Printing Documents From Phone To Printer

How to set up printing?

Before starting printing, you need to configure the equipment, otherwise the possibility of taking photos with your phone will not be available. Let’s take a look at the specifics of setting up equipment using an example of using a virtual printer called Google Cloud Print. There are a few key points here.

  • The application of the system type “Virtual Printer” must be installed and activated on the mobile phone. If this service is available on the mobile phone by default, then it can be found on Google Play.
  • The printer must support this type of technology. It is worth noting that most modern models have support for this technology initially.
  • The user must have an active personal Google account.

Now let’s go directly to configuring devices. First, you need to connect printing equipment to Google Cloud Print. If the model of the gadget for printing is equipped with Wi-Fi, then it can be connected directly to the router. This process is usually described in the instruction manual of the device. The most common method for connecting a device to a wireless network is the WPS protocol. But first, you need to start this service on the router. This is done as follows:

  • Open the device’s Wi-Fi settings;
  • We find an item called “Wireless Network”;
  • Click on the term called WPS or Wi-Fi Protected Setup;
  • We activate the protocol of the same name.

It also happens that the printer does not have a Wi-Fi module. Then it can be connected to the specified service via the computer. To do this, you first need to install a browser called Google Chrome, as well as create a personal account there. After that, the tuning aLGorithm will be as follows:

  • We find on the computer a section with system settings;
  • Open the menu where the printers are located;
  • Add a printer to your PC;
  • Open the above browser;
  • Enter the phrase chrome: // devices in the search bar and press Enter;
  • A section called “Cloud Printers” opens, where you should click on the “Add” button;
  • In the item “registered printers”, select the required device;
  • Now you need to click on the “Add Printer” button.

What to do if the smartphone does not see the equipment

In this case, depends on the connection:

  • Wi-Fi,
  • With a USB cable.

Wireless connection problems:

  • The presence of viruses in the system. Install several anti-virus programs on your smartphone and check the system.
  • Memory full, clear Android or iOs memory (delete photo and). Otherwise, the print will be “Slet”.
  • The smartphone works as an access point. Check this option in the upper curtain of the device. If the access point works, turn it off, and establish a Wi-Fi connection using a new.

Problems with wired connection:

  • System errors / configuration failures. Try turning off your smartphone and restarting the printer and phone one at a time. Then try to reconnect both devices via USB.
  • Interrupted or defective cable. Try to connect another USB wire.

For the applications to work correctly, give them “permissions” at the time of installation or when sending a document for printing, if they appear.

One of the most convenient applications for printing text using this method can be called a service called PrinterShare. Its use allows you to print various text documents from SD card and Google docs directly from your phone to a network and local printer.

Even if the device does not support the ability to print via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB cable without a PC, you can install special software from the official website of the application and share the printer with the device. True, this will only be possible on computers running the Windows operating system. If you are printing to a remote printer connected to a computer, then you should install software on it and give general access.

Cloud services

On iPhones and iPads, Google Cloud Services is available for printing various documents. It does NOT require a computer or Wi-Fi to work. An internet connection via 3G or LTE is enough. To pair with the printer, you need to register it with your Google account.

In this case, you need to download and install the “Google Cloud Print” application on your iPhone. Then log in under the same account from which the “copier” was added to Chrome.

Printing a document on iOs through Cloud Services is carried out through the label “share” or “share”. If everything is done correctly, a new “print” option will appear. A SIMilar aLGorithm works for the cloudy Dropbox service.

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An alternative way is to install third-party applications. Better to use software from the most manufacturers

An important condition for their work is the presence of a working Wi-Fi module on both devices

First, consider programs from a third-party developer, and then pay attention to software from manufacturers

How to print a document from an iPhone via AirPrint

This method is different and has some peculiarities. It should be said that not all printers support such a function as AirPrint, despite the fact that many manufacturers assure otherwise.

This feature is built into the phone and is very convenient. Thanks to it, you can print photos without connecting, directly from your phone to a printer. The entire detailed list of those printers with which this function works perfectly can be found on the official Apple website. This list contains both the most popular models and less popular ones.

This feature allows you to wirelessly sync your iPhone directly to your printer. The main difficulty is the synchronization process itself, because many of them may SIMply not understand. In fact, everything is SIMple. First you need to enter the Internet network on the phone, which is on the printer. This is done using the settings. You need to select the Wi-Fi that is connected to the printer.

Printing Documents From Phone To Printer

Note! It is necessary to clarify this step, without it synchronization may NOT occur. Further, after connecting to the same Internet, the phone itself will find the printer via the same Internet

After that we select the picture that we would like to print. To do this, go to the gallery and click on the print option, which opens after clicking on “Share”. Selecting “Print”, we click on the printer to which the phone has recently connected

Further, after connecting to the same Internet, the phone itself will find the printer via the same Internet. After that we select the picture that we would like to print. To do this, go to the gallery and click on the print option, which opens after clicking on “Share”. Selecting “Print”, we click on the printer to which the phone has recently connected.

