Printer Scans But Does Not Print

The scanner does not work on a Canon printer

Often, printer owners face one of the very common problems and then try to figure out and understand why the Canon printer does NOT scan at all or has stopped Scanning now. The reason for such a problem can be very different, for example, sometimes it lies in the printer, or the printer happens to be in order, and all because of the personal computer, since either a driver error, or the printer was not connected to the computer exactly. In order for us to be able to find the cause of the problem and figure out why our scanner is not working at the moment, we just need to consider a few of the most logical reasons, and after we find them, we need to try to fix them programmatically. First, you should make sure that the Installed Scanner is currently in stable working condition, and then you need to check it, connect it to the second personal computer. If these did not help in any way, then the best solution, of course, is that you turn to the services of service centers.

Now we will consider the most Possible causes, as well as talk about the methods that will help to eliminate them. So what to do when the printer has stopped scanning?

Why Canon Scanner Doesn’t Work

Printer Scans But Does Not Print

To understand why the Canon printer does NOT scan, first of all, pay attention to the computer, which, together with the device for printing, must be turned off, then disconnected from both machines. Wait about a minute, and after reconnecting power, turn on both devices. By doing so, the memory of the computer and the multifunction device will be cleared, which will allow the multifunction device to operate normally. But if the scan did not start, and the previously working multifunctional device began to issue various error codes, then it is imperative to eliminate them in a timely manner. Find them Detailed descriptions can be found in the instructions supplied with the printer. In addition, a multifunctional device of almost any model makes it possible to scan and copy in the so-called N. Service mode. To start it, first of all, turn off the device itself. Then hold down the “Reset and the” Power. Then release the first button and press it twice (for different models, the number of such clicks may be different. read more in the device’s instruction manual). At the end, release Power and check if the printer is responding to scanning commands.

Why won’t the Canon printer scan?

If the device does not scan and the above recommendations did not help you, then be sure to try reconnecting the USB cable. Pull it out and connect to the second port of the PC. It is advisable to organize such a connection not from a USB hub, but directly to a personal computer. Then, first of all, check if the PC began to see the printing device connected to it. If the printer has become visible to the computer, then try scanning and printing a couple of sheets.

Another reason the printer prints but doesn’t scan is because of the scanner drivers that users SIMply forgot to install. The question arises, what to do in this situation? So, if the NDT does not see the scanner for this very reason, then download the Appropriate drivers from our website or from the website of the manufacturer of your office equipment and install it. If you do not know what to download specifically, then it is better to download the full device driver. In addition, the reason may even lie in the installed driver, which is SIMply “flew off. In such a situation, you will have to first remove it and install the updated version. Scans another device. a scanner. It is he who can convert into electronic format (digitize) various images, documents and other things.

It’s another matter when the scanner and printer are combined in one device. In this case, the question is quite justified (let’s lower our eyes to the curvature of the wording) Canon printer does NOT scan, what to do? Everything is very individual, so I won’t talk about the reasons without seeing the patient. Here are a couple of universal tips that can help. Replacing the cable with a shorter one In some cases, changing the USB cable to a shorter one can help. The trick is that some peripherals may not work correctly when the cable length is more than 1.5 m. Some devices work, while others refuse. Technomagic, in a word.

Installing the Latest Drivers Every brand of printer has its own official website where you can download the latest drivers. Sometimes the drivers that came with the purchase become outdated (for example, when the user changes the OS) and new ones stop working. Correct setup and connection Do everything according to the instructions, do not forget to make the printer the “default printer” (we go through the control panel and change it) Incorrectly flashing the cartridge Problem with printing? If difficulties arose after refilling the cartridge, then it is incorrectly stitched. Cleans up the “print queue” The fact is that in combined devices (printer-scanner-copier) the SIMultaneous execution of functions is technically impossible. THOSE. It will not be able to print and scan at the same time.

Why the MFP does NOT scan, but prints

Quite a common problem faced by MFP owners is that the scanner does not work, while the printer is functioning normally. This situation is common Not only during the first installation of the product, but also happens with devices that have been working properly for their owners for a long time. Below we will consider the most common reasons leading to the inoperability of the scanner and how to fix them.

Possible reasons why the MFP does NOT scan, but prints

The reason for the situation when the device does NOT scan, but prints and copies, may be various factors, which can be conditionally divided into two groups:

  • Hardware;
  • Software.

