Reset printer settings brother dcp l2500dr

Reset brothers DCP 7055/7057 (100% working)

If the Brother DCP 7055/7057/7060/7065/7070 and MFC 7360/7860 (Brothers TN-2075 Cartridge) displays a ‘Out of Toner’ message and you have a Starter Cartridge, you need to reset the toner counter. If the cartridge was bought separately from the printer, then the printer is not manually reset (when refueling, we put its gear in a special position, as a result of which the printer thinks that the cartridge is full. The starting cartridge does not have such a gear).

In total, there are 3 ways to reset the toner counter: through the machine menu, through the imitation of the new cartridge gear and through the system menu. Let’s start with the first, the simplest.

The instructions for resetting the toner counter through the machine menu are only suitable for Brother DCP 7055 // 7060/7065 MFPs. The procedure must be performed if the “flag” on the cartridge did not reset the toner counter in the printer.
1. Press the “Menu” button
2. Select “General settings” and click “OK”;
3. Select “Replace Toner” and press the “OK” button;
4. Use the arrows to select “Continue” and press the “OK” button;
5. Exit the menu with the “Clear” button.
6. Ready
You can only reset the toner counter through the printer menu once. In the future, you need to use the method of resetting the counter through imitation of a gear.

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When refueling cartridges, we reset the toner counter for free.

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Resetting the counter via simulated gear:
1. Opening the printer cover.
2. Take out the drum cartridge with the toner cartridge. Removing the toner cartridge from the drum cartridge.
4. Insert the drum cartridge into the printing device.
5. Disconnect the lever “1” from the cover and sink it (see photo).

Brother DCP-L2500dr Reset the toner counter

Pull lever “1” out of the Brother DCP-7057R machine and hook it to the lid.
11. If your printing device displays the message “The drum has run out” on the monitor, then you need to perform the following operations: open the printer cover. press the “Clear” button. the printing device asks “Have you changed the drum?”. press “Up” and close the lid.
12. (print the test by triple pressing the “GO” key) If everything is done correctly
the toner replacement counter should increase by 1 (on the received test page in the section
value “toner”.

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If the first 2 methods did not help, then we perform the third reset method, through the system menu:
1.turn off the MFP and hold MENU
3.turn on, while the button is not released
4. as soon as some inscription MENU flashes on the display, release
5.Wait for MAINTENANCE to appear on the display
6. use the arrows to select point 81 OK
8.The display shows RESET DRUM COUNT, press START, then RESET LIFE COUNT appears, START again
9.then again use the arrows to select point 96 OK
Turn off and turn on again.

Brother DCP L2500dr Сброс счетчика тонера