Reset Printer Counter Brother Mfc L2700dnr

Brother mfc l5700dn reset cartridge counter

Brother TN-2080 / TN-2085 / TN-2090 / TN-2275.

This is how the “flag” looks like (see the image below), which we need to hob in order to reset the toner counter in the printer. To do this, Unscrew 2-3 screws (depending on the model) and remove the side “cheek” covering the reset mechanism.

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Remove the two gears covering the center gear. Rotate the center gear to the position shown in the figure below so that the straight edge of the center part is vertically to the left.

Reinstall the two gears. The right gear should be in the petal position (protruding edge) down as shown in the figure.

Install the side panel. In total, after assembling the cartridge, make sure that the protruding tabs are facing down and the marker arrows are facing each other.

This procedure, sometimes, has to be repeated more than once, even with a new cartridge.

Resetting the Toner Counter Using the Machine Menu

The instructions for resetting the toner counter through the machine’s menu are only applicable for all-in-one printer Brother DCP-7055 / DCP-7057 / DCP-7060 / DCP-7065 / DCP-7070 and MFC-7360 / MFC-7860. The procedure must be performed if the “flag” on the cartridge has reset the toner counter in the printer.

  • Press the “Menu” button
  • Use the arrows to select “General settings” and click “OK”
  • Select “Replace Toner” with the arrows and press the “OK” button
  • Select “Continue” with the arrows and click “OK”
  • To exit the menu, press the “Clear” button.

You can only reset the toner counter through the printer menu once. In the future, you need to use the method of resetting the counter by cocking the “flags” on the cartridge.

Brother TN-1075

(Brother HL 1110R / 1112R, Brother DCP 1510R / 1512R, Brother MFC 1810R / 1812R)

1.Open the printer cover where the cartridge is installed.

Remove the cartridge from the printer,

Left only the drum part in the machine (Drum unit).

Press your finger on the reset sensor in the printer. The reset sensor is located on the left side of the printer; you can reach it through the input tray after removing all paper from it.

Close the printer cover.

Hold the gauge to start the printer engine.

After starting the engine, release the sensor, and after 1.5-2 seconds (no more!) Press it again and hold it to a complete stop of the engine.

Wait until the printer is ready.

Put the cartridge back in the drum unit.

Brother TN-2075, TN-2135, TN-2175

Insert the cartridge into the printer and turn on with the cover open.

Press the flags on the lever as shown in Fig. 2.

When the sensor is pressed, press the second sensor. the sensor for closing the lid Fig. 3.

After a few seconds, the printer will start scrolling the cartridge (you can hear it). As soon as this happens, depress the sensor flags, but do not touch the sensor cover.

Wait for the printer to be ready.

Press the cover sensor, close the cover.

The printer is ready to use.

Instructions for all-in-one printer:

1.Turn off the power, insert the cartridges, leave the cover open.

Detach lever 1 from the cover and insert it inside the all-in-one printer fig. 4.

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Press sensor 2 and sensor 3 with a screwdriver Fig. 4 (2. new cartridge sensor, 3. lid closed sensor)

With 2 and 3 pressed, wait until the all-in-one printer starts spinning inside. At first you will hear a faint fan noise. And after a while. significantly more Strong noise of the scrolling mechanism.

1 second after the all-in-one printer started scrolling inside, release sensor 2, but not Press 3.

After the all-in-one printer stops spinning, release 3, attach lever 1 back and close the cover.

All-in-one printer is ready to work.

For an all-in-one printer, reset all counters, including the cartridge counter and drum cartridge counter:

  • Turn off the device.
  • Clamp the “Menu / Set” button and turn on the device.
  • The device boots up in service mode.
  • Enter “81”.
  • We get the message “Reset drum count”.
  • Click “Start”.
  • The message “Reset life count” appears.
  • Press “Start” again.
  • We leave the service mode, typed “96”, or “98”, or “99”.
  • Turn off the device, turn on.
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After replacing the drum unit with a new one, the device continues to display the message “replace drum.”, “End of res. Bar.” Or “Last photo drum.”.

This Brother machine has a separate drum unit and toner cartridge. Make sure you replace only the drum unit and not the cartridge.
Click here for information on the differences between cartridge and imaging drum.

If the drum counter has not been reset when you replace the drum unit with a new one, the following error messages will be displayed on your device.

  • Replace photob.
  • Sunset Res.Bar
  • Last photobar.

Follow the steps below to clear the error message.

  • Make sure the device is turned on.
  • Click (Cancel) to clear the error message.
  • Reset the drum counter.
    Click here for instructions on how to reset the drum counter.

Only reset the drum counter when you replace the drum unit. If you reset the drum counter while the drum is in use, the remaining drum life will not be displayed correctly.

Brother strongly recommends that you only use genuine Brother drum units and / or toner cartridges (drums and toner cartridges manufactured by Brother Industries, Ltd.) Each Brother laser printer is specially designed to operate at specific temperatures that are precisely matched to the individual formulations of each toner. Every part of your Brother machine is designed to work together to ensure quality and reliability. The use of non-genuine Brother supplies may affect the operation of the machine, the print quality and the reliability of the machine. The Brother Warranty does not apply to any malfunction caused by the incorporation of third party imaging drums, toner cartridges or toner.

Recently one of my clients bought here a batch of Brother MFC-L2700DW. I was NOT informed about this, and when I had bags with empty toner cartridges in front of me and there was absolutely no time to buy reset gears, since the client needed refilled cartridges the next day (as always), it turned out what to reset on this model toner counter from the machine menu.