The hardware includes malfunctions of the scanner itself, the connecting cable, or the USB port of the PC. Software reasons are often rooted in an uninstalled or incorrectly working device driver, or software incompatibility with your version of the operating system.

What to do if the MFP DOES NOT scan

You should start troubleshooting based on whether this is the first installation of the scanner on this PC, or it has been working for some time.

If you have previously successfully used the scanner, and then it stopped working at some point, then the very first thing to do is to restart it at the same time with the PC, disconnecting it from the power for a few minutes, and also check the reliability of the USB cable connection.

If this does not help to correct the situation, then you should make sure that the scanner is working properly in hardware. Any user should understand that the multifunctional device combines a scanner and a printer in one housing. And the operability of the printer means the operability of the scanning module. The easiest way to check the health of the scanning module is to disconnect the device from the computer and try to make a copy of any document offline. If you succeed this is a good sign, if not, then most likely you cannot do without contacting a service center.

If you are convinced that the device functions in offline mode (copier mode), you should continue to search for the cause of the device’s inoperability when connected to a computer.

The next thing to check is the serviceability of the communication line between the MFP and the PC. Ideally, if possible, you should take a new USB cable and connect it to the second port of your PC, or at least just change the USB port to which the device is connected.

If manipulations with the cable did not help, then with a high degree of probability, it can be argued that the problem is in the MFP scanner drivers installed on the PC or their conflict with the drivers of second devices.

As a rule, a set of necessary drivers is supplied with your MFP. The problem may be that each version of the driver is designed for a specific operating system, and accordingly, when installing updates, the existing driver may stop working.

In this case, you need to do the following:

  • Download the latest drivers for your MFP from the manufacturer’s official website, compatible with your operating system;
  • Disconnect the MFP from the PC;
  • Go to the tab of installed printers and scanners and remove from it all unused devices and problematic MFP;
  • To restart a computer;
  • Connect the USB cable and wait for the PC to determine the type of the connected device;
  • Install the MFP on this PC, using the latest drivers downloaded earlier;
  • To restart a computer.

By following this aLGorithm, you will completely reinstall the drivers for your MFP on your PC, eliminating the existing problems.

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Please be careful when downloading drivers for MFPs. Some manufacturers install the scanner drivers separately from the printer drivers.

Why the MFP does NOT scan, but prints

MFP is a convenient compact device with which you can easily and SIMply scan and immediately print any document you need. It combines two independent devices at once. a printer and a scanner and can additionally be used as a copier. One of the most common malfunctions associated with the operation of the MFP is the failure of the scanner while the printer remains operational. At the same time, this situation is possible both at the first connection of a new, just purchased device, and after its sufficiently long and good operation.

In most cases, this malfunction can be eliminated by yourself without contacting the service center specialists. Today we will consider the main reasons for this kind of malfunction and how to fix it yourself.

Possible reasons why the MFP does NOT scan, but prints

The main reasons why the MFP does NOT scan can be triggered by certain factors. They are conventionally divided into two main groups:

  • Hardware. imply a breakdown of the scanning mechanism itself, its cable or USB port;
  • Software. consists in the absence or incorrect installation of the device software, its incompatibility with the PC operating system or the need to update it.

What to do if the MFP DOES NOT scan

You should look for the source of the breakdown Based on the fact that you first connected the device to a PC or it has worked for some time.

If you have already used the device before, and it functioned properly, then you should try to perform an elementary reboot of the device and PC. Along the way, check how well the connecting wires are plugged in and whether the contact between the device and the PC is NOT interrupted.

If the actions taken are ineffective, check if the scanner works at all. The fact is that the combination of a printer and a scanner in an MFP implies that if one of the devices breaks down, the other will fail along the way. The easiest way to check the scanner is to disconnect the scanning module from the PC and try to make a copier in offline mode. If everything went well, then the comments are seriously damaged. Otherwise, unfortunately, you cannot do without a visit to the service center.

If the MFP works in copier mode, we continue to search for the problem.

The next stage of the search will be to check the communication line between the MFP and the PC. If possible, we will replace the USB cable connecting the device with the PC. it is very likely that the reason for it is an open circuit or poor contact.

If this does not help, then the most likely cause of the malfunction is the absence of drivers or their mismatch with the connected device. Usually, a disc with the necessary software is included with the MFP. Try reinstalling the driver. Additionally, we must not forget that the software supplied with the MFP may SIMply NOT correspond to the operating system you have installed, in this regard, a conflict between the two programs is very likely and, as a result, a problem with the scanner’s operation. In this case. Try to go to the manufacturer’s website. there, in the technical support section of devices, you can search for a suitable driver.

