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Hello! If you have visited this article, then, for sure, you are having problems with the printer and you are interested in the question “Why does not the device print?” I will try to help you with this. Of course, the benefits of a printing device can hardly be overestimated. It is needed everywhere: at home and in the office, at school and at the factory. In a word, in the era of information technology, this apparatus is necessary almost everywhere, since it greatly facilitates work. You can also read the article about error 651, and sometimes you may have an unidentified network without access to the Internet.

Problems with the printing device do NOT depend on its type (laser, dot matrix, inkjet, sublimation) or from the manufacturer. Even well-known brands like Canon, HP, Epson or Samsung do not guarantee that there will be no damage or problems with their printing devices. So, if the device does not want to print from the computer, then do the following:

  • Check the device itself. That is, make a printout of a test page by pressing the corresponding button on the printer. If it does not work, check the paper, if the cartridge is installed correctly, and then try again. Pay attention to the indicator: it should be lit “green”. Does not help? Move on.
  • Check the power cable. His contact with the printer. If the test page is Printed, but the data does NOT print from the computer, then you need to adjust the settings in the system.
  • First, check the cable contact in the printer and in the system unit. Now Observe the monitor screen when I send documents to print. If nothing happens, check if there is a “birdie” in the dispatcher, near the item “Pause printing”?

I will teach you how to repair your computer! Why the product won’t print

To resolve the question “Why won’t the product print?” you need to change this command “Start”. “Settings”. “Printers and Faxes”. Next, find the printer icon and Remove the ban. One of the problems with the printer may become Failed jobs in the list by printing documents. If you have “hanging” documents on the seal, you need to delete them. By the way, I recently wrote an article about how to remove eset nod32 antivirus.

“Printer”. “Clear Print Queue”.

If all else fails, then the device needs to be removed. Right-click on the printer icon and select “Delete”. After that, disconnect the USB cable from the system unit and restart your computer.

After turning on the computer, plug the USB cable into a different connector. The “Installation Wizard” window has popped up on your screen. If so, the printer is set to automatic mode. If the window does NOT appear, then open it manually: “Start”. “Settings”. “Printers and Faxes”.

If the device does not work, then the problem may be in the drivers.

Open printer properties “Start”. “Settings”. “Printers and Faxes”, right-click and select “Properties”. Next, open the “Advanced” tab and select a different driver. Or remove this device completely. Then turn off your PC and unplug the USB cable. Next, restart your computer and start the printer, but at the same time insert the cord into a different connector.

The “Installation Wizard” window should appear, in it you need to specify the location of the drivers. If nothing worked and the window did NOT pop up, then the drivers will need to be installed manually. Read another article on how to update card drivers. In a situation where the printer is not detected by the computer at all (i.e. the device is connected and visible by the system, but Windows does not detect its model), then follow the route:

Go to “Device Manager” and open the term “IEEE 1284.4 compatible printers” or “IEEE 1284.4 devices”. Then update the driver. Right-clicked the desired.

If all else fails and the question “Why does not the device print?” it remains open for you, then you have to contact the service center. Tell me, does your Internet catch well? Write about it in the comments or read the article on how to strengthen the Wi-Fi signal. I look forward to your comments on the article! All good!

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The red indicator is on, making scans, prints from the computer, and copies. No, writes that the device is busy, although documents are in the queue. 0, writes for scanning “ready”

Printer Old HP Laser jet 4L. I was unemployed for a long time, about four years. There was no USB connectivity. When the adapter appeared, the Computer detected the printer, but the Kirgudu started to print. The test page is printed on the printer, but it is very pale and seems to be covered with a dirty veil. What’s the problem? Is it possible to get rid of it?

HP Laser jet 1018 printer does NOT print. Only green is on, not flashing. Why?

Help canon printer writes backgrounds Only (dedicated user). This is what help)))) ((

The printer HP laser jet 1018, which I just did not try firewood. Writes that everything is fine, detecting problems does not help either. Checked the print manager everything works. When sending the dock to print that it has already been printed. The page is not printed. Contacts all work because they rearranged the ports, but the firewood is automatically installed so that sinning on the ports makes no sense, I think. 2nd day I’m suffering help

The printer SIMulates printing. But the page is clean. There is ink in the cartridge.

