Refill Cartridge Self HP Laserjet

Do-it-yourself HP 122 cartridge

HP 122 cartridge is suitable for devices: HP Deskjet 1000/1050/2050 / 3050. You can extend the life of the cartridges: black HP 122 holds up to eight refills, and color. about five.

Don’t miss a moment. The printhead nozzle plate heats up during operation and the ink cools it down. When refueling is finished, there is not enough coolant and the nozzles quickly become clogged with overheated ink. Sometimes such a cartridge lends itself to no recovery and can only be thrown away. White streaks appear or just the print is not clear. Stop working and DO NOT delay refueling.

The situation is quite likely: the ink is out, and you urgently need to print more than one page. And the workshop where they can help is located at the second end of the city. You can fix this problem yourself if you know exactly how to refill the HP 122 cartridge.


Take care of purchasing suitable ink in advance (the label must have an HP 122 entry), it is better not to buy universal. If the paint is packaged in bottles, Zabezhova will have to go to the pharmacy for ordinary medical syringes.

Important: even a full cartridge can dry up if it has NOT been used for a long time. To prevent this kind of trouble Print one or two pages every week.

It is necessary to prepare the workplace: remove all important papers and cover the table with newspaper. For refueling, take ink, four syringes, toilet paper or other soft paper, put on rubber gloves. The black cartridge can contain up to 10 ml of ink, the color cartridge. a maximum of 3 ml. The syringes must be filled very carefully so that there is no air or foam. It is more convenient to prepare all four at once. You can use one, but rinse it with distilled water and be sure to dry it before re-introduction.

Peel off the labels to expose the threading holes. The pictures below show where to fill the ink.

Please note that there are two types of color cartridge. So, before refueling, you need to determine which option is in your hands. There are several ways to find out. Press the printhead against the toilet paper: the middle print belongs to the ink poured into the upper chamber. You can just look into the filling hole. Or put the tip of the needle in there and see what color he painted.

Now you need to wipe the nozzles with flushing liquid or distilled water and you can start refueling.


For a color cartridge, the order is strict:

  • Yellow;
  • Red;
  • Blue.

We lower the needle into the desired hole 2-3 cm and inject ink. You need to act slowly, ideally. 15 seconds per 1 ml. And watch closely when ink starts to appear in the filling holes. Indeed, in a Color cartridge, ink is not consumed in the same way and it is impossible to know how much is needed for a full refill. If you accidentally overflow, you can pull the plunger of the syringe back and take some paint back. Do the same with red and blue.

Refilling the black HP 122 cartridge has some features. The figure shows in red the place where the additional chamber is located, which also needs to be filled with ink. To do this, you will need to pierce the cleaning filter with a needle. It doesn’t sound very good, but this is the lesser of evils, otherwise the filter does NOT let ink through during refueling and air accumulates in the additional chamber. Which, in turn, leads to printing problems.

If you press too hard while piercing the filter and allow the needle to go deeper than shown in the illustration, you may damage the print head. This will not happen if the syringe is pointed at a 45-degree angle.

Returning cartridges to the printer

Refilling is over, it remains to wipe the cartridge with soft paper and replace the stickers. Some experts recommend NOT to remove the stickers when refueling, but simply pierce them and DO NOT glue them. This is motivated by the fact that a vacuum is created inside, which reduces the service life.

Before installing the cartridges in the printer, Wipe the contacts with alcohol or a regular eraser. Even if the paint missed there, it will not hurt.

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The video below will show how you can make a reinforced cartridge from a standard black HP 122 cartridge and refill it. The video is in Portuguese, but I hope everything will be clear.

Filling a cartridge for the HP LaserJet Pro-M28 printer

In 2018, the HP LaserJet Pro-M28 printer with the HP CF244A (44A) cartridge entered the market. This cartridge can be called an analogue of the HP 85A with some changes.
I read the instructions, you can refuel the HP LaserJet Pro-M28 cartridge even at home, also at the end of the article there are comments and questions that you can read and write.

If you visually look at the cartridge, then we see the Similarities with the cartridges that were produced earlier, but there is also a difference, the most noticeable is: the absence of a gear on the fotoval and the soldering of the side covers (the trend of recent years in HP can be traced on monochrome and color laser cartridges, failure from the usual bolts), Figure 1.

Let’s start refueling the HP LaserJet Pro-M28 printer with our own hands, first you need to halve it in two. Picture 2:

  • Bunker with mining and fotoval;
  • Toner hopper with magnetic roller.

To do this, unscrew one bolt and remove the side cover soldered to the main body, Figure 3.

In order NOT to damage the photo, we removed it. To do this, fake and Remove the Cotter Pin (in this case, the probability of breaking the case increases, if you are sure that you DO NOT damage the photo roll, then you can NOT remove it), Figure 4.

Raised the edge of the photo roll and turned it a little and it came out of the grooves, Figure 5, 6.

