Printer saves files but does not print

Features of the print dialog in Word and Excel

In the new Microsoft Office, the print dialog does not open in a separate window, but occupies the entire area of ​​the main program window. A preview function is also available, allowing you to see exactly how the document will look based on the settings of the selected printer.

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Be careful when setting the print margins in your document: do not make the margins too narrow!

Fields of 1. 1.5 cm are fine. You can install and 0.5 cm. most printers print them normally, despite the issuance of Word or Excel warnings about too narrow margins. The minimum margins can be found in the documentation for your printer or find out empirically.

Try selecting the “Print as Image” option

If you need to quickly print a simple document (such as a letter or letterhead), use the Print As Image option. To select this option, in the Print dialog box, click the Advanced button. (On Windows 7, the Advanced button is located at the bottom of the dialog box).

Are you using the latest printer driver?

Make sure you are using the latest printer driver (the software that controls the printer). Printer manufacturers release updated driver versions to improve compatibility with newer software versions, such as the latest versions of Reader or Acrobat.

Go to the manufacturer’s official website and search for the keywords “drivers” or “printer drivers”.

The page addresses for downloading drivers from some manufacturers are given below:

Find the driver that matches your printer model number.

Download and install the printer driver following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Let’s sum up

Most programs that work with documents have a print function. To quickly print a Word or Excel document to a printer or save it to an XPS virtual printer file, press Ctrl P.

You can learn other features of printing Word and Excel documents on Microsoft Office online courses.

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What is your default browser? Have you tried saving the document to a directory that you have full access to? The opinions expressed here are my personal views, not those of Microsoft. All information is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind

in the main and PrintServices there are no errors regarding printers, and at this time there are no errors at all

if there is a special section regarding XPS, then I did not find it

there are suspicions of a couple of programs: they are on both PCs, where they do not plow, but the programs are important and I can not remove them yet.

Where they are not, he plows, but it is possible that they have absolutely nothing to do with it.

And you do not remove. put them on one of the normally working computers and check. If it breaks down, it means that the culprit has been found. The opinions expressed here are my personal views, not those of Microsoft. All information is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind

a program with a USB key, they whine what they need for work and cannot even give it for a while, although they will have to give a PC to reinstall the system.

And how are you doing? The opinions expressed here are my personal views, not those of Microsoft. All information is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind

Damn, I have the same problems with the XPS printer but on Windows 8. I noticed that the programs that do not print through the XPS printer are written in MFC (at the very same). over, in the program itself, no errors, failures or something else of this kind occurs. Those. the program thinks that it has printed to the printer without problems, only the XPS printer itself does not create a file with the results. It looks like a trabl either in the MFC printing system or in the XPS printer.

Just tweaked the MFC print chunk on purpose. The EndDoc method returns TRUE, i.e. reports that there is no print error. This is the problem with the XPS printer itself.

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Yes indeed. over, there is no need to erase, it is enough to set full rights to your user.

And this is fucking mysterious on the part of Microsoft! Why did that, and?
My user already has all the rights to the temp directory, this is proved by the fact that many programs that I run dump a heap of garbage there and at the same time do not engage in such leftism as checking the rights to this directory. Why does XPS Writer do this ?! and doing something wrong. He needs the user’s SID to be registered in the list of rights with the Full Access level, but he does not check that these rights are already available through groups.

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Damn, more mysterious office than Microsoft has not seen

Configuring XPS Printing Driver For HP Printers

For HP printers P110x, P156x, P16xx series, you need to do additional steps to install an additional XPS driver.

HP M113x. M121x series printers require additional XPS driver to be installed.

XPS driver installation instructions for HP printers

Download the XPS driver for your printer and extract it to the C: TEMP folder.

Check which port your printer driver uses (Control Panel / Devices and Printers / / Printer Properties context menu / Ports tab).

Run the Add Printer wizard from the control panel, select the printer that I want is not listed and select Add a local or network printer with manual settings. In the next window, specify the port used by your printer:

In the printer driver installation dialog box, select Have Disk. »And specify the path to the folder selected when unpacking the archive in step 1. (eg C: TEMP). Select a model from the list. Note! The driver you select must strictly match your printer model.

Provide a name for the printer. It is this printer that will need to be selected when printing from 1C.

Clear the Use this printer as default check box to avoid using redirected printing on the local computer. To check the settings, you can use the “Print a test page” function. if the document is printed, the printer is configured correctly and you can print documents from 1C.

Note! After installing the driver, you must end the session on the cloud (CtrlAltEnd, Logout) and reconnect. When printing a document, you will need to select the printer you created from the list (for example, through the File / Print dialog box).

