Printer Jammed Paper How to Remove

Why the printer jams on paper and how to avoid it

Before we start talking about one of the most common breakdowns (the printer jams on paper), let’s figure out what this device is. So. A printer is a device external (separate) location from a computer, designed to output encoded digital information from computer files, convert it into text form and print it on paper.

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The printer is jamming the paper

Types of modern printing devices (printers)

During its short history, the printer has gone through many evolutionary changes, which, starting with the first sample of this device, there is no point in listing.

Let’s name only the devices that are used today:

  • Dot matrix printers;
  • Inkjet;
  • Photo printers;
  • Laser printers.

Famous manufacturers

There are a huge number of companies engaged in the production of office (home) equipment for printing graphic and text information stored in computer devices in the modern consumer market.

But printers have been and remain the same leaders for many years:

  • HP (Hewlett Packard)
  • Canon;
  • Epson;
  • And a number of other companies.


Like any high-tech device, printers are prone to malfunction. The level of complexity of the breakdown directly depends on the operating conditions of the device.

Printer paper

They can be conditionally divided into two groups:

  • To bring the device into proper working condition, the intervention of a service center specialist (Canon, HP, etc.).
  • The malfunction can be eliminated by hand.

The second group (the so-called home breakdowns) includes mainly problems with print quality and with the failure of the paper sheet to pass through the device. In other words, the HP (Canon) printer is jamming the paper. In any case, both misunderstandings can hardly be called malfunctions. Rather, they should be attributed to improper use of the device, lack of preventive maintenance and the use of substandard or unsuitable consumables for this model.

Let’s look at the problem using the example of paper chewing by a Canon printer.

Causes of the problem

There may be several reasons why a high-quality machine from a well-known brand (HP, Canon, etc.) suddenly starts jamming.

Let’s name some of the most common causes of this malfunction:

  • The roller that moves the paper in the product is dirty or worn out. In this case, it should be cleaned in accordance with the attached manufacturer’s instructions, or the damaged part should be replaced with a new one.
  • Gopro Paper The printer’s idler roll is doing its job because the printer uses excessively thin paper tape, excessively thick paper, or paper that is lightweight.

In addition, creasing of the paper medium in the printing device can occur for the following reasons:

  • The use of low quality ink cartridges. That is, the use of toners (dry ink) NOT intended for the devices of this brand. In this connection, the cartridge may not fit snugly against the media (paper) and the formation of powder lumps on the roller, its contamination.
  • Well, and the most common oversight that leads to creasing of a paper sheet during printer operation is user carelessness. It consists in the ingress of foreign objects into the device in the form of stapler and paper clips. Unlike the above malfunctions, a paper clip that gets into the printer can lead to serious damage Not only to the roller, but also to the drum unit of the machine, which will require its overhaul, and therefore, significant material costs.
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Clearing Paper Jams

What to do if the printer has a paper jam

In the event that your printer refuses to fully perform its functions and constantly crumples the paper embedded in it, do not panic and call an office equipment repair specialist. First, try to understand the causes of the malfunction and try to fix it yourself if you find it.

To do this, in the event that you print a large amount of information, reduce its amount and give the printer time to rest. The product may chew on paper if it overheats. Taking a short break will do him good.

If after a break nothing has changed, and the printer also continues to crimp the paper sheet, turn it off and check the quality of the loaded paper for the appropriate model of the machine, that is, size and weight. The universal (standard) paper weight for modern printers is 80 grams per square meter.

This information should be noted on the packaging of the paper you use in the device.

Check (visually) that the paper of the feed roller is clean. Clean it if possible Based on the recommendations in the printer manual.

Check that the paper is properly seated in the feed slot, and make sure there are no foreign objects.

Removing Damaged Paper from the Printer

The most frequently asked question is as follows: printer Is the paper jammed, how to remove it? First of all, DO NOT use sudden, yanking movements when removing paper from the machine. By doing this, you can aggravate the malfunction and transfer it from the category of annoying misunderstandings to the category of expensive repairs.

Disconnect the printer from the power supply using the corresponding button. Modern appliances Equipped with an automatic paper release function. If this does not happen, the display will show an inscription indicating the error code. The correction method for this code is written in the instructions.