Worth Pay attention that the length and diameter of the photo roll is completely the same with the HP 85A drums, if you change the gears for the HP 44A plastic plug, they are interchangeable, Figure 7.

We proceed to the most difficult thing in refueling, it is to remove the soldered side cover, and not breaking the case, Figure 8.

It is necessary to carefully pry with a knife at the sealing points, and not breaking thin plastic protrusions, Figure 9, in order to carefully do this, we drilled holes in the attachment points (not through), Figure 10.

After removing the side cover, slide the waste block to the other part of the cartridge and it can be easily detached and halved, like in previous models, Figure 11.

Next, we proceed to cleaning the processing bunker, for this we remove the corotron, unscrew the two bolts that hold the squeegee, Figure 12.

We clean the mining hopper, Install the squeegee back, Fix it with two bolts, clean the corotrons with a dry rag and Install it back, as well, which was shot at the very beginning, Install it back, Figure 13.

Next, we proceed to cleaning and filling the toner, for this we unscrew the bolt of the side cover and remove it, Figure 14, 15.

Remove the magnetic roller and clean it, after which you need to clean the hopper from the old toner. We scrolled the gears, thereby activating the toner stirring mechanism in order to clean it as much as possible, for this we used a service vacuum cleaner, Figure 16.

It is worth noting that the design of the magnetic shaft is identical to the HP 85A, but not the same, mag. The shaft is slightly longer, Figure 17.

We put the toner into the hopper (we used ordinary universal toner HP 35A / 36A / 78A / 85A / 44A), Install the magnetic shaft back (pay attention to the gears, bushing, plastic retainer of the magnetic shaft rod), Install the side cover and screw it on bolt. Scroll the magician gears. Roller and we see an even distribution of toner, Figure 18.

How to refill the HP Deskjet 2130 printer cartridge at home

The HP 123 cartridge is built into many of the company’s printers. The most popular ones that print from the ink tank of the presented model are: HP Deskjet 2130, 1110, 1115, 2132, 2134, 2135, 2136, 3630, 3635, 3775, 3785, 3830, 3832, 3833, 3834, 3835, 4535, 4675.

The problem with such printers is the cost of the cartridge, which is commensurate with the printing device itself. So, for cartridge 123, you can give half the cost of equipment. In addition, the volume of the container is too rice. In a refueling state, it will turn out to print approximately 120-150 pages. Then the consumables must either be changed, which is not very convenient due to the high price, or refilled.

Fortunately, the refillable cartridge (TZK). Therefore, you can refill the HP 123 cartridge yourself at home, rather than resorting to third-party services.

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The need for refueling

  • When white stripes (gaps) began to appear on the leaves
  • The print becomes faint, blurry;
  • Other situations when information is poorly visible on the sheet.

In order to fill the cartridge with new ink on time, the software (driver) provides a tool for monitoring the ink level for both color and b / w cartridges. At the first sign of running out of capacity, run a check.

What ink to fill in HP 123

The main rule is to purchase only high-quality paints, as the manufacturer’s fame can indicate. From the entire list, you can recommend consumables from Ink Mate (about 650 rubles per 100 ml) and RDM HO series H1W.

Since the HP 2130 is a color printer, there are two cartridges inside. One is responsible for black and white printing, the second for color. In the latter, the container is divided into three compartments with the same number of holes on the body for refueling inside the cartridge. A certain color is poured into each compartment (more on this below).

What is needed for refueling

In addition to ink, you will need:

  • Regular wipes (preferably lint-free) or clean rags:
  • 4 syringes with a volume of 10 ml each (1 syringe for black ink, the other 3 for each color in a color cartridge)

Filling of the cartridge HP 123

  • Draw ink into syringes. Draw up about 8-10 ml of black paint, for color compartments draw up 3-4 ml in separate syringes. Place syringes aside. The formation of foam or the ingress of air into the cavity of the syringe is not allowed!
  • Remove the cartridge from the carriage. Open the cover, move the carriage to the center position. Press gently on the top of the container until you hear a click. At this moment, the ink tank will change position and it will be possible to make a full extraction by pulling.


  • After refueling, the printer may start to print dirty. To avoid this problem, blot the nozzles several times in a tissue paper before placing the ink tank back into the carriage. This removes excess ink from the printheads. Also do a program head cleaning immediately. Try to print any document and make sure the print quality is good.
  • When refilled, the label may wear out and lose its adhesive properties. In this case, duct tape or plaster would be a worthy replacement.
  • Important! In order for air to enter the cartridge, when replacing the sticker, small holes must be made in the places of the filling holes with a needle.
  • The product does not recognize the cartridge. Carefully inspect the cartridge contacts and the circuit board in the carriage. There doesn’t have to be any ink. The presence may result in a lack of contact with the ink tank. If everything is fine, but the indicators on the printer still blink, or the display says “there is a cartridge”, then most likely you will need to buy a new consumable.
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We hope that with this instruction you managed to refill the cartridge for the HP Deskjet 2130 printer and the like. Same technology across many HP inkjet printers.

