Printing from a phone to a network printer


In terms of functionality, PrintHand is most similar to PrinterShare. The possibilities here are similar, but there are differences in the interface, many believe that the Hand utility is visually more pleasant and understandable. She also knows how to print pages from the browser, documents, SMS, phone book and more. It has its own browser, file manager and gallery. This makes it much easier to find the file from the application. In addition to Gmail, the program also supports other sweat services and more. There is work here with OneDrive, Dropbox. Evernote, SugarSync and others. Another useful option is help with installing a new printer.

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Virtual printer

This is a free Google cloud printing application. With its help, the user can easily send data for printing. over, by logging into the Google account to which the printer or MFP is connected, through this program, you can receive information about the queue of files for printing, and manage the order of these documents. It is also allowed to perform various settings, etc.

In order to print data through a virtual printer, you need to do the following:

  • Open the program and click on the “printing equipment” icon.
  • Specify the path to the document for printing.
  • Click on “Send file”.
  • Mark the required printing device for printing.

Note! Using this utility, you can simultaneously manage multiple printers from different Google accounts


CloudPrint is also a Google application that lets you work with multiple printers at once. With its help, you can print not only files stored in your phone, but also information from the clouds, photos from social networks, SMS messages, a list of calls, etc.

Copying contacts from phone to Andorid

Smartphones running this operating system allow you to transfer contacts from your phone to your computer without unnecessary steps.

If you have already connected on a mobile device through your Google profile (and this is required there), then you just need to synchronize.

We will not talk about this for a long time, it is better to show what needs to be done:

Now all data has been transferred and you can log into Gmail from your computer at any time to view the desired contact. If you want to save a book with contacts in a separate file, open it on your phone and press the menu button.

There you need to select import / export, and then click “Export to SD card

After completing this action, a new file will appear on your flash drive, in which all the numbers are saved. Now connect your phone to your computer and transfer this file (you can send it to yourself by e-mail, it’s more convenient).

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Brother iPrint Scan

The application combines a printer and a scanner. You get full access to Brother MFPs from your phone. Devices released after 2010 are supported.

We print via USB

The first thing that comes to mind when you need to print a particular file is to use a standard wire. The most common connector today is micro-USB. The second most popular is the emerging (found on most flagship models) Type-C connector. There is no fundamental difference between these connectors, except that the latter wins in terms of data transfer speed and charging time, but this does not greatly affect the fact of data printing.

The USB connector is also a charging connector, so you won’t be able to confuse it with something else (for example, with a headphone jack). Most often, it is located at the bottom of a phone, smartphone or tablet. A cord will be needed to connect your gadget to a printer. If you have a PC at hand, then the task will be much easier (it will serve as a kind of host). If there is no PC, then you can do without it, because most printers and MFPs have long been equipped with a USB input (or several) for active connection of external devices.

Android smartphones are capable of hosting office equipment starting from version 4.0 (ICS) and higher. There is information that devices on version 2.3.6 also have this possibility, but it is not confirmed, so a lot here depends on the device itself. The iPhone (iPad) has this capability from the earliest versions of the operating system, so there shouldn’t be any problems with the software stuffing. The connection process itself is very simple.

  • The corresponding cord connects to the smartphone and to the printer (MFP).
  • If the connection is made, the corresponding marker will appear on the screen or a signal will sound.
  • Next, you need to either resort to the preinstalled explorer for working with printers, or download the appropriate program, which can greatly simplify the printing process (see below).

If the printer has detected a device connected to it and received files in the queue for printing, then after pressing the “start” button, printing of information will begin. If this does not happen, you need to check the wire (whether it is tightly connected to the socket), restart the application from your phone or tablet.

The advantage of connecting a phone via USB is convenience and simplicity, no software incompatibility, as well as the versatility of this method. A disadvantage is the fact that not all printing devices are equipped with appropriate sockets, you may need the help of an adapter.


It is at the top of the list of Play Store programs due to its high rating. 4.6. The functionality is comparable to other applications. I did not notice anything special, except for the abundance of advertising in the free version. And this obsession was the reason for the removal. If you are not annoyed by the appearance of ads almost after pressing any button, you can safely use.

