Quoser printer does not print attention button

How to fix the problem yourself

So what needs to be done when the “Attention” indicator is on and does not allow the printer to function as usual.

First, unplug the device from the power supply, wait a while and plug it back in.

printer, does, print, attention, button

Second, check if there is paper in the tray, if there is a paper jam inside the product, and how full the output tray is.

In the event that the difficulties are not eliminated in this way, there will be one more, the most popular option. the ink in the cartridge has run out.

You can check the cartridge in this modification using two methods: using an ink presence sensor (built into the device) and a specialized chip (a small board on the cartridge).

The sensor shows how much ink is in the cartridge, and the chip keeps track of the number of copies printed with this cartridge, and does not allow printing more than allowed.

If you want to save a little, and you are ready to put up with small difficulties in the process of work, then you can get rid of the error by simultaneously pressing the keys: START and CLOSE. We press the buttons after the red indicator lights up and the engine of the device stops; hold down the keys for about five seconds until the indicator starts blinking alternately turning on in red and green. After some time, the device will be ready for use. Of course, the cartridge needs to be refilled.

The only inconvenience is that such a manipulation will need to be performed every time the device is turned off.

If this method does not suit you, then during each refueling it is necessary to replace the chip, this will entail a slight increase in the price when refueling the cartridge.

In the event that zeroing the ink level in the cartridge does not help, you can repeat this procedure, having previously closed the contacts on the chip in the device with a small piece of wire. A video with this process can be viewed on the Internet.

Honor should be aware that by performing this procedure, you may lose warranty service.

Meanings of the illuminated “Attention” indicator

Let’s consider what the device wants to convey to us on which the “Attention” starts blinking in red.

If the indicator does not light up at all, the device is in working position and ready for use.

The indicator blinks very slowly, it means that there are no sheets of paper in the loading container or the ink in the drum is low.

Fast flashing means the following:

  • There is a paper jam in the product while feeding;
  • The output bin is full of printouts as it is generally rated for a maximum of 150 sheets;
  • There is not enough internal memory of the device, for example, if a complex image is printed;
  • The product has detected a cartridge as not certified.

The red indicator on the device is on continuously:

  • The top cover of the device is open or the sensor responsible for opening the cover is out of order;
  • Difficulties in the work of the printing unit;
  • Drum container is out of ink.

Kyocera FS-1040 burns attention and does not print

The Japanese company KYOCERA Document Solutions provides the buyer with technology, excellent print quality. She has proven herself well, both in home and office use. Kyocera equipment deserves respect among numerous competitors in this industry and receives quite high marks from various companies that test such devices. This office equipment has an excellent price-quality ratio.

Although the device has been on the office equipment market for more than one year, questions periodically arise about the operation of this device. Below in the article, we will consider why the red indicator lights up and the device stops issuing a “hard print”. In this modification, this indicator can light up yellow, orange or red. After switching on, the device can be in four states.

Guidelines for using the cartridge

According to the FS-1040 printer manual, Kyocera assumes no responsibility for any malfunction or problem arising from the use of a non-genuine toner cartridge. To obtain the most favorable performance, it is recommended that you use only a Kyocera certified ink cartridge that is intended for use in your country or area.

In this article, we have explained in detail what are the reasons why the device does not want to print, when the “Attention” indicator is on or blinking.

Issue 1: Problems related to OS setup

Often people think that if the printer does not print at all, then this means only the worst options. However, this is almost always due to the operating system, which may have incorrect settings that block printing. One way or another, this option must be disassembled.

  • First, to rule out printer problems, you need to connect it to another device. If it is possible to do this via a Wi-Fi network, then even a modern smartphone is suitable for diagnostics. How to check? It is enough to send any document for printing. If everything went well, then the problem clearly lies in the computer.
  • The simplest option why the printer refuses to print documents is the absence of a driver in the system. Such software is rarely installed on its own. Most often it can be found on the official website of the manufacturer or on the disc included with the printer. One way or another, you need to check its presence on your computer. To do this, open “Start”. “Control Panel”. “Device Manager”.

There we are interested in our printer, which should be contained in the tab of the same name.

If everything is fine with such software, we continue to check for possible problems.

Otherwise, we make a single right-click on the printer image and select “Use as default” in the context menu.

You need to check the print queue right away. It could also happen that someone simply failed to complete such a procedure, which caused a problem with the file “stuck” in the queue. Due to such a problem, the document simply cannot be printed. In this window, we do the same actions as in the paragraph earlier, but select “View print queue”.