Next, connect the printer for printing. For this we choose both the number of copies and page numbers. Press the “Print” button to activate the process and wait for the end. Photos can now be printed wirelessly even with software such as AirPrint, which is available on almost all iPhones.

details about this function, about its correct setting can be found in this

The basics of printing. working with text files

First of all, to print documents on a computer, you need to find out if the program supports printing. However, this point is SIMple. most utilities have such an obvious function on all supported operating systems.

As a start. To do this, you need to insert a letter, find a special button in the program of a specific printer model or on its very surface and press it. This process is called test printing, which helps to know before starting work if everything is in order with the printer. if there are errors, if ink is refilled.

Next, suppose we have text on our computer. As an example, consider the standard Windows text editor Word, since it is the most popular, and, most often, all other programs have a SIMilar interface. Let’s open a text file that we want to print. This can be done using the key of the same name in the “File” section of the text editor, then you need to find our file and click on it. After that, click on “Print” in the context menu “File”.

Now, one can finally answer the main question. how to print text from a computer to a printer. After clicking the “Print” button, a new window will open where you can configure printing features. In this window, you can select the number of sheets, sheet size, and more. To do this, click on the “Properties” button, then it will appear for printing. Here you can choose page dimensions with millimeter precision. Now everything is ready for printing documents and it remains to click OK to start the process. Remember to add sheets of paper as they disappear inside the machine.

Is it possible to print from websites of government services and others

Yes, there is such an opportunity. Any page can be printed “from a file” or you can use the built-in functionality of the service. Usually, the site has a “print” button for documents, receipts, receipts, etc.

From a memory card

If the photo is stored not in the phone‘s own memory, but on a removable media, then you can print in two ways.

The first method is completely SIMilar to that described above, however, in point 7 of the previous list, instead of choosing Internal media, choose an SD card.

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Further, the whole process is completely SIMilar to the previous one.

Another way is to use a memory card adapter. Proceed according to the aLGorithm below:

1 pull out the memory card from your device;

2install it into a special adapter or adapter, which almost always comes with such memory cards;

If the slider of the Lock is raised, then lower it in the direction of the Down arrow;

4install the adapter with the memory card into the special port on the computer case.

5installation of additional programs, usually NOT required. you can immediately find a shortcut to this media in the My Computer menu;

6after that, click on it and repeat all the other items of the previous list. find the folder and the required photo and print it, or copy it to a memory card.

This method is much easier in that it does not require the installation of any additional programs, and there is also the need to fiddle with the cable.

Many photo shops print directly from SD cards. But in order to SIMplify everything in this way, you must know exactly where it is stored and what is the name of the desired photo.

Connecting a mobile phone to a printer via Wi-Fi

One of the most convenient technologies for connecting to a printer from a mobile phone is wireless Wi-Fi. Its advantage is that it is not necessary to be physically close to the printer to print. Also, no wires are needed to connect with the device.

What is needed to connect an Android phone to a printer via Wi-Fi:

  • The printer has a Wi-Fi adapter;
  • Connect your mobile device and printer to the same Wi-Fi network;
  • Install Android application to connect to a printer.

Branded applications for printing from Android phone to printer: download

For printers of well-known brands such as HP, Canon, Epson, Samsung and others, there are branded applications for printing from Android devices.

They are much more functional than “Virtual Printers” from Google, they have more settings and different configurations for printing documents and photos.

Download branded applications for:

Google Cloud Print

Using Google Cloud Print is much more popular. In this case, you do not need a physical printing device to be on the same network with a smartphone, a working computer, a standard “Virtual Printer” application for Android on a smartphone and access to the Internet via a PC is enough.

This cloud service is now used by default on all modern smartphones. Its advantage is that you do not need to download printer drivers for your device. Before getting started, set up your smartphone so that it is signed in to your Google account. Also, install the Google Chrome browser on your PC. In it you will also need to log in under the same account as on your Android smartphone.

