Printer for printing business cards and flyers

Printing plastic business cards on a card printer

For the mass production of business cards and analog printed products, consider purchasing a dedicated card printer. Such units are multifunctional, they look modern and stylish. Their main disadvantage is their high price. There are several main parameters that you should be guided by when buying card models.

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Printers for printing business cards on paper

The most popular material for making business cards is still paper. Depending on its type, two types of printers are involved: laser and inkjet. Let’s try to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Printing plastic business cards on an inkjet printer

If you plan to print one by one business cards, the Epson Stylus Photo P50 inkjet printer will successfully cope with this task. This model supports the CD / DVD printing function. And this is the main requirement for inkjet printers, provided that plastic cards are printed on them.

  • special tray (card print tray). It holds blanks for business cards, after which it is inserted into the slot instead of the disc tray.
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Make sure the tray and cards are correct for your printer model. The manufacturer always indicates this information when selling products.

In the print settings, be sure to check the box next to “CD / DVD”. Note that printing on both sides is done in two passes. That is, to get an image from the other side, the cards must be turned over on the tray and sent back to print.

Popular models of inkjet printers

The most popular models for printing business cards at home are Epson inkjet printers. They are durable and not demanding to operate. This is the ideal price / performance ratio.

Epson printers can work on pigments. Unlike water-soluble inks, this type of ink is moisture resistant and does not fade in the light. Even with poor paper quality, prints with pigment inks will be crisp. When installing CISS, the manufacture of polychrome products becomes not as expensive as when working with original cartridges.

Epson Stylus Photo P50 has a democratic price. This six-color printer is designed for printing photos, black and white and color documents, supports the function of printing on CDs. Users note the high quality of finished products and decent speed. With this model you can print business cards on A4.

  • high color rendering,
  • the package includes a set of branded paper,
  • built-in function of correcting images before printing them.
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Epson Stylus Photo R2000 slightly surpasses its counterpart in technical parameters. This printer is also used for making business cards and photos.

  • eight-color palette,
  • A3 print format,
  • Supports PictBridge printing technology,
  • there is a wireless connection function,
  • prints on CD / DVD, roll, photo paper, matte and glossy paper, envelopes, labels, films and cards.

Laser printing

The printing speed on laser devices is faster than that of inkjet devices. They are multifunctional and do not make much noise during operation. This printing technology does not use liquid ink, but powder toner. Unlike ink, it does not dry out or damage the device if it is inactive for a long time. Refueling, like the unit itself, will cost you more than when working with a jet. But the color rendition of laser models is not ideal.

  • high power consumption,
  • the price of the devices themselves. For example, a professional laser business card printer will cost you several hundred dollars.,
  • not suitable for use on embossed surfaces.

What to look for when choosing a printer:

It is desirable that the printer has the following parameters:

  • the main thing is high resolution (the optimal indicator is 5760×1440 dpi);
  • function of two-sided printing. Information will be automatically placed on both sides of the business card, which will simplify the production process and save time;
  • the ability to print directly without connecting to a PC. This minimizes the time spent on the production of printed products;
  • the ability to work with pigment inks. This will prevent damage to the business card when the card gets into a humid environment;
  • availability of a continuous ink supply system and refillable cartridges. Otherwise, printing business cards will cost a pretty penny;
  • support for printing on CD / DVD discs.
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Printers for printing business cards on plastic

A plastic business card looks more solid than a paper one. It emphasizes the style and personality of its owner. Plastic is wear-resistant and durable: it is not afraid of stains, moisture and mechanical damage. For the manufacture of such products, a special plastic card printer is needed. Its presence is an optional condition if it is supposed to issue business cards in small edition. In this case, a conventional inkjet apparatus will do.

Inkjet printing

  • slow print speed,
  • require special ink for printing on coated paper,
  • cheap models do not have a direct sheet feed function, and the use of expensive models for small volumes of work is irrational,
  • when idle, there is a risk of ink drying and damage to the print head.

Business cards are best printed with an inkjet printer on thick paper. Before buying a printer, check what kind of paper it supports.