Having found the driver you need, you should perform a number of sequential steps:

  • Download it on a PC. after downloading it will be possible to find it in the “Downloads” folder, unless you specified a different location during the download;
  • Disconnect the MFP from your computer;
  • Go to the installed equipment tab and remove devices that you DO NOT use, including your faulty MFP;
  • Restart your computer;
  • Connect the USB cable and wait until the PC recognizes the type of device connected to it;
  • We will install the MFP on your PC using the drivers downloaded from the manufacturer’s website
  • Restart your computer.

If all actions were performed by you correctly and in the correct order, the problem should be eliminated.

When downloading software for the MFP, be careful. for some devices, the printer and scanner drivers are downloaded and installed separately.

The main problems in the operation of the Epson printer

The words “the printer does not print” means a lot of malfunctions, which sometimes are not even related to the printing process, but to its result. That is, the paper enters the device, the cartridges work, but the output material can be printed in blue or black stripes. You need to know about THESE and other problems, because they can be easily eliminated.

Problem 3: The product does not print in black

This problem is most commonly found in L800 inkjet printers. In general, such problems are practically excluded for a laser analogue, therefore we will NOT consider them.

  • First you need to check the cartridge for leaks or improper refilling. Quite often people buy NOT a new cartridge, but ink, which may be of poor quality and damage the device. New ink may also SIMply be incompatible with the cartridge.
  • If you are confident in ink and cartridge quality, you should check the print head and nozzles. These parts are constantly contaminated, after which the paint dries on them. Therefore, they need to be cleaned. This is described in detail in the previous method.

In general, almost all problems of this kind occur due to the black cartridge, which is out of order. To find out for sure, you need to conduct a special test by printing a page. The SIMplest solution to the problem is to buy a new cartridge or contact a specialized service.

Issue 1: Problems related to OS setup

Often people think that if the device does not print at all, then this means only the worst options. However, this is almost always due to the operating system, which may have incorrect settings that block printing. One way or another, this option must be disassembled.

  • First, to eliminate printer problems, you need to connect it to a second device. If this can be done via a Wi-Fi network, then even a modern smartphone is suitable for diagnostics. How to check? It is enough to send any document for printing. If everything went well, then the problem is clearly in the computer.
  • The SIMplest option why the printer refuses to print documents is the absence of a driver in the system. Such software is rarely installed on its own. Most often it can be found on the official website of the manufacturer or on the disc included with the printer. One way or another, you need to check its presence on your computer. To do this, open “Start”. “Control Panel”. “Device Manager”.

There we are interested in our printer, which should be contained in the tab of the same name.

If everything is fine with such software, we continue to check for possible problems.

Otherwise, make a single right-click on the printer image and select “Use as default” in the context menu.

Check the print queue immediately. It could also happen that someone SIMply failed to complete such a procedure, which caused the problem with the file “stuck” in the queue. Due to such a problem, the document SIMply cannot be printed. In this window, we do the same actions as in the paragraph earlier, but select “View print queue”.

In order to delete all temporary files, you need to select “Printer”. “Clear print queue”. Thus, we delete both the document that interfered with the normal operation of the device, and all files that were added after it.

  • Find the “Security” tab, look for your account and find out what functions are available to us. This option is the least likely, but it is still worth considering.
  • This concludes the analysis of the problem. If the printer still refuses to print only on a specific computer, you need to check it for viruses or try using a different operating system.

    Problem 2: The printer prints in stripes

    Quite often, this problem appears in the Epson L210. With what this is connected, it is difficult to say, but here it is possible to resist it completely. You just need to figure out how to do it as efficiently as possible and NOT harm the device. It should be noted right away that both the owners of inkjet printers and laser printers can face such problems, so the analysis will consist of two parts.

    • If the printer is inkjet, first check the amount of ink in the cartridges. Quite often they end just after such a preceding as the “striped” print. You can use the utility for this, which is provided for almost every printer. If it is absent, you can use the Official website of the manufacturer.
    • For black and white printers, where only one cartridge is relevant, such a utility looks quite SIMple, and all information about the amount of ink will be contained in one graphic element.