In order to delete all temporary files, you need to select “Printer”. “Clear print queue”. Thus, we delete both the document that interfered with the normal operation of the device, and all files that were added after it.

  • Find the “Security” tab, look for your account and find out what functions are available to us. This option is the least likely, but it is still worth considering.
  • This concludes the analysis of the problem. If the printer still refuses to print only on a specific computer, you need to check it for viruses or try using a different operating system.

    Why the Epson printer does not print

    A printer for a modern person is a rather necessary thing, and sometimes even a necessary one. A large number of such devices can be found in educational institutions, offices, or even at home, if the need for such an installation exists. However, any technique can break down, so you need to know how to “save” it.

    Problem 2: The printer prints in stripes

    Quite often, this problem appears with the Epson L210. With what this is connected, it is difficult to say, but here it is possible to resist it completely. You just need to figure out how to do it as efficiently as possible and not harm the device. It should be noted right away that both the owners of inkjet printers and laser printers can face such problems, so the analysis will consist of two parts.

    • If the printer is inkjet, you first need to check the amount of ink in the cartridges. Quite often, they end just after such a precursor as a “striped” seal. You can use the utility for this, which is provided for almost every printer. If it is absent, you can use the official website of the manufacturer.
    • For black and white printers, where only one cartridge is relevant, such a utility looks quite simple, and all information about the amount of ink will be contained in one graphic element.
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    For devices that support color printing, the utility will become quite diverse, and you can already observe several graphic components that indicate how much of a certain color is left.

    If there is a lot of ink, or at least a sufficient amount, you should pay attention to the print head. Quite often, inkjet printers suffer from the fact that it is she who clogs up and leads to a malfunction. Such elements can be found both in the cartridge and in the device itself. It should be noted right away that replacing them is an almost pointless exercise, since the cost can reach the price of a printer.

    All that remains is to try to clear them in hardware. For this, the programs provided by the developers are again used. It is in them that you should look for a function called “Printhead Check”. It can be other diagnostic tools, if necessary, it is recommended to use all.

  • If printing is done in dots or the black line comes in a wave, the first step is to check the amount of toner and refill it. When a cartridge is fully filled, such problems arise due to incorrect filling procedure. Have to clean it up and do it all over again.
  • Stripes appearing in the same place indicate that the magnetic shaft or photoconductor is out of order. One way or another, not every person can eliminate such breakdowns on their own, so it is recommended to contact specialized service centers.
  • Problem 3: The printer does not print in black

    This problem is most common with the L800 inkjet printer. In general, such problems are practically excluded for a laser analogue, therefore we will not consider them.

    • First you need to check the cartridge for leaks or improper refilling. Quite often, people do not buy a new cartridge, but ink, which can be of poor quality and ruin the device. New ink may also simply be incompatible with the cartridge.
    • If you are confident in ink and cartridge quality, you should check the print head and nozzles. These parts are constantly contaminated, after which the paint dries on them. Therefore, it is required to clean them. Details about this are described in the previous method.

    In general, almost all problems of this kind are due to a black cartridge that fails. To find out for sure, you need to conduct a special test by printing a page. The easiest way to solve the problem is to buy a new cartridge or contact a specialized service.

    The main problems in the operation of the Epson printer

    The words “the printer does not print” means a lot of malfunctions, which sometimes are not even connected with the printing process, but with its result. That is, the paper enters the device, the cartridges work, but the output material can be printed in blue or with a black stripe. You need to know about these and other problems, because they are easily eliminated.

    Problem 4: The printer prints in blue

    With such a malfunction, as with any other, you first need to perform a test by printing a test page. Already starting from it, you can find out what exactly is faulty.

    • When some colors do not print, clean the ink nozzles. This is done in hardware, detailed instructions were discussed earlier in the second part of the article.
    • If everything prints fine, the problem is in the printhead. It is cleaned using a utility, which is also described under the second paragraph of this article.
    • When such procedures, even after repeating, did not help, the printer requires repair. You may have to replace one of the parts, which is not always financially advisable.

    This concludes the analysis of the most common problems associated with the Epson printer. As it is already clear, something can be corrected on your own, but something is better left to professionals who can make an unambiguous conclusion about how large the problem is.

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    I have a problem that there is no word print in pkm, although earlier Word used to print like that

    I tried everything, but it helped me only after I ran the corrections with the right button on the printer icon in the control panel, the system checked it, found a fix, they say, you need to allow the workgroup access and that’s it!

