Refill Printer Cartridge Nearby

How to refill a cartridge. Step-by-step instructions for refilling inkjet and laser cartridges (125 photos)

A cartridge is a small container for ink used during the printing process. Daily use of the printer leads to the fact that the contents of containers are gradually reduced to a minimum level.

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An insufficient amount of dye pigments leads to a loss of brightness and incomplete printing of the desired image. Longitudinal stripes appear on the surface of the sheet, which distort the printed pattern.

An alternative solution would be to purchase new ink containers or refill the cartridge yourself.

In most cases, the purchase of new paint containers has a rather high cost. It is slightly lower than buying new equipment.

In our material, you will learn how to properly refill a cartridge at home. Here is a step-by-step instruction to prevent possible damage to the printing equipment.

Types of printers

Before you start refueling the printer, you need to familiarize yourself with the models of this device. These include:

  • Jet;
  • Laser.

Inkjet printer belongs to budget models which are ideal for home use.

The main requirement in the refilling process is the quality of the ink. Most often, cartridges are built into the printer. Refueling is carried out by introducing a small amount of liquid into the cavity of the container.

To do this, use a syringe with a thin needle. To prevent premature drying of ink, you must use the printer daily to print.

How to refill a printer cartridge?

The working process takes place in the following order:

Removing cartridges. To do this, carefully pull out the plastic retainer. It helps to align the container carriage correctly.

We study the reservoir. The top has a small hole with a plastic plug. It is not recommended to extract protection in this case.

We draw 3 ml of pigment paints into a syringe. Next, carefully insert the 3 cm needle into the inside of the plastic stopper. Gently inject the coloring liquid.

How long does it take to refill a cartridge? On average, 1 ml takes about 20 seconds. It is not recommended to refill the cartridge with a strong jet. At this time, small bubbles may form, which further provoke a rapid drying of the nozzle.

Care is important when refilling color cartridges. Mixing up the ink tanks increases the risk of premature device failure. The system is able to independently recognize color capacities.


Refilling of laser cartridges

Can the laser cartridge be refilled? This printer model is distinguished by its high performance and printing speed. They are considered to be durable and have high-quality images.

The cost of this design is much higher than that of inkjet printers. The cartridge is refilled with special powders.

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The refueling process is divided into several stages. They include:

Removing the cartridge. The device is a long container with several flasks. Some models have a plastic stopper on the side for adding powder paints. Most often, this part is considered disposable.


After filling in the required amount of toner, seal the hole with adhesive tape. Next, Install the cartridge and check the printer’s performance.

If you have a model without a plastic plug, then self-refueling is not recommended. Such containers have a monolithic structure. Incorrectly made puncture can damage the printing device. In this case, you need to contact specialists.

Where to refill the cartridge? You can carry out this manipulation in a service center. The master will completely disassemble the container for its further filling.

How much does it cost to refill a cartridge? The cost of filling directly depends on the structure of the printer and its type.

How to refill a cartridge for an HP inkjet and laser printer yourself. When to refuel

What consumables are used

  • Ink. Liquid dye for inkjet printers. Has a water or pigment base. Pigmented pigments are of higher quality, are resistant to light, and do not fade, and are not afraid of water, the image is clearer.

Required tools and materials

  • Remedies. Rubber gloves are worn to protect the skin. Floor wear protective gown or just old clothes.
  • Old newspapers or paper. They cover the surface on which refueling will be carried out.
  • Refueling material. Toner is bought for refilling laser cartridges, ink for inkjet.
  • Cleaning products. You can remove the remaining ink with dry napkins or a sponge dipped in flushing liquid.

How to refill an HP inkjet cartridge

  • Read the instructions for the printer. The paper version is included. And on the manufacturer’s website you can download the electronic version. Review the carriage installation diagram for removing the cartridge before refueling.

Model-specific instructions.

Refueling HP Laser Printer

HP printers marked “laserjet” use laser printing technology. You can charge them at home according to the scheme below.

The filling principle is the same. The only difference is that you have to skip some stages, which greatly simplifies the work. In short, you need to divide the part of the cartridge with the hopper from the part with unused toner. Next, remove the rotating elements: green (or blue) photo roll, magnetic drum and charge roller (corotron). Then unscrew the blade, empty out the waste toner. Clean all structural elements with a clean, lint-free cloth. Pour powder paint into the desired compartment and assemble the entire structure in the reverse order.

First giving a good video, below there is a text algorithm.