Thanks. They helped a lot. I didn’t know what to do anymore. It turns out to be suspended. Thanks))

Good evening, the HP Photosmart B101 printer does NOT print a test copy from the computer, it prints photocopies too, but there is text from the computer, all Drava are set up standards, too, the norms in which I don’t understand the question help.

What does it mean?

If in the normal state of the printer the message “Disabled” appears on it, this is a problem, as this status should appear only when you disconnect the device from the power supply. Most often, in this case, users immediately try to restart the printer, turn it on and off, but this does not help to cope with the task, but on the contrary, it can only make it worse.

If several printers in the same room SIMultaneously receive the “Print” command, but do not execute it due to the “disabled” status, there may be several reasons for this.

  • There was a violation of the software printing process, any system settings for information output were lost. And also one or more devices could be infected with a virus.
  • Physical damage was caused to the device, which disabled it, the internal structure was damaged.
  • The paper is jammed or the supply of toner (if the printer is inkjet), or powder (if the printer is laser) has run out. In this case, everything is clear: the program specifically protects your device from possible damage.
  • Offline mode was connected.
  • Cartridges are dirty, toner out.
  • The print service has stopped.

Restarting the print service

It is possible that the printer, in general, has no damage and failures in the settings, and the problem itself arose precisely because of the malfunctioning of the print service. Then you need to restart the print service in the menu section like you will find there.

To do this, you need to enter the services command. Msc (this can be done in the section called “Run”, or SIMply by using the WinR buttons). Next, you need to find the “Print Manager” section, in some cases Printer Spooler (the name depends on the type of device, sometimes it may differ), and disconnect the device from the power in a minute, and then turn it on.

Many modern systems will automatically diagnose themselves and get rid of the last car problem, you don’t even have to do anything.

How to turn on the printer if its status is “off”?

Recently, not a single office has managed without a printer, there is one in almost every home, because equipment is needed in order to create archives, keep records and documentation, print reports and much more. However, sometimes there are problems with the printer. One of them: the appearance of the “disabled” status, when in fact it is enabled, but ceases to be active. How to solve it, we will figure it out.

What to do?

Do not rush to immediately go to the settings section of the council to change the installation parameters. There are a few steps to get you started.

  • Check that all wires are securely connected and not frayed, there are no defects on them.
  • If that doesn’t work, open the device and check that there is enough toner inside and that the paper is not jammed or jammed in any way. If you find any of THESE problems it is easy to fix it yourself. Then the printer may work.
  • Make sure the printer is free of any physical damage that could adversely affect its performance.
  • Take out all the cartridges and then put them back. sometimes it works.
  • Try connecting the printer to other computers, it may work on them. This is a great temporary solution to the problem if the printer is used in the office, since there is a lot of time to try all the methods, and there are a lot of computers around.
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Using fixer utilities

In order to update the drivers, you will need special programs (utilities) so that the search for the problem occurs automatically, and the device itself reveals why this situation arose.

If all else fails, let’s look at other steps to turn on the printer. Take a Windows 10 device for example.

  • Find the Start button on your desktop. Click it: this will open the main menu.
  • Then in the search line that appears, write the name of your printer. the exact name of the model. In order NOT to write all this and not make mistakes, you can SIMply open the list of devices in the usual way, go to the “Control Panel” section, then to “Devices and Printers”.
  • From the list, which will appear next, you need to find the device you need and find out all the main information about it, clicked on it. Then you need to make sure that it is set to “Default” so that the files that are sent to print are output from it.
  • After that, a Dialogue window will appear, there will be information about the state of the vehicle. There you need to uncheck the checkboxes from the items that say about delayed printing and offline mode.
  • You may need to return to the previous settings or make the device go offline. To do this, you just need to follow the same steps in reverse order. To do this, you need to go to the “Devices and Printers” section and click on the type of equipment you need, and then uncheck the confirmation checkboxes from the “Default” value, which was selected before. After completing this action, you need to carefully stop pairing devices and then disconnect the device from the power source.

Fixing driver problems

Perhaps the reason is in the drivers (they are outdated, their work is broken, some files are damaged). To understand that the trouble is in the driver, you need to go to “Start”, then to “Devices and Printers” and find your device there. If an exclamation mark appears, which reports that an error has occurred in the operation of the software, or you could not find your printer next to the driver, it is worth performing a series of actions.

