Printer Writes Low Memory Brother What To Do

Brother printer does NOT print and writes replace toner how to print. How to clear the toner replacement message in printers and all-in-one printer Brother?

For all laser printers and all-in-one printer from Brother brand

This article is to self-reset the toner replacement message. The message might look like: Replace toner cartridge, Replace toner, Toner low, Replace toner cartridge.

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Perhaps you have a Brother starter cartridge, which does not have a mechanism for resetting the cartridge counter, or after refilling the mechanism did NOT work. Also, the article can be useful because you can reset the message about the need to replace the toner cartridge, thereby printing the remaining toner in the cartridge to the end.

Since there are several types of Brother cartridges, like the machines themselves, the ejection mechanism is different.

How to clear the Toner Replacement message for TN-2335 / TN-2375 cartridges

  • Open the front cover;
  • Press and hold the “Menu” button until the message “Reset TNR-STD A counter” appears on the screen;
  • Press the “OK” button;
  • Select “Reset” with the up arrow;
  • Press the Stop / Exit button and close the lid.

How to reset the message about replacing the toner cartridge TN-2235 / TN-2275 / TN-2290 / TN-2090 / TN-2080

  • Open the printer cover.
  • Press the “CLEAR” button on the printer (CLEAR / back arrow button).
  • Press the “Start” button (START / button, highlighted with a green stripe).
  • Press quickly or. (up and down arrow buttons).
  • Set on the screen 00 (two zeros) on the counter, Using the keys /. (up / down).
  • Press the “OK” button (between the up and down buttons).

How to clear the toner replacement message for TN-1075 / TN-1095 cartridges

  • We take out the cartridge. We leave only the drum cartridge in the device (where the drum is)
  • We put our hand through the paper tray and clamp the reset flag. It is on the left side of the drum cartridge in the rectangular hole (pictured)
  • Keeping the flag pressed down, close the lid.
  • As soon as the engine starts (characteristic buzzing), I release the flag and after 1.5. 2 seconds clamp it again. We hold until the engine stops.
  • See what the device writes on the scoreboard.
  • If “Replace Toner” lights up again, repeat the procedure.
  • If it is ready, Install the cartridge back and use.

How to clear the toner replacement message for TN-2075 / TN-2135 / TN-2175

Printer instruction:

  • Insert the cartridge into the printer and turn on with the cover open.
  • Push the lever flags

.3. When the sensor is pressed, press the second sensor. the sensor for closing the lid

After a few seconds, the printer will start scrolling the cartridge (you can hear it). As soon as this happens, depress the sensor flags, but do not touch the sensor cover.

Wait for the printer to be ready.

Press the cover sensor, close the cover.

Instructions for all-in-one printer:

1.Turn off the power, insert the cartridges, leave the cover open.

Detach lever 1 from the cover and insert it inside the all-in-one printer

Press sensor 2 and sensor 3 with a screwdriver Fig. 4 (2. new cartridge sensor, 3. lid closed sensor)

With 2 and 3 pressed, wait until the all-in-one printer starts spinning inside. At first you will hear a faint fan noise. And after a while. significantly more Strong noise of the scrolling mechanism.

1 second after the all-in-one printer started scrolling inside, release sensor 2, but not Press 3.

After the all-in-one printer stops spinning, release 3, attach lever 1 back and close the cover. All-in-one printer is ready to work.

How to clear the message about replacing the toner cartridge TN-2085

  • First, turn on the printer, then carefully open its front cover.
  • Turn off the printer with the cover open.
  • Now press the “GO” button and hold it while turning on the device.
  • Wait until all 3 indicators light up. in addition to “READY”.
  • If you have done everything correctly, you can release the “GO” button.
  • Press on “GO” and release it. repeat this twice.
  • Wait for a short pause, lasting about 1.5-2 seconds, then press and release the same button 5-6 times.
  • If the “Toner” light stops lighting, then congratulations. the toner counter has cleared and you can safely print.
  • In the end, all that remains is to close the front cover of the printer, turn it off and on. Be sure to print some test pages.

