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How to fix the printer error “Paper Jam” if there are jam comments

Office equipment is not always happy with stable functioning; when working with devices, users encounter various failures and errors. So, many owners of printers or all-in-one printer encounter a problem when the equipment reports paper jams, while in reality there is no jam comments. If, in the case of a real jamming of sheets by a printing device, it is even clear that the fact takes place and the paper needs to be removed, then with only one notification without a visible jam, users do not know what caused such a reaction of the equipment and what to do to eliminate the trouble.

First you need to check if there is actually paper residues in the device, it can be small scraps, which are invisible at once, but interfere with the full functioning of the equipment. If so, here’s how to fix the printer paper jam problem. If the actual jam did not occur, consider other solutions depending on the cause of the hardware error.

You can try restarting printing, or restarting the machine and then trying to print the document again. In some cases, the failure is one-time, but if the problem persists, you need to start figuring out the cause and fixing the error. Consider what can provoke this phenomenon and how to deal with it.

Why does the printer give a paper jam error?

When a paper jam occurs, the device stops printing and signals a problem to the user, but sometimes it also happens that the equipment issues an error message. This indicates system and software malfunctions, which can be caused by various reasons.

If the printer says “Paper Jam”, although there are actually jams, most often the problem is caused by the following factors:

  • The paper size specified in the print settings does not match.
  • Unsuitable sheet density.
  • Ingress of foreign objects.
  • Dirty paper feed roller.
  • Blocking carriage movement.
  • Too taut or sagging plume.
  • Paper leftovers or small parts of the device that got inside when removing the letter.
  • Damage to the paper present sensor.

The paper size in the settings does not match the actual

The “Paper Jam” error can occur with either an Epson printer or any other brand, regardless of the functionality and cost of the equipment. A frequent prerequisite for the problem is paper, which may be of poor quality, insufficient or excessive density, etc., as well as the discrepancy between the size indicated in the print settings and the actual one. So, if the selected size is 10×15, and there are A4 sheets in the tray, the machine will not print and instead may display a jam error. Correcting the situation is not difficult. The correct print settings should be set (we perform the actions in the application that is used), then the process will start again.

Foreign objects have fallen under the carriage

Another reason why the printing device generates the “Paper Jam” error is foreign objects falling under the carriage. This could have happened when the cover of the machine was opened, for example, when replacing cartridges. If foreign objects enter, they block the movement of the carriage, as a result of which it does NOT move out of the parking lot and the device will not be able to print and will generate an error. You need to open the cover of the device to check for foreign objects and remove them if found.

Foreign objects have entered the paper tray

Along with the letter, other objects may accidentally get into the tray, but they have nothing to do with the printing process and interfere with the operation of the machine. These can be paper clips, buttons or other small items, which are abundant in every office. If they enter the tray, an Epson, Canon, or other machine will stop printing and may report a paper jam error. To solve the problem, remove the stack of sheets from the tray and check for any foreign objects in the product. You can use a flashlight to thoroughly examine the equipment.

Pieces of paper or printer parts are caught while removing a jammed letter

The sheet could have really been chewed by the device and NOT completely removed, therefore the device writes “Paper jam”. The user must know how and what to do in this case, since inaccurate removal can lead to damage to the mechanism. If the letter was taken from the jerk, fragile plastic elements of the device could also break off, which became an obstacle, as a result of which the printer gives an error.

We open the lid and carefully examine its “inner world” for the presence of small pieces of paper or parts. If your searches did not return any results, or you were unable to retrieve the interfering objects yourself, you may need the help of a specialist. In the case when the user is not at all familiar with the structure of the printer, it is better to immediately entrust the matter to professionals.

The carriage is stuck due to an incorrectly stretched CISS cable

When using a CISS (continuous ink supply system) on an Epson, Canon, HP, Kyosera or other printer, the problem is often a loop, which may be overstretched or sagging, which makes it difficult to move the carriage. The equipment detects and signals interference with a paper jam error. You need to de-energize the printer, open it and check the loop. We check if we manually move the carriage, and whether the movement of the element is difficult.

