Printer prints black bars how to fix

Why the printer can print black sheets

Today we will talk about another frequency problem that may arise when a printer or MFP is operating. We are talking about the appearance of black sheets during printing. Of course, this happens extremely rarely, but still some users are forced to struggle and try to somehow fix this problem. Therefore, we will tell you about the reasons for the appearance of black sheets, and about what to do in such a situation.

Why black sheets appear when printing and how to deal with it?

If the printer produces black sheets when printing, then you should not immediately despair or give the device to a service center. You can try to fix the problem yourself at home. However, before proceeding with the “recovery work”, you should understand the reasons why the printer prints black sheets. There may be several of them:

  • Image drum flashing. This is the most common reason. As you know, a photo drum (or photo drum) is a part of a cartridge to which information is transferred from a computer, laptop or other device information for subsequent printing. However, he is very sensitive to light. Therefore, all work related to the removal of this part is carried out in a dark room (sometimes toner replacement). Light accidentally hitting the drum unit can damage it, and this, in turn, can cause black sheets to appear. What to do in such a situation? Either replace the drum unit (as it is too expensive to repair), or wait a little. the sensitive layer may recover.
  • Contact part malfunction. For example, the contacts of the power supply on the cartridge itself are dirty. In some models, the spring-loaded contact begins to get stuck at all. It simply turns out 30-40 degrees due to improper operation. Let’s say the cartridge was often and unnecessarily pulled out of the printing device.
  • The wrong size paper is being used. For example, some users try to print on fax paper. However, it turns black when printed even due to slight heating.
  • Corotron missing. Perhaps you gave the printer to a service center for repairs or changed the ink yourself. At the same time, during such work, they simply forgot to install the charge roller (aka corotron or input shaft) back.
  • The high voltage unit of the printer or other parts of the printer is out of order. Yes, do not discount the printing device itself. The printer, like any other equipment, can break down. The high-voltage unit breaks down especially often. It is not difficult to diagnose a breakdown of the printing device itself. If possible, try inserting the cartridge into a different printer. If there are no black sheets, then the matter is in the device itself.
  • A poor quality cartridge is being used. Some models sin with their leaks. As a result, some of the toner scatters, soiling and sheets during printing. Typically, after a while, the printer starts printing normally. If, after 10-20 print sheets, black sheets continue to come out, then the cartridge should be replaced.

Repair yourself or give it to a service?

As you can see, there are many reasons why black sheets appear when printing. However, they are all easy to diagnose and eliminate. It should be remembered that this problem is more typical for laser printers. By the way, from any manufacturer. be it HP, Samsung or the same Canon. No one is insured against the appearance of black sheets during printing. over, most often such a problem is detected after refilling the cartridge or other manipulations with the device.

The actual question is whether it is worth immediately contacting the service center or is it better to try to restore the printer on your own. In our opinion, everything is obvious. You should try to eliminate the black sheets when printing yourself. It’s not difficult at all:

  • Check what paper is in the tray (to exclude the possibility of using fax paper);
  • Clean contacts (both printer and cartridge) and make sure they are working;
  • Try to reboot the device;
  • Check if the cartridge is installed correctly, if you forgot to put the input shaft, etc.
printer, prints, black

If you have done all of the above, but the printer continues to print, then you should contact the wizard for help. After all, most likely, the problem is quite serious. it went out of order:

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Toner Cartridge Printing Defects: Causes and Solutions

  • photodrum;
  • Power Supply;
  • controller board;
  • laser assembly or some other important detail.

Printer prints one page, prints one copy at a time

Today I will write about a problem that I personally encountered not so long ago, namely: the printer prints one page, while it ignores the number of specified copies to print, and prints only one. In this case, the problem occurred with the HP 1320 printer, but it can happen not only with the models and devices of this manufacturer. Usually, in this situation, the user begins to delve into the settings of the program from where the print is made; reinstall drivers, etc. If he is not well versed in computer technology, then he calls professionals who are not shy about taking “decent” payment for their work. However, you can easily avoid losing your nerves and money and use my instructions. After that, your printer will stop printing one page or one copy at a time and will continue to work fully. The method for eliminating the problem is extremely simple, even an unprepared user can use it. If the problem persists, you can use more complex troubleshooting methods at the end of the article.