How to clear the message about replacing toner and drum unit for color 9020/3140/3170/9330

If an error occurs in the Brother 9020 printer, open the top cover, press and hold for about 2-3 seconds. In the list that opens, we make a choice of a cartridge or an imaging drum of the color you need.

For the Brother 3140 printer, to eliminate these errors, it will be correct to slightly open the top cover of the turned on printer and press the “Secure” and “Сancel” buttons at the same time. Having selected the color cartridge or imaging drum required for reset, press “OK” and “Up”.

The correct procedure for resolving toner and imaging drum errors for the Brother 3170 Color Printer is to open the top cover and press the Secure and Cancel buttons on the printer at the same time. In the reset menu that appears on the display of the printing device, we select the cartridge of the color you need or the drum unit. Then press the “OK” and “Up” buttons.

To resolve auto goods errors related to replacing toner or drum unit in Brother 9330 multifunctional color printer. Do the following: Open the top cover, press and hold for about 2-3 seconds. Select the drum or cartridge of the desired color from the menu list.

For an all-in-one printer, reset all counters, including the cartridge counter and drum cartridge counter:

  • Turn off the device.
  • Clamp the “Menu / Set” button and turn on the device.
  • The device boots up in service mode.
  • Enter “81”.
  • We get the message “Reset drum count”.
  • Click “Start”.
  • The message “Reset life count” appears.
  • Press “Start” again.
  • We leave the service mode, typed “96”, or “98”, or “99”.
  • Turn off the device, turn on.

Cartridge refilling and on-site repair

Solved The printer keeps saying “Replace the toner cartridge”. But I have! HP Support Community

Thank you for participating in the HP Support Forums! This is a great place to connect with the community, get help and advice! As far as I understand, you are getting an error message about replacing toner cartridge on your HP Samsung printer. Don’t worry, I have some suggestions to help you fix this problem.

To PROVIDE you with the exact solution, I will need a few more details:

You recently made any changes to the printer before the problem occurred?

I found a great document that should help you solve this problem. Laser all-in-one printer Samsung Xpress SL-M2070-M2079. Replacing the Toner Cartridge

Samsung laser printers. Out of toner or out of toner or “Replace Toner” error message

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If you followed the suggested steps and the problem persists, I would suggest that it might be a hardware failure. I would recommend that you contact our support by phone for further assistance.

Send me the country / region from which you are contacting us in a personal message and I will help you with the information.

Looking forward to your reply!

Hope you have a good day ahead,

B do not hesitate to ask your questions, as on this forum some of the best people in the world are available and ready to help.

I’m an HP employee

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Low ink / toner when filling. HP Support Community

Hello @ KP18. Hope you are doing well

Thank you for joining the HP Forum. This is a fantastic place to Get help from the community, suggestions and find what helped the second!

I see that you are trying to use the printer in single cartridge mode. Ideally yes, the printer should print in single cartridge mode. Try to discharge the printer. Here are the steps:

  • Remove the cartridges from the printer.
  • When turning on the printer, unplug the power cord from the back of the printer and also unplug the power cord from the outlet.
  • Disconnect USB cable, if present.
  • Wait 2-3 minutes, press and hold the power button on the printer for about 30 seconds to remove additional charge.
  • Now plug the power cord straight back into the outlet without surge protection or extension cord (this is important) and then plug the power cord back into the printer.
  • Turn on the printer and wait until the warm-up period ends and the device is idle.

If the problem persists, follow these steps: http://HP.Care/2oUxrZM

Hope this answers your concern correctly. Let me know!

Please click “Accepted as a solution” in the posts that solves your problem to help others find a solution. To acknowledge my help, please click on the “Like” icon below!

Click “Accepted as a solution” in the posts that solves your problem to help others find a solution. To acknowledge my help, click the “Like” icon below!

I’m not an HP employee

How to fix (printing error). HP Support Community

Hello! @ Lily12, welcome to the HP forums.