Encoder raster tape is not read correctly

Encoder tape, also called encoder, raster tape, etc. It is a translucent dashed tape and serves as a navigator in the printer. The strokes are read by a raster sensor in the carriage, which determines the position of the printheads. So, if the encoder is damaged, severe wear or the presence of dirt, ink on its surface, the positioning of the print head gets confused. The equipment does NOT understand where the carriage is at the current moment, but it can rest against the wall and NOT move, which is regarded as an obstacle. Therefore, the printer does NOT print, giving a jam error.

The solution is to clean the encoder bitmap tape. It must be wiped with a dry textile cloth, in case of severe contamination. moistened with water, while it will be necessary to wipe the encoder dry after removing the dirt. Service liquid must not be used to clean the encoder strip, as this can damage the strokes applied to it, which are necessary for the operation of the element. In case of damage, cleaning will no longer help and you will have to contact the service.

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Feed roller does NOT pick up paper

The roller, which provides sheet feeding, although made of wear-resistant rubber, over time is exposed to paper, toner and household dust, which is why it becomes greasy and loses elasticity. In this case, the printer stops picking up sheets from the tray, as a result of which you can observe a false jam, in which the printer reports. The video can fail on any equipment, be it Canon, Epson or Samsung. over, the element does not always need to be replaced; often it is enough to simply clean it with detergents. Usually, after cleaning the roller, its performance returns.

Paper present sensor damaged

Another reason why the printer says “Paper jam” is damage to the paper present sensor. So, the error appears due to the inconsistency of the control system of the mechanism that ensures the movement of the letter in the printer with the paper presence sensor. The printer picks up the paper for printing, but does not see the process of movement, as a result, concluding that the letter is jammed inside, while in reality the jams are comments.

If the previous solutions did not work, most likely the matter is in the paper presence sensor, a malfunction could arise, for example, due to an ink spill. If after self-cleaning the internal space of the printer to correct the error Failed, you should contact the service specialists for help.

Error “paper jam” on printers Epson, Canon, HP. How to fix?

Paper jams in an Epson, Canon, or HP printer can be caused by various reasons. Some of them can be solved independently at home. But if none of the methods described in the article helped, you should contact the service center for diagnostics and repair.

Jam causes and remedies

The error appears if the letter is chewed. Instead of a smooth page with text or images of users, it gets an “accordion” that is difficult to get from an all-in-one printer. This problem cannot be completely avoided, but you can quickly fix it so that all other pages print without jams.

Paper problems

The first step is to check the paper tray. Perhaps it was a simple coincidence, since the top sheet was a corner hall. There are instructions on what to do if a paper jam occurs:

  • Turn off the printer.
  • Wait until it cools down.
  • Raise the sash.
  • With a careful movement of both hands, pull out the clamped letter.
  • If the page breaks in the process, you need to use tweezers to collect all the small parts.
  • Turn on the printer and print again.

If there are wrinkled sheets in the basket, and the printer continues to chew the sheets after restarting, then the way to clear the paper jam in the HP printer may be to take a closer look.

For example, check the quality of the printed material. You must use special inkjet photo paper. In addition, each all-in-one printer has limitations on the density of the sheets used. Therefore, too thick or thin paper will also cause the error.

Another reason for the error. Wrong block position. The stack must lie flat and the clamps must NOT fit too tightly. Too many pages will also cause the printer to write a “paper jam”.

Foreign object

Foreign objects that interfere with the normal operation of the all-in-one printer may become a variant of why the printer writes “paper jam”. A paper clip or piece of tape may stop the device from working. The easiest way to fix the problem is if the foreign object lies directly on the stack of letters. But sometimes it gets caught in the path of the sheets.

There is only one option, how to clear a paper jam in the printer yourself if it is jammed Foreign objects.

  • Turn off the printer.
  • Take cardboard.
  • Push it slowly on your own until it goes all the way through the paper and pushes out the foreign body.

You should be very careful. A staple jammed between the carriage and the brake may Not only cause paper jams in your Epson printer. It can damage the same device.


An “alternative” to a foreign object is ordinary dirt that sticks to the brake pad or pick roller. Because of it, the system either cannot capture a letter at all, or it captures several at once. In both cases, an error notification appears.

Here, too, there is only one way to clear a photo paper jam in the printer. Take a clean cloth and wipe the visible parts of the mechanism. To completely clean the roller, you need to make it move when the printer is turned off.