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Printing from a mobile phone to NokoPrint

Apple photo printing

Printing files is available if the gadget can connect to the Internet or Wi-Fi. On an IOS phone, you need to download an application:

  • Apple airPrint is the most famous program for eliminating wires, which greatly simplifies the process; makes it possible to draw a photo output from a digit to a medium with a few touches. This option must be supported by the printing machine (latest models).
  • Handy Print has many functions, works with many machines.
  • Printer Pro can print through other applications. Choose “Open in” and click on Dropbox, let’s say.

Direct printing from smartphone to printer

In this option, the print job is sent from the smartphone to the printer over the local network. Installation of the printer manufacturer’s application is required. Preferred option, but for older printers there may be a problem that they are not supported by the current application. Looking ahead, I will say that the 1022n turned out to be too old and did not work.

It is preferable to use the option of direct printing from a smartphone to a local printer, this does not require a local computer, printing is faster, and documents are not transferred to the cloud of the corporation of good.

If your printer is not supported, you can try connecting through Google Cloud Print, but this requires a local computer as a print server, prints with a slight delay, and all documents are uploaded to Google.

Smartphone Printing

The more we use mobile devices to work with documents, read emails or browse websites, the more often it becomes necessary to print a file, email or web page directly from our smartphone.

The article tells how to implement the function of printing from an Android smartphone to an existing printer connected to a local network for free (without purchasing additional software), using the example of Honor 4C with Android 6 connected to the same network via Wi-Fi:

  • direct printing from smartphone to printer
  • printing from smartphone to printer via Google Cloud Print

Printer. rare HP LaserJet 1022n connected to a router via a cable.

Setting up direct printing

In the settings menu, click Advanced settings, then Print. If there are no configured print services, then a window from PlayMarket immediately appears with applications from printer manufacturers: HP, Lexmark, Brother, and so on.

You need to install an application for your printer. in my case it is the HP Print Service Plugin, then the HP Inc Print Service appears.

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Once enabled, the service starts searching for a printer. The search result depends on the novelty of the printer: new models are detected automatically, relatively new models can be added manually. After successfully adding a printer, automatic or manual, you can already try to print documents or e-mails.

And if the printer is old (like 1022n), then it happens like this:

HP has a list of printers that work with mobile solutions: HP Printers. Mobile Printing Solutions Compatible with HP Printers, and the 1022n is not on this list.

In this case, it remains to either replace the old printer with a more modern one (and this is a cost), or go to the next item using the free Google Cloud Print.

Printing documents from a smartphone

Most applications have a print function: Adobe Acrobat, BlueMail, Chrome, FireFox, GMail, Word, Excel, etc., just select it from the menu. Printing takes place with some delay, about half a minute compared to local printing from a computer.

Test printing from various applications was successful, except for Gmail. all attempts ended with an error:

In addition, Microsoft Office surprised. before printing, it sends the document to some kind of “Microsoft web service for preparation”:

Why Microsoft Office needs an online service, while all other applications can print a document on their own is already a rhetorical question.

If you are using Office for Android or Office Mobile for Windows 10 to print files, they must first be processed using Microsoft’s secure online service. The processed file is immediately sent back to your device. The content of the files is not stored on Microsoft online service servers. After processing, the files are ready for printing, and you will receive a printout with the highest possible quality and accuracy.

Setting up Google Cloud Print

To save built-in memory, which is important for Honor 4C, this application can be transferred to the microSD card in the usual way in the application properties.

After installation, a new print service appears in the settings (Advanced Settings / Print), which is called a virtual printer.

The printer appeared in this service, so you can print any document.

Adding a Local Printer to Google

This step is done on the local computer (the volume that will actually become the print server) in Chrome

  • I enter chrome: // devices / in the address bar
  • I sign in to my Google account. the same as on my phone
  • click Add printers

After that, Google finds local printers and prompts you to choose to add:

I select only the physical printer 1022n and click Add Printer. after that it is already in my Google account, its status can be viewed at