As I understand it, when printing from the printer, you get the error.

Don’t worry, I’ll try to help you.

You have made any changes to your printer?

You can make a copy from your printer?

The printer is connected to a wired or wireless connection?

As you mentioned, when printing to a printer, you get a print error message.

Specify the operating system installed on your PC so that it is more convenient for you.

Try the steps Recommended below.

Press the power button on the printer to turn it off.

Unplug the power cord from the back of the printer.

Disconnect the power cord from the wireless router.

Turn off your computer.

Wait 30 seconds.

6.Connect the power cord to the wireless router.

Wait 30 seconds or until the router is fully powered up and ready.

Turn on your computer again.

Wait for the computer to restart.

Connect the power cord to the back of the printer.

Turn the printer back on.

Try to print a Print Quality Diagnostic Page.

Print a Print Quality Diagnostic Page in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows Vista.
Load unused letter or A4-size plain paper into the input tray.
Press the power button to turn on the printer, if not already on.
Open or locate the HP folder in the list of installed programs, Click the folder for your printer, and then Click the name of your printer.
HP Printer Assistant opens.
In the HP Printer Assistant window Click Maintain Your Printer.
Click the Device Reports tab, and then Click Print Diagnostic Information.

Also try uninstalling the printer drivers from the root level on your PC and installing the full featured printer software. (Windows only)

In Windows, search for and open “Programs and Features”.

Choose your HP printer.

In Windows, search for and open “Devices and Printers”.

In the Devices and Printers window, find your HP printer. If you see it in the list, right-click it and select Remove or Remove Device. “

Open the start command with the “Windows Key R” key combination.

Enter printui.Exe / s and Click OK.

Click the Drivers tab.

Find the HP printer driver. If you see it, click on it and click delete at the bottom.

Select Apply and OK on the print server properties windows.

Close devices and printers.

Update the full feature printer software using this link: https: // HP.Care / 2D2CCtS

If the issue persists after following the steps, try running HP print and scan doctor on your computer.

Refer to this article to learn more about using the HP print and scan doctor.

If the provided solution worked for you, please check the accepted solution for this post.

Let me know how it goes!

Have a nice day ahead!

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I’m an HP employee

What to do if a sheet is jammed in the printer. What to do if paper is jammed in the printer

A device such as a printer allows you to quickly print various documents. But sometimes paper gets jammed in it and all work stops. In this case, an inscription appears stating that the sheets are jammed or the red indicator blinks. What to do if paper is jammed in the printer, see article.

The reasons

Why is this happening? There are many reasons why sheets remain in the printing device. If you know about the most common problems, then it will turn out to prevent them:

  • Poor quality paper. This reason is the most common. If you buy cheap paper or use old paper, you should be prepared for unpleasant consequences.
  • Damage to pages. The printer does not work well with leaves that have mint edges, tears, bends.
  • High moisture content of the paper. If the sheets were stored incorrectly, then you should be prepared that they will stick to each other, and then get stuck.
  • Dryness of paper. Due to static voltage, the sheets become electrified and therefore stick to each other.
  • Thin or thick paper. Check the Ideal Weights for Your Printer Before Printing.
  • The presence of foreign objects inside. It is not uncommon for paper trash to enter the printer. These can be paper clips, caps, staples, pencil lead.
  • Worn or damaged rollers.

This manual is suitable for most printing devices. Therefore, this manual will help you understand what to do if paper is jammed in your Canon printer. Carefully removing the paper will allow you to use the technique for a long time.

In any case, the printer says: paper jam. What to do in this case? Effective recommendations will help. With their help, it will turn out to correctly remove the sheets, and then continue to work with the device.

