Reset counter on Canon pixma printer

How to reset a Canon cartridge

In this review, we are going to share how to refill a Canon cartridge. The monitoring of the ink level in all inkjet cartridges is carried out programmatically, i.e., for example, a cartridge is designed for 220 pages and as it prints, it consumes this resource.

After it becomes zero, the printer will inform the user about the end of the ink in the cartridge, and especially those who have it for the first time will have a question about how to reset the Canon cartridge.
It turns out. the printer does not know the exact (actual) filling of the cartridges with ink. there is no sensor that would monitor the actual amount of ink in the cartridges. This is what can explain the most popular question the user has after refueling: ‘I just refilled the cartridge, but the printer says it is supposedly empty’.
Canon’s principle is much liberal with respect to other printer manufacturers and allows you to disable this function, i.e. disabling this function is possible only on printers from Canon, and even then not every time.

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In cases where you also have a question about how to reset a Canon cartridge and after refilling the cartridge and installing it in the printer, the printer still reports that the newly refilled cartridge is empty and further printer operation is blocked and / or a message appears on the computer screen that it has ended cartridge (fig. 1) and you need to replace it, you need to perform the process of turning off the ink tracking level control function on the printer.

After refilling the cartridge, it says that there is no Canon ink

Many users write that they cannot understand how the ink level is reset on the Canon mg4240. Wait until one cartridge is out of ink and a warning message appears on the printer / multifunction device display, prompting you to continue or stop printing, and not zeroing the Canon cartridges. In this window, click “OK, or click on the Stop / Reset button (the button looks like a red / orange triangle in a circle). Printing resumes. After one of the ink cartridges is completely out of ink, a message will reappear on the printer screen prompting you to replace the ink cartridge. If you have a multifunctional device / printer with a built-in cartridge, press the Stop / Reset button (usually a button with a triangle drawn in a circle) and hold it for 30 seconds. Thus, you disable tracking the ink level in the cartridge.

Disable ink control on a printer with separate ink tanks by answering the questions that appear on the computer screen. When prompted on the screen, press the Stop / Reset button if you have a multifunction device, or Resume / Cancel if you have a printer, and hold it for 10 seconds. Disable ink quantity control for each ink tank separately. This will not block printing and will not affect the print quality and the ink level is reset on the Canon pixma mg3640 after refilling the cartridge.

Sometimes, instead of a simple message, the computer may issue instructions detailing the troubleshooting steps and it is not immediately possible to understand how to reset the Canon pixma mg2440 cartridge after refilling. For example, “Press on the printer and do not release the“ Stop / Reset ”button or“ Stop / Reset ”for at least 5 seconds, which means that after holding the button for 5 seconds, a shutdown will occur, which will allow you to continue printing with the cartridge already refilled. It should be remembered that this action should be performed for each refilled cartridge, and you should read the instructions on how to reset the Canon pixma mg2540s cartridge.
If you do not know how to reset the Canon Pixma mg3640 cartridge after refilling, first just turn off the “Ink level control” function on the computer to which it is connected. To do this, go to the “Control Panel, select the option” Printers. Next, open the context menu on the printer icon, select the “Properties. Then go to the Maintenance tab, select the Printer Status Information option, click the Options button. Uncheck the box next to Display a warning automatically.

Disabling ink level control is the same on all Canon printers and MFPs, both on the basis of cartridges (PG-37/40/510/512/440 / 440XL, CL-38/41/511/513/441 / 441XL) and on ink tank base (PGI-5Bk / 520Bk / 425Bk / 525Bk, CLI-8/521/426/526);

This function is only available in Canon printers and MFPs, and this is why the question often arises of how to reset a Canon printer. This method is not applicable to printers from other manufacturers (HP, Lexmark, Epson, etc.);
For ink tank printers, the operation of disabling control must be performed for each color separately;
Disabling ink level control is performed on the cartridge (not on the printer), i.e. when replacing the cartridge with a new ink level will start to be monitored automatically. You do not need to turn on the ink level.
The ink level warning system will now be permanently disabled. It is necessary to check the ink level visually (i.e. open the printer cover). Printing a large number of pages without ink can damage the print head.

Entering Service Mode in Canon Printers

To change the readings of the printer counters, you need to enter the service mode. This can be done using the buttons “Enable” and “Continue” / “Cancel”.

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On some models of Canon devices, the buttons can be touch-sensitive, but the principle remains the same. In this case, the printer must be connected to the computer via USB.