  • Try updating your drivers. To do this, you need to completely exclude them from the system, remove them from the “Device Manager”. If the drivers are displayed in the programs that are installed, you need to go to “Programs and Features” and remove them from there.
  • Then insert the software disc into the drive. This disc must be included with the device when you buy it. If this disk is not left, find the latest driver on the official website of the device, download and install it. It should be noted that, as a rule, all the latest drivers for modern devices are quite easy to use and represent an archive. However, when you download it, it will contain many files. In order to download them, you need to open the “Devices and Printers” section, where you can get by clicking on “Start”, as already mentioned. Then you need to call it “Installation. add local” and do everything as indicated in the instructions. Do not forget to indicate on the disk in which folder you unpacked the drivers downloaded before. After that, you just need to restart both the printer and the computer, and then check the status of the computer. If you turned it on and it still shows that the printer is off, the problem lies elsewhere.
  • There is an even SIMpler solution: if the driver has really become quite old or no longer suitable for your type of device, try using special programs to update the drivers. These programs are automated and much easier to work with.


If none of the above methods helped you to get rid of the “disabled” status, the problem may be related to a crash in the program, which also happens quite often. As already mentioned, you can go into the settings and uncheck the confirmation checkbox from the “Delayed print” command (if it is there), since if this function is confirmed, the device cannot execute the print command. And also you can clear the print queue.

If it is still offline, you need to right-click on its shortcut and select Use Printer Online. This command assumes that your device will be used online. However, such actions will only be relevant for PCs running Windows Vista and Windows XP operating systems. If you have Windows 7, then after you click on the icon of your printer, you need to click on “View the print queue”, and in the “Printers” section, if necessary, uncheck the “Use printer offline”.

After that, it may happen that the device will issue a notification about the Paused status, that is, its work will be paused. To change this and make the printer continue to print, you need to find the Corresponding item, which will allow you to do this. You can find it after you click on the printer icon or remove confirmation from the “pause printing” command, if there was a checkmark.

Microsoft developers themselves advise all users of devices running the Windows 10 operating system to always use the latest updates. However, if it is impossible to solve the problem on your own, it is better to call a wizard who is well versed in this, or contact a service center specializing in printing devices. So you fix the problem and DO NOT pick up viruses.

What to do if the printer is turned off, see below.

SIMple circuit to return to working state

The device, which is in uncontrolled mode, must be returned to working condition. If reconnecting to the mains does not help, you need to identify the root of the problem. To exit offline mode, you must:

  • Open the “Start” menu, open the “Devices and Printers” tab;
  • Select the available printing device in the open window;
  • Call the context menu by double-clicking on the icon;
  • In the list of equipment that appears, uncheck the box in front of the “Work autonomously” item.

If this action does not help, the reason may lie in frozen tasks. Several documents can accumulate in the print queue. Pause printing occurs when software crashes, errors and printer malfunctions. If a network printer spontaneously goes offline, and the settings are correct, you have to download and install updates to the server operating system.

Restoring the work of low-power PCs

If the problem is resolved, its prerequisite was stopping the service by some application or an internal conflict at the time of processing tasks. Event conflict is especially common on low-power PCs after their system is automatically updated. In this case, you need diagnostics, defragmentation, deletion of temporary files.

In this case, it is better to disable unnecessary services in memory involved in event processing. If defragmentation, deleting temporary files does NOT help, you can roll back the system to the factory state. You need to restart your PC for the updates to take effect.

Clearing the print queue

The suspension of printing due to clogging of the queue of documents sent to it is solved quickly. This happens in different ways. For example, when many programs are open, as well as when using a network printer by several users at once. In order to clear the print queue, it’s worth:

  • Go to the control panel;
  • Go to the “Devices and Printers” tab;
  • Select a device with the “suspended” status;
  • Call the context menu with the right mouse button;
  • Click on the inscription “View print queue”;
  • Select “Cancel” printing documents.

In addition, in this window you need to Pay attention to the fact that there are no checkmarks in front of the words “Pause printing” and “paused”. If they are, they must be removed by clicking the left mouse button. This must be done when the printer is turned on. one or all at once.After that, the window with documents or photographs in the queue for printing must be closed.

The status “Ready” appears on the printer icon. If this does not happen, you need to turn off and then turn on the printer. If this does not help, you need to install it and then reinstall the driver on the PC. In order not to encounter failures and errors in the future when printing documents, photos or PDF files, you need to install the utility downloaded from the official website. You can also download it on Special thematic forums and sites.