In the event that your device is NOT equipped with such auxiliary options, you should proceed according to the following instructions:

  • Visually determine when the sheet is jammed in the mechanism: start, middle or end.
  • Open the cover of the receiving paper tray, front and back of the printer.
  • Check the pressure of the cartridge, the presence of foreign objects in the roller mechanism. Delete them.
  • If a paper jam occurs at the beginning or in the middle of the path, gently pull the letter out in the opposite direction from its path.
  • If the letter is chewed at the exit (at the end). pull it out along the way.
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If you cannot remove the damaged media on your own, in no case do I make any attempts to wring out the rollers or cartridges with improvised items. In such a situation, it is better to call professional craftsmen.

Printer Paper jam: how to remove?

When an emergency at work, everything flies up and down: either tea accidentally spills on the keyboard, then you hit the monitor with your elbow, threatens to fall off the table, then the “hungry” printer will stealthily take and “swallow” the annual report at the most inopportune moment. Everything would be fine, only now you can hardly explain to the chief and the checking authorities that the technician is to blame for the delay. Is there an excuse that the printer has jammed the paper, you, alas, DO NOT know how to pull it out? In this case, it only remains to fix it as soon as possible. And you can do it like this.

8 easy steps to solve the problem

The very first thing is to cancel the printer‘s printing. To do this, in the system window, which shows the progress of printing, click the “Cancel printing” or “Cancel”.

If the printing process is NOT displayed as a special window, it does not matter. In this case, use the Windows settings. To do this, on a Windows 7 PC, click the “Start” button and select the “Devices and Printers” tab:

The system will automatically suggest a list of printers that can be accessed on your computer. Find the desired one and click on its icon with the right mouse button. In the proposed menus, select “Open print queue”:

Next, in the window that opens, we look for the printed document and cancel its printing.

  • Turn off the printer. To do this, simply pull the cord out of the network. In principle, this step can be dispensed with, but, as they say, God protects the one who is careful.
  • Now you can go on to inspect the paper jam. Depending on the model, the printer cover
  • Raise,
  • Move it to the side;
  • Open from behind.

In this case, proceed in the same way as when you insert a cartridge into the printer (new or used after refueling).

  • We pull out the cartridge and carefully check the “filling” of the printer for the presence of foreign objects. Is there a missing paper clip, a piece of old paper, a splinter from a broken mug, which you accidentally dropped on the printer in the morning. If such or similar items are still found, then gently using a cotton swab, remove them from the printer. There is no need to rush here. If the printer is “clean”, the better, the less likely that any of the parts has time to be damaged.
  • In principle, half of the work is over. The most important thing remains. to pull out the jammed paper. Depending on where she is stuck and you have to choose a method:
  • Paper wrinkles occur immediately after the start or in the middle of printing. In this case, the best option is to gently, without unnecessary movements, pull it towards the reverse print. Simply put, where the paper was inserted, we pull from there;
  • Paper is jammed at the end of printing and some of the printed text has already appeared. If this is your case, then also very carefully and carefully, just like a baby during childbirth, pull the paper towards you from the exit side when printing.
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In any case, wherever the paper is jammed, it is not necessary to push it back. It is unlikely that this will work out.

What if the paper is “accidentally” torn? Cry crocodiles with tears. It’s a joke, so far nothing really terrible has happened. At least not until you got inside the printer with a sharp knife.

In this case, we take tweezers (the one that is stored in the women’s cosmetic bag is quite suitable) and IMPORTANT we wrap it with adhesive tape, duct tape or electrical tape from the sharp end, so that during the “Repair” from the “master” it does not turn into a “lomaster”.. again, without unnecessary jerks We take out pieces of torn paper. All to one. In principle, it’s okay, really?

  • After the Savior Heroes have removed the jammed paper, it is best to clean the printer rollers. In this case, we take a clean napkin, dip it in clean water (moisten, not a pile) and gently wipe the rollers. In principle, if the urgency of the repair is off scale, you can skip this stage, but the print quality may be useless.
  • It’s almost done. It remains to return the cartridge to its workplace and close the printer cover.

We connect the printer to the network, load new paper and print the desired document.

And voila. problem solved!

P. S. If you don’t want the problem to recur:

  • Use quality paper designed for printing;
  • We put it in the printer feeder in a neat stack, so as not to overload it;
  • Placing the printer on a flat, stable surface.