What to do if text is doubled when printing on the printer. Duplication solution for laser and inkjet printers

Notice that the laser printer doubles when printing? In general, many users of such printing devices sometimes face this problem, but solving it is not so difficult as it might seem at first glance. Of course, to solve this problem, you can use the services of a service center, but why spend money if, with a competent and responsible approach, you can fix the problem yourself?

Changing the printer’s print processor

Most often, it is enough to change the printer’s print handler so that our printer starts printing the entire document again and stops ignoring the number of specified copies.

Quick fix of printer HP LaserJet P1102w black page

How to change the print processor of the printer?

  • Go to “Control Panel”, then “Devices and Printers”, right-click on the icon of your printer and select “Properties”
  • Click on the “Advanced” tab, select “Print Processor”
  • Change the print handler to “winprint” (from Microsoft)
  • Save changes

After that, the problem should go away. If the error persists, go to the next step.

Download file. Canon printer prints with stripes what to do

Over time, any device can significantly reduce print quality or even block this function, giving a warning about the need for repairs for a variety of reasons. Consider possible problems in which the printer prints in stripes, but does not refuse to work. Of course, for laser and inkjet printers, malfunctions and methods of their elimination differ significantly. This picture can be obtained when the ink supply is poor. First thing to do: In the absence of paint, even a nozzle test cannot be performed without the risk of burnout of the nozzles. Now you can check the nozzles. If you notice gaps on the test page, the nozzles are really clogged and need to be cleaned programmatically. When several attempts fail to achieve the desired result, manual cleaning is required. You can read about this in the article. How to flush the Canon PIXMA print head. Cartridges with a built-in nozzle plate are soaked in a similar way. This was the most frustrating situation, requiring patience and time to troubleshoot. Perhaps things are not so bad for you. Are the cartridges full, the nozzle test is excellent, but the print is blurry, streaks, fuzzy lines? Another possible reason: If you drove your printer somewhere or simply moved it badly, shaking it hard enough could cause the carriage to move slightly. Their width can be different and depends on the degree of contamination of the encoder disk. This part is located on the left of the paper feed shaft, it is a circle of transparent material with markings. If the lines are covered with dust or dried ink, the corresponding sensor does not see them, therefore, the paper is not positioned correctly. Wipe the disc with a soft cloth dampened with a special cleaning liquid or Mr. Muskul window cleaner containing ammonia. The encoder tape and the corresponding sensor are responsible for positioning the carriage. With dirty markup, some of the text is shifted to the side, which is repeated at regular intervals throughout the page. This transparent strip with dashes is located along the main paper feed shaft. Wipe it carefully so that it does not slide off the mounts, as half of the printer may need to be disassembled to replace the part. For a complete picture, watch the video on how to use a laser beam in a printing device. The most harmless thing here is the white stripes along the entire length of the page, the width of which increases with each copy. The only reason is toner has run out. If the toner is used up, it will not magically appear even from impacts on the table, but the waste will surely spill out of the sump. Printing with waste will significantly shorten the life of the product. Sealing gums, designed to trap powder, may not withstand a strong impact: Dark dots, dashes or specks are visible along the sheet, which grow larger and merge into a strip as you continue printing. In most cases, this defect is caused by waste toner spilling out of an overfilled hopper. Need refueling and it is desirable to use the services of another service center. A dashed black line appearing at the edges of the page. The pattern of which is exactly repeated several times indicates that the drum is worn out: Mechanical damage to the drum surface by dust, paper clips and other foreign objects is manifested by black dots or dashes scattered across the printed page in a seemingly chaotic disorder. However, upon close examination, it is noticeable that the pattern of defects on the sheet is repeated several times. With further use, the surface of the drum is further damaged by the squeegee, which, in turn, also becomes unusable and toner particles, minor defects increase and merge into black stripes. You cannot continue to print, since the damaged squeegee does not completely remove the powder, and excess toner spills both into the cartridge and into the printer. The correct filling is of the utmost importance. An unevenly set dispensing blade is passing more toner than necessary. The cyan bar in the illustration. Contamination of the blade during