Cancel pause printing

To remove the status and resume Typing, you need to act according to a certain scheme. First you need to start the hardware, click on the “Start” menu, then go to “Devices and Printers”. After that, you should select your printer, open “View print queue”. Then, in the open printer window, you must enter the settings and uncheck the box next to the “Pause printing” item. After that, the status “Ready” will appear on the printer icon, highlighted in green.

What to do if a paper jam occurs?

This problem occurs if previously printed sheets are used for printing. Saving paper turns into paper jams while printing. As a result, printing is paused and a red light on the printer panel comes on. This error is not difficult to fix. You need to lift the printer cover and gently pull the sheet towards you. Do not pull on the paper too harshly; if it breaks, you will have to partially disassemble the printer and remove the jammed pieces. If even a small piece remains inside, the printer may stop printing altogether.

What does it mean?

If a working printer pauses printing and says “The printer is paused”, this indicates a failure or minor malfunctions. This status appears on the printer icon for various reasons. For example, this may be due to a faulty USB cable or wire. When the equipment is not working, the computer automatically sets the printer to automatic mode. The technician enters this mode at the command of the user or independently. If the product is paused, new jobs should not be printed, but can be added to the print queue. In addition, printing may be paused because the machine is temporarily disconnected from the computer. In this case, the reasons for the lack of connection “computer-printer” may be:

  • Wire damage;
  • Loose port fit;
  • Power outage.

The printer is connected to the computer via 2 cables. One of them supplies power, the other is used to establish software communication. Besides the USB cable, it can be an Ethernet cable. The network connection can be a Wi-Fi connection. The reasons for the suspension of printing can be in the work of drivers, malfunction of the printer (MFP) itself, as well as the selection of SEPARATE functions in the control panel. As for the drivers, the problems with them can be explained Recently, the operating system was rolled back to a specific restore point.

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The most common causes are problems with the printer itself (printing errors, paper jams). If it is a networking technique, the suspended state is due to a communication failure. Printing may pause if the printers are out of ink, and SNMP status for the network printer is enabled. In the latter case, disabling the status is enough to fix the problem.

What to do?

The solution to the problem depends on its cause. Often, in order to restore printing after a pause, it is enough to check the USB cable and power cord. If the wire comes off, you need to reconnect it and restart the computer. When visual inspection reveals damage, change the cable. It is not safe to use a damaged wire.

“The printer is paused”: what it means and what to do?

Sooner or later, every printer owner faces printing problems. When the equipment, while offline, gives a message that the work has been suspended, the layman thinks that the time has come to buy a new device. However, you can fix the problem yourself by finding out the cause. This will eliminate the need to contact a service center.


If in the course of fixing the problem the printer icon continues to say “suspended”, nothing can be changed, you can uninstall the driver and reinstall it. In order for the changes to take effect, you need to restart your PC. If the paused status appears while working with a network printer, you need to go to the device settings and open the “Properties” tab. In the window that opens, select “Ports” and then check the SNMP status. Opposite the inscription there is no need to have a tick. If it is, the selection is deselected by pressing the right mouse button.

Suspended or abnormal printing may be due to an update to the Windows 10 operating system. In addition, resuming the printing equipment is slightly different in each operating system. For example, you need to take offline mode on Windows 10 computers through Start. Settings. Devices, Printers and Scanners. The further scheme does not differ from the standard.

As for defragmenting the disk, which slows down the operation of the printing device, it will take longer. After its completion, you need to restart the PC for the changes to take effect. Typically, proof printing runs non-stop. To avoid this situation, you need to defragment the disk from time to time. This is especially important for low-power PCs.

What to do if the device does not print, see below.

What does the status of disabled mean??

Under normal conditions, the system issues a warning and sets the status of a disabled state when the equipment is turned off from the power source and if there is no connection to the computer. However, sometimes malfunctions occur, leading to the setting of this status even with correctly connected equipment.