False error in paper jams

In most cases, the Epson, Canon, and HP paper jam sensor works correctly. Mechanism The pages are jammed and you need to follow the instructions. But the paper jam in a Canon, Epson or HP printer may be false. Those. Notification appears but problems with movement comments.

A false error can occur if there is a problem with the paper present sensor. This is a common mistake in inkjet printers. It is caused by a spill of printer ink. Although the all-in-one printer works fine and picks up sheets from the tray, the sensor does not see its movement. You can disassemble the printer and wipe it from ink.

Also, a false error indicates a serious problem. Paper jams in HP printers and similars occur when the gears or pick roller are damaged. Routine cleaning will not help as parts need to be replaced. With a certain skill, you can do it yourself, but you have to remove the case. This violates the warranty service rules. Therefore, it is better to contact the service.

The printer writes a paper jam even though the jam comments

A printer is required to print documents and files when working with a computer. In general, its operation does not require special skills and abilities. If you have any questions, you can study the instruction manual that comes with the purchased equipment. After correctly connecting and configuring all systems, you can start printing.

Sometimes, during long-term operation, malfunctions can occur. To eliminate them, you need to correctly identify the cause of the malfunction. Usually the computer itself writes in a pop-up dialog box the cause of the problem. If this does not happen, we will make an independent diagnosis or contact a specialist in the service center.

What to do if the printer displays a paper jam error

One of the most common causes of stuck printing is paper jams when the paper is not properly positioned in the appropriate slot. If the paper is really jammed, you need to properly remove it from the printer and restart the system to continue printing:

  • Disconnect the technique and close the print queue. Remember where you stopped work to resume everything from the last printed sheet.
  • Wait a while for the printer to cool completely.
  • Remove the paper jammed in the compartment. Gently pull the printing press, open the cover and pull out the sheets with a smooth motion.
  • When tearing off a piece of paper, remove small pieces of paper using knitting needles or rods from the handles.
  • Restart your computer and reconnect all hardware.
  • Go to print settings and adjust job settings.
  • After that, carefully load the stack of sheets into a special compartment. Press the button to start printing. You can check the operation of the printer by printing a test page of the document, the system itself will report any errors it finds and give tips on how to fix them.

Usually this problem occurs during long-term operation and overheating of the equipment. Carry out all the steps according to the instructions described above, after that the work should be fine.

Why does the printer say “Paper Jam” even though the jammed comments

If the reason for the error was incorrect paper loading, then the instructions above should help solve the problem. But sometimes it happens that the system generates an error message in paper jams. In this case, we are talking about system and software failures. details about the possible causes will be discussed below, and now we present a troubleshooting plan:

  • Go to printer settings and look at the print queue. If you work for a long time without interruption, freezes and errors in the program may occur.
  • Cancel recent actions and clear the queue. Then resume work.
  • In the settings for the paper size you are using, check that it matches the specifications and paper sizes.
  • If that doesn’t work, turn off the equipment, disconnect all wires. After a few minutes, restart the technique.
  • Try reinstalling the drivers, check the status of the microcircuits to ensure normal operation.

Causes of paper jams in the printer

To avoid such problems, and if they arise, quickly eliminate everything, it is necessary to know the sources of malfunctions and periodically carry out a preventive inspection of the device. The most common causes for paper jams are:

  • Foreign objects entering the carriages and the printing part of the printer;
  • Clamping paper sheets and their scraps;
  • Incorrect connection of wires or overload during long-term operation and large amount of work;
  • Failure in system settings, mismatch of software and driver versions;
  • Wear of parts due to long and active operation;
  • The program is damaged by a virus and the computer freezes.
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Fully inspect mechanical and cabinet parts and make adjustments once a month to maintain proper performance and normal printer operation.

What to do if the printer writes comments to the paper and it is. Why can’t the product see paper even though it’s in the tray

Paper present sensor problem

The cartridges of printers manufactured by Xerox, Samsung, Oki have a chip with a built-in paper recognition sensor. The sensor counts the number of sheets used and blocks printing when the tray is empty. When the sensor breaks, then the device does not see the paper, although it is inside the tray. The malfunction can only be repaired in the SC.