    Turned out to be a bad USB cable connection

    MANY THANKS. I spent a week with the printer and finally was able to set it up.

    Thank you very much, for 6 months I could not find a solution to this problem dozens of sites and watched videos, thanks

    I’ve done everything. as advised, but the PC still offers to save, and in photo format then prints.

    Fine! Two seconds, and even to me, a blonde, everything is clear and understandable, unlike many other articles. Thank you so much!

    The checkmark was on the USB port, but in the Word it still printed to a file.
    Deleted port “to file” and now everything prints.
    Thanks for the hint!

    Thank you so much. Everything is short and concise. Even to me, as an ordinary female user, everything is clear))) Everything was ok in my Ports, it was just boring to make this printer Default! Thank)



    you need to install a driver for the printer, well, and make sure that the cable is working

    Prints only in Word, offers to save pictures

    Good day. Everything is right for me. But if I print a text document, it prints. And if the picture is PDF for example. Suggests to save…. Sometimes it is even useful, but to be honest it hesitated. Where else to see?

    and which printer is selected by default in the settings?

    and everything is correct for me, but saving to a file does not print

    check for viruses, suddenly the point is in them?

    Hello, I have a problem with printing from AutoCAD to file with DWG to PDF.pc3 and PublishToWeb JPG printer. at first I thought that the settings in AutoCAD-11 were lost, but in AutoCAD-8 the same thing. XP operating system.

    Real help. simple and straightforward!
    I was looking for a solution to the problem on other resources, clever people give useless advice. uncheck there, put a tick there
    Thank you so much!

    It works for me, but it still does not work

    drivers are usually to blame, try reinstalling

    type in start. execute the printui / s command, and on the driver tab, you can delete the current

    Windows 10 does not print only PDF. instead of the Print button, the Save button is. I went to the Control Panel, Devices and Printers. I have a Canon MP230 series Printer. Right click on it.
    I click on Properties. only two tabs General and Hardware. There is no Ports tab at all. Therefore, nowhere is there a list to uncheck the Print to file line.
    On the Equipment tab in the window there is a list of 4 items:
    Name type
    Canon MP230 series device
    Canon MP230 series Printer printers
    Support USB printer controller
    Composite USB device controller
    There is a property button at the bottom.
    When you click on this button and on any line in the window, another window opens, where there are 4 tabs: general video event drivers. Again, there are no ports.
    Question. how to cancel printing to file in such Windows 10?

    It is necessary to select not properties, but “printer properties”, for sure there is no such?

    Everything is already printing! The problem turned out to be in Windows 10 glitches. In addition to the fact that PDF could not be printed, it did not print anything at all, it showed a winnpol drive system error and the Active directory domain services were unavailable. I contacted technical support, they launched a check. Did not help. Once again they said to start, since their working day was already ending. After completing the check, I decided to try typing. Again, the printers were not installed, but at least the button was active. Clicked to install printers. the winnpol drive error was gone. But again the error appeared:
    The printer will not install because Active directory domain services are currently unavailable.
    I tried to go to the firewall in the control panel, clicked network troubleshooting, the wizard started. After he tried to print, everything prints perfectly. in the offices I chose a printer, the printer was connected. After that, I tried to go to the site to print the PDF. The button was to save, but after I went into change, a bunch of printers appeared there. I chose my mp230. The save button finally changed to print and it was possible to print.

    I am glad that your problem was successfully solved

    Thank you very much, you helped out! Everything began to work instantly.

    I think I won’t surprise anyone if I say that one of the most important office devices is a printer.

    And quite often (especially when you need to print something urgently). the printer gives “pirouettes”: it seems to have sent a document for printing, but it does not react at all. Or maybe it just “buzzed” for 10-15 seconds. and then he fell silent, as if nothing had happened.

    In many cases, this problem can be quickly eliminated on your own (without calling, once again, the system administrator, especially during the New Year holidays ✌).

    READ  The Printer Does Not Take Paper What To Do

    In general, in this article I will give the most common reasons for this printer behavior, which I often encounter.

    By the way, if you type a lot, you may need specials. utilities that can automatically switch keyboard layouts (depending on the text being typed. they determine the language themselves).

    Reason: there is no communication between the computer and the printer

    Quite a common phenomenon: the computer is turned on, but the printer is not. as a result, no matter how long you send a document to print, nothing will be printed anyway.

    Of course, I understand that this reason is trivial, but still, you have no idea how many times you had to face it (and how many more times to come, I think.).