    In devices that support color printing, the utility will become quite diverse, and you can already observe several graphical components that indicate how much a certain color is left.

    If there is a lot of ink, or at least enough ink, pay attention to the print head. Quite often, inkjet printers suffer from the fact that it is she who clogs up and leads to malfunction. Such elements can be found both in the cartridge and in the device itself. It should be noted right away that replacing them is an almost meaningless task, since the cost can reach the price of a printer.

    It remains only to try to clear them in hardware. For this, the programs provided by the developers are again used. It is in them that you should look for a function called “Printhead Check”. It can be other diagnostic tools, if necessary, it is recommended to use all.

  • If printing is done in dots or the black line is in a wave, the first step is to check the amount of toner and refill it. When the cartridges are completely refilled, such problems arise due to the incorrect filling procedure. We’ll have to clean it up and do it all over again.
  • Stripes appearing in the same place indicate that the magnetic shaft or the drum unit is out of order. One way or another, not every person can eliminate such breakdowns on their own, so it is recommended to contact specialized service centers.
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    Why Epson Printer Does Not Print

    A printer for a modern person is a rather necessary thing, and sometimes even a necessary one. A large number of such devices can be found in educational institutions, offices, or even at home, if the need for such an installation exists. However, any technique can Riot salesmen, so you need to know how to “save” it.

    Problem 4: The printer prints in blue

    With such a malfunction, as with any other, you first need to perform a test by printing a test page. Already starting from it, you can find out what exactly is faulty.

    • When some color does not print, you should clean the ink nozzles. This is done in hardware, detailed instructions were discussed earlier in the second part of the article.
    • If everything prints fine, the problem is with the printhead. It is cleaned using a utility, which is also described under the second paragraph of this article.
    • When such procedures, even after repeating, did not help, the printer requires repair. You may have to replace one of the parts, which is not always financially advisable.

    This concludes the analysis of the most common problems associated with the Epson printer. As it is already clear, you can fix something yourself, but it is better to PROVIDE something to professionals, Who can make an unambiguous conclusion about how large-scale the problem is.

    Why does my HP printer scan but won’t print?

    So what if it doesn’t scan the MFP? First of all, pay attention to the computer, which, together with the device for printing, must be turned off, then disconnected from both devices the power cable. Wait about a minute, and after reconnecting power, turn on both devices. Thanks to such actions, the memory of the computer and the multifunction device will be cleared, which will allow the multifunction device to work in normal mode.

    If the printer generates any error code, then it is advisable to eliminate them.

    Most MFPs can scan in service mode. For some models, a set of the following actions can be the entrance to the desired mode:

    • I turn off the MFP.
    • Clamp the Reset button and then clamp the Power.
    • I release the button “Reset.
    • 2 times the Reset button.
    • I release the Power button.

    In the event that the MFP prints, but does not scan, you will have to reset its settings. Also, this method will help in solving the following problems: the device does not copy, has stopped responding to user commands.

    You should reset the settings from the device menu or using special software. In addition, the device may stop scanning due to a breakdown of the power supply. most models are connected to the electrical network using a SIMilar part, just like mobile phones. You can solve the problem by purchasing and installing a power supply with SIMilar characteristics.

    Driver change

    If the previous mayor did not help, then you can try changing the driver in the printer properties to the tab “Additional, select another driver. Or completely remove the device driver, turn off and remove the USB cable. Then Reboot. After loading the PC, turn on the printer, plug in the cable (preferably in another connector). After that, the installation wizard should appear, where you must specify the location of the driver. And it did not appear. install the driver manually.

    Is the device detected incorrectly, that is, it is visible in the system, but in Windows it is not identified by model? At the same time, it is connected to the computer and turned on. You need to go to the device manager and open the line of your printer, then right-click to update the driver and specify the required.

    Printer HP does not scan, but prints

    There are tons of problems that can arise with a printer. One of them is the situation where the printing device does NOT scan. It is quite difficult to independently identify the cause of the problem, since it can be not only in the printer itself, but also in the computer or the communication system between them.

    To get started Try the following guidelines. It is possible that you can solve the problem quickly and on your own, without resorting to the help of specialists. The first thing to do is to make sure that the printer is set up correctly and all cables are connected as needed.

    Failed photo element

    Check first if the photo element of the scanner is working. To do this, open the scanner lid (most will emit a light immediately after the lid is opened. If not, try performing some action before scanning or copying). If the scanner does not work in the MFP, better contact the specialists of the appropriate level to fix the malfunctions, since this is a very significant disruption to the operation of the MFP, it can entail consequences if some electronics burned out there.