Usually, when this error occurs, users try to turn on the equipment or restart it, this does not help to troubleshoot and restore access to printing. In this case, the offline mode is most often assigned to several devices at once. If in a large office several machines are sending files to a print queue, but the work is not being performed, most likely the reason could be the following:

  • A software violation of the printing process, a failure in the settings for displaying information or a virus in the system.
  • Mechanical damage to the interior of the structure. This reason is relevant in case of failure of one printer, in case of multiple failures, the problem is most likely in the system parameters.
  • Paper jams or lack of ink (inkjet versions), powder (laser versions) can also cause work to stop. The program automatically protects the equipment from further damage.
Printer Status Paused What To Do

Printer status disabled how to enable

Nowadays, printing has become an integral part of the existence of any company and organization. Even at home we use paper media. They are necessary for the creation of archives, reporting and documentation. However, with the fast pace of life, the need for printouts and the volume of various documents has increased significantly.

Disconnected printer

In order to realize the normal quality and productivity of printed documents, mankind has created various printing devices. Today, printers are used to accomplish this task. They can differ significantly in the materials used in the manufacture of the method of operation, product design, but the main function when using them is to ensure fast and high-quality conversion of information from an electronic format (stored in computer files) into a printed form.

If you have recently purchased a printer and are just starting your acquaintance with the technique, you should carefully study the instructions and operation manual attached to the basic set of purchased equipment. But in these documents it is not always possible to find answers to questions of interest, they only present a standard set of actions and instructions for connecting equipment for normal functioning.

For more information, it is worth reading the various sites on the Internet. Today we will talk about one of the possible problems when printing documents. We will talk about program failures, in which the value is set to “disabled” even when the equipment is connected to the network.

How to turn on the printer on Windows 10?

DO NOT rush into the settings to change the installation parameters. This can only complicate matters. First of all, perform the following manipulations:

  • Check all wires, the reliability of their connection, Possible defects and chafing of the case.
  • Try to completely turn off the equipment, after a few minutes reconnect the equipment. In most modern systems, automatic diagnostics and troubleshooting occurs, auto products at the last session.
  • Assess the condition of the ink levels, look inside the case to find any jammed pieces of paper. If there are these problems, eliminate them, We will replace the components.
  • Also check for defects and mechanical damage to internal components.

In most cases, the steps outlined above will help resolve the problem. But sometimes the reason is a system crash of the program. In this case, the principle of action will be significantly different. For troubleshooting and configuration, let’s analyze the instructions for Windows 10:

  • Use the start button on the desktop or on the keyboard to enter the main menu.
  • Then enter your printer model name in the search bar. You can open the list of devices in a standard way through the “control panel”, “devices and printers”.
  • Find the equipment you need from the list provided and find out the basic information about it. Make sure it is set to “default” for printing files.
  • In the dialog box with information about the state of the equipment, uncheck the checkboxes of the delayed print and offline mode.
  • Restart the print service in the appropriate menu section. To do this, enter the command “services.Msc” in the “Run” window (WinR).
  • Try updating drivers, additionally installing utilities to automatically find and fix problems.

If you have a need to return the settings or put the device in offline mode, just follow the whole step in reverse order. To do this, go to the “devices and printers” section, select the required type of equipment and Uncheck the previously set “default” value. After that, carefully unplug the paired equipment, and then unplug it from the power source.

Removing a Printer

If the sending status is displayed as “driver not available” on the printer, try uninstalling the device and its associated software, then Plug back in. When the device is detected as newly connected, Windows will initiate the installation of a standard driver for it.

Expand Control Panel using the control command. Launched from the Run window (WinR).

In the upper right corner, switch the view to categories and open the “Devices and Printers” section.

Right click on the problem printer and remove.

Now expand Win R Dialog again and execute devmgmt.Msc.

On the Print Queue tab, right-click and select Delete. This item may be missing after removing hardware from the Control Panel.

Now go to the Programs and Features section by running the appwiz.Cpl command.

Find all printer apps and uninstall them.

After completing the previous steps, disconnect the printer from your computer if you connect it with a USB cable, or from your router if you are using wireless access. Turn off your computer, printer and router.

Then wait 2-3 minutes before plugging everything back in. Now connect your devices with a USB cable. Wait for detection so that the system can install the standard drivers.

Return to the control panel, right-click to expand the context menu and select “Set as default”.

Now try printing a test page. If the driver is still not available, see the next solution.

Driver not available status on printer in Windows 10: what to do?

A printer driver not available error means it is either NOT compatible or out of date. Windows also cannot recognize the device if it is damaged. What to do when an error prevents the printed output.

