Printer Prints Black Sheets What To Do

Why does the printer print blank sheets and what to do?

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Printer owners are sometimes faced with the fact that their technique begins to print blank sheets instead of text. There can be many reasons for this: starting from technical faults and ending with software failures. In our review, we will look at the main ones and tell you what to do in this situation.

Main reasons

All the reasons why the printer starts printing blank sheets can be conditionally divided into several groups.

  • Wrong paper selection. In this case, in the device settings, check which print format is the default. If there is a second size paper in the room tray that is different from the specified in the machine settings, the machine will not print text.
  • The reasons for the malfunction may be technical. These include malfunctions of the print head and cartridge, as well as the failure of some parts of the device or their clogging.
  • Most often, blank sheets appear when ink in a cartridge has run out. In this case, fill it up as soon as possible, if it belongs to the refillable group, or replace it.
  • If the device has not been used for a long time, it is possible that the ink inside the print head nozzle will dry out. If this happens, you will need to soak the cartridge or rinse it.

Due to user carelessness, the ink in the print head may dry out completely. For example, if during the operation of the device the power supply was unexpectedly turned off, the carriage may not find its parking space and stop in some other part of the device. In this case, air acts on the ink, which are located in the nozzles of the printheads, for a long time and dries them. After the paint is completely dry, it will start to clog the capillaries.

In case of such an unforeseen situation, it is very important to inspect the carriage and, if necessary, reverse it with a gauze cloth moistened with water for injection (saline is NOT suitable in this case). This napkin should be lightly “run over” by the carriage, while the thickness of the cloth should be sufficient for the Printhead to come into contact with it. These measures will prevent the ink from drying out, and after the electricity supply resumes. just remove the tissue, plug the cable into an outlet, and then start the printer itself and wait for it to perform self-diagnostics and park the head in place.

Blank sheets can also come out when the document is incorrectly formatted in a graphic or text editor. it happens that they already have missed pages in advance. To avoid problems before activating the printer, you must select the preview function in the file menu. in the window that opens, each user can preview the printed materials. If you find blank pages, you need to delete them.

Incorrect settings are also a common prerequisite for the appearance of white sheets. The fact is that the overwhelming majority of modern printers are connected to a stationary or laptop computer via a USB port. However, software glitches occur, and then the previously specified settings simply “fly off”, and the device either releases white sheets, or stands and does NOT respond to commands, although the print program window displays information that printing is in progress.

Some failures in the interaction of the computer with the printer can be introduced by the flown drivers. If this happens, you need to update the printer software by removing the old.

Common user mistakes also contribute to the appearance of white sheets.

  • If you replaced the cartridge yourself and forgot to remove the protective film from it, it will prevent ink from getting on the paper. Because of this, the cartridge is recognized by the system. To fix this problem, you just need to remove the cartridge and remove the film.
  • Use of unsuitable or poor quality paper. As a rule, the instructions for the printer necessarily state what type of paper it is compatible with. the sheets must have a certain thickness and density.
  • Incompatibility between cartridge and printer. Another common situation. before buying, read the user manual and make sure that both models can work with each other, especially often problems are with inkjet devices.
  • Finally, the reason may be a wrong connection. Any wires tend to fail over time, or you could accidentally Disconnect the connection during cleaning. in this case, the device does not start.
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How to fix the problem?

If you think the printer is producing white pages due to an incompatibility between the cartridge and the printer, you need to take certain steps.

Clearing the print queue

Most often, print queue failures prevent new files from being sent to print, but sometimes it can lead to a situation with blank sheets. In order to clear it, you must perform the following steps:

  • Go to the “Control Panel” (WinR. control) and select “Devices and Printers”;
  • Right-click on the Printer Needed and select “View the print queue”;
  • Click “Clear Queue”.

If it still DOES NOT clear, then you can try to do it in another way:

  • Go to the “Services” item (WinR. services. Msc) and start the “Print Manager”;
  • Simultaneously press the WinR keys and write% windir% \ System32 \ spool \ PRINTERS, after that a folder will open that stores all the temporary files of the print queue. you just have to clear it.

Reinstalling the driver

In order to update the printer software, you need to download the driver. This can be done from the disk, which came with the printer, or from the official website of the device manufacturer; before starting work, you should remove the old driver. In general, the sequence of actions for reinstalling the drivers is as follows:

  • Turn off the device, disconnect the cord from the computer and unplug the cord from the outlet
  • Go to the “Control Panel” option, select “Device Manager” from the proposed list;
  • Several printers will be listed in the pop-up window. select the one you need, then right-click on it and check the “Delete” item;
  • After that, the OS will start installing new drivers, everything is simple here. you just need to follow the instructions of the installation wizard;
  • The same action can be performed through the “Device Manager”, in this case, in the menu you need to select “Update hardware configuration”;
  • Do not forget to first connect the printer and turn it on, in the pop-up window you will see unknown equipment that appears. you should name it with the right mouse button and click “Install”;
  • The system will automatically prompt you to select a driver from the disk of a personal computer or download from the Internet.