    Possible reasons

    If ink is present in the cartridges, but the device does not print, this may be due to 3 reasons:

    • Air hole on cartridge is blocked.
    • Ink does NOT pass through the PG channels (blockage or airlock).
    • Ink from the cartridge goes to the SG (the filler is forgotten or the air hole is closed).
    • Air leaks at the junction of the nozzles of the cartridge and the steam generator (the seals may have shifted or bruised).

    Eliminating the problem

    The best option is to check everything at once.

    • Check that the air hole is open and allows air to pass through (in operating mode, the filling hole must be closed on the slam-shut valve and the air hole must be open).
    • Make sure that the ink has NOT expired yet (after opening the package it is not recommended to use ink for more than six months). General rules for the storage and use of ink
    • Flush cartridges. How to flush refillable refillable cartridges
    • Flush the print head. Flushing printheads using drip
    • Remove, rinse, carefully inspect and put back the seals. Why do you need silicone seals

    Completely, all the described actions, the time will take about an hour and a half. This is roughly comparable to the planned tech. Service. If the cartridges and ink can SIMply be replaced immediately, then the print head in such a situation definitely needs to be washed.

    The device does not print, although there is ink in the cartridges / the printer sees the cartridges, but produces a blank sheet. what to do (cartridges with a filler sponge)

    For a number of Canon, Epson and HP printers on cartridges of construction with fillers (see photo below), there is an actual problem: the cartridges (possibly PZK or CISS ink tanks) are still full of ink, but the device does not print some colors or gives out blank sheets. In this case, the cartridges are detected (error messages do NOT appear and printing is NOT blocked), but even repeated deep cleaning does not help.

    A SIMilar situation can be encountered on the following models of printers and MFPs:

    • Canon PGI-5 / CLI-8: ​​iP4200, iP4300, iP4500, iP5200, iP5300, MP500, MP530, MP600, MP610, MP800, MP810, MP830, MX850.
    • Canon PGI-520 / CLI-521: iP3600, iP4600, iP4700, MP540, MP550, MP560, MP620, MP630, MP640.
    • Canon PGI-425 / CLI-426: iP4840, iP4940, iX6540, MG5140, MG5240, MG5340, MX714, MX884, MX894.
    • Canon PGI-450 / CLI-451: iP7240, iP8740, MG5440, MG5540, MG5640, MG6340, MG6440, MG6640, MG7140, MG7540, MX924, iX6840.
    • Canon PGI-470 / CLI-471: MG6840, MG7740, MG5740, TS5040, TS6040, TS8040, TS9040.
    • Canon PGI-480 / CLI-481: TS6140, TS6240, TS6340, TS8140, TS8240, TS8340, TS9140, TS9540, TS9541C, TR7540, TR8540.
    • HP 178: HP Deskjet 3070A, 3070, Photosmart 5510, B110, 7510, B110b, 6510, B010b, B210b, 5515, B109 Wireless, B109c, B209a, 5520, B110a, 7510, C5383, D5463, C5380, C310b, C6383. C410c, C6380, D7560, C309g, C6375, B8550, C309h, C6324, C310a, C309c, C5324, Premium Fax C410.
    • HP 655: Deskjet Ink Advantage 3625, 3525, 4615, 4625, 5525, 6525.
    • HP 920: OfficeJet 6000, 6500, 6500A, 7000, 7500A.
    • Epson T26: Expression Premium XP-510, XP-520, XP-600, XP-605, XP-615, XP-620, XP-625, XP-700, XP-720, XP-800, XP-820.

    The product does not see the cartridges

    These tips are relevant when the printer sees (detects) cartridges, but does not print as expected. If the printer gives an error message (does not see the cartridge), you should look for a solution in the following articles:

    Driver problem

    If the question “what to do if the device does not print” is still unresolved for you, then the possible cause of the malfunction lies in the device drivers. Select the “Printers and Faxes” tab from the “Start” menu and open “Properties” with the right mouse click. Then go to “Advanced” and completely uninstall this device or select some other driver. Turn off the personal computer and unplug the USB cable. After restarting the PC, turn on the machine for printing, insert the USB into another connector.