Solution to the problem

What to do if paper is jammed in the printer? If the problem still appears, you must eliminate the malfunction according to the following instructions:

  • It is necessary to disconnect the printing equipment from the power source. You may need to open the inside of the printer while removing the sheets to check the paper feed rollers. There is a risk of electric shock when turned on.
  • You should cancel the tasks that are in the queue.
  • Some types of office equipment, for example, Canon, Xerox 3010 and Laserjet 6L, are switched off and immediately feed paper into the tray. If this was not the case, you need to turn the technique on and off again.
  • Many printers do not have the function mentioned in the last paragraph. Then you should Flip the cover that covers access to the internal parts of the device. It is necessary to assess whether the stuck letter is deeply located.
  • If most of the page is at the beginning of the roller, then pull it out against the movement of the rotating rollers. You need to carefully take the letter from the edge and slowly draw out.
  • It also happens that paper is jammed during exit from printing. Then you need to pull the letter in the direction of movement of the rollers. In laser devices it is necessary to pull out the cartridge as it interferes with the pressure mechanism.
  • After pulling out the paper, you need to make sure that it is not torn and there is NOT a piece inside. Then the printer must be connected to the power supply, inspect the power-on and readiness indicators. They are usually located in front of the device panel. When the light flashes, remove and reinstall the cartridge.
  • If the paper is damaged during removal, then it is necessary to inspect the rollers. To do this, you will need to disassemble the printer, remove the removable parts and the ink cartridge. Provide good lighting when inspecting the inside of the printer. You should find the rest of the letter and remove it.
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What to do if paper is jammed in the printer depends on the model of the device, since each of them has its own nuances of work. Some techniques are accompanied by instructions, where the subtleties of troubleshooting are indicated.

Inkjet printers

The design of such devices is such that it is NOT possible to get access to the rollers immediately, since they are firmly covered with a cartridge. What if this kind of paper jam occurs in the printer? You need to disconnect the device from the network. You should not disassemble it yourself if there is no experience in this. Especially if the paper is not all removed and part of it is caught. In this case, a specialist should solve the problem.

The paper is jammed in the HP printer, what should I do? The equipment manufacturers of this company facilitate its operation. Inkjet devices have a special sensor. Encoder Strip Sensor. With it, the position of the carriage is established at the start and end of printing. When paper jams and operation stops, check the sensor. Probably, there was a blockage or mechanical damage. As a result, the device does not finish printing. To resume operation, the sensor must be treated with a napkin moistened with alcohol. It is better to remove jammed paper beforehand.

Laser devices

The above instructions are also valid for laser printers. But in comparison with inkjet, they cannot be disconnected from the power supply and turned on again. Just don’t pull out the page abruptly, because you can break it. Modern laser devices Equipped with manual. For example, if paper is jammed in a Brother printer, you can find out what to do from the instructions for a specific model of the machine.

Continuation of work

If you manage to clear the jammed letter, then you need to turn off the printer again. Often, the product continues to print from where the problem occurred. The page will be printed a second time, and then the process will resume without difficulty. Check if all sheets are printed. If the restart does not continue to work, then you need to start printing again by selecting the desired settings.

Work rules

If paper jams persist in the printer, what should I do? To avoid such failures, you must correctly load paper into the device:

  • Do not use soft, torn, low-quality paper for printing. Previously used sheets are not suitable either.
  • Avoid placing too much or very little paper.
  • It is necessary to control that metal objects. staples, paper clips and other office supplies do not penetrate into the device.
  • It is important to use letters that are suitable for the printer in thickness, format and quality.
  • Do not send a very thick stack of paper to the tray.
  • Before loading, it is necessary to check for dents, tears, foreign objects. This will avoid many problems.
  • It is necessary to insert sheets evenly so that there is no skewing of the tray.
  • If chewing occurs constantly, it is advisable to take the technician to a service center to find out the cause of the malfunction.

When picking up paper, many users are afraid that it will stop the operation of the device. But in fact, there is a way out. Each technique has a manual that tells you what to do if a problem occurs. You just need to read the instructions and follow its rules.

