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Hard reset reasons

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There are several reasons a user should know before resetting “Android” to factory settings:

Galaxy Note 3- How to Factory Reset via Hardware buttons

  • The smartphone has become slow. During the life of the device, a lot of data accumulates in the internal memory, which, in particular, can lead to the fact that it will work much slower than a new one. This reset can restore your phone to factory settings and free it from junk.
  • Virus on a smartphone. Often the user does not even know where the problems in the phone come from, but the reason may be a virus that severely limits the functionality of the smartphone, in these cases only a hard reset will help.
  • Preparing the device for sale. However, you need to be careful before you reset “Android”. With the vast amount of hacking know-how on the internet, personal data can be recovered even after a hard reset. Therefore, it will be necessary not only to reboot the phone, but also to thoroughly clean all the data.

Reset and Reboot functions

Many people confuse the word Reset with the word Reboot. If the user is experiencing significant lag or any other problem that they want to fix without losing all their data, they will use the Reset function, which will simply reboot the phone. If you apply Reboot before you reset “Android”, then you need to be prepared for the fact that this function will delete all data and phone settings.

The difference between soft and hard. It is equivalent to the words Soft and Hard, coming from SOFTware and HARDware. This means that if the user is using the software to reboot the Android phone, it is SOFT. Pulling out the battery would be a hard boot as it touches the device’s hard drive. Hard Reboot requires the user to do something with their phone’s hardware.

Some devices, such as the Nexus 5 or Samsung Galaxy S6, do not have removable batteries. To simulate battery power, turn on the phone while holding down the power and volume down buttons so that the screen turns off and the reboot animation appears. If the user did not have time to make a backup before resetting the Android phone, all data from the device will be lost.

However, since most of the device’s content is tied to its Google account, such as downloaded apps, contacts, messages, emails, it can try to recover its data from the cloud.

If the user has an Android phone, he can make a so-called NAndroid backup before resetting the Android phone to factory settings, which can be easily restored later, and the device will be in its previous state.

Making a backup

Before you reset your phone to factory settings, make sure you have backups of all important data. If it’s still possible and your phone allows it, it’s best to make a full backup of your personal information. To create it before resetting your Android phone, you can use the manufacturer’s software, for example, Samsung Smart Switch or for older Samsung KIES devices, a Google account or additional backup applications such as MyPhone Explorer or Helium Backup.

Once all your contacts, photos, user settings and applications have been backed up, you can start the reset. simply through the menu on your smartphone. This option basically works on all versions of Samsung and tablets.

Before you reset your Android phone to factory settings, perform the following operations:

  • Go to “Settings” in the phone menu.
  • Opens “Backup and Reset”.
  • In the case of Samsung Galaxy S8, you can do a “Reset” through “General Administration”. A message will appear stating that it is possible to back up all application data, Wi-Fi passwords and other parameters via a Google account.
  • Set the checkbox to the “Restore automatically” option if you want to restore the saved data immediately during a new installation of the application.
  • To do a hard reset, click on the Factory Reset option. A hint will appear indicating which data and accounts will be affected, the user will also have the option to save the information to the inserted SD card.
  • Press “Reset device” and again, before resetting “Android” buttons, confirm this step.
  • Click “Delete All” and enter PIN or password for security reasons.
  • After that, the device will reboot with factory settings.

Reset in recovery mode

Sometimes it is impossible to reset the settings, for example, if the user has forgotten their password or the smartphone does not start properly. Then only a hard reset in recovery mode will help. It allows you to access the base system of any Android device. Procedure to reset “Android” to factory settings with the buttons:

  • First turn off the power, and then for a few seconds simultaneously press “Power”, “Volume up” and “Home”.
  • A menu will appear with many settings to calibrate the software. It’s best to make changes that the user is confident about.
  • In this mode, before “Samsung” with “Android” is reset to factory settings, move using the volume buttons.
  • Select the “Erase data or reset factory settings” item and confirm the action.
  • Now Samsung Galaxy is reset to factory mode and user data will be deleted.