    You should also pay attention to the wires: quite often the plug may come off or not fit snugly (just try to reconnect it). Sometimes the cable can be interrupted by careless movement of furniture (example in the photo below).

    One more point: if you are printing to a network printer that is connected to another PC with a USB cable, check that, in addition to the printer, that computer is also turned on and that it has a local network.

    A simple restart of the printer and computer often helps to solve the problem. Recommend to try!

    In general, summing up, I can say that these commonplace reasons account for almost a third of cases of problems with the printer.


    Control Panel. Hardware and Sound-Devices and Printers-Printer Properties. the Ports tab. select USB instead of Print to File

    And now a few pictures, where everything is shown step by step.

    First of all, go to the Control Panel, select the view by category and go to “Hardware and Sound”

    Here it is. our printer! Please note that the printer is not virtual, but physical. Everything is as it should be, selected by default.

    Open the printer properties by right-clicking on the printer icon. In the window that opens, select the “Ports” tab. If the “Print to file” checkbox is checked, this is the reason why the printer does not print.

    Check the “Virtual Printer Port” USB connection. For example, I have this port USB001.

    Click OK. Now the printing should work, all your documents and photos will be successfully printed Thank you for your attention and have a nice day.!

    Why the printer does not print, but saves the file?

    If the device refuses to print, but strives to save a document or picture, then this means that the settings have gone wrong. You need to open the “control panel”, select the line “hardware” and then “devices and printers”. Find the icon of your device, right-click, open the line “ports” and remove the sign from the item “print to file”. Next, mark the USB connection port and save the new settings.

    Why the printer might not print

    Reason: the ink in the device has run out (or a non-native cartridge is used)

    In some cases, the printer may fail to print because the ink has run out. over, for example, many inkjet printers may not print black and white text, even if the color ink has run out! How does this relate to each other. I, frankly, do not really understand.

    Many printer models have a monitor for viewing the remaining amount of ink in real time (often this monitor can tell you how many sheets you can still print).

    To open it, usually, just look at the icon next to the clock (where it appears overwhelmingly after installing the drivers). The example below is shown for an EPSON printer. as you can see, there is still a lot of ink.

    Note! The fact that ink is running out can be seen from the white blank sheets that come out after printing. Or by the uneven color when printing: one half of the sheet may be bright, the other. dull.

    How much ink is left. EPSON Monitor

    Another point: after refilling the cartridge, or replacing it, the printer often reports that the cartridge is not “native”, and that it may be the reason for the deterioration in print quality (note: the thing is that a native cartridge from the printer manufacturer costs the same as a new printer, so many refuel or buy similar cheaper cartridges).

    In this case, the printer asks to confirm permission to use a non-native cartridge. We just agree and continue printing.

    Confirmation of the use of a non-native cartridge

    To extend the possibility of printing on a laser printer for a while. remove the cartridge from it and shake it slightly so that the toner (powder) is evenly located inside it.

    Then reinstall it in the printer. This procedure allows you to print, on average, 20-100 pages of text.

    Why the printer does not print but saves the file

    Printing devices connected to a computer often refuse to work. The causes of breakdowns can be mechanical. when a part fails, or software. when problems arise due to software errors. Of course, without being a professional master, you are unlikely to be able to determine exactly what happened. But most of the problems can be fixed with your own hands. Therefore, if your printer does not print, and you do not know what to do, try the most common troubleshooting methods. And first of all, check the correctness of the connection of the printing device to the computer and to the mains, maybe you just forgot to put the plug in the outlet or did not press the power button on the printer. If it works exactly and the computer displays it, then start checking other versions.

    Samsung Printer

    If your Samsung printer does not print and the red light is on, the best solution is to contact an official service center. However, there is something you can do on your own.

    This failure can be caused by many reasons. First of all, having discovered the presence of a problem, you need to pay attention to what the printer displays on the taskbar. There may be several options:

    This is usually enough to answer the question why the printer stopped printing. This may be due to the need to replace the cartridge with a new one, refill the old cartridge with new ink, the cartridge was installed incorrectly, replace the toner, no paper, open printer cover, paper jam, respectively.

    Most often, such a problem is faced by the printer of the Samsung ML 1640 1 and Samsung ML 2160 1. They are the ones who are more prone to similar breakdowns than others.

    If none of the above steps helped, you need to hold down the power button and try to reboot the printer. If this procedure does not bring the desired effect, you can try to check the settings of the computer to which the printer is connected. Perhaps the problem lies precisely in the wrong settings.