  • We turn off the power with the button located on the case. Pulling the cable out of the socket.
  • Opening the cover on the front or top of the case (depending on the printer).
  • Take the cartridge by the handle and pulls it towards you, pull it out.
  • Remove the bolts holding the side cover.
  • Remove the plastic.
  • Remove the photo roll holding it by the outermost white gears.
  • Move the charge roller away from the wall with a flat screwdriver, remove it.
  • Divide the cartridge into two parts: compartment with waste and fresh powder. To do this, press on the metal pin from the inside with a screwdriver, and with external delight with small pliers. The pins must be pulled out from both sides of the cartridge.
  • Remove the side spring and then hold the cartridge with both hands and separate the parts from each other.
  • From the waste bin Empty the used toner, dispose of it. First, remove the dosage blade from the container, while absorbing the spring and unscrewing the two bolts.
  • Blade Wipe with a clean cloth / rag. The brush is prohibited for use.
  • Back Assemble the hopper, screwed the blade into place.
  • Unscrew the plastic part on the part of the cartridge containing the unused powder. Remove the plug. Shake the can with powder well before refueling. Unscrew the cap of the toner container, screw on the special attachment (included in the kit or can be purchased separately). Add new toner.
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When you insert the photo roll, carefully check with your hands that it rotates easily. If the rotation is difficult, it is likely that some mistakes were made during assembly and something is preventing the drum from spinning normally.

See the video for details.

In refillable cartridges (CZK)

Shut-off valves are purchased for both inkjet and laser printers, and can be refilled many times.

Inkjet color inkjet printers can be charged up to 10 times if they are properly used.

HP laser shut-off valves are almost eternal, but different details can riot salesmen. First of all, the photo roll breaks, then the magn. Shaft, metering blade (squeegee). To extend the life of the cartridge, it is necessary to clean the hopper with a waste at each refueling.

Print check

To check the quality of the filling done, you need to print a test page.

  • Go to “Start”.
  • Open “Devices and Printers”.
  • Select your printer from the list and right-click on it.
  • Select “Printer Properties”.
  • Click “Test Print”.

Also in the printer properties, you can go to “Maintenance” and select “Check nozzles” to print a sample. This checks the quality of the monochrome print. Relevant for Canon models.

To check color images, you must additionally use the set of test pages to check the brightness and color saturation. Test sheets are downloaded from the Internet.

Is it possible to refill the printer cartridge itself and how best to do it?

To reduce the cost of maintaining equipment for printing, it is enough to learn how to refill cartridges for it yourself. True, it is worth remembering that it is dangerous to disassemble some replaceable units at home, but later. Strictly prohibited. Therefore, if you are NOT confident in your abilities, it is better to follow the link and select the Necessary service for refilling or replacing the cartridge.

Let’s look at which cartridges you can try to refill yourself, and which ones are better left to professionals or replaced with new ones.

Laser Printer Cartridges

Manufacturers of genuine laser cartridges are opposed to reuse. One of the reasons for this “policy”. The complexity and danger of the process of replenishing the stock of dry dye. In addition, cartridges disassembled at home are not covered by the Official Warranty. If the drum unit or other part of the unit is damaged during the refueling process, it is unlikely that you can get it repaired free of charge.

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To avoid such problems, it is advisable to promptly replace disposable cartridges with new ones. In order to save money, you should choose models with a high page yield.

For a printer or copier, which is used irregularly, a toner unit for 4000. 6000 pages is enough. And for printing devices that work at maximum daily use, it is better to choose an original HP, Canon or Epson cartridge with a predicted page yield equal to 10.25 thousand sheets.

Inkjet cartridge. What to do if ink runs out?

Refilling ink cartridges for inkjet printers is much safer than refilling laser units with dry toner.

To prepare an ink cartridge for reuse, you must use the following set of tools and accessories:

  • Original ink from the cartridge manufacturer. It is NOT worth trying to save money by buying cheap fake dye. At best, its use will lead to a decrease in print quality, and at worst. Even to printer failure.
  • Large package of heavy paper towels, newspapers or cellulose towels, rubber gloves. All this is needed to protect yourself and the work surface from accidental contact with ink, which is difficult to clean.
  • Several medical syringes. A separate syringe is required for each ink bottle. A color printer will require 2 to 8 syringes. Depending on the number of flowers, the supply of which is exhausted at the time of refueling.
  • Needle and tape for creating holes and, accordingly, restoring the tightness of the cartridge.

The refueling process includes the following steps:

  • Preparing the desktop. The surface of the table or the floor should be covered with several layers of newspaper or napkins.
  • Finding the ink filling hole on the surface of the cartridge. To find the hole, you need to remove the protective tape.
  • Expansion of the opening. A regular sewing needle will help to quickly increase its diameter.
  • Filling the reservoir with ink. To do this, you need to draw a liquid dye into a syringe and release it through the hole inside the cartridge.
  • Important: The above procedure must be repeated 2 to 8 times depending on the number of empty color cartridges.
  • Removing ink residues and restoring the tightness of the reservoir. Wipe the surface of the cartridge near the hole with a napkin, replace the protective sticker and fix it securely with tape.

After completing THESE procedures, you must return the cartridge to the printer and print a test page.

To save money, you can purchase an all-in-one printer with an original continuous ink supply system, or connect a non-original one to any inkjet printer. True, printer manufacturers are not responsible for the reliability of the latter.