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15 best laser MFPs

Review of the best according to the opinion of the editorial board of expertology.Ru. In the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not advertising and does not listen to a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

MFP. or the so-called “multifunctional device”. combines a printer, scanner and copier. Therefore, it is perfect for both home and small office.

MFPs are laser and inkjet. The latter are not the most profitable option, since they are distinguished by the high cost of ink and their high consumption. Therefore, it is better to use laser MFPs for the office.

And so we have compiled a rating of the 15 best laser MFPs, which will be an excellent solution for both the office and home, especially if you plan to use the device actively enough.


  • Difficulty with connecting to Wi-Fi, you need to act strictly according to the attached instructions;
  • Non-standard toner residual detection method (cartridge counts sheets, not actual usage)
  • When refilling the cartridge, you need to reset the counter of printed sheets.

Connection type

There are three types of connection. wired to a computer, wired network, wireless network. The first is convenient when using the “one computer. one MFP” method, and installing an MFP as a network device becomes a rather complicated process.

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Wired and wireless network connections are a convenient solution when you need to print to the MFP from multiple computers. They differ in the type of connection. In the first case, a regular Ethernet network cable is inserted into the MFP, and in the second, it connects to a local Wi-Fi network.

Brother DCP-1612WR

Printer For Printing Mfp Laser

Why third place: Low RAM, therefore only suitable for printing documents.

This laser MFP is designed exclusively for work with documents, including those containing SIMple graphics. It will NOT work to print “heavy” images with it, since the device’s RAM is only 32 MB.

But as a document printer, it is excellent. Provides high-resolution prints, runs at up to 20 pages per minute, takes 10 seconds to finish first sheet, and takes 18 seconds to warm up from power on or wake up from deep sleep. Compatible with “office” glossy and matte papers up to 105 gsm. Cartridge for 1,000 pages.

A flatbed scanner at a native resolution of 600 x 1200 dpi can extrapolate to 19.2K, which is important when working with images.

Connected via USB. the necessary drivers are included. or Wi-Fi. Supports AirPrint for mobile printing and remote control via web interface.

Scan quality

This parameter determines the detail of the scanned documents. The standard scan quality for MFPs is 600 × 600 dpi, which is enough for the vast majority of office or home tasks.

However, if you plan to Scan to MFP any photos, highly detailed documents or images, you should pay attention to devices with higher resolution when scanning.

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It should be borne in mind that “space” numbers like 6400 × 9600 dpi are usually provided by extrapolation. software increase in the number of pixels. and in fact DO NOT improve image quality. But the “weight” of the electronic copy increases to hundreds and thousands of megabytes.


  • High printing speed;
  • High resolution printing;
  • Easy to customize.

Compatible paper

This parameter means Not only the paper types, but also the size of the source. If you plan to print on thick paper, it is recommended to purchase an MFP that can work with materials with a density of 350 grams per square meter.

The compatible paper size is determined in the same way. If you plan to print only on ordinary A4 sheets, almost any MFP will do. For A3, respectively, you will need an A3 compatible MFP, and such devices can also print on A4.

If you plan to print on stickers, envelopes, labels, etc. this is also worth paying attention to when choosing an MFP.

By the way, the maximum print size is usually equal to the maximum scan size. That is, A4-compatible MFPs can scan documents on A4 sheets; and compatible with A3 format. on A3 leaves.

Rating of the best laser MFPs


Distinguish between color and monochrome (black and white) MFPs. On the first, you can print multi-colored images. However, color laser multifunction devices are relatively expensive.

Black and white are cheaper, but they can only print in grayscale.

Xerox for small and medium businesses. Xerox® ConnectKey®. Xerox B210 Printer

The powerful and powerful Xerox B210 printer is designed for small office environments. Employees can now.

  • Functionality: Printing
  • Print speed, mono, A4 (up to pages / min.): 30
  • Maximum load (page / month): 30,000
  • Maximum resolution, dots per inch: 1200 x 1200
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Useful materials. Phaser 3330 Printer

The Xerox Phaser ™ 3330 Monochrome Printer features an ergonomic design and an intuitive interface.

  • Functionality: Printing
  • Print speed, mono, A4 (up to pages / min.): 40
  • Maximum load (page / month): 80,000
  • Maximum resolution, dots per inch: 1200 x 1200

Phaser 3610 Printer

Higher speed. room for expansion. Professional.

  • Functionality: Printing
  • Print speed, mono, A4 (up to p./min.): 45
  • Maximum load (page / month): 110,000
  • Maximum resolution, dots per inch: 1200 x 1200

Business Development Hub

Xerox office printers streamline your workflow and automate your daily work with the latest advances in modern printing technology. Among the Xerox office products, you will find both monochrome and color A4 and A3 size machines. They have wide functionality, high speed and print quality, are reliable and easy to maintain. Performance figures and recommended monthly workloads allow you to choose a model for the needs of an office of any size.

Phaser 3052 Printer

The Xerox Phaser ™ 3052 compact printer saves space in your workspace.

  • Functionality: Printing
  • Print speed, mono, A4 (up to p./min.): 26
  • Maximum load (page / month): 30,000
  • Maximum resolution, dots per inch: 4800 x 600