  • Turn off the printing device with the “Power on” button.
  • Press the “Cancel” button.
  • Without releasing the “Cancel” key pressed, press the “Enable” button.
  • When the printer starts, without releasing “Enable”, release the “Cancel” button and click on it a specified number of times, depending on the printer model (details below).

The indicator of the device should respond to pressing by changing the color from green to yellow, and then back to green.
Letting go of both buttons.
The indicator should flash green several times and then turn on completely.

This means that the printing device has entered service mode. If the indicator blinks or glows yellow. there was another error that needs to be corrected or you are doing something wrong.

The number of times the Cancel button can be pressed from 2 to 9 depends on the Canon PIXMA model. You can define it yourself by repeating steps 1 to 5 with a different number of pressing the “Cancel” button.

After each attempt, turn off the printer from the outlet, reconnect and try again.

Below we provide approximate data on the number of required clicks, but this is only approximate information:

  • 2 clicks:
    iP1200, iP1300, iP1600, iP1700, iP1800, iP1900, iP2200, iP2500, iP2600, iP3600, iP4600, iP4700, iP4840, iP4850, Pro9000 MarkII, Pro9500 MarkII, IX7000, MP240, MP250, MP260, MP270, MP480, MP490, MP490 MP550, MP560, MP620, MP630, MP640, MP980, MP990
  • 4 clicks:
    iP2700, iP7240
  • 5 clicks:
    iP4840, iP4850, G1400, G2400, G3400, G4400, iP4940, MP280, MX320, MX330, MX340, MX860, MG5340, MG2245, MP230, MX494, MG3540, MG3550
  • 6 clicks:
    MG2140, MG2440 (all MG2400 Series), MG5340, MG5140, MG5240, MG6140, MG8140, MX394

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Using the Service Tool to Reset Counters

Today there are several versions of the Service Tool. This utility can be used to reset the diaper counter.

The utility is constantly evolving. new versions are released with support for new models of printers and mfp Canon. In some cases, to determine the appropriate version of the utility, you have to download and try several versions. they have the same interface.

Correspondence (approximate) of Service Tool versions to printer models:

  • v700: iP1200, iP1300, iP1600, iP1700, iP1800, iP2200, iP2500, iP1900, iP2600.
  • v2000: iP2700, iP3600, iP4600, iP4700, iP4840, iP4850, Pro9000 MarkII, Pro9500 MarkII, IX7000, MP240, MP250, MP260, MP270, MP480, MP490, MP540, MP550, MP560, MP620, MP630, MP6990, MP980, MP630 MX320, MX330, MX860, MG2400, MG2440, MG5140, MG5150, MG5340.
  • v3400: iP4940, MG2140, MG2245, MG3240, MG4240, MP230, MG3540, MX494
  • v3600: iP7240.
  • v4720 / v4740: G1400, G2400, G3400.

Important! Service Tool may interfere with different versions of operating systems. If errors occur, we recommend running the program in compatibility mode for Windows XP.

The sequence of actions to reset the diaper:

  • After entering the printer service mode, start the ServiceTool program. If the program does not see the printer, make sure it is connected to the computer. If more than one printing device is connected, select the one you need.
  • In the “Main” tab of the program, select the “Print” item with the “Test Print”, “EEPROM” and “Nozzle Check” buttons. Print a test page with the “Nozzle Check” to make sure the program correctly detects the device.
  • In the “Ink Absorber Counter” section in the “Counter Value” field, the percentage of filling the “diaper” is indicated.
    Go to “Clear Ink Counter” and press the “Main” key. If the reset is successful, the value in “Counter Value” should be reset to zero.
    If the value is not cleared, try also clicking “Platen”.
  • After resetting the pampers counter, close the Service Tool and on the computer, delete the copy of the printer from the “Printers and Faxes” folder that was created when using the service mode.

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Canon Pixma printers and MFPs account for ink consumption for printing and cleaning. During operation, sometimes it is necessary to resort to cleaning the nozzles of the print head and part of the ink falls into the special container of the Maintenance Box. For simplicity, a maintenance box is most often referred to simply as a “diaper”.

In this case, the printer can only empirically evaluate the degree of filling the diaper. by the total amount of ink produced. When the service cartridge reaches its maximum fill level, the printer will block printing.

This causes the printer driver to display error 5B00. This error is also accompanied by a light indication on the printer itself: the green and yellow LEDs on the printer alternately flash seven times.

