Refill cartridge for Canon mg2540s printer yourself

Instructions for refilling cartridges for the printer Canon PIXMA-MG3040

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Canon PIXMA-MG3040 belongs to the budget class of the printer and MFP, with built-in printheads (hereinafter PG) in the cartridge. When users purchase printing devices at a relatively low price, after using up ink, they learn about the cost of new consumables and think about how to save on printing. One way not to waste extra money is refilling Canon MG3040 cartridges at home.

The printer contains two ink cartridges, black and color Canon PG-445 and CL-446 ink cartridges. Using their example, we will show you how to refuel the Canon PIXMA-MG3040 printer yourself. For a successful refueling result, you need to make sure that the cartridges are working properly. The most common problems are a dry print head or an electronics failure. In the first case, it is necessary to clean the steam generator with a special flushing liquid, and in the second case, you need to buy a new one.
Refilling a Canon MG3040 cartridge with your own hands is not a complicated process, below we will show how this can be done. In a black cartridge, insert the needle through a single hole. In the color position of the colors in the cartridge you can see below, just as if you make a print on a sheet, then the color in the middle of the print is always at the top, and the colors on the left and right of the print are respectively of the print. (Figure 2)

  • We start refueling Canon MG3040 cartridges, we collect paint in the syringes, it is better to take 4 syringes and fill them with ink (Black, Magenta, Yellow, Cyan), you can use insulin 1 ml. or, as in our case, 10-20 ml. syringes.
  • Carefully remove the stickers from the top, if you have not done so before.
  • If you use insulin syringes, the needle can go into the factory hole for refueling, if you use others, then a 4-mm needle is needed. drill or utility knife to widen the hole.
  • We insert the needle of the syringe into the filling hole. It is not necessary to enter deeply, 10-15 mm is enough. (Figure 3)
  • Slowly inject ink until ink appears in the filling port, approximately 8 ml is needed. for black and 9 ml. (3 ml. in each color) for color, then pump the excess ink back into the syringe, it is always better not to add ink than to pour it over.
  • We fill in all colors and clean the surface of ink with a dry napkin.
  • Stick the labels in place (If necessary, it is possible to use an adhesive tape).
  • We make an imprint of the printheads on the sheet, they should be clear.
  • We install the refilled cartridges in the printer, we do the cleaning of the steam generator.
  • Pay attention to the contacts (Figure 4), they must be dry, if you install consumables with wet contacts in the printer, your electronics will burn out.
  • If you are refueling for the first time, then you need to cancel the tracking of consumables, to do this, press and hold the Cancel button (Red X or Triangle) on the printer for 15 seconds. After canceling tracking, your printing device will signal that the ink has run out, but it will print.

Self-refilling instructions for color cartridge for Canon MP210 printer

Color inkjet printers have become incredibly popular for home or professional use. These are inexpensive devices that produce high quality images. However, their first drawback manifests itself already in the first weeks or even days: the supply of ink in the cartridges included in the printer kit is only enough for a few tens of pages. The price of a new color inkjet cartridge is approximately 30-40% of the price of the device itself. Quite impressive numbers. It is quite logical that from economic considerations the question arises: which cartridges can be refilled independently and can it be done at all? Let’s try to figure it out.

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Color printer ink is rightfully considered one of the most expensive liquids. The famous Chanel perfume costs half the same volume of high-quality paint.

How to refill the color cartridge Canon MP210

  • Connect the printer to the network.
  • Raise the cover to access the cartridges. To facilitate orientation, black is marked with a sticker on the printer body “B”, color. “C”.
  • Unplug the printer after moving the cartridges to the extreme left to maintain them.
  • Remove the color cartridge from the slot. To do this, you need to pull it towards you by the arcuate ledge.
  • Remove the sticker from its top cover. Three recesses will open under it.
  • Carefully drill three holes with a diameter of 1 mm in the center of the grooves. Alternatively, you can use a hot needle to pierce the holes. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that no chips or other foreign objects get into the cartridge. This will open access to the three ink compartments. The top one is for magenta (red) ink, the bottom left is for cyan, the bottom right is for yellow.
  • Take a 10 ml medical syringe and draw 3-4 ml of red, blue or yellow paint from a jar into it.
  • Insert the syringe needle into the corresponding compartment of the cartridge and immerse it to a depth of approximately 1 cm.
  • Slowly squeeze out the contents of the syringe.
  • Return the sticker to the top cover. If it has lost its adhesive properties, you can use scotch tape. After installation, it must be pierced with a needle above the filling holes to compensate for the decreasing pressure in the compartments during printer operation.
  • Install the cartridge in the landing slot and push it away from you until it clicks.