Document settings problem

Word documents can store the settings for specific models of printing devices, so when you try to print a file taken from another computer, sometimes there is an inconsistency between the printer used and the settings of the previous computer. The problem is fixed according to the following scheme:

  • Go to the path “File”. “Page Setup”. “Paper Size”.
  • Next to the term “First page” and “Remaining pages” there should be an “autoselect” parameter.

In MS Office versions higher than 2010, the settings are located in the “Layout” tab.

Resetting Printer Settings

  • Turn off the device.
  • Unplug the power cord. If there is a separate power supply on the cable, disconnect that too.
  • The printer must be de-energized for at least 15 seconds. Enough time to erase system board memory (RAM).
  • Reconnect the printer to the mains by reconnecting the cable.
  • If the device does not start automatically, press the power button on the body of the device.
  • Print a test page.

Manual feed mode is on

  • Go to the start menu.
  • Open the “Devices and Printers” section. Or press WindowsR at the same time, then enter the command control printers.
  • Select the desired model and right-click on it.
  • Go to “Print Settings”.
  • Click on “Source”.
  • Choose “auto select”.
  • Saving the changes made.
  • Trying to print a document.

Other Possible Causes

  • Incorrect print driver settings. To eliminate this reason, open the required document, simultaneously press the CtrlP key combination. In the window that appears, select the required printer and go to its properties. In the “Features” tab in the “Size” and “Paper Type” menus, select the desired options and save the changes.
  • Broken flags of optical sensors. The problem is typical for laser printers that have such a sensor design. The problem is solved only in the SC.
  • The quality of the paper used is poor. If the machine displays an out of paper tray error, check if the media weight matches the manufacturer’s recommended technique. Optimum density Page not less than 80 g / m2 If you are using photo paper, check if the printer can print on it. Try to print on Type 2 paper.
  • Foreign objects. Staples, buttons, or other small objects can fall into the tray or the printer itself. Using a flashlight, carefully inspect the printer, carefully check the corners, remove all unnecessary.
  • Severely pinching the guides inside the tray. Loosen them or remove them completely and start printing again.
  • The stack of paper is too large in the tray. Examine the contents of the compartment with letters, remove extra pages. The tray should be no more than 2/3 full.
  • Previous letter jammed. Open the cover, see if there is inside the previous page or parts of it. If there is, carefully remove the sheet and print again.
  • Software failure. It happens after an automatic update. Rolling back the driver to the old version fixes the problem. Use the installation disc that came with the equipment, or download the previous version from the manufacturer’s official website. It is better not to temporarily carry out auto-updates for such problems.
  • Dirty or worn paper feed rollers. The rollers can be easily cleaned with a cotton swab dipped in water or a special cleaning liquid. The printer must be disconnected from the network during operation. If the rollers do not even touch the paper when trying to grip, the rubber surface has worn off. Temporarily the rollers can be wrapped with electrical tape, but it is better to replace the rubber band.
  • Failure of the feed system assembly. Problems are found in printers Brother, Epson. Repairs are made only at the service center.
  • Broken control board or other devices. Sometimes buying a new machine will be cheaper than repairing a broken unit.
  • HP single function printers. The computer displays an All Paper error message and the product does not pick up or feed paper

    Computer displays an All Paper error and the product does NOT pick or feed paper from the tray.



    Any of the following problems can cause this problem:

    The paper trays are empty or overloaded.

    The side to be printed on or the shiny side of the paper is loaded face down in the tray. Always load photo paper with the rougher side up.

    The paper is too smooth for the product.

    The paper may NOT be caught in the feed rollers.

    Press the paper-width guide too tightly against the stack of paper.

    The paper tray is NOT fully inserted into the machine.

    The paper settings in the printer driver match the paper loaded in the paper tray.

    Rubber paper feed rollers Dusty.

    Printer message. “Printhead problem.” HP Support Community

    Hello! @Berith, welcome to the HP forums.

    I understand you have a printhead problem on your printer.

    Don’t worry, I’ll try to help you.

    You have made any changes to your printer?

    Please try the steps Recommended below.