In fairness, it should be noted that this can be done Not only in this model, (thanks to our forum for this information), I just checked that it works.

So, in order to reset the toner counter of the Brother MFC-L2700DW, you need to open the front cover, press and hold the Menu button (about 5 seconds).

We are waiting for the message Reset counter TNR-STD A on the screen, release the Menu button and use the Up arrow button to select the inscription TNR-STR A.

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Press the OK button, the screen appears. TNR-STR A 1. Reset. 2. Exit.

Press 1 on the numeric keypad, the inscription changes to TNR-STR A Accepted.

Exit the reset menu with the Stop / Exit button.

We close the front cover and the device is ready to work.

You can print a report and make sure the toner counter is now 100%

Also, through the menu, you can reset the drum counter, but this is done in a slightly different way. The drum itself is designed for 12,000 prints.

Open the lid and hold the OK button, after five seconds an inscription appears on the screen. replace. Drum? 1. Yes 2. Sun

On the numeric keypad, press button 1, the inscription is replaced by a replacement. Drum? Accepted.

Close the front cover. the device is ready for use.

The starter toner cartridge, judging by the drum report, worked only 246 sheets:

Naturally, I did not begin to reset the drum, since this should only be done when replacing it in order to reset the voltage correction applied to the drum unit.

The starter cartridge itself differs from the usual one only by the absence of a reset gear, its bunker is not limited by anything, and it can be filled with both a regular filling and an increased one. I refill with Brother type 2.0 universal toner.

How to reset toner on brother dcp 1510r. Internet, gadgets and technology. Reset Toner Counter for Brother Printers

The other day a problem with the Brother MFC-1810R printer arose in relatives. After refilling the starter cartridge, the printer requires replacing the toner. To solve this problem, the printer needs to reset the toner counter. Since the TN-1075 cartridge is distributed among Brother machines, the instruction described here will work for DCP-1510R, DCP-1512R, HL-1110R, HL-1112R, MFC-1810R, MFC-1815R.

So, if your printer displays the “Change toner” error, then you need to do the following sequence of actions:

  • Remove the cartridge and paper from the printer.
  • Remove the toner from the housing. To do this, use the special lever on the cartridge.
  • Insert only the base of the housing into the printer. On the left you will see a button to reset the counter.
  • Insert your hand through the paper tray, feel and hold the button with your finger.
  • Close the cover through which the cartridge is inserted.
  • Wait for the mechanism inside the printer to spin. As soon as it spins, Release the counter reset button for 1-2 seconds (no more), then press it again until the mechanism inside the printer stops.
  • Further two options are possible:
  • If the printer clicks and displays an error “Replace toner”, then you could not catch the correct moment in the previous step (step 6). Go back to step 1 and Do all the steps again (I was able to reset the toner counter correctly only from the fourth time).
  • If you did everything correctly, the device will not peep, the printer display will display the “Change toner” error. Now pull the cartridge base out of the printer, insert the toner, and then put the Assembled cartridge back in. The printer will now work until the next cartridge refill.



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The first time, lovely!

Thanks! Good advice from a good person!

Thank you, it worked the first time, helped out).

Let’s look at how to reset the counters for Brother HL-1110R, HL-1112R, DCP-1510R, DCP-1512R, MFC-1810R, MFC-1815R printers. THESE models use one cartridge, TN-1075, so the toner and drum counters are reset in the same way.

Reset Toner Counter

How to do this through the device menu. I do not know yet. You can reset the toner counter of the Brother DCP-1512R manually, in the truest sense of the word. The process is simpler than the Brother DCP-7057R model. No need to disconnect and poke with a screwdriver.

We take out the cartridge and divide it into two parts (a toner unit and a drum unit).

Insert the drum unit into the device.

Pulling paper out of the feed tray.

We put our hand through the paper feed tray and press the sensor or lever (located on the left).

    Hold and close the top cover.

As soon as we hear the engine noise, release the sensor and after 1 second press it again.

We hold until the device warms up and dies down.

  • Open the lid, take out the unit with the drum unit, assemble the cartridge, insert it into the device and print.

You may not be able to reset the counter of the Brother DCP-1512R printer right away. Try to repeat the process by pausing before releasing the sensor for about 1 second after turning on the device motor.

Resetting the drum counter

Click [Menu] [4. Device Information] [6. Resetting the drum unit]

Press the “Up” arrow [∧] and the resource of the drum unit for the device is again 100%.


You can check if the Brother DCP-1512R cartridge has been reset to zero by printing the “Custom Settings” report. We press

The printouts show that the toner and drum unit are 100% resource. By the way, I periodically print this report, you will see that the Brother DCP-1512R imaging drum is running out, and you can replace it in time.

Reset counter BROTHER HL-1110R / DCP-1510R
After the machine prints a certain number of pages. it stops printing.
And one refueling of starter cartridges is not enough because they do not have reset flags (unlike purchased ones). you need to manually reset the toner counter.
1. It is necessary to open the cover of the printer and take out the drum cartridge, along with the toner cartridge. Drum cartridge Toner cartridge
2. Remove the cartridge from the drum cartridge
3. Insert the drum cartridge without cartridge into the machine
4. Move your hand through the paper feed tray into the machine and clamp the reset flag on the left. 5. Close the cover of the printer. The motor starts rotating.
6. Release for 1-1.5 seconds and press the reset flag again, hold it until the engine stops.
7. If the green LED is on. this is the counter has been reset. insert the cartridge into the drum cartridge and Print.
If the red LED is still on, then repeat the procedure again. Perhaps the first time will NOT work.


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