Unresponsive touch screen

Sometimes there is a situation when the touch screen of a smartphone does not respond well. Elimination of external causes:

  • The external environment causes the screen to become less sensitive.
  • The magnet affects the phone, so the touch screen does not work properly, the phone must be kept away from the magnetic field.

Static electricity, sweat, and grease on the hand cause the phone to become unresponsive to touch. Before touching the screen again, make sure your hand is clean, dry and free of static electricity. Unplug the Android phone from the power source to stop charging, after which the phone will most likely get rid of the problem. In particularly hot or cold temperatures, it is easy to obtain an unresponsive touch screen. Therefore, in this situation it is better not to use the phone.

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How to troubleshoot internal crashes, or how to reset “Android” on Samsung:

  • Disconnect the power supply and restart the device.
  • Turn off Android phone and tablet completely.
  • After 1 or 2 minutes, press and hold the Power key to turn it back on. Then the touch screen will work as usual after the device is rebooted.
  • Remove the memory card and SIM card; sometimes there may be an error on the memory card or on the SIM card.
  • If the device provides a removable battery function, you need to pull off the back cover of the mobile phone and remove the battery.
  • Wait 1 or 2 minutes, then reinsert the battery and turn on the smartphone.
  • Boot the device in safe mode. This will help you know if the touchscreen crash is caused by a recently installed program.
  • Install an anti-virus program. If the sensor failure does not affect the ability to download applications from the Play Store, download and install the antivirus application and scan the phone. It can solve all problems.
  • Calibrate the screen.
  • Various programs are available in the Play Store that can calibrate your phone’s touchscreen and improve the accuracy of your experience. These programs are very effective, especially when the touch screen responds inaccurately or slowly.
  • Apply Factory Reset Android in recovery mode. If the screen is completely unresponsive, then it’s time to restart your phone in this mode. Although this will erase the information stored on the Android device, so you need to apply this solution as a last resort and, if possible, back up and restore your Android data in advance.

Button recovery tools

When it comes to factory restore, there is little disagreement between Samsung phones and the user may need to find specific instructions before resetting “Android” to “Samsung”. The main functions of the phone buttons:

  • After turning off the power, press Volume Up Power, until the recovery menu appears.
  • Use Volume Down to scroll through the settings mode and Power to select the mode.
  • Use Volume Down to scroll through the delete position and press the Power button before selecting.
  • Press the Power button to select the reboot system.
  • Some Samsung devices require users to hold down the Volume Up and Home key and then press and hold Power until the Samsung logo initiates a factory reset.
  • While holding Volume Up, press and hold Power until the Fastboot screen appears.
  • Apply Volume Down to go to Recovery and press the Power button to select the mode.
  • When Android icon and red exclamation mark appear, quickly press the Volume Up and Power button at the same time.
  • Apply Volume Down to scroll through the factory reset and press the Power button to select the mode.
  • After complete cleaning, press the Power button to select the reboot mode.

How to reset “Android” using buttons?

A soft reset is just restarting your phone. Sounds simple, but it helps in cases with many problems and glitches. For example, it can happen that Samsung or any other phone becomes slow because the memory is overloaded with an unfinished application. In such cases, before resetting “Android”, it is enough to turn off the smartphone once or remove the battery for a few minutes. Experts call such a discharge soft. If the problem after it has not been resolved, the user should think about how to restore the Samsung Galaxy to factory settings by performing a hard reset.

System Tools

Samsung has provided users with the option to reset (in English hard reset) the device through the settings of the device.

    Enter the “Settings” in any available way (through the shortcut of the menu application or by pressing the corresponding button in the curtain of the device).

In the group “General settings” is the item “Archive and reset”. Enter this item with a single tap.

The application will warn you about the deletion of all user information stored in the memory (including accounts). At the bottom of the list is the “Reset device” button, which you need to click.

  • You will be presented with another warning and a button “Delete all”. After clicking, the process of clearing the user’s personal data stored on the device will begin. If you use a picture password, PIN or fingerprint sensor, or iris, you will first need to unlock the option.
  • At the end of the process, the phone will reboot and appear in front of you in a pristine state.
  • Despite the simplicity, this method has a significant drawback. in order to use it, the phone must be loaded into the system.

