Printer does not see toner after refilling

The printer does not see the color cartridge

With the color version, the situation is a little more complicated as there are different versions and brands. To begin with, you should choose the right model. To do this, start the number on the cartridge body with the type of element used in the device. There are three types of replaceable elements:

  • Original models.
  • Versatile versions that fit different brands of technology.
  • Reusable options.

Check the consistency and integrity of the cartridge, then proceed to the system settings to regulate the functioning of the equipment.

The printer stopped seeing the old cartridge

In the event that a problem occurs with an old cartridge, the reasons for the lack of recognition by the system lie in a natural defect. Long use can wear out the print nozzles and sensors, and damage the printer itself. Depending on the service life of the equipment, it is worth making a decision to repair or completely replace it. To restore work, you can try the following manipulations:

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Important! Any part has its own lifespan. Periodically it is worth inspecting the case in order to diagnose and solve problems that have arisen.

The printer does not see the black cartridge

Now let’s take a closer look at the possible problems for each cartridge option. Let’s start with the classic black model. Usually installation is not difficult, you need to open the printer cover, find the desired compartment and insert the element into it. The computer will then automatically recognize the device. If there is no result, check everything according to the plan described above.

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Additionally, you should pay attention to the sensors located on the case. Some manufacturers specifically include multiple replacement chips in the kit. In this case, replace as planned:

  • Disconnect the old sensor from the attachment point.
  • In its place, install a new chip from the kit, run the program for printing.
  • Run a test print of the sheet to evaluate the quality of the display.

Important! This option is useful when refueling, use the sensor so that the system does not give errors when using a non-native element.

Possible causes and solutions

If you are faced with a similar problem, it is worth finding out the source of its occurrence. The following types of problems are most common:

  • Incorrect installation of the element in the corresponding compartment. Some parts may be loose, in which case the computer will warn you about the lack of ink or cartridge when printing.
  • Non-native equipment installed. Many manufacturers have recently begun to create locking systems so that users can purchase new original items.
  • Mismatch of the brand of the device with the type of ink used. As a result, the technician may not only fail to see the cartridge, but also break during operation.
  • Application of ink with a different method of application to paper. Some devices have features for printing.
  • Damage to the sensor or chip on the panel, which signals ready to print.
  • serious software glitches and system failures are also possible. To solve the problem, you will need to carry out a full diagnostics of the equipment.

To avoid possible problems, it is enough to use the native versions, with their help, the printer will work in full without interruption. However, permanent replacement will be too expensive for the user. In this case, refueling will do. If you decide to use a gas station, check in advance the compatibility of the used brand with the installed equipment.

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Important! Manufacturers strive to create an environment that prevents refills of ink. In earlier versions, locks were practically not used, so it is much easier and more profitable to work with them.

The printer does not see a new cartridge

If the printer does not recognize the item you just purchased, make sure it matches the type of device. You can read the necessary information on the printer body and the ink can. You can also focus on the starter kit (a native element installed inside the case upon purchase), just buy the model that was originally used.

When using the correct model, everything should work fine, after confirming the status of the ink level when installing the cartridge, you can print documents as usual. If the printer does not see the item, note the following items:

  • Alignment of sensors on the body with sensors in the corresponding compartment.
  • Cover position over printing machines.
  • Correct positioning without visible departure.
  • Loose connection with sensors, no holding film.
  • Integrity of the case, absence of mechanical defects and damage.

If you find any problems, try to fix them yourself. Correctly fasten the fixing clamps, make sure that the cover is tightly closed, remove the sticker covering them from the sensors. After trying to solve the problem, restart the technique. Automatic troubleshooting systems are installed in modern models.

Important! Do not press hard on the parts of the device, this can lead to breakage. In the original versions, everything closes quite easily, without any extra effort.

The printer does not see the cartridge after refilling

Printers are peripheral information output devices, the main principle of which is to convert an electronic file format into a printed form for printing on paper. Modern models have found application in offices, in large enterprises, and have also become indispensable for doing work at home.

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One of the main elements responsible for the full operation of the equipment is the cartridge. For the correct execution of the actions, the system must correctly recognize the supplied element for its further use in order to print a print on paper. But sometimes problems arise at the recognition stage, the printer simply does not see the installed cartridge. In this case, you need to immediately find out why the printer says that there is no toner, or it is empty, even when the cartridge is refilled.

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What to do if the printer does not see the cartridge at all?

If none of the suggested list helped you fix the problem, most likely there is damage to the printer’s microcircuits. You can disassemble the structure and see the damaged parts; in case of minor breakdowns, you can replace them.

But, most likely, the internal components will be significantly damaged. In this case, do not make your own repairs. You can contact the service center, where, under warranty, they will provide free assistance in thorough diagnostics and troubleshooting.

It is likely that the device has failed due to long-term use. In this case, it will be much more profitable to purchase a new model. You can browse popular versions on the Internet to find the perfect value for money.