    Having set the desired parameters, you can try again to print the text.

    Let us dwell separately on the situation, the printer reports “low toner” despite the fact that the cartridge is filled. In this case, resetting the counters can help. This method can be used at home as well. The counters are reset in the following sequence:

    • connect the printer to the power supply;
    • click on the following buttons: “”, “”, “stop”, “-”, “-”, “stop”, “stop” (in this order!);
    • two letters F and C should appear on the taskbar, then press “start”. the numbers zero and seven will appear;
    • press the “start” button again, hold it for a couple of minutes. the toner counters are reset to zero.

    If all possible independent manipulations have exhausted themselves, and the red light is still on, there is nothing left to do but refer the printer to specialists.

    Why does the printer not print and the red light is on

    Often, users of printing devices contact service centers with the same problem: the printer does not print, while a red light is on. What can cause?

    Kayoser Printer

    Consider also the features of troubleshooting the Kyocera FS-1040 printer. If the printer indicator starts flashing, then first of all, you need to pay attention to the intensity of the flashing:

    • If the indicator flashes slowly, then the cause of the breakdown may be the banal lack of paper or toner in the cartridge.
    • If the indicator blinks rapidly and intensively, the printer may have a paper jam, the paper exit tray is full (it should not exceed the number of sheets more than 150 pieces), the printer may run out of internal memory or use of non-original Kuoser toners and cartridges.
    • If the red light is on continuously, it may mean an open printer cover, a problem with the drum unit, or a lack of toner cartridge life.

    Kayocera provides each printer purchaser with a KYOCERA Client Tool CD. With its help, you can determine some of the causes of breakdown.

    If your printer still does not print, and the red light is still on, this manipulation can help: you must simultaneously press the GO and CANCEL buttons. Pressing them at the same time forces the printer program to be forcibly reloaded. It is worth noting that it is necessary to hold the buttons pressed for at least five seconds, until the alternating flashing of the red and green indicator appears. This procedure very often brings the printer back to life.

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    If you are having problems with your printer, you should first rely on yourself and try to bring it back to life with your own hands. However, in order to completely avoid problems, you should regularly take care of the device, use original components and consumables, and also avoid violation of operating conditions.

    Causes and types of a lit “Attention” button on a Kyocera printer

    First you need to figure out what options for the glow of the red button on the Kyocera printer exist. In most cases, it is the determination of the nature of the glow that allows you to eliminate the problem without performing any unnecessary actions. Each of these types refers to a specific nature of the problem, which we will analyze further.

    • Slow flashing light. If the indicator goes out, then lights up brightly again and the brightness changes slowly, then one of two printing problems has occurred. The first is the run out of paper, which, accordingly, needs to be checked and, if necessary, inserted into the tray. If the paper is already inserted, but the printer does not see it, try straightening it a little and adjusting the holders to make them tighter or weaker. The second reason is the end of toner in the cartridge, and to check it, you only need to visually inspect the finished document for print quality and remember when the printer was last refilled.
    • Fast flashing light. Sometimes the indicator has a different burning factor, blinking quite often. This may indicate that a non-genuine cartridge was detected that is not compatible with this device. The next reason for this phenomenon is the overflow of the printer’s memory associated with an attempt to send a document that is too large in size to print. Less often, fast blinking is caused by an overflow or debris in the paper tray, so we recommend that you check it immediately and, if necessary, fix it.
    • Constant lighting of the indicator. In the event of printing errors and a static lit button, it is recommended to check if the printer cover is closed and if there is toner in the cartridge. You can fix these failures yourself, so no difficulties should arise. A rarer and more serious problem is damage to the drum unit. In such cases, you will have to contact the service center for further diagnostics and repair.

    Now that you know what kind of blinking is responsible for what problems, you can diagnose the device and understand what action to take. Those who have recently refilled a cartridge and have encountered a similar problem should restart the printer, which will be discussed below. Anyone who could not solve the error on their own is also recommended to follow these steps, and then move on to the final advice if these also turn out to be ineffective.

    Restarting the printer

    Using the utility

    Using the utility is a great way to identify the exact cause of the Attention indicator, if you have difficulty diagnosing it yourself and the standard solutions do not bring the desired result. Through it, when an error occurs, you can get its detailed description and understand what to do next.

      Follow the link above to get to the main page of the official website, hover over the line “Support Download” and select “Global Download Center”.