    Factory Reset Data on Samsung Galaxy

    Resetting phone data is a forced removal of all information, including the list of contacts, messages, photos and videos, music files, mail and instant messenger settings, all installed applications. The reset option is also called in some models. reset, hard reset, factory reset. Smartphone software reverts to new.

    Hard Reset via menu

    The easiest way to do a factory reset on Samsung. Its only drawback is that it is only available if the device boots and works correctly. In other words, it is used when carrying out a planned procedure (for example, pre-sale preparation).

    It is believed that a periodic reset of the settings has a positive effect on the performance of the system. This is not the case in modern versions of the Android OS. It is enough not to clog up all the available space of the internal memory and promptly delete old unnecessary applications and media files.

    Procedure for a factory reset via the menu:

      In the smartphone menu, select “Settings”. If in the list that appears there is an item “General settings”. tap it, if not. just go to the next step.

    Hard Reset /Factory Reset All Samsung (Without Home Button)

    We select the required element for the operation. Usually it is called “Archive and Reset”, but in different versions of the interface the names “Privacy” or simply “Reset” are possible.

    In the menu that appears, select “Reset data” (“Delete all”). A warning will appear on the screen with a list of the information that will be deleted. Read this list carefully to make sure that you have not forgotten to save something you need beforehand, and then activate the operation by clicking on the item “Reset device”.

  • The smartphone will take the necessary steps and automatically reboot. Confirmation of the return to factory settings will be the prompt that appears after the download to enter a Google account.
  • Remote Control Hard Reset

    It is used if the smartphone is lost irretrievably, and serves to prevent unauthorized use of user logins and passwords. Especially relevant if the device was used to conduct financial transactions.

    To remotely reset user settings, go to the Google website and activate the item “My Account”. We launch the application “Find phone”, in the menu that appears, select “Delete all data from the device”. Guided by Google’s hints, we authorize access and confirm the need to remove user settings.

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    All of the above methods on how to factory reset Samsung are applicable not only to smartphones. They can also be used to restore functionality and pre-sale of the Korean manufacturer’s tablets. The main thing is not to forget to save the necessary information on third-party media, the recovery of which from the device in use in the future will be impossible.

    By dialing code

    This option is applicable under the same conditions as the previous one. In addition, he can help you out in case of problems in the operation of the system menu, if you still have access to the application for calls.

    To activate the factory reset procedure, enter one of the following codes on the Samsung phone keypad:

    • 27673855 #
    • ###
    • ###

    After pressing the call button, the device will reboot and all data from it will be deleted.

    How to Factory Reset Samsung: 2 Ways to Reset Samsung Phone.

    Method. through the menu

    Open your phone settings and go to General Settings. Here we need the item “Reset”, it can also be called “Archiving and Reset” or other variations. Click on it.

    Next, select the item to reset data / device. Confirm that you want to delete everything and the erasing process will begin. The device will be booted to zero.

    Method. via Recovery

    Disconnect your smartphone / tablet. press and hold the power button until a menu appears where you need to select the shutdown item.

    Press and hold two keys on the device body. volume up and power up. If there is a home button, then hold it down as well.

    As soon as an inscription appears with the name of the smartphone, release the power key. The rest of the keys should be released as soon as the Recovery menu appears.

    You can navigate through the menu items using both the touch screen and the volume buttons. Select “wipe data / factory reset” by going down to it and pressing the power button. Confirm that you want to reset everything.

    Go to “Reboot system now”, press the power button and agree to reboot. Smartphone will boot completely reset.

    Interesting! We also considered this method in the material. how to unlock a Samsung phone if you forgot your password. It is great in cases where a smartphone or tablet cannot even be opened at all.

    How to reset Samsung to factory settings

    You can reset the settings on a Samsung phone or tablet in several simple ways, which we will look at today in the illustrated instructions.

    This procedure often helps out when the device malfunctions, brakes, or other errors. It does not harm the system and “resets” the device to its initial state.

    The previous post was about how to enable T9 on Samsung. In this article, we will look at the Samsung hard reset process, i.e. how to reset a Samsung phone or tablet to factory settings as simple and fast as possible.