How the cartridge works

The inkjet printhead includes reservoirs for storing ink and a capillary system to supply ink to the nozzles of the printhead. Some black and most color Canon ink cartridges are filled with a special, foam-like absorbent sponge. It is most convenient to refill them. The color cartridge has three ink compartments of a specific color.


When refilling the cartridge yourself, do not allow your hands to contact the nozzles and contact pads. It is also necessary to avoid getting ink on exposed skin and clothing (it will be very difficult to wash it).

If after turning on the printer, ink is emitted from the nozzles abundantly, it means that the filling holes are not tightly closed or the tightness of the cartridge case is broken. If the print quality is unsatisfactory, it is necessary to carry out 2-3 cleaning cycles of the print head in accordance with the instruction manual.

Now you know how to refill or change a cartridge for a Canon printer by yourself. It should be borne in mind that not every such operation can be successful, and the cartridge will not withstand more than five independent refills.

How to refill a Canon cartridge yourself

Inkjet printers are the most affordable solutions for digital output to paper. There are only a few companies engaged in the mass production of such printers. These are Epson, Canon and HP. Other manufacturers (for example, “Samsung”) are better known for similar devices of a different type. As you know, the cost of one print consists of the price of consumed ink, paper and related costs. electricity, printer wear.

Thus, you can make working with the device much cheaper if you learn how to refill empty ink cartridges yourself, and not buy factory ones, the price of which is often more than half of the amount spent on the purchase of the entire printer. The problem of how to refill a Canon cartridge can be solved in two ways: by contacting companies that provide such a service, or by yourself. Obviously the latter is much cheaper. Today we are going to show you how to refill a Canon Pixma cartridge. The above principles are true for all other inkjet devices. Next, we will look at how to refill the Canon-510 cartridge, since this particular model is still popular. So, let’s get down to the process

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While refilling a Canon cartridge is straightforward, there are a number of steps to follow before proceeding. First of all, you need to prepare in advance syringes with thin needles, the ink of the desired colors (the amount depends on the model), disposable plastic gloves, a thin drill or drill with a diameter of about 2 mm, dry cotton wool, paper napkins and several old newspapers. Syringes should be purchased taking into account the fact that they are used one for each color (not a cartridge!).

How to refill Canon cartridge

The area of ​​the table on which the ink will be refilled in the container must be carefully covered with several layers of newspapers. Otherwise, the leaked paint will have to be washed off the surface. And this, believe me, is quite difficult without flushing fluid. The first cartridge is removed from the printer and placed sideways on the table. If the printhead is combined with a container, be careful not to damage the nozzle. You should remove the sticker from the top of the cartridge, but do not discard it. it will still come in handy. Beneath it is a channel structure that converges to a plastic circle (one in black and several in a color cartridge). In this place, you need to carefully make a hole with a drill. You should not worry about the chips falling inside. there is a porous material. It is required that the diameter of the needle is smaller than that of the resulting hole. This is an important point that people sometimes “forget” about when they talk about how to refill a Canon cartridge. Now you can put on gloves and start working with the paint.

In the case of the black cartridge, everything is simple: we draw 2-4 ml of paint into the syringe, insert the needle into the container until resistance is felt (the upper part of the absorbent material). Usually it is 0.5-1 cm. Then we slowly squeeze the ink into the cartridge. As a rule, 4 ml is sufficient. when refueling, it is better to underfill than overflow. After that, put the sticker on the lid back in place (this will reduce drying and evaporation) and put the cartridge in the printer. But for a colored container, everything is a little more complicated: you will have to make three holes on the lid and determine the color matching (sometimes the order is broken). By the type of cartridge and the name, you need to find out which hole corresponds to which color. Basically, you can just carefully examine the cover. Each paint has its own syringe. It is not recommended to exceed 2 ml per color. The refueling procedure is the same as above. Cotton and napkins may be needed in case of refilling, when you need to wipe the cartridge.