    In some cases, resetting the printer may clear the error message.
    Turn on the printer if it is not already on.
    Wait until the device stops working before proceeding.
    With the printer on, unplug the power cord from the back of the printer.
    Unplug the power cord from the outlet.
    Wait at least 60 seconds.
    Plug the power cord back into the outlet.
    HP recommends plugging the printer power cord directly into a wall outlet.
    Connect the power cord to the back of the printer.
    Turn on the printer if it does not turn on automatically.
    The printer may warm up. Printer lights may blink and the carriage may move.
    Wait until the warm-up period ends and the device stops working before proceeding.

    See this article for further printhead troubleshooting. Printer problem.

    I will follow your answer.

    Hope you have a great day!

    I’m an HP employee

    The OfficeJet 8600 reports no paper, but paper. HP Support Community

    Welcome to the forums! Have you tried restarting the printer yet? Also try printing from a second tray to see if that tray is causing the problem. This is how you can print from the second tray:

    Load letter or A4 (US) plain white paper into the alternate tray.

    Click Standard Tray. And then Tap a tray for which there is no check mark.

    Try to print the document again.

    Here is a good document to troubleshoot this problem, which is very helpful: The message “All paper” is displayed and the product does not pick up or feed paper

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    What to do if the printer has a paper jam error

    Paper jams are one of the most common errors in all printers. The appearance of this error gives users a lot of inconvenience during operation (use of paper, paint). Also, a paper jam completely stops the operation of the printer, and this can already disrupt the deadlines and even the user’s plans.

    In addition, there are times when the machine reports a paper jam error but does not occur. This problem is most common on Epson and HP models. Here, as a rule, the error lies in the device, and a simple shutdown will not help. Therefore, it is worth disassembling in detail Possible causes of this malfunction.

    Paper jam error

    Why does the printer display a paper jam error??

    There can be many reasons for this malfunction. Usually, the solution to this error is written in the instructions for the printer. To do this, you must turn off the printer and wait so that all parts of the device can cool down, only then can you remove the jammed letter of paper.

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    Extracting letter paper

    Extraction of small pieces

    Most common causes of paper jams

    There can be many reasons why the printer generates this error. Let’s list the most common ones:

    • Using crumpled or rejected paper. In this case, experts recommend Not only to use only high-quality paper, but also to store it correctly (avoid water ingress, etc.).
    • The paper does NOT match the size set in the printer settings. Here you can solve the paper jam problem by restarting printing and setting the correct parameters.
    • Foreign objects falling into the carriage parking space. This situation may occur as a result of a recent cartridge replacement. During the refueling or replacement process, staples, caps, and other small objects could accidentally get into the carriage. To eliminate the error, you just need to check the printer for foreign objects.
    • When removing a jammed letter, pieces of paper or small parts may have gotten inside the printer. You can also solve the problem by taking a close look at the printer Foreign Parts. It is worth noting that this will not be easy to do, since they may have already been saturated with paints. Therefore, in this case, it is best to take the equipment to a service center.
    • An improperly tensioned ribbon cable can cause a carriage jam. This problem is most common with Epson and HP printers. Therefore, when the Epson printer displays the “Paper Jam” error, you need to open it and check the ribbon cable. To do this, it is enough to roll the carriage inside with the printer turned off, if it moves with difficulty, then the cause of the error has been identified. Only service professionals can solve it.
    • Sometimes an Epson printer generates a “Paper Jam” error due to incorrect reading of the encoder tape (a special strip that is designed to determine the position of the print carriages). Therefore, if dirt or ink gets on it, it will malfunction and the carriage will bump into the wall of the printer. The device perceives this malfunction as an obstacle, and as a result, a paper jam occurs. The problem can be solved by cleaning the encoder tape from dirt.
    • An HP Printer Paper Jam error can occur when paper is NOT picked up by the feed roller. Sooner or later, the roller responsible for feeding the sheets may lose elasticity. This causes the printer to stop picking paper from the tray. In this case, the driver for the printer interprets this malfunction as a jam, which leads to the corresponding error.
    • Damage to the paper present sensor. This is the most common problem with Epson and HP printers. Basically, the “Paper Jam” error in the Epson 610 printer occurs as a result of ink spills, as a rule, this is why the sensor is damaged.
    • Sloppy use. It is worth noting that very often all breakdowns occur as a result of improper operation. Therefore, to prolong the life of your printer, you should use it very carefully.