    Interesting! Always Hard Reset Samsung devices before selling or if you want to give your device to someone for a long time. This is necessary to protect your data. so that it does not fall into the wrong hands.

    Before reset

    Back up Android so that all settings, contacts and other data are in the cloud. And in the future, you could return them. Photos can be downloaded to SD card or computer.

    Sign out of your Google and Samsung account if you don’t want to use them anymore on this device, for example. before selling. We examined in detail how to do this in the article. how to delete a Samsung account from the phone. Open settings. accounts and unlink everything.

    Reset Samsung to Factory Settings

    These were the easiest ways to do it. Through the Recovery menu, you can even reset a locked device, this method is more flexible, use it if it does not work through the menu.

    3 Method. via Recovery, buttons

    This method is universal, so we can reset the phone using the buttons, even if it does not boot at all or is locked. And you don’t need to unlink accounts in this case.

    Interesting! We have already discussed how to do this operation for Samsung smartphones in the material. resetting Samsung to factory settings.

    Charge your phone and turn it off. We will turn it on by simultaneously pressing certain keys on the case. It depends on the model.

    Important! You need to press the keys at the same time. Release the power button immediately after the logo or vibration appears. And another one after the Recovery menu appears.

    • Honor, Huawei, HTC, Nexus, Fly, Sony. Power down volume
    • Xiaomi, Meizu, Pixel, Lenovo, Prestigio. Volume up power supply

    In some models, instead of increasing the volume, you need, on the contrary, to press the decrease button. Therefore, if it did not work out, just try another option.

    A menu will open on a black background, it is called. Recovery. Control here is carried out using the touch screen or keys:

    • Volume Up. Up
    • Volume down. down
    • Meals. open

    Open the menu item. “wipe data / factory reset“. Confirm your intentions by clicking on the appropriate item and wait for the end of the process.

    Switch to the “reboot system now” item and reboot the device. The device will boot completely zeroed.

    Interesting! In older versions of Android, the reset could be done using the service codes in the dialing number, for example, 27673855 #. They all don’t work now.

    Method 1. through the menu

    The easiest option, if the phone / tablet works and boots normally, then use it.

    Open your device settings and go to the “Restore and reset” section. If the section is not visible, then first open the general / advanced options.

    Here we need the item “Reset settings”. open it and click on the reset button of your device.

    Confirm your intentions if the system asks about it and wait for the end of the process.

    Important! In the process, you will be asked to enter the current password from the device, if you don’t remember it, then go to the second method, there it will not be required.

    How to reset Android to factory settings

    Method 2. through the menu before selling

    Before selling the device and resetting it through the menu. you must first unlink your Google account. Only the third method allows you not to do this, since everything will be erased there at once in any case.

    Open the device settings and go to the account management section.

    Open your linked Google account and unlink it from your phone. To do this, open and click on the delete button. On some models, you need to click on the ellipsis icon in the upper right corner and select the advising item. If there are several accounts, unlink all.

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    After that, go to the settings in the recovery and reset section and reset your smartphone / tablet. The way we did it in the first chapter.

    How to Reset Phone DO to Factory Defaults: Hard Reset

    Hard Reset. Reset Android settings to factory settings. In some cases, it is simply a necessary means for a smartphone or tablet to start working normally.

    It can be done in several different ways, which we will analyze. The instruction is universal and suitable for devices of all models: Honor, Xiaomi, Huawei and others.

    In the past, you learned how to turn off Safe Mode on your phone. Now we will take a closer look at what you need to do to reset your Android phone or tablet to factory settings. The instruction will be with explanatory pictures to make it even easier.

    Important! Remember, after the reset, all data that is currently stored on the device will be erased. So back them up before starting. What is stored on the SD card will be untouched.

    If you have enabled data synchronization and have not unlinked your account, when you turn on the device, all contacts and settings will be restored when connected to the Internet.

    What happens if you reset all settings on iPhone?

    Reset all settings. All settings (including network settings, keyboard dictionary, Home screen design, location and privacy settings, Apple Pay cards) will be deleted or reset to their default settings. Data and media files are not deleted.

    How to undo a factory reset on Android?