Then follow the instructions:

  • Open a browser on your computer and go to the menu. it can be found next to the address bar. Click on the icon of three dots lined up vertically.
  • From the context menu, select “Settings”.
  • Scroll down the page that opens to the line “Show advanced settings”.
  • Find the “Google Cloud Print” section and click the “Configure” button.
  • Click any of the available buttons “Add Printer”. If your device is independently connected to the network, then the top button will be available. A physical printer connected by cable is added by the button from the lower subsection.
  • Next, you will be taken to the printer settings page. You will need to place a marker next to the name of your device, you can also put an additional check mark next to the item “Automatically Register Connected Printers”. This completes the registration of the printer.
  • Pick up your smartphone and launch the Cloud Print app. In most assemblies it is on by default, but if you do not have this utility on your smartphones, you need to download it from the Play Market.
  • Open any file and use the “Share” button to send it to print. Thus, you can print a photo from the “Gallery”, an office document or a browser page.
  • After you select “Print”, you will see its settings window. Select the required number of copies, size, orientation, number of pages. Start 6 printing with a button SIMilar to an airplane or the printer itself.

Many smartphone manufacturers install SIMilar virtual services on their devices. For example, Samsung has an application SIMilar to a virtual printer. The principle of its configuration is SIMilar to the standard one, but in this version the manufacturer added an additional opportunity. to save documents in the cloud storage. The advantage is that the printer does not need to install such an Android program. You don’t need drivers.

To avoid setting up a virtual printer, you can use another Google feature. the Drive app. It is essentially a cloud storage that can be accessed from the Chrome browser. Add files there, and then open them with your PC and print. The advantage is that you can give access to the disk to a second user and transfer the document to any part of the world, and not by providing your account data. Second users, for example, relatives, can be connected to the Photo service. They will also be able to print images for their own use.

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If you are just planning to create a document for subsequent printing, then it is best to do this in the “Documents”. They are a cloud application from Google. Functionally SIMilar to Word. You just need to pass the link to the second user so that he can print it. Access to storages “Photos”, “Documents” and “Disk” is also possible from a PC through your account. You can get them through Chrome. And then use the files as you see fit, including sending them to print or editing.

Connecting Android Phone to Printer Using USB Cable

Connecting an Android phone or tablet to a printer via USB is the easiest way to print. Modern office equipment already has built-in components for creating a connection between a mobile device and a printer, scanner.

To connect to older models, you need to use Android apps. Best of all. proprietary applications from the printer manufacturer. If the branded application does not support USB printing, then you can use universal.

How to connect a printer to an Android phone or tablet

There are several ways to connect the printer to Android devices:

  • Using a USB cable;
  • Bluetooth;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • Via computer.

Different types of printers, as well as different applications, can support one or several types of connection, or all at once. For more information, see the manual for your printer model, as well as the description for the selected application.

Printer software for Android

Most smartphones from well-known manufacturers already have modules and print services from Android in their arsenal.

For some, it is necessary to install printing programs on the printer for Android.

They are branded and universal.

Connecting Android Phone to Printer Using USB Cable

Connecting an Android phone or tablet to a printer via USB is the easiest way to print. Modern office equipment already has built-in components for creating a connection between a mobile device and a printer, scanner.

To connect to older models, you need to use Android apps. Best of all. proprietary applications from the printer manufacturer. If the branded application does not support USB printing, then you can use universal.

Third Party Direct Printing Utilities

Some manufacturers have solved the problem of how to connect the printer to Android. They released applications that can make MFPs and printers work with a smartphone. Several useful direct printing applications are worth noting:

  • Eprint is an application released by HP. It allows you to connect your smartphone directly with almost the entire line of HP office equipment models.
  • Other manufacturers of office equipment have SIMilar functionality with ePrint. Look for your printer brand and download the app you need: Konica Minolta. Canon Print. Brother Print. Lexmark Print. Epson iPrint. Xerox Print. The disadvantage of THESE utilities is that they are only suitable for one manufacturer of equipment, if you want to print a document outside your home or your office on a second device, you will have to download a new Android application. A printer whose driver is missing on your smartphone and cannot detect your mobile device.
  • Printeronprint is a universal application that allows you to track down a connected printer. It automatically installs the correct drivers on your phone. This application is highly rated by users. It has a user-friendly interface and high functionality.
  • Printershare is released in two versions. free and paid. With this program, you can find out if the printer is able to detect your phone. The disadvantage of this program is that it mainly sends documents for printing via Wi. Fi. Bluetooth or cloud storage. When connected directly, the utilities will be useless.

All these utilities are distributed free of charge through the Play Market. To install them on a smartphone, you just need to select the one you need and click the “Install” button. Make sure there is enough free space on the internal storage.

Printing to a printer from an Android phone

How to print document, photo, text from Android phone to printer via Wi-Fi, USB or computer.

Despite the fact that we live in the age of digital technologies and paper media are gradually losing their relevance, they still have NOT completely outlived their usefulness. And sometimes people still have to face the need to print a document or photo. But now it is much easier to do it, there is a need to use auxiliary intermediate means or devices in the form of a computer, laptop, USB-stick or a second removable drive. You can easily print from Android phone to printer directly. And in this article we will figure out how to do it.