    To verify that the driver is the cause of the problem, open Device Manager and open the Printers tab there. If there are yellow or red exclamation marks next to the device you need, then the reason lies precisely in the driver. After fixing the problem by reinstalling it, try printing some sheets. If the device is working as it should, then congratulations. the problem is solved! But if the device does not print, then consider other Possible reasons for a SIMilar situation.

    Print queue hung

    When the product does not print, the prerequisite for the problem may be a crash in the operating system, causing the document print queue to hang. Most often, the device begins to stop printing for this reason in situations when several computers are connected to it via a local network, whose users SIMultaneously load it with a large number of tasks. The question arises, how to make the printer print again as before? To restore it to work, go from the control panel to the menu “Device and Printers” and select the desired device. Then open the item “View the print queue” and cancel in the list of print documents all the files that you find there. After such a SIMple procedure, the device usually starts working absolutely normally.

    The printer has stopped printing. We are looking for a solution to the problem

    Those people who often have to use a printer or MFP, whether at work or at home, sometimes have to deal with the following problem: why the printer does not print. It should be said right away that in most cases the appearance of such a malfunction is NOT associated with a breakdown of office equipment or a PC. In addition, if the printer stops printing, the problem does not depend on its type or manufacturer. THOSE. The ways to eliminate it are the same for both inkjet and laser devices.

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    If the device does not want to print or the computer does not see it, then it would be nice to check the device itself first. To do this, print a test page, but if the device refuses to print the document, then check that the consumables and paper are installed correctly. The indicator during printing, as a rule, glows green, but if the above steps did not help, then check the contact of the power cord with the machine. In addition, the problem associated with the fact that the device does not print from the computer may be associated with the cable contact, which connects the device to the system unit. Try connecting it to other USB ports or replace it with a new SIMilar product.

    Also try using a scanner. If the printer scans but does not print, then the problem is not a bad cable. To troubleshoot the problem, see the other recommendations in this article.

    Cannot print device selected

    One of the most common problems of a printer stopping printing is this: the user has chosen the wrong machine for printing. It’s no secret that Windows operating systems have several printers, some of which are virtual. Consequently, some users forget to see which printer they chose in order to print documents important to them.

    Ink cartridge and paper problem

    If the printer is connected, but not printing, then perhaps the whole thing is in its consumable, i.e. A cartridge that just ran out of toner or ink. Usually, in such a situation, the device either does NOT print at all, or prints, but absolutely white sheets without any image. Therefore, check the amount of dye in the cartridge hopper, regardless of whether you are using an inkjet printer or a laser. To do this, open the properties of the desired device, after going to the “Devices and Printers” section. But keep in mind that the operating system is far from always able to display correct information about the amount of dye in the cartridge, so you should not completely rely on such a check.

    Best of all, if the printer suddenly stopped printing before the printers, open its cover and take out the cartridge. Lightly shake the consumable. this will distribute the dye inside its hopper fairly evenly, after which you can print a few more sheets. The main thing is not to get dirty with toner (if you have a laser printer model), which is a rather toxic substance!

    As for the situation with paper, the device may not want to print because of a paper jam. Usually, in such a situation, the operating system issues a warning, but not always. By itself, paper jams are quite common, especially in organizations where they save on paper purchases by using old sheets for printing. The latter are most often wrinkled, as a result of which it can be quite difficult to put them in a tray in an even stack.

    If none of the recommendations helped and the printer refuses to print, but at the same time it can Scan, then you will have to use the help of professionals. Please note that if you try to fix this problem on your own, and not knowing the specific reason, you can cause irreparable damage to your office equipment, even if you do not want it.

    Why the MFP prints but does not scan over the network?

    Connecting a multifunctional device via a network is a very convenient solution, which not only eliminates unnecessary wires, but also allows you to run tasks from different computers, which is especially important for office use.

    However, quite often users encounter such a problem that the MFP prints documents when starting printing via Wi-Fi, but does not start scanning over the network, while restarting the device or computer, as well as attempts to update the drivers, do not bring results.

    What’s the matter, is it possible to run scanning on an MFP via Wi-Fi, and how can this problem be solved?

    Printer scans but does not print

    When trying to print a test page, a message appears. “The data area transferred by the system call is too small”.

    Reinstalling drivers does not help, sfc / scannow writes that the integrity is not violated.