Separate file

If there is still no result, then the problem may still be a specific file. To solve, you need to follow these steps:

Lack of fonts

The reason why the printer barely prints a PDF file may be the lack of fonts in the system used in the document itself. In this case, the solution is also to try to print the document as an image.

In addition, you should check the next item in the “Print” window: the checkbox next to the “print to file” function. She must be absent. Compare with photo.


Perhaps the reason lies in the interrupted loading of the document: it may be transferred incorrectly or incompletely. Therefore, you can simply try to download the file again.

Print PDF as images

You need to open additional options in the context menu of the printer. To do this, press the following sequence: File Print Advanced. Follow the steps as shown in the photo.

In the menu that opens, select the “Print as image” item, check all other settings and click “save”. In the main window. “OK”. The document will be sent to print.

Reason why the printer won’t print PDF files

Work related to paper documentation requires a kind of “cooperation” with office equipment. It is quite simple to print out a form.doc document, there are never any problems with this, unless they are related to a failed technique. The problem arises from an unexpected side, forcing one to wonder: why the printer does not print PDF files, but saves.

Many, faced with a similar problem, are completely lost. These problems have very specific and often common causes. over, the problem may not be related specifically to the lack of printing of the document. It can be printed, but the information is barely visible. And this is a bad result.

Windows System Crash: Hanged Print Queue

A very popular problem associated with the fact that an office printer can be connected to a local network.

Solution: clean and discard the entire print queue. Actions must be performed in the sequence as presented on

System problems

Often, the printer does not print due to problems in the system itself. In order to deal with this, it is enough to follow these steps:

  • restarting the computer;
  • after the system starts working again, you need to close all programs;
  • send the problematic PDF document to print.

The document should print. A slightly different problem also arises: insufficient memory. To do this, just check the amount of free space.

Printing a file as an image

In well-known programs for working with PDF, for example, in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, there is a function of sending a project to print as an image. Sometimes this option is effective due to the changed data transfer aLGorithm. This function is activated in just a few clicks:

    Run the existing program and open the required file.
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Through the pop-up menu “File” go to the section “Print”.

Here open additional parameters by clicking on the corresponding button.

Check the box next to “Print as image”.

It remains only to select the active printer and start printing.

Wait until the end of processing, it takes some time, depending on the power of the computer and the number of sheets.

In different programs, the procedure for enabling the considered function may differ slightly, however, in almost all popular applications it is definitely available, the user only needs to find it. In addition, we advise you to try using different programs, since it is often the owners of Adobe Acrobat who have problems, and at the same time, printing in Foxit Reader is successful even without setting the print mode as an image.

Solve problems with printing PDF files

A wide variety of projects are stored in PDF format, for example, text presentations, brochures, postcards, books. From time to time, every printer owner is faced with the need to print just this type of file, but this procedure is not always successful. As part of today’s article, we would like to talk about the possible causes of problems with sending PDF files to print, as well as provide methods for solving them.

Checking the printer is working

The first step is to check the overall performance of the printer by making sure it is printing other document sizes. You can take any text file or start printing a test page through the settings of the device itself. Read more about this in our separate material at the following link.

If no documents go to print, first of all, you should check the cable through which the peripherals are connected. It should fit snugly into the connector and be free from visible physical damage such as severe bends or scratches. Also, make sure the printer is properly connected to the computer.

Sometimes the device is normally detected by the operating system, but it does not print under any circumstances. This is due to the lack of appropriate drivers. If you have not downloaded any files yourself, you will need to do this using any convenient method. You will find detailed tutorials on this topic in the article below.

Restart printing

Sometimes printing problems are related to system or software failures that further prevent normal printing from occurring. In addition, you need to make sure that the file itself is correct, because it may contain errors or not be downloaded completely. First, clear the print queue and reboot the device.

Then try sending the selected document to print again. If the same error occurs, repeat the action with a different file. If everything went well, download the PDF file you want again, resave it somewhere else on your computer, or ask the sender to resend it. Such actions will help to avoid various errors in the PDF program code itself.

Built-in troubleshooter

The Windows operating system has a built-in diagnostic and troubleshooting tool. It allows you to analyze the behavior of various applications and built-in tools, as well as the functioning of the printer. The problem with printing PDFs might have been caused by a failure in the service or some system setting. Then the standard solution will quickly fix the situation.

    Open “Start” and go to “Control Panel”.

There you will need to find the category “Troubleshooting”.

In the “Hardware and Sound” section, click on the link “Using your printer”.

When the troubleshooting wizard appears, click Next.

Mark with a marker the printer with which you are experiencing problems, and then move on.