    All of the above reasons are easily diagnosed and eliminated. If you carefully examined the printer and cleaned it of dirt and dust, but you still could not fix the problem, then only a professional will help here.

    How to remove jammed paper correctly?

    It is worth remembering that when the printer writes a paper jam error, it is necessary to carry out all the actions very carefully. In the event of a slight jam, the roller can scroll and the letter will come out on its own.

    But if this did not happen, you need to do the following:

    • To begin with, you need to carefully, without strong jerks, pull out the jammed letter of paper. This is necessary to keep the printer working in the future. You can see how to properly pull out a stuck letter in the photo.
    • After removing the paper, you need to turn off the printer for a while, and then turn on.

    If these steps still fail to solve the paper jam problem, see the instructions for your printer. Many modern printers can even display a troubleshooting guide on the screen.

    Precautions for Troubleshooting

    • When inspecting the inside of the printer, do not stick your fingers into small holes, as this may end up badly for you.
    • When a paper jam occurs, you should never cut it out. This can damage the parts of the printer, which will affect its further operation.
    • All manipulations must be careful, without excessive force.

    Be very careful when opening a laser printer, as the device heats up to dangerous temperatures during operation, which can cause burns.

    What to do if the printer writes an error to a paper jam. Incorrect paper size in settings

    Sometimes the printer writes about a paper jam, although there is a jam when there is A4 sheets in the tray, and another one is specified in the settings, for example, A3. You need to change the settings and start the pages to print again.

    Error due to foreign objects

    Caught under the carriage

    If the printer generates a page jam error and the device cover was opened at the start of printing, the cartridge was changed, or other actions were performed under the machine body, foreign objects could get inside. It can be an inconspicuous little thing like a cap from a pen or paper clip that will interfere with the movement of the carriage.

    • Disconnect the power.
    • Open the cover so that the carriage is visible.
    • Check if there are any items underneath that are blocking the movement of paper in the printer. Carefully inspect the left side where the cartridge is stationary. If necessary, illuminate with a flashlight.
    • Found items Remove from the inside.
    • Close cover and print again.

    Hit the paper tray

    False jams may be indicated by the technician due to foreign matter between the leaves in the tray. To correct the error, open the tray, pull out the entire pack and check for the presence of paper clips, buttons and other trifles. Carefully inspect the bottom and sides of the tray.

    Problems after retrieving a jammed letter

    If you have just removed a jammed letter, but the printer still says there is a jam, pieces of the page may remain inside the machine and interfere with normal operation.

    Open the printer cover. Examining from the inside, look for pieces of sheets, fragments of parts, Remove the found. If you find debris, it is better to contact the service center.

    Carriage jam due to CISS loop

    A typical prerequisite for an error in a jam without a real jam in printing equipment Canon, Epson, HP with a continuous ink supply system is overtightening or entanglement of the loop. The movement of the carriage becomes difficult, which causes a print failure.

    To fix the problem, open the cover of the device, check the loop. DO NOT turn off the equipment from the network, try rolling the carriage inside, checking that there are no obstacles to movement.

    Incorrect reading of positioning tape

    There are strokes on the encoder tape, which set the carriage travel distance during printing. If dirt or toner gets on the tape, the positioning of the moving part of the machine is lost, and the tape sticks to the wall, which the printer perceives as an obstacle and shows an error.

    We need to clear the tape. Cleaning is done with a dry cloth, if necessary, you can slightly moisten it with water. It is impossible to use special cleaning fluids in order not to damage the shading. After cleaning, the tape must be wiped dry.

    Problem in the feed roller

    If the printer displays an error, it may be unable to pick up paper from the tray due to worn or dirty feed rollers.

    Wipe the paper feed roller with a special cleaning agent. Do not use alcohol-based liquids to clean rubber parts, they will dry out and ruin the surface faster.

    Paper present sensor damaged

    A common prerequisite for falsely reporting a jam is a lack of consistency between the traction control and the paper sensor in the tray. That is, the letter is captured and extended, but the device does not see its movement and concludes that a jam has occurred.

    The reason may be a jammed detection sensor due to ink contamination or its complete failure. If a thorough cleaning does not help, entrust the repair of the sensor to specialists.

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