operation leads to a decrease in the gap in certain places and a decrease in the amount of toner passed through. On print, this will appear faint when heavily soiled. white longitudinal stripes. The following figure shows the result that powder spilled during the filling of the hopper remains inside the cartridge body. During use, the toner has clogged the gray stripes on the drum unit and the primary charge roller black across the page. In addition, the drum surface began to wear. a strip on the right edge of the sheet. Print defect due to incorrect cartridge refilling Press to enlarge. Printing with an overfilled waste container can cause similar damage. In addition to the above, toner residues falling into the housing may damage the surfaces of the primary charge roller. Almost always, defects from a malfunction of several parts are visible on the sheet. It is advisable to show the technician the printed page in order to correctly determine which parts of the cartridge need to be replaced, and to decide whether the printer needs preventive maintenance or even urgent repair. Thank you for reading the material to the end. Rate it, please voted: Below there is a section with comments. We will be happy to receive feedback from you both on this material and throughout the site. What could be the problem? Second, the yellow cartridge is full, but the yellow one refuses to print. And further. Why does black print in stripes even when checking nozzles? Can this be influenced by the fact that not all cartridges have ink? Do the cleanings with software or use specials for this. With the help of the software, I did the cleaning many times and to no avail…. The situation has not changed, everything has remained the same. An example of the original file and scan of the result. Black, red. it was normally printed in the picture, some kind of distortion is the scanner is dull, blue did not show itself at all, Yellow barely. Hello, the Samsyng scx printer prints with stripes even after refueling. My pana Sonyk KX-MV prints with one stripe 1 cm wide, in the whole sheet, inserted the cartridge into another printer. prints BEAUTIFUL, I insert it back into my own. prints with a strip. Thank you in advance for your attention, Tell me what is the reason. Hello, the laser unit is located in the MFP itself above the cartridge, there is also a protective glass, so it should be wiped, but it will be better if you post a scan of the print sample. Hello my Canon LBPB printer. Prints with 4 bold stripes before that something starts to rattle in the equipment, as if it is hard for him to print. After printing 2 sheets. prints normally. There is a small dot where the stripes began. Tell me what could be the reason. Please tell me the Samsung CLP laser printer prints horizontal lines of all colors three or four times on a page. After refilling the first cartridge, it prints 2 sheets again normally, and then it is light. We have already changed 3 cartridges and all of them are the same. Hello, please post a scan or a good photo of a print sample, what kind of toner did you fill? There is a drum along the edges of the campaign but in the center it is not clear what does this, also a drum? Lexmark printer xn https: Hello, bad dull print with stripes on the Kenon MG, I washed the head clean, reinstalled the software, the color seems to be there, but the horizontal stripes remained across the entire area. What could it be? On the Canon mf printer, when printing, four very small dots appear on the sheet from the left edge. Hello, after refilling toner by the master. Canon MF printer. started typing in black and smearing duplicate texts. When refueling, the foreman recommended changing the drum and dispensing blade. But I said that everything was printing fine before refueling, and did not change. What could be the reason if everything was normal before refueling?

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MediaStrazh. Be on protection!

Can’t print multiple copies from Word

In addition to the methods listed by yours, here are some more tips that Microsoft gives if you can only print one copy from Office Word. How to enter the properties of the printer driver, I explained above in the text

  • Disable background printing in Microsoft Word (“Word Options”. “Advanced”. “Print”. uncheck “Print in background”
  • Disable the print queue in the properties of the printer driver (select the “Print directly to the printer” mode)
  • Change the graphics mode from vector to raster in the properties of the printer driver
  • Press CTRL END to go to the end of the document. On the Insert tab, select Page Break to add a page break to your document. Add a blank page after the break (to do this, you can press Enter several times, placing the cursor after the break). It can also help if you need to print multiple copies and only one is printed.
  • Install the latest printer driver from the manufacturer’s official website
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So, today we learned several ways that will get rid of the error when the printer prints only one page, prints one copy. Hope my article helped you get rid of this problem.

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