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What to do if Windows does not see all the RAM: 4 reasons and solutions

It happens that in a laptop, a computer costs 16 gigabytes of RAM, and the OS recognizes only half. Why Windows does not see the entire amount of RAM, and what to do about it, this article suggests.

Windows does not see all RAM

Microsoft operating systems may show less RAM than actually installed. Why? There are four main reasons for this problem. Each of them is discussed below.

Checking the bitness of the OS

The bitness of the operating system affects how much RAM a laptop or computer sees. For example, some 32-bit Windows only see 3.2 gigabytes of memory maximum, no matter how many modules and what size the PC costs.

You can find out the bitness of Windows 7 version like this:

  • The right mouse button will be named “My Computer”.
  • Select “Properties” in the drop-down list. the required information is displayed there.

There is another way: RMB on “Start” → “System”. Now it remains only to find the “system type” in the opened windows and see what bit depth in the OS.

Windows version has limitations

The point may be Not only in the bitness of the operating system, but also in its version. Home basic seven. home basic. recognizes only four gigabytes of RAM in 32-bit and a maximum of 8 gigabytes. in 64-bit version. But professional Windows 7 (x64) is capable of recognizing up to 192 GB of RAM. 64-bit versions 8 and 10 may “see” half a terabyte of RAM.

Motherboard limitations

When assembling a PC from scratch or upgrading, you should pay attention to how much memory the motherboard supports maximum.

You can get this information and other useful information about the system using third-party software, such as AIDA64 or CPU-Z.

Incorrect installation of memory sticks

Despite the fact that it will deliver the operative. it is easy, some users may not be able to cope with this task, Installing the modules not completely. This often happens when he sets the bar for the first time. However, you can check if everything is correct: this is evidenced by the characteristic slight click of the locking mechanism.

How to fix the situation

There are several ways to solve the problem: from changing the system and subsystem settings, to replacing components. as a last resort.

Config setting

In an operating system, for example, KW9-00162, a volume limit can be set, so it does not see the entire operating system. How to remove it:

  • In the search for Windows, type “System Configuration”.
  • In the window that opens, go to the “Download” tab.
  • Named under the section “Additional parameters”.
  • Check that the box for “Maximum memory” is not set.

BIOS update

Another way to solve the problem. How to proceed, the table will tell you.

Reset BIOS settings

Since the subsystem is responsible for collecting information about the PC, difficulties may arise already when starting the operating system, and a reset will be required. You can do it like this:

  • Unplug the computer and put on electrostatic gloves, bracelet.
  • Disassemble the PC to get access to the motherboard.
  • Remove the battery from the oregano for 15 minutes.
  • Shove her back.
  • Close the case.
  • Connect the PC to a power source and start.
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Changing RAM strips in places

A banal rearrangement of memory modules sometimes also works. First, you need to repeat the first two steps from the previous section. Then. pull out the slats and swap them. If there are free slots, you can try to use them.

The RAM bar may be defective

If none of the above methods helps, most likely the problem is in the module itself.

The main signs that the organized criminal group is faulty:

  • Blue screen of death”.
  • Crashes while working with demanding software or heavy games, despite the fact that the filling of the laptop should pull it all.
  • PC, laptop does NOT start. There are possible beeps that indicate the problem.

If you have any of this, you need to use a tester program. The exception is if the computer does not turn on and beeps. It is better not to waste time here, and immediately hand over the planks for repair or change them.

For diagnostics, you can use the built-in Windows Memory Diagnostic utility. It is available in versions 7-10 and is located in the “Administration” section. It is better to test the memory bars separately: it makes it easier to identify the problem component.

Another easy option is to remove the modules and check the contacts. If they have oxidized, then you can try to rub them with an ordinary eraser and check the performance again.

In some cases, the problem may be hidden in the slot itself, or in its locking mechanism, due to which the strap does not fit into the connector as it should and does NOT contact it.

If during the check it became clear that the matter is in the module, then it is better to replace the operative.

Tip: in order to squeeze the maximum performance out of the modules, eliminate conflicts, you need to buy identical strips, for example, HX316C10FK2 / 8.