Very often the printer warns about the imminent filling of the diaper. error 1700. If the printer issued it, then the printer considers that the diaper will soon be full.

articles on this topic:

Hello Anonymous. If you receive a notification that the ink in the cartridge has run out and the level update does not help, then the ink is really out and the cartridge needs to be replaced. The only thing you can do is gently remove the ink bottle from the connector and shake it. Sometimes this helps to collect the remaining ink and the cartridge will work for a while. Review the article below to help protect yourself from potential problems with removing the cartridge.

In addition, there is a possibility that the cartridge has become clogged and will only become functional after cleaning. You will find a detailed guide on this topic in our other material at the following link.

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If you have never encountered replacing a cartridge before, contact the service center for specially trained people to do this.

The method does not work on the MG2440. The warning disappears, but when you try to print again, an error pops up. My cartridge is completely filled.

Hello Vladimir. The problem may be with the device itself or the cartridge being used. Please read the instructions in the comment above. Follow the procedure for cleaning the cartridge, try replacing it with another one, if possible. If these actions are ineffective, contact the service center for further diagnostics and repair.

It is not uncommon for a situation when, after refueling or replacing cartridges, the printing machine still refuses to print, displaying on an information board and / or a screen with a message about the lack of ink in the ink tank. In such cases, the printer needs to be “helped to understand” that new cartridges have been installed in it or that the installed ones have been refilled. This is done manually by resetting the paint counters. Next, we will look at how to perform this procedure on Canon printers.

Disable warning

In most situations, when a notification appears, you can continue printing by pressing the corresponding button, but with frequent use of the equipment, this causes discomfort and takes time. Therefore, if you are sure that the ink tank is full, you can manually turn off the warning in Windows, after which the document will be immediately sent to the printout. This is done like this:

    Open “Start” and go to “Control Panel”.

Find the category “Devices and Printers”.

On your device, right-click and select “Printer Properties”.

In the window that appears, you are interested in the “Service” tab.

There click on the button “Printer Status Information”.

Scroll down to “Display a warning automatically” and uncheck “When a low ink warning appears”.

This concludes our article. Above, we talked in detail about how to reset the ink level in the Canon MG2440 printing device. We hope we helped you to easily cope with the task and you did not have any problems.

Thank the author, share the article on social networks.

Reset cartridge counters

It should be borne in mind that resetting the cartridges does not always mean zeroing the readings of the counters built into the ink tank. In most cases, the reset procedure involves simply disabling the counters, i.e. the ink level control function is disabled. This leads to the fact that the printer does not receive information about the lack of ink in the ink tank, and he continues to “think” about the presence of ink in the cartridges.

From this it follows that the printing machine will be able to carry out the printing procedure even in the complete absence of ink. Running a printhead idle can easily lead to a printhead failure. Therefore, after performing the next reset, the user must monitor the ink level in the ink tanks by himself, refilling them if necessary.

To reset (i.e. turn off) the ink level counter on Canon printers, you can use one of two solutions:

  • Resetting the ink levels by using the buttons on the front of the press. This method is also called a hard reset.
  • Using official Canon software or third-party service programs that reset the cartridge counter by sending a command from the computer to the printer. This procedure does not imply the performance of any mechanical operations with the printer itself, therefore it is called a soft reset.

Resetting the ink level of the Canon MG2440 printer

In the screenshot below, you see one example of low paint warnings. There are several variations of these notifications, the content of which depends on the ink tanks used. If you have not changed the cartridge for a long time, we advise you to replace it first, and then reset it.

Some warnings have instructions that tell you in detail what to do. If the manual is present, we recommend that you first use it, and if it is ineffective, proceed to the following steps:

  • Stop printing and then turn off the printer but leave it connected to the computer.
  • Hold down the “Cancel” key, which is framed in the form of a circle with a triangle inside. Then also hold down “Enable”.

Hold “Enable” and press 6 times in a row on the “Cancel”.

During pressing, the indicator will change its color several times. The fact that the operation was successful is indicated by a static green glow. Thus, the entry into the service mode occurs. It is usually accompanied by an automatic ink level reset. Therefore, then you only need to turn off the printer, disconnect it from the PC and the network, wait a few seconds, and then print again. This time the warning should go away.

If you decide to replace the cartridge first, we advise you to pay attention to our next material, in which you will find detailed instructions on this topic.

In addition, we provide guidance on how to reset the diaper of the device in question, which should also be done sometimes. You will find everything you need at the link below.

How to reset the counter on the Canon mg2540s printer

The software component of the Canon MG2440 printer is designed in such a way that it does not count the amount of ink used, but the amount of paper used. If the standard cartridge is designed to print 220 sheets, then when this mark is reached, the cartridge will automatically lock. As a result, printing becomes impossible, and a corresponding notification appears on the screen. Restoration of work occurs after resetting the ink level or turning off alerts, and then we will tell you how to do it yourself.