    After opening the Download Center, start typing the name of the printing device you are using in the search bar. Check out the results and choose the right one.

    On the device support page, you are interested in the “Utility” tab, where the solution is located.

    Before starting to download it, you must confirm the license agreement.

    Wait for the archive to finish downloading and open it for further actions.

    Install the program, run it and try to print, watching what notifications are displayed in its window.

    Resetting the message about non-original toner on Kyocera fs 1040

    If the options above did not give positive results, then most likely the problem is in the cartridge itself. The fact is that it is equipped with a toner level sensor and a chip that monitor the number of printed sheets. When a consumable runs out or, according to the chip, should have run out, printing is blocked until it is replaced with a new cartridge. What happened in our situation.

    • Buy a new cartridge and continue printing with it. It is not cheap.
    • After each replenishment of the powder, the chip should be changed, which will start counting the number of printed documents from scratch.
    • Reset counter on chip. This is easy to do, but you need to do it every time you turn on the device.
    • Turn on the machine.
    • Wait until the motor stops and the red light starts blinking.
    • Simultaneously for 5-7 seconds, press the buttons “Start” and “Cancel”.
    • Hold until red and green start blinking in turn.
    • We are waiting for the process to complete.
    • Trying to print.

    General guidelines for clearing paper jams

    When trying to clear jammed paper, keep the following guidelines in mind:

    Take out the paper carefully, be careful not to tear it. Torn pieces of paper are difficult to remove and easily overlooked, making clearing paper jams even more difficult.

    If the paper frequently jams in the printer, try printing on a different type of paper, take paper from a different ream, or fan the paper in the ream. If, after replacing the paper, it continues to jam in the printer, then the problem is most likely in the printer.

    Whether the jammed paper prints normally after printing resumes depends on where the paper is jammed.

    Troubleshooting instructions if “Attention” is lit on Kyocera fs 1040 and does not print

    Mistakenly, many users consider it a malfunction when a red button with the message “Attention” is lit on the Kuoser 1040 printer case and the printer does not print the documents that were sent to it. In this material, we will consider in what cases this happens, what to do, how to quickly fix everything at home on our own without contacting a service center. The instructions apply to many Kyocera models. For example, fs1040 is taken because of its popularity.

    What type of flashing do you have?

    • Standing 60%, 122 votes 122 votes. 60% of all
    • 41 votes. 20% of all
    • 24 votes. 12% of all
    • does not blink! 8%, 17 17. 8% of all

    Restarting the print manager service and clearing the print queue

    If your print queue is stuck (as we described in the instructions above) and when you cancel a job you get an error or the queue is not cleared, then you will have to go to extreme measures clearing everything manually.

    This operation is done regardless of the printer model (if your printer does not print Samsung, HP, Kyocera, Canon, Xerox and other models) this operation is standard for all devices.

    • First, let’s stop the print manager
    • Now go to the C: \ Windows \ System32 \ spool \ PRINTERS folder and delete everything that is there
    • After that, we start the print manager and check the queue on the printer, it should be empty!

    from whom and after that the printer did not seal, then go ahead

    Indicator blinking meanings

    • Nothing lights up and there are no notifications, then this means that the device is fully ready to work.
    • Slow flashing of the button indicates that there is no paper in the tray or a low level of powder in the cartridge.
    • Faster blinking of the light: a sheet of paper is jammed inside the device, the finishing tray is full and new prints can no longer fit, the entire memory of the printer is full, and a non-original consumable is being used.
    • The indicator is on and does not go out. Check if the covers are closed. The toner for printing may have run out.

    If you have difficulty in determining the reasons for the “Attention” message, you can use special software from the company’s engineers. “Kyocera Client Tool”. This utility will help you more accurately diagnose the problem. You can find it on the company’s website or on a disk with drivers for the printer.

    Ways to solve the problem

    • Check how many sheets are left in the printer’s tray and if it picks them up at the beginning of the printing process. Increase the amount of paper to more than half. Remove the entire stack of paper from the machine, straighten it, and put it back.
    • If the indicator continues to shine slowly, then it is worth trying to replenish the amount of toner.
    • Unplug the printer from the wall outlet to completely de-energize it.

    Open the covers, remove the cartridge, and then inspect the inside. If you notice jammed paper, pieces of paper, or other foreign objects, remove them.
    If a large file was sent for printing (a pdf document or drawing can reach a size of several tens of megabytes), then the internal memory of the device may well be unable to cope. There is only one way out. split the PDF into several, and reduce the size for the picture.

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