Reset Counter On Brother Dcp 1610wr Printer

How to reset the counter on a Brother printer

The Japanese manufacturer of office equipment Brother has been one of the leaders in its field for many years. Receiving high marks from critics and, importantly, from users raised the demand for the products of this brand to an unprecedented level. Amid increased interest in its products, the company decided to monopolize the refueling of its cartridges and put on them ingenious protection in the form of a counter. But many users are NOT willing to pay for what they can do on their own. Therefore, the folk craftsman developed an algorithm of actions that allows you to reset the Brother printer and NOT overpay for an unnecessary service.

Features of Brother printers

The fact is that the company came up with not just a counter of printed sheets, it can be called a printer lock. Loading a certain amount of toner into a cartridge allows you to print approximately the same number of sheets: usually we are talking about 1000 A4 copies for small models and 2500 for multifunctional machines. At the same time, a special chip is installed on the cartridge, which activates and blocks the operation of the entire printer as soon as the counter of printed sheets reaches the maximum programmed mark.

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In this case, the user is notified by a light signal and an inscription, if the printer is equipped with a display. Different models have different messages, but in most cases the screen displays “Replace consumables”. After that, you need to change the cartridge to a new, refilled one. And since no one has the right to officially refill toner from Brother, you need to contact the nearest representative of the manufacturer for replacement.

In fact, every time a new cartridge is purchased, which is what the company is trying to achieve by issuing these devices for one-time use. But pouring a new portion of ink into the container is not difficult for any user and even at home. However, thanks to a programmed chip that has counted the required number of printed sheets, the printer will detect the cartridge as empty and display a message about the need to replace the toner. And all attempts to turn on will be blocked until the device is completely replaced with a zeroed counter.

Zeroing TN-1075

There are several ways to reset the counter on the toner cartridge. Let’s look at two popular tricks for the TN-1075. It is used in printers DCP 1510R and DCP 1512R, MFC-1810R and MFC-1815R, HL 1110R and HL 1112R.

Starter cartridge

To reset the starter device, it is necessary to remove the drum unit from the printer and separate the DR 1075 drum unit from the cartridge. When examining the drama, you can see a hole on the left. There is a reset checkbox. You need to remember the location of the checkbox, since clicking on it will be done blindly. Then we do the following:

  • Insert the drum unit back into the printer
  • Free the paper tray;
  • Through the tray we reach the flags and click on it;
  • Close the lid;
  • As soon as the engine starts, remove your finger from the button for 1-2 seconds;
  • Exactly after that much time (no more), you need to press the checkboxes again.
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After THESE actions, the engine of the device should stop, and the green indicator on the panel should flash. These signals will indicate that the cartridge is reinstalled and the printer is resumed. If performance is NOT restored, then the actions should be repeated, if possible. more accurately.

Purchased cartridge

The purchased cartridge differs from the starting one by the presence of gears on one side. For such a design, the usual reset of the flags is NOT relevant, the solution to the issue of resetting the counter must be approached from the other side: after disconnecting the drum module, you need to carry out some manipulations directly with the gears.

  • From the side of the gears, using a screwdriver, Unscrew and carefully remove the cover, trying to avoid spilling parts.
  • Next, you need to get one of the central gears to open access to the part, which has the shape of a semicircle.
  • Then you need to return the semicircular gear so that it rested against the wall.
  • Then it is required to return the removed central gear to its place and carefully fix the cover. You need to carefully monitor so that nothing moves from its original position.
  • The structure should be reassembled and placed in the printer.
  • You can check the health of the device.

    Zeroing cartridges using software

    There are two ways to reset the counter in toner cartridges: hardware (aka manual) and software. Let’s talk about how to reset using software. We will analyze the manual method below.

    HL series laser cartridges

    Printer models such as HL 2035R, HL 2130R and HL 2132R use laser cartridges for their work, which are structurally different from inkjet cartridges. The zeroing algorithm in them is very simple. Without breaking the sequence of actions, you need to do the following:

    • To turn on the printer, you need to remove the front cover;
    • DO NOT close the covers, turn off the unit;
    • Holding the “Start (Go)” button, turn on the device again;
    • It is necessary to wait until all indicators on the panel light up, and then release the button;
    • Then you need to press and release the “Start (Go)” button two times;
    • After a pause of 2 seconds, repeat the operation 5-6 times;
    • If it was possible to throw off the counter, it will be clear when the “Toner” indicator turns off, which previously signaled the lack of ink.

    It remains to close the front cover, reboot the device and make a test print.

    DCP series all-in-one printer cartridges

    The line of multifunctional devices is represented by various popular models, and the method of zeroing in them is slightly different from each other. For example, in the DCP 7030R and DCP 7032R samples, do the following:

    • When turning on the device, open the front cover;
    • When the machine offers to replace the drum, you need to press the “Clean” button followed by confirmation.
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    On the DCP L2500DR model, with the lid open, keep the “Menu” until the “Reset TNR-STD A counter” appears. Next, you must agree and select the upward arrow to perform the operation. Then you need to press “Stop / Exit” followed by slamming the lid.