Reinstalling drivers manually

If the status remains unavailable, try updating the software manually. There are known cases of printing problems after a Windows update. Updated drivers from Windows 10 Update do not always work correctly on all systems, especially if using HP models. To solve the problem, download the latest software from the manufacturer’s website, then Disable driver installation from Microsoft servers.

First download the latest software from the manufacturer’s website to an available disk space.

Go to the “Device Manager” command devmgmt.Msc from the Win R window. On the print queue tab, expand the context menu with the right mouse click and select “Refresh”.

On the screen for selecting the update method, go to the second option (search on this computer).

Use the Browse button to locate the downloaded software folder, then follow the onscreen instructions.

Note: Sometimes the printer is not available in the manager. In this case, run the installer.

Now check if it works correctly. If so, go to Microsoft and download the wushowhide.Diagcab package.

Run the package and select “Hide updates”.

Now Disable Printer Update (if present). After Windows Update cannot automatically update this hardware.

Printer displays an error

There are several causes of printer or printing errors and can be divided into two categories.

The first is software:

over, the program can be damaged by viruses. If your computer was infected and the error appeared after it was disinfected, you need to reinstall the software;

Also, a problem with a driver conflict may arise with the device. This most often happens with several printers connected to one computer, or when working with many machines via a local network.

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The second reason for the occurrence of errors is hardware, which are directly related to the device itself, such as:

The printer periodically shuts down or gives an error, which can run faster (the problem may be caused by a USB port, a connecting cord, or a driver)

If the cartridge is poorly inserted, or the interconnecting chip is stained with toner or ink, the device will display a message related to replacing the cartridge.

Also, errors occur if the paper is jammed or runs out;

The most common message from the machine is “ink or toner low”.

In fact, there are many more system messages from a modern printer. But everything, in one way or another, is related to refilling / replacing the cartridge or paper jams, as well as overheating of the device.

We eliminate errors if the device does not want to print

A printer is a device for printing digital data. Today, almost everyone has such a device at home. There are many different models. They are divided both by the principle of printing (laser, inkjet, matrix) and by functionality (photo printing, support for various formats, preprocessing, duplex printing).

No matter how modern your device is, everyone can face problems. Many of them can be solved on your own, and not by Contacting Support, especially if a software error.

Print queue busy

If you are sure that the printer is working but not printing, you need to check if the print queue is busy. Most modern devices with fully installed software will display this error on their own. However, this does not always happen.

In this case, you need to check the print queue yourself. This can be done by calling the driver program from the tray (the icon near the clock). However, this method is not always suitable for those who use the device over a network.

The most common print queue problem is encountered by users on large networks when working with a shared printer. In this case, the same task can consist of many parts. For example, if it is very large, the program could divide it itself in order not to overload the internal memory of the device.

In addition, corporate practice shows that very often there are cases when one job did NOT complete completely due to errors (paper ran out or jammed, printer overheated), and another job was sent and another.

Depending on the model, the device may NOT pay attention to unfinished tasks and continue to work until its memory is completely clogged with such fragments. Or do not immediately allow to continue working.

There can be two ways out:

Check the print queue and clear it on the computer to which the printer is connected

Some machines require physical impact, that is, acknowledgment of errors and deletion of the print queue by buttons directly on it.

Checking OS and device settings

If you are faced with the fact that the device does NOT display any messages on the screen, and nothing happens when you send a file to print, then before contacting the service center with the question: “what to do the printer stopped printing, check the connection settings of the device, as well as the operating systems.

To do this, the first step is to check if the device is correctly connected to the computer and whether the operating system sees it.

To do this, you should:

Open the task manager and find the required device;

It should be listed and correspond to the name of your device;

Opposite it there should be no designations of erroneous connection, conflict or disconnection (yellow exclamation mark or red cross).

Now you need to check if the settings of the device itself are correct.

If printing does NOT start, there may be several problems:

The connection port is incorrect;

The address or name of the computer to which the network printer is connected has changed

A device that is a binder for a network connection (router, router, computer) does not work

The printer is incorrectly selected as the default device;

In the settings of the device there is a prohibition on the output of a certain type of data.

To check THESE data, you need to go to the “Control Panel” and select “Devices and Printers”. Here you can change the default device for printing (by right-clicking the menu and activating the corresponding checkbox). In the properties of the device. check if the settings are correct.

If you cannot connect to a network machine, it is best to contact the remote computer user or network administrator for assistance.