Other methods

It happens that after updating the operating system, the printer stops printing documents from any application. In this situation, you can do the following:

  • Try to print the document from any alternative application, if available;
  • Make sure the correct printer is selected by default.

You can use the built-in search to find system errors in your printer. To do this, you should find your printer in the devices, name it with the right mouse button and launch the “Troubleshooting” item. At the end of the search, the system itself will detect and fix all failures that can be diagnosed.

After that, you should use a special utility from the manufacturer of the equipment. If you did NOT install it along with the drivers, you can find it yourself on the manufacturer’s website.

When the utility completes diagnostics, select the “Fix errors” item. If the printer continues to spit out sheets and further, then the reason lies in something else, for example, errors may be hardware in nature.

In this case, you need to remove the cartridge, carefully examine it. it should not show any signs of oxidation, all contacts should be clean and free of rust.

Pay attention to the overall behavior of the device. The presence of internal errors may indicate Not only printing blank sheets. related problems can be:

  • The printer turns off spontaneously after printing several sheets;
  • Leds flicker atypically;
  • Technique copies sheets without stopping;
  • Letters are superimposed on each other, the text is skewed.

The problem of printing blank pages often occurs if the printer is old and the operating system on the computer is the latest version. In this case, even though the drivers are correctly installed, the system does not work properly. In such a situation, you can try to use a special emulator program, which makes it possible to install an older operating system in the operating OS, while the outdated one will function on the so-called virtual machine and will NOT in any way affect the operation of the main one. This program is called VirtualBox, it is freely available on the Internet. After that, you will have to additionally download the distribution kit of the outdated OS, with which the printer is compatible, and place it on the virtual device.

For information on what to do if the printer prints blank sheets, see the following video.

The printer prints white sheets: how to fix the situation?

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Users can sometimes face such a problem when the printer prints blank sheets (pages). There can be many reasons for this. ranging from a simple software error, and ending with a malfunction of the printer itself. In this article we will describe the main reasons and solutions to this situation.

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Standard situations

  • The first step is to reboot your device. Turn it off for a minute, then turn it on and check if the document prints or the pages remain blank.
  • If that doesn’t work, you need to check your print settings. Type and size of paper, ink and more. Reset to factory settings if provided by the manufacturer.
  • Check ink / toner. When ink / toner runs out, the product starts to print streaking pages, but sometimes when the ink dries completely, the pages may be blank.
  • There have been cases when the prerequisite for the error of blank sheets was poor contact of the USB cable with the device. Check all cables are firmly connected and try to print the page again.
  • Run test pages. If the letter is successfully printed, then the problem may lie in the settings of the application or the system itself. Moving on to the next points.

Application problem

After performing routine checks, users begin to wonder why the printer is printing blank sheets even though ink is present and the test page prints successfully. Sometimes, an application may also be a prerequisite.

In my memory, there were users who complained that after updating the Windows 10 system, the printer began to print blank sheets through Open Office. The first step was to check the Proof Print. Which was successful. After that, the work was tested in another application (Notepad), where the text also printed on the pages as expected.

Empirically, it was found that the problem was precisely in the operation of the application, which is why the printing on the pages was performed incorrectly. Therefore, you should know a few rules for testing an application:

  • Test document printing in other applications (if there is an alternative).
  • Use other file formats. For example, a test file can be saved in PDF format and try to print it through Google Chrome or another reader of this format.
  • Check if the correct device is being used when sending a document to print.
  • Sometimes reinstalling an application can help resolve the blank pages problem, if not, the problem may be in the printer driver or Windows itself.

Driver problem

Also, such a problem arose when, after installing updates for Windows or fresh drivers, the printer stopped working correctly. Incorrect software operation. This is a common problem that occurs after a major upgraded system. Most often, the problem is solved by installing the latest driver versions.

Let’s consider the most common problems, starting with simple options:

Clearing the print queue

A clogged print queue or its errors can not only interfere with the sending of new documents and files, but also lead to situations with empty sheets.

Enter control panel (WinR. Control). Devices and printers. right-click on the device you need and select “View print queue”.

Click Printers and select Empty Queue. If the queue is NOT cleared, then do the following:

  • Go to Services (WinR. Services.Msc) and stop the Print Manager service
  • Next press the WinR keyboard shortcut and write% windir% \ System32 \ spool \ PRINTERS
  • Empty the contents of the folder. This folder stores temporary print queue files.