Soft reset with native software

If the printer software allows you to turn off the ink control function, then it is better to use it first rather than third-party applications.

  • Open the printer Properties on your computer. In the case of Windows systems, this is done as follows: go to the “Control Panel”, go to the “Hardware and Sound” section, then. “Devices and Printers”; find your printer in the list of available printers, right-click on its icon and select the “Properties” menu item.
  • Going into the “Properties” of the printer, find the “Maintenance” tab, and in it. “Printer Status Information”.
  • In a new window. click on the “Options” button.
  • Find the item “Show warning automatically”, next to which there will be a check mark.
  • Uncheck the box and click OK or Apply. Paint level control will be disabled.
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Not all steps from this manual (at least after entering the “Properties” of the printer) will be correct. Depending on the printer model and software version, turning off the ink meter may vary. However, the aLGorithm of actions is approximately the same in all cases.

What is ink level counter in Canon printers

The concept of ink level in cartridges has two meanings. First, the actual ink level is the amount of colorant in the cartridge. The second, programmed ink level is the number of prints that the cartridge is capable of producing under certain printing conditions. For example, the CLI-526BK cartridge contains 9 ml of black ink and prints approximately 600 pages of media. So, the ink level counter does not see the actual value. It is looped at a programmed level. In other words, when the CLI-526BK cartridge has produced 600 prints, the printer will block it and generate an E13 error. In this case, the ink in the consumable itself may still remain.

Meaning of errors E13 and E16

Errors E4, E13, E16, etc. (For a detailed list, see Canon Inkjet Printer Error Codes) indicate a cartridge compatibility issue with the printer. However, this is usually not due to a breakdown of a consumable or printer, but to filling the ink level counter.

If the malfunction indicator on the printer flashes 16 times, and then the power button comes on, then the printer cannot detect the level of dye remaining in the cartridge. For models with segment display, the code symbols E4, E13, E16, U130 or U162-163 will be displayed alternately (Example of error E13: the letter “E” appears immediately, followed by “1”, then “3”). If there is a connection between the printer and a personal computer, a message with an error code 1600, 1683, 1685-1686 or 1688 will appear on the PC.

In modern printers equipped with a color touch screen, information is carried out in a slightly different way. The cartridge lights will flash on the panel, and an information window will appear on the screen with the words “One of the device components has reached the end of its life.”.

How to reset the ink level counter in Canon printers

Problems with Canon printers can arise for a variety of reasons. Most often, devices of this brand are faced with the appearance of errors E4, E13, E16, 1683, 1686 and 1688 (depending on the model), caused by the filling of the ink level counter. In this article we will tell you about the meaning of these errors, the reasons for their occurrence and how to work around them. We are sure that after studying the information provided, you can easily cope with this problem on your own without contacting a specialist.

How to solve the problem of blocking cartridges in Canon printers

When a cartridge blockage occurs, there are several options for solving this problem:

  • change the cartridge for a new original consumable;
  • change the cartridge for a new compatible consumable;
  • change the cartridge for a refilled consumable;
  • change the cartridge chip;
  • refill the cartridge and reset the ink level counter.

If everything is very clear with replacing a cartridge or a chip, then with refueling and zeroing everything is not so simple. The fact is that after refilling the cartridge, the error will still not disappear anywhere, since the printer will still consider such a consumable to be empty.

How to reset the ink level counter in Canon printers

To get more profit, some office equipment manufacturers, such as Canon, are installing special chips on cartridges and software on printers that prohibit the reuse of consumables. Fortunately, there is a way to bypass the locked cartridge protection (reset the ink level counter).

For those who have a printer connected to a computer, it is a little easier. When the cartridge is blocked, an information window will appear on the PC with an error code and instructions for disabling the ink level monitoring system (usually it is because of it that the printer stops seeing the cartridge). Just read carefully and do everything as written.

The principle of zeroing the ink level is quite simple. As soon as the corresponding error appears, hold down the Stop / Reset button for 5 seconds (preferably 10-15 seconds), wait for the printer to restart and you can continue printing. It is easy to define the Stop / Reset button; it shows a triangle in a circle. If it is not there, then this function is performed by the “Power on / Power” button (for example, as in the Canon Pixma MG2840 printer).

Before zeroing the ink level, it is recommended to carry out the procedure for refilling the cartridge. If several consumables were blocked at once, then the reset must be carried out for each of them. Did not help? Then pay attention to the article “Canon printer does not see the cartridge”.