    HP photosmart c4283 printer

    The scanner does not scan: instructions for solving the problem

    There are a lot of reviews and a lot of questions on the Internet, like “The scanner does not scan, help!” or “bought a new printer the scanner is not working. What to do. “, A lot of information on the repair or elimination of” disease symptoms “. Experts say that in 30% of cases a completely serviceable car gets sick. So there is no need to immediately run to the service center and return the printer for repair. Do-it-yourself repairs.

    For example, try pre-scanning, that is, it will launch any software that allows you to Get an image. When scanning starts, the previously installed driver is launched. If the driver has not been installed, then you need to take the installation disc, which is included in the kit, and just install the desired one. If the driver is installed and ready to work, then the actions are completely different.

    So what to do when your device won’t scan?

    Everything is very individual, so I won’t talk about the reasons without seeing the patient. Here are a couple of universal tips that can help.

    Replacing the cable with a shorter one

    In some cases, changing the USB cable to a shorter one can help. The trick is that some peripherals may not work correctly when the cable length is more than 1.5 m. Some devices work, while others refuse. Technomagic, in a word.

    Use additional software.

    For example, VueScan. this software has proven itself to work well with various printers / scanners, be it HP, Epson, Canon, etc. Available manual and automatic scan settings, a bunch of filters and various features.

    This is not the only software of its kind, but I prefer it. In my purely biased (aha) opinion. she is the best.

    Installing the latest drivers

    Any brand of printer has its own official website where you can download the latest drivers. Sometimes the drivers that came with the purchase become outdated (for example, when the user changes the OS) and stop working = new ones are needed.

    Correct setup and connection

    Do everything according to the instructions, do not forget to make the printer the “default printer” (go through the control panel and change it)

    Incorrectly flashing the cartridge

    Printing problem? If difficulties arose after refilling the cartridge, then it is incorrectly stitched. In general, there are many nuances with this case, which are described in a separate article.

    Clean up the “print queue”

    The fact is that in combined devices (printer-scanner-copier), the SIMultaneous execution of functions is technically impossible. THOSE. It will not be able to print and scan at the same time.

    But there is a nuance here. The printer may NOT be printing at the moment, but it has documents pending in the “print queue”. Delete them.

    Why is scanning through a router not happening??

    Printing to a printer through a router is quite easy to connect, since the router itself has a so-called print server, which communicates with the MFP and starts printing. To run the scanner, you need an Ethernet interface and a network card, they may not exist, such an MFP is considered a non-networked one, and it will not run through a router.

    Is there a solution in such cases? Of course, but you still have to connect the MFP to one of the computers; in the future, computers on the network can be connected to each other through the same TeamViewer. The solution cannot be called Ideal, but in most cases it turns out to be more than acceptable.

    Let’s sum up

    The SIMplest method to check is to open the “device manager” and check the controller. It should not be marked with a yellow exclamation mark. The controller should be working optimally. If there is a problem, then it is worth trying to install the scanner on another computer, perhaps a problem with your hardware. It often happens that perfectly serviceable systems SIMply refuse to work. A striking example is the Mustek scanner, which SIMply refuses to work with the bus controllers made by Tekram. So before installing the scanner, be sure to consult on which bus this product works or ask for a recommendation on choosing a new controller.

    If none of the proposed options came up and the scanner refuses to work further, then there is only one way out: carry it to the service center for warranty service. The service center will help you exactly and explain what was the reason.

    Working with a network MFP

    Today on sale there are network MFPs with a built-in network card, which not only print, but also scan over the network. If this moment is extremely important for you, check it when buying printing equipment, and in the future, install the official drivers and update them regularly, or put an automatic update.

    If you have already bought an MFP, but do not know if it is a network device, you can contact the manufacturer’s representatives or the service center and clarify this information. If the printer is networked but still does NOT scan over the network, then you should reinstall the software. If this does not help, then it may be worthwhile to diagnose the technique.

    If the MFP is NOT networked, then the solution may be to either connect it to a computer via USB and organize work already through it. Either in search of questionable programs, but please note that the second method is unsafe. Neither your multifunction device nor your computer.

    Why does the device not scan?

    Why won’t the device scan? Why don’t cows fly? The task of the PE-CHA-I-T printer, i.e. It is not important to output various texts, graphics, drawings from a computer to paper.

    Scans another device. a scanner. It is he who can convert into electronic format (digitize) various images, documents and other things.

    It’s another matter when the scanner and printer are combined in one device. In this case, the question is quite justified (let’s lower our eyes to the curvature of the wording)

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