    In the DCP 7055R, you need to enter the menu. Sequentially select the items “General Settings”, “Replace Toner”, “Continue”. Each choice must be confirmed with consent. Then click “Clear” and exit.

    The DCP 7057R will offer the following steps:

    • After turning on the device, wait for the mechanics to die down;
    • Keep the front cover open;
    • Press “Cancel (Stop)”;
    • Press “Start”;
    • Press the arrow pointing up once;
    • Presses down on the down arrow key until the screen shows two zeros;
    • Confirm the operation and close the lid.

    Hardware method of zeroing

    The manual method requires the presence of a reset flag on the cartridge itself. It is available only on the purchased device, but not on the starting device. But such a checkbox can be purchased separately and installed independently. And basically they use two hardware zeroing methods, each of which is suitable for its own series of printers.

    HL series

    The method is suitable for devices even without dropping flags. The algorithm of actions is as follows.

    • We take out the module and detach the cartridge. Bringing the drum back.
    • The point in the printer is a plastic lever. detaching it and sinking it into the device.
    • Simultaneously, with two flat screwdrivers, we press the sensor responsible for closing the lid and the sensor to determine the toner.
    • We press on the second sensor to the beginning of rotation of the shafts of the device.
    • Attach the lever to the lid.

    DCP series

    The all-in-one printer is reset by the following manipulations. The starter cartridge has a plug that must be removed (eg cut with a knife). Then the spring with the flag is removed and saved in case you need to change the purchased cartridge. Then the module returns to the unit, and the lever on the printer is removed and hides in the housing.

    The thing about the printer is there is a sensor responsible for closing the lid. you need to press on it with a screwdriver and hold it until the mechanism starts working. After that, with a second screwdriver, you need to press the lever twice, Distribute the presses for 4 seconds. Nothing complicated. But if it didn’t work the first time, you can always repeat the operation.

    Resetting the drum counter

    Photo drums are designed for a large number of pages: the device’s passport indicates the figure. 12 thousand, but in fact, you can print at least twice as many. There have been cases when in especially economical owners the drum printed 40,000 pages. Sooner or later, the display prompts you to replace the drum unit.

    For this you need:

    • Turn on the printer and wait for the device to warm up;
    • With the front cover open, press the “Clear” button;
    • Press the “Up” key once and confirm the action;
    • The display will respond with a confirmation message, after which you should close the lid and use the drum unit further.
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    Such simple actions will save a considerable amount of money on the constant purchase of new cartridges in the future and will save at least precious time, saving you from going to the Brother service center.

    Reset counters Brother DCP-1512r / 1602r / HL-1110r / 1202r

    This manual is suitable for resetting the toner and drum counters in the following printers and all-in-one printer:

    Reset Toner Counter

    If your machine writes “low toner” or “replace toner“, then one refueling of the cartridge will not be enough here. Brother printers have a counter that counts the number of printed sheets. This function is needed in order to signal the owner of the machine to replace the toner. If the counter gives us the above messages that it is impossible to print and asks to replace toner, you need to reset it. This is done in the following simple way:

    • Turn on the printer
    • Opening the top cover, take out the cartridge
    • Next, it needs to be divided into two parts (clicked the blue checkbox on the right). It should look like this:
    • Insert only the drum cartridge into the printer (green)
    • I absorbed all the paper from the tray, put our hand in the bottom and look for the reset flag (red arrow in the picture) with our finger. Then they clamp it:
    • Do not release the flag, close the top cover of the printer
    • As soon as the printer engine starts spinning (you will notice when it starts humming), release the finger with the flags for 2 seconds and clamp it again. Keep the box clamped until the motor stops spinning
    • When the printer stops, lift the cover, insert the cartridge into the green drum cartridge housing and close the cover

    This completes the toner counter reset. The screen should read “Stacked copies»(In all-in-one printer DCP-1510r, DCP-1512r, DCP-1602r, DCP-1610wr, DCP-1612wr, MFC-1810r, MFC-1815r, MFC-1912wr) and one green light should be on (in printers HL-1110r, HL-1112r, HL-1202r, HL-1210wr, HL-1212wr).
    If suddenly you cannot reset the printer the first time, it’s okay, from the second or third time everything will definitely work.

    Perhaps you will see a more visual instruction video for the above reset:

    Reset the drum counter in the all-in-one printer. Resetting the drum counter in printers

    The message “Replace Drum” for Brother HL-1110r, HL-1112r, HL-1210WR, HL-1212WR printers appears when the drum unit has reached the end of its life. On the printer, it looks like this: the ready light is on, and an error (!) Flashes three times:

    It is quite easy to reset this error in this way:

    • Opening the top cover

    Push the button “incl” 4 times

    Close the lid

    The ready indicator (green) should be on, and the error indicator (! Orange) should disappear. If so. Then the error has been cleared and we can safely print.

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