Is the driver installed?

The first time you connect any device to your computer, you need to install drivers. In the case of printers, it is better to install Not only the driver, but also the program for working with the device. The software is almost always supplied on disk with the device and also contains instructions in several languages.

Occasionally, in expensive models, the software is provided on a USB stick. To check if the driver is installed correctly, you need to go to the “Device Manager” of the Windows operating system.

To do this, you should:

Left-click on “My Computer” on the desktop or “Computer” in the “Start” menu and call “Properties”;

In the menu on the left, select “Dispatcher.”;

Check the list for your device.

The machine must be in the Printers Scanners category. Its name should correspond exactly or approximately to the name of your device (in case the driver is universal, or the software and hardware part of the day has not changed from the previous model).

For example, you have a Canon Pixma MP 280 model, in the task manager it may appear as Canon Pixma MP 200 or MP 2.

Does NOT print printer

What to do if the product does not print after refilling the cartridge

Users who have tried to refill the cartridge themselves, clean it, or soak it in a special solution, often face such a problem: the printer stopped printing, what to do now?

The thing is that each device requires an individual approach when it comes to refueling. First of all, you need to find out if the cartridge is equipped with special protections and chips, read it, and whether it has a page counter or other clever manufacturer option.

In addition, they refill the cartridge on their own, it is very important to be careful not to “air” the ink supply system in the case of inkjet printers. And on the laser device. do not get dirty, not scratch the drum or knock down the spring that fixes the gears.

In any case, if after refilling the printer works, but does not print, you need to contact a professional, to a workshop, so as not to spoil it completely. Cartridge are sometimes half the cost of the entire unit, so be very careful when refueling.

Sometimes ink cartridges dry out. Therefore, after refilling, be sure to print a few pages to check. If this does not work, the cartridge requires soaking in a special solution.

Most of the problems with the printer arise from software errors, but they are easy to deal with on your own, rather than going to a computer workshop. If errors are NOT eliminated, you should contact a specialist.

When you need to refill a cartridge, you must carefully study all the information and strictly follow the instructions, and for printers with inkjet printing it is generally better to install a special ink supply system. Thanks to this, most problems can be avoided.

Why does the printer write “suspended” and does NOT print

The probable causes of the problem may be:

  • Defective USB cable or power cord. A common situation leading to the suspension of equipment operation. The PC automatically takes all active devices offline.
  • Lack of cable connection. Check the condition of the wire. There must be no damage. If this is the case, it will have to be replaced.

The indicated problems are the most common. Sometimes the cause lies in other circumstances, including lost communication with a network printer or paper jams. But this happens less often.

What to do if the printer writes “suspended

The device for printing is used Not only at home, but also in large enterprises. When a printer fails, it disrupts the workflow of an entire department. After, if information about the suspension of work appears on the screen, you need to find out what caused the problem and how to fix it.

What to do if the printer is paused

If a SIMilar situation occurs, it is necessary to eliminate the malfunction. You can do this on your own. First, you need to return the equipment to working condition. In order to correctly correct the problem, it is important to find out why this happened. The further course of action depends on this. If the malfunction is related to the USB cable, then it needs to be replaced or connected to the power supply. If the problem lies elsewhere, then it is recommended to proceed as follows:

  • Through the start menu you need to go to the “Devices and Printers” section.
  • In the list that appears, select the appropriate device.
  • Next, you need to select “Printer” and uncheck the line about autonomous work.

To fix this, you should open the control panel of the device and delete the accumulated files that were never printed. The process takes place through the tab for clearing the print queue and for each file specified there, cancel is selected. These actions take a lot of time, especially if there are a lot of documents. After the performed manipulations, a test print is required. This will allow you to check if the equipment has started to work in the previous mode. Any document is suitable for this.

Sometimes the difficulty arises with network printing. To fix the problem, you need to open the hardware settings, go to properties and open the window with ports. You need to analyze the SNMP status. If there is a check mark. It needs to be removed. This should fix things.

If the device automatically switches to offline mode, but all settings and systems are functioning correctly, it is worth downloading and installing an update for your own server OS.

The printer allows you to quickly print the documents and images you need. Sometimes his work can stop, provoking the appearance of problems. Troubleshooting requires identifying the cause. Then it will be possible to carry out an effective restoration of functioning. You can do this on your own by carefully studying the instructions.