable page. This procedure will allow you to make sure that all the basic settings of the device have been set correctly, in addition you can make sure that the color is transmitted in full agreement with the desired result.

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In addition to the information listed, printing a test page on an HP printer will help you find out the exact driver version and model you are using. All the information provided may well come in handy in case there are any problems or additional questions.

Test Print on an HP Printer

Left-click the Start button in the taskbar and select Control Panel from the list of services.

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Move the mouse cursor over the selected printer and press the right button. The shortcut menu for the printer appears. From the context menu, select the command “properties and click on it with the left mouse button.

In the “Properties” menu, open the “General” tab and left-click on the “Test Print” command. If the printer is being started for the first time or has NOT been used for a long time, you will need to wait a few seconds (15 to 30) before printing starts. It just takes a printer driver time to collect all the information about the system. In the future, the print processing speed will be higher. The test page parameters of any printer are defined by default and absolutely all printer parameters are tested during printing. Test page may vary from model to model.

When printing finishes, evaluate the test page. It should contain graphics, text, samples of absolutely all colors. There should not be any distortions and irregularities. If the print was done with an inkjet printer, then there should be no ink drip.

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When the printer finishes printing the page, you will be prompted to save the print settings. If all the parameters of the test page suit you, you can simply name it by the command “save print parameters by default.

How to print an HP test page without a computer?

First, load regular, white paper of the correct size into the input tray.

Test page of printing for inkjet printers It is printed as follows: Turn off the device with the button, press the button “Letter, Do not release it, press the button” ON, Release it, continue to hold “Letter for about 10 seconds.

What problems can arise?

But sometimes the following error occurs: The print test page was not printed correctly. In this regard, the question arises of what to do in this case and how to still print this page? So, if the test page is printed incorrectly, then one of the possible problems is old or “broken drivers.

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To solve it, you need to download and install their updated version. But what to do if this action did not help and the problem related to the fact that the printer does NOT print is still relevant? In this case, give “Everyone” full rights for “C: \ Windows \ System32 \ spool \ PRINTERS, and then delete the required printing device on the“ HKEY_USERS \.DEFAULT \ Printers.

In addition, usually give the user the rights that the administrator possesses and install a new driver under his name. After that, you can revoke the previously granted rights from him. You should also disable UAC. If the steps taken do not help, then you should run the Process Explorer utility and during printing, pay attention to what rights are missing.

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