    Go to the device settings menu and select the “Restore and reset” item. At the bottom of the list, click on the “Reset settings” button. A menu will appear informing you about the deletion of personal data. To confirm, you need to press the button “Reset phone settings“.

    How to reset all settings on your phone?

    Open “Menu”. “Settings” and select “Restore and reset”. 2. Scroll to the bottom of the list that opens and click on the “Reset settings” item (the name of this item on different smartphones may look different: “Reset phone settings”, “General reset”, “Erase all data”, etc.

    How to Factory Reset Samsung?

    Factory reset methods

    • Go to settings, select “General settings”.
    • Select the “Reset” menu.
    • Find the item “Reset data” or “Reset device”.
    • Select the option “Reset”, “Reset device” or “Delete all”.
    • Start deleting all information and rebooting the device.

    What happens if you reset your phone DO to factory settings?

    Yes, resetting to factory settings will delete all data from the device: contacts, messages, downloaded applications, photos, music, mail settings, etc. After the reset, the smartphone or tablet will return to the form it had when it was purchased, that is, to the factory state.

    How to reset Google settings on your phone?

    To erase all data from your phone, reset it. This procedure is also called formatting or resetting to factory settings.Preparing for a factory reset

    • Open your phone settings.
    • Click Accounts.
    • Here you will find your google username.

    What is the code to reset the settings on Samsung?

    The first method to reset the settings is to dial the following code: ###. A screen will appear where you need to click on the “Reset phone” option. The second code for a factory reset is 27673855 #. It is used to execute Format Factory and phone flashing.

    Factory reset Samsung smartphones

    Factory Recovery

    This hard reset option is applicable when the device cannot boot the system. for example, during a cyclic reboot (bootloop).

    • Turn off your device. To enter “Recovery Mode”, simultaneously hold down the buttons for turning on the screen, “Volume Up” and “Home”. If your device does not have the last key, then just hold down the screen turn on plus “Volume Up”.
    • When the standard screen saver appears on the display with the inscription “Samsung Galaxy”, release the screen power key, and hold the rest for about 10 seconds. The recovery-mod menu should appear. If it did not work out, repeat steps 1-2 again, while holding the buttons a little longer.
    • Once you have access to Recovery, press the Volume Down button to select Wipe data / factory reset. After selecting it, confirm the action by pressing the screen activation key.

    This system reset option will clear memory bypassing Android, allowing you to fix the bootloop mentioned above. As in other methods, this action will delete all user data, so a backup is desirable.

    How to Factory Reset Samsung

    This seemingly difficult task can be solved in several ways. Let’s consider each of them in order of complexity of both execution and problem.

    Warning: factory reset will erase all user data on your device! We strongly recommend that you make a backup before starting manipulations.!

    System Tools

    Samsung has provided users with the option to reset (in English hard reset) the device through the settings of the device.

      Enter the “Settings” in any available way (through the shortcut of the menu application or by pressing the corresponding button in the curtain of the device).

    In the group “General settings” is the item “Archive and reset”. Enter this item with a single tap.

    The application will warn you about the deletion of all user information stored in the memory (including accounts). At the bottom of the list is the “Reset device” button, which you need to click.

  • You will be presented with another warning and a button “Delete all”. After clicking, the process of clearing the user’s personal data stored on the device will begin. If you use a picture password, PIN or fingerprint sensor, or iris, you will first need to unlock the option.
  • At the end of the process, the phone will reboot and appear in front of you in a pristine state.
  • Despite the simplicity, this method has a significant drawback. in order to use it, the phone must be loaded into the system.

    Service code in the dialer

    This cleaning method is possible using the Samsung Service Tag. Works only on some devices, and it also affects the contents of memory cards, so we recommend removing the USB flash drive from the phone before use.

      Open your device’s dialer app (preferably standard, but most third-party apps work as well).

    27673855 #
    The device will immediately start the reset process and reboot when finished.

    The method is extremely simple, but fraught with danger, since no warning or confirmation of the reset is provided.

    Summing up, we note that the process of factory resetting Samsung phones is not much different from other smartphones on Android. In addition to those described above, there are more exotic reset methods, but most ordinary users do not need them.

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