How to refill the laser cartridge yourself?

Using the printer or all-in-one printer will gradually consume toner. One fine day, the paint ends altogether. As a result, the question arises of how to refill the cartridge. To do this, most users contact the service. However, you should forget that such a procedure can be done by yourself.

How to refill a laser cartridge?

In fact, there is nothing complicated in refilling laser cartridges. It is enough to know what to do and in what order. Therefore, we will introduce you to detailed instructions, where we will tell you how to properly charge the cartridge:

  • First you need to pull out the laser printer cartridge. This is not difficult. For example, you can use the instructions that came with your device. In addition, many printer models and all-in-one printers have cheat sheets describing how to remove the cartridge.
  • Next, you will need a table on which you will be holding the gas station. You need to put an oilcloth or newspaper on it. Also prepare a clean rag, screwdrivers, tweezers, pliers.
  • The first step is to disassemble the cartridge. To do this, unscrew the screws holding the side covers. Then, using a flat screwdriver, pry and remove the metal clips (brackets) that held the light-sensitive drum. By the way, on many cartridges the retainers are different, so remember which side one or the other was installed on.
  • Next, take out the photosensitive drum. DO NOT touch it with your hands. It is best to use a cotton cloth. By the way, then the drum unit must be immediately removed to a dark place. You cannot keep it in the light. Be extremely careful. the slightest scratch on the light-sensitive drum will degrade print quality.
  • Also, when refueling and cleaning many cartridges, you have to remove the charge roller. It is similar in shape to an imaging drum, but its surface is covered with special rubber.
  • Now the dirtiest work begins. It is necessary with tweezers or the same awl Disconnect the special pins that connect the halves of the cartridge. Sometimes it’s hard to spot them right away. Some manufacturers fill the pins with plastic. In this case, it will need to be cut off in order to grab the pins with small pliers or tweezers.
  • Once you disassemble the cartridge, some toner will spill out of the cartridge. It is not worth using such toner for further refueling, because it contains a lot of debris and small particles of paper. These can damage the drum unit.
  • We clean all the components of the cartridge from the stuck toner. Includes both a waste toner bottle and a dispensing blade. You can use a napkin or brush. Finally, it is a good idea to wipe everything down with a lint-free cloth. Some even remove old toner with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Cleaned the cartridge, we collect it. Remember to replace the drum unit and charge roller. This completes the cleaning of the cartridge. Let’s go to the gas station.
  • Most laser printer cartridges have a plug on the side. By removing it or unscrewing it, you get access to the hopper (container) for filling toner. In the second models, the dye is poured into a special slot. The main thing is not to overdo it with the amount of toner. You can’t have a lot of it. The best option is to fill the toner compartment 80%.
  • It is important to hold the cartridge correctly when filling toner. As a rule, you need to take it vertically and with your fingers press the magnetic shaft against the body. Thus, toner will NOT spill through the gap that appears.
  • Be sure to shake the cartridge to distribute the toner evenly inside the cartridge. By the way, it is convenient to fill in the coloring matter with the help of a funnel, made from a regular A4 sheet.
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What is important to know?

If you are poorly versed in technology or do not like such scrupulous work, then it is best to contact the service center, where you will be refilled a cartridge for a small amount. Plus, don’t forget that there is a universal toner suitable for all devices. Therefore, you need to know what ink is used on your printer model.

Another important point is related to the fact that some cartridges have a special chip (for example, the latest printers and all-in-one printer HP, samsung, etc.), which monitors the ink level or the number of printed pages. Refueling such a cartridge at home will NOT work. At least for the first time. The easiest way is to contact the service center, where all chip readings are reset or a new one is installed.

How many times can a cartridge be refilled? Its service life is usually limited to a few refills. However, if you regularly clean it, in which we described above, then the cartridge may be enough for several years of active use.

Some users practice a different method of refilling the laser cartridge. To do this, they DO NOT disassemble or clean it. Only a special hole is drilled through which toner is poured. Then it is simply sealed with a strip of tape. It is not recommended to refill the cartridge in this way. After all, this does not clean up garbage and waste toner. As a result, the cartridge quickly fails.


It is important to remember that toner used for refilling printer cartridges is quite toxic. It contains such harmful elements as lead and cadmium. Therefore, do not allow the coloring matter to get on the skin and even more so in the respiratory tract. Refill the cartridge only with rubber gloves and a protective gown!

In addition, it is advisable to carry out all work in a well-ventilated area where there are no children or pets. It is best to wear safety glasses over your eyes and protect your nose and mouth with a respirator mask. Be careful NOT to spill toner.

Often, a small amount of toner gets on your hands while handling a cartridge. Nobody is safe from this. Even the tidiest craftsman. In this case, it is enough to wash off the toner with warm (but not hot!) Water and soap.