Wait for the analysis to complete. It is better not to perform any other actions during this operation.

At the end, information with the scan results will be displayed, the problems found should be fixed.

If additional information appears on the screen, please read it carefully and follow the instructions to complete the troubleshooting yourself.

Solving problems with printing PDF files

Usually, printing of documents of any type is successful, but no one is immune from system failures or receiving damaged files. In fact, all solutions to malfunctions are quite simple, the most difficult operation is the search for an irritant. Therefore, we advise you to familiarize yourself with all the methods below, and only then, based on the available information, start fixing the problem.

Convert PDF to DOCX or TXT

If none of the above methods helped, it remains only to try to convert the file to text format, but only if the printer is fully operational. Of course, this is recommended when the original document is mostly text and has few images. The conversion procedure is carried out through special programs or online services. All instructions on this topic can be found in the articles below.

Above, you were familiar with all the available methods for fixing the problem considered. If each of them is ineffective, it is recommended to connect the printer to another computer and check the printing there. Probably, the error lies in the installed operating system, but one should not exclude the breakdown of the printer control board, which is solved only in the service center.

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Solved: Printer will only print pdf files, but will not print office HP Support Community

In my experience, this can happen due to insufficient user rights.

Open Control Panel and select User Accounts, then click User Accounts again and write down your exact username.

Then right click on the Start button and select Run.

On the Security tab, click Edit, then click Add and enter your username.

Click Check Names to check the username and then click OK.

Select the Allow check box. Full access for your user, then click Apply.

Click Yes, then keep clicking Continue for any warning, there might be quite a few warnings until you return to the Security tab.

Now click OK and check if you notice a difference when you try to print.

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Word 2013 and Word 2010

Use one of the following procedures, depending on your version of Windows:

  • In Windows 7 or Windows Vista, click Start and type add remove.
  • In Windows XP or Windows Server 2003, click Start. and then click Control Panel.
  • In Windows 2000, click Start. specify Setting. and then click Control Panel.

Open Add or Remove Programs.

Click Change or Remove Programs. click Microsoft Office (Microsoft Office Word) or the version of Office or Word that you have in the list of Currently installed programs. and then click Edit.

Click Repair or Repair Word (Repair Office). and then click Continue or Next.

Resolved: Printing is not possible. asks to save the file HP Support Community

Welcome to the HP forums. It’s a great place to get support, answers, and advice.

Thank you for submitting your request, I will be more than happy to help you.

I understand that you cannot print as you only have the option to save when printing from your HP LaseJet P1005 printer.

This issue can occur if the drivers are not installed correctly or the correct printer is not selected by default.

Hence, I suggest you check in the printers folder if the default working printer is selected and also if the printer is enabled.

To select your default printer, click the Start button and then Settings. Go to Devices Printers & Scanners select the HP LaseJet P1005 printer. Then select Set as default.

If the problem persists, I suggest you uninstall and reinstall the drivers.

Let’s take a look at a few steps to remove and reinstall the drivers:

Follow the instructions to uninstall the printer software at: Uninstall the Printer Software (Windows)

Also follow these steps to completely remove the printer software from the printer properties.

Steps to remove printer driver files from print server properties:

1.Open the Print Server Properties dialog box by doing one of the following:

(and). Press Windows-R on your keyboard to open the Run window, type printui / s / t2 (without quotes) and then press Enter or click OK.

(b) From the Start menu or Start screen, open Devices and Printers. Select any printer and click Print Server Properties at the top of the window. Click the Drivers tab.

Select the printer driver you want to uninstall.

Select “Remove driver and driver package” and click OK.

Download and install the drivers from the link: Basic Driver

I’m an HP employee

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Additional Information

  • Error and other messages appear when trying to print a file.
  • The printer is not responding.
  • Files are printed as meaningless characters.
    This article does not discuss printer output issues such as envelope positioning problems, missing graphics, and inaccurate page numbers.

Before proceeding, review the References section for known issues in Word that may match the behavior of your printer. If you do not find a match for the error message or the behavior of your printer, follow the steps in this article to fix the problem With a stamp.

To troubleshoot a print failure in Word, you need to determine the cause. Causes usually fall into one of the following categories:

  • Damaged documents or damaged document content
  • The Word program itself
  • Printer driver
  • Windows operating system
  • Communication or equipment

Do not make assumptions about what is causing printing problems; instead, rely on systematic troubleshooting to pinpoint the cause.

Use the following tests to determine the cause of the printing failure.

Word 2007

  • Start Word 2007.
  • Click the Microsoft Office Button, and then click Word Options.
  • Click Resources. click Diagnostics. and then follow the prompts on the screen.