Choosing ink

So, in order to solve the problem of how to refill the cartridge, first of all, you should choose the appropriate ink, which, depending on their composition, are pigment, water-soluble and sublimation. Please note that if you decide to refill a printer cartridge, try not to save a lot on buying good ink. The fact is that if you buy cheap ink, you will be disappointed with the print quality of your device. And thanks to really high-quality consumables, you can print even a photo of quite acceptable quality.

So which ink should you choose? If we talk directly about the choice of ink, then the water-soluble option is a mixture of dyes that are dissolved in water. This ink is free from solid impurities. The photo printed with their help acquires uniformity and rich shade depth. To refill the printer cartridge with such ink, be extremely careful.

Pigment ink, which does not dissolve in water, has also become somewhat widespread. They consist of solid dye particles, the diameter of which is less than 0.1 microns. Images in this case are more durable than when using water-soluble analogs. Their pigment base is fairly stable and resistant to both fading and high humidity. Refilling the printer with these inks is as easy as refilling with water-borne inks.

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In addition, you should decide between genuine and compatible inks. The first ones are recommended by the manufacturer and, moreover, they come with the printer. The latter are cheaper, but they are not always able to provide the proper level of printing.

How to refill the cartridge yourself?

A cartridge is a printer consumable, which is a container filled with ink or powder. With everyday use of an MFP or printer, ink and toner run out quickly enough, which raises the question of how to refill the cartridge? Of course, this problem can be solved by buying a new one, but this will cost an order of magnitude more than buying toner or ink. This article provides information on how to properly refill the cartridge.

Preparatory stage

Having decided on the right ink, you can start solving such an issue as refilling cartridges with your own hands. The question arises, how to refill the cartridge to the printer? To charge your cartridge, you must remove it from the printer. This should be done with caution.

Open the cover of the device and gently pull the cartridge by pressing the release button or pulling on the special tip made of plastic. Locate the top of the sticker covering the refueling holes and carefully peel it off. But keep in mind that you should never throw it away! Place the refillable cartridge in a prepared area covered with newspaper.

In general, refueling cartridges is not as difficult as it seems initially, because they have holes ready for refueling. But if they are not there, then make neat punctures in the corresponding recesses using a needle. In this case, the question may arise about how to clean the cartridge. there are a lot of ways to solve it, and it is better to find a detailed video so that the cleaning works the first time. In general, cleaning the cartridge does not require any special knowledge.

Refill with ink

Before refilling the cartridge, take a syringe and fill it with 2-3 ml of paint, and then insert the needle about 2-3 cm into the consumable. Then you can refill it by slowly injecting the contents of the syringe into the ink container. In general, 1 ml of ink should take you 15 to 20 seconds. Thus, refilling cartridges on your own requires a careful and responsible approach. The fact is that when filling a container with a strong jet, there is a risk that air bubbles form inside it, and this is categorically contraindicated.

If you see droplets of ink on the bottom, this indicates an overfill. Take a little paint from the container using the same syringe, and at the same time take the nozzles and blot with a napkin, then wipe with a napkin. At the end, do not forget to return the sticker to its place, securely covering the holes with it.

Next, reinstall the filled and refilled ink cartridge and test its operation.

Toner refill

There are cartridges that are filled with a special powder. To carry out this procedure, it must be disassembled. Before disassembling the cartridge, carefully inspect it for damage. Disassembly must be done very carefully. Please read this article before refueling.

Thus, deciding how to charge the cartridge is not so difficult and difficult. The main thing that requires refueling cartridges at home is the sequence of all actions. If you are not confident in your abilities, then it is better to seek help from professionals. The instructions for refilling the cartridge, presented in this article, will help answer the question of how to refill the printer cartridge. Try refilling the cartridge at home to save money on craftsmen. If necessary, you can even repair the cartridge yourself, but this requires certain skills and knowledge about the device of such office equipment.

It may also be useful to have a video on how to refuel the printer yourself.