Windows may NOT see the entire operating system if it is an old version of the operating system, due to malfunctions or faulty modules. Knowing the possible solutions, you can quickly fix the problem yourself.

What does it mean there is no toner in the printer?

Often, many users of printing devices are faced with the need to solve the following problem: there is no toner in the printer, what is it. The fact is that after refueling, in some cases, the message “low toner”, “replace toner” or “need to replace toner cartridge” is displayed on the screen of the printer or computer. In some cases, the device may ask the user for the following action: insert the toner card. Such inscriptions appear in the event that the copy sensor of the device is blocked or the cartridge is in a faulty condition. But the most common prerequisite is precisely the first. To solve it, you will need to reset the counter.

about the problem

So, if your printing device says “replace toner”, then you can solve this problem using two different methods, each of which is proven and quite effective: software and hardware. On some cartridges, for example, Brother, in order to minimize the risk of such an error after refilling the cartridge, it is necessary to carefully seal the window on its side cover using opaque tape. The fact is that after the toner begins to run out, light enters through this window activates the sensor, which displays the message “low toner” or the remaining amount of dye (toner remaining) on ​​the device display or PC monitor. Then the copy counting sensor comes into play, which after printing about two hundred copies automatically blocks the operation of the printer or all-in-one printer. After that, the error “add toner” will appear, although the toner in the cartridge capacity may be enough for printing several dozen, and maybe even hundreds of sheets.

Hardware way

If your printer writes that there is little toner left in it, or it even reports that it’s time to change the cartridge (replace toner), then you can try to solve this problem using the hardware method. This method is suitable for many Brother machines. It means direct intervention in the mechanics of the printing device, and therefore not every user of office equipment can use it.

First of all, before proceeding directly to work to eliminate the above problem, you must turn on the printer or all-in-one printer and wait until the noise coming from the device becomes noticeably quieter. Then, gently detach the lever on the left side of the printer and slide it into the cabinet. Then slowly pull out the cartridge, take it by the handle specially designed for this action. Divide the removed part into its component parts, namely: a drum unit and a toner cartridge. To solve this problem, click on the mount on the side. Then insert the drum unit into your printer.

Clamp the opening sensor, using a screwdriver, to simulate the presence of the cover, which is in the closed state. You will also have to simulate the presence of a cartridge, holding down the checkbox for this purpose. As soon as you notice that the gears are starting to spin Release the checkbox, then press again. In 4 seconds, you should perform this procedure twice. Without practice, you are unlikely to be able to solve this problem the first time. In this case, it is important that after the second click on the flag, it remains in the clamping position.

Wait until the device dies down to release the sensor, simulating a closed panel, which you have been holding all this time with a screwdriver. Next, connect the lever to the front cover and reinstall the Assembled consumable. Close the lid and test the work done.

Also, the hardware method means the physical replacement of the cartridge chip; this procedure is usually carried out when refilling a laser cartridge. You can find out more about it by reading the fueling instructions section

Programmatic way

This method is the easiest, because it only requires pressing a few buttons. To use it, you first of all need to turn on the all-in-one printer or printer and wait until it completes all the preliminary preparations and significantly reduces the noise level. Only then can you open the front cover of the device.
Press once on the “Stop” button, which in some models is used by some other buttons: “Back” and “Cancel”. Then click on “Start” and “Up”. At the end, you just have to press the “Down” button several times until you see zeros on the screen. As soon as they appeared on the monitor, click on “OK” and carefully close the covers of the printing device.

The software method also means flashing the device. This procedure is done once and in the future the printer will never write when the toner runs out. You can read more about the firmware on our website

In general, one of the two described methods should help you solve the problem that was described at the very beginning of the article. But if you are unsure of your abilities or you could not solve the problem on your own, then it is better to contact the service center masters. Otherwise, trying to unscrew and pull out certain parts of the device, you can cause significant damage to it, as a result of which you may even need to purchase new office equipment of this type.