Reinstalling the driver

All actions are completed, but for some reason the printer prints white sheets, what should I do in this case? If it is revealed that the device is working and it works from other devices, then the problem is in the driver. The easiest option is to reinstall it. To do this, do the following:

  • Go to Device Manager and find your printer
  • Remove the device along with the software and restart your computer
  • To install a new driver, you can search for Windows updates and download the driver, use the printer manufacturer’s website and install the latest driver, or use the automatic driver installation program (DSP, Driver Booster, and others).

If the problem is still not resolved.

If the above methods did not help, and the sheets are empty at the exit from the device, a possible reason may be hidden in the malfunction of the cartridge or the device itself, therefore, you should contact the manufacturer’s support or an authorized service center.

The printer prints a blank sheet: looking for the cause of the problem

If the printer prints blank sheets, it may need specialist attention. But often the problem can be fixed on your own. This requires a comprehensive assessment of the possible causes of such a problem.

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Inattention of the performer

Very often, the culprit is NOT the computer and NOT the all-in-one printer, but the absent-mindedness of users. First, check the correctness of the document, when printing which the printer produces blank sheets. Perhaps there are some blank pages or deadlines inside the file. The problem is solved by simple editing.

Similar reasons related to user distraction include the following:

  • The wrong type of paper is being used.
  • The protective film has been removed from the cartridge. It is needed in order to protect the cartridge from drying out or from spilling toner at the beginning of operation, if it is a laser machine. For this reason, the product cannot spray ink onto the paper. It is also possible that the protective film is preventing the all-in-one printer from recognizing the cartridge.
  • The USB cable is not firmly attached to the device. It is worth noting that the cord issue can be of Fundamental importance. Therefore, DO NOT use additional extension cords, the cable port must be with a rack connection.

There are no difficulties in the indicated cases so that the printer starts printing, but will not. It is enough to eliminate the cause.

Or maybe it’s a cartridge?

The cartridge may also be to blame for why the printer prints blank pages. What could have happened to him?

  • The ink ran out of corny and the printing device began to print blank sheets of paper. Although on the eve of this event, users should have noticed stripes and poorly read text. If owned individually, it would have been impossible to miss. But in the conditions of collective use, a blank sheet of paper that came out of a multifunctional device will make you spend time looking for the cause of trouble.
  • Ink is dry in the cartridge. This happens if the device has NOT been used for a long time. (See article: What to do if a cartridge is dry)
  • In the case of inkjet printers, a prerequisite for clean sheets can be clogged printhead nozzles. This prevents paint from being sprayed onto the paper. The solution to the problem will be to launch the cleaning system.
  • Broken Printhead.

It is not difficult to fix the problem with the cartridge, except for the last case. With such a breakdown, you will have to seek repair from specialists.

Software problems

If all the manipulations are complete, and the all-in-one printer continues to produce blank pages, it is worth printing a device report. Following the instructions, press the required key combination for a few seconds. If in this way it was possible to achieve the operation of the printing device, then the problem lies in the computer or in its connection to the all-in-one printer.

The software needs to be checked. To do this, it is worth printing a test print page. Through the computer control panel, go to the “Devices and Printers” section, in the “Printer Properties” tab, select your model. In the “General” section, click. “Test Print”.

If the test print was successful, then you should take the following steps:

  • Print through another program;
  • Convert the document to a different format;
  • Check the printer for compatibility with the operating system;
  • Check your computer for viruses, antiviruses, etc.

If the test print failed, then I repeated all of the above, it is worth removing the damaged software and printer drivers from the computer. Then, you need to download new software from Printeros.RU and reinstall the drivers. After that, restart your computer and try to print the document again.

The printer is to blame

If, when sending a report, the sheets refuse to come out, then the source of such a problem should be sought not in the computer, but in the multifunctional device itself.

Indeed, of all office equipment, it is the printer that physically works the most. Many inkjets are printed at high temperatures. This leads to heating of the heads. This can result in a crash when the printer starts printing blank sheets of paper. And sometimes, for this reason, the device does not print at all. Unplug the device, let it rest and try again in a few hours. Better if this happens NOT earlier than 12 hours later.

If the option with heating the printheads did NOT give results, then you need to check the operation of the following mechanisms: photo drum, magnetic roller and high-voltage unit.

A defective drum unit prevents the image from transferring from the laser unit to the paper. The printer starts printing blank sheets. It is possible that the all-in-one printer, which is printing a blank document, has a damaged magnetic roller, most likely, contact has disappeared on it. A malfunction of the high-voltage unit will also lead to similar consequences, since the charges necessary to transfer the picture WILL NOT be created. In all cases, it will NOT work on its own. You need to contact the service center.