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Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite will get better optical stabilization


In the future smartphone, we expect a 4K Ultra HD Super AMOLED display, which will cover at least 93% of the entire front panel of the device. In addition, Samsung continues to spread rumors about a patent for a flexible display that will apparently be used in the Galaxy S10.

The point is that the new “Galaxy” can acquire a screen that will cover the front, one side and part of the rear panel. The display itself will be made in a single form factor, which, according to the design idea, should “envelop” the smartphone. The corresponding photos are already on the Internet.

A similar idea has already been implemented in the Meizu Pro 7, which has 2 displays. The second screen is for displaying notifications and hours. In addition, the rear display of the Meizu Pro 7 has found its use as a selfie mirror. However, the rear screen was separate, and not a single whole with the bezel, but the developers’ idea turned out to be quite interesting. We hope that Samsung will be able to translate the flexible display patent into practice, and the Samsung S10 will become a truly revolutionary and new device in every sense.

Samsung to unveil Galaxy S10 Lite, Galaxy Note 10 Lite and A51 in December

Smartphone RAM: how many gigabytes do you need?!

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How much RAM does a 2017 smartphone need? The answer is more difficult than it might seem at first glance, but it is quite realistic. The optimal amount of RAM for the device depends on several variables, and I will try to give a clear and unambiguous answer in a simple and accessible form. I will not complicate the material with technical details, and therefore I apologize in advance to my fellow programmers for possible inaccuracies.

How much RAM does the system eat??

The operating system. Android or iOS. grabs a decent chunk of RAM. Contrary to popular belief, Android is not much more power hungry than iOS (applications are another matter). Yes, his piece of the pie is a little larger, but not much, and for the user this difference is not too fundamental.

But branded skins like TouchWiz, MIUI or Flyme are a completely different story. They are very hungry for the RAM of the smartphone, and it is much more difficult to feed them. Now it’s time to turn to dry numbers:

  • Pure Android takes 400 to 600 MB of RAM for its needs.
  • Android with proprietary skins. 1.0 to 1.5 GB.

Samsung Galaxy A10e Storage Full (Helpful Tips)

The difference is significant. over, the figure depends not only on the shell that is on the smart, but also on its class. For example, together with the service modules and a graphical interface, the flagship Galaxy S7 will have the proprietary TouchWiz bite off 1.5 gig of RAM, while the middle A3 will have 1.2 or even less. The exact numbers depend on the number of useful and not-so-useful services that are at startup or are enabled by default. Example: camera module with eye tracking function.

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Smartphone RAM: how much memory do popular apps need (MB)?

Accordingly, you can easily calculate how much memory a smartphone needs for applications. If you rarely run more than 5-10 applications (instant messengers, email clients, etc.) at a time, 500-600 MB will be enough for everything. Here we take into account that some of them will be in the background, in which the data is compressed and takes up a minimum of space, so 600 meters will be enough for your head.!

How much memory does a smartphone need for applications?

It may seem that this question is much more difficult to answer, but everything is exactly the opposite. In most cases, the application needs 70-80 MB of RAM. Someone needs 10 MB, another needs 30 MB, the third. all 150 MB, but the figure rarely rises above 150 MB (the exception of the game, but about them below in the text).

How much RAM does a 2017 smartphone need for games?

How much RAM does a 2017 smartphone need for gaming? And again the situation is like with applications. You might think that games pull a lot of RAM, but this is not the case. Even a cool igruha rarely goes beyond the 500 MB. 1 GB limit, which is confirmed by the experiments of enthusiastic gamers who run up to five demanding games simultaneously.

There will be no lags and brakes on a gaming smartphone with a good processor and 4 GB, and all thanks to the transition of applications (which includes any game) to the background mode with data compression. The peak consumption of RAM for simple but very popular toys is even less. Figures on the chart:

New lines of Samsung smartphones: camera capabilities

M. Samsung smartphones are equipped with a 13 5MP dual camera. They have several shooting modes: automatic, portrait, pro, panorama, wide-angle. Supports shooting with a blurred background. Video recording is in FullHD format.

A. Samsung smartphones have dual or triple 16 5MP cameras, shoot with bokeh effect, in portrait mode, and support panoramic shooting. In the Galaxy A70 and other smartphones of the Samsung line, the camera is paired with artificial intelligence, has automatic focus, and a flash. There is a function “Determine flaws”, it allows you to get rid of unsuccessful angles, closed eyes.

S and Note. Samsung’s flagships are equipped with a triple camera with 121216 megapixel specifications. With a 123-degree wide-angle camera, you can capture all-encompassing panoramas. Recently, the term “UltraWide panorama” has even appeared. this is a panorama taken on the Galaxy S10, it captures the maximum in the photo. Video recording is carried out in 4K format and in slow-mo mode at a speed of 960 fps. In the latest models, super stabilization is used when filming, it allows you to shoot like an action camera. smoothly and dynamically. The top novelty of 2020 Galaxy S20 Ultra received a quad camera with a resolution of 108 48 12 ToF sensor and a selfie camera with a resolution of 40 mA. For the first time, Samsung smartphones have a “space zoom” (100x digital zoom), and video recording is possible in 8K format. The rest of the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 lineups are equipped with a triple camera with 12 64 12 megapixel lenses.

Z. flexible Samsung smartphones with a dual camera with a resolution of 12 megapixels each lens. The camera captures high-quality nighttime Hyperlapse videos or low-light shots with Night Mode. Front camera resolution. 10 megapixels. The Samsung Z series smartphones feature Flex Mode, which allows you to use the smartphone in a semi-folded state. For example, it can be installed in this position on some surface and photographs as if the smartphone is mounted on a tripod.

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Appearance and display

M. smartphones are made of high quality plastic. The lineup is presented in several colors: red, black, blue. At the top of the screen there is a cutout for a selfie camera, on the back there is a fingerprint scanner and a main camera. 6.3 ” screen, Super AMOLED.

how to free up space on Samsung a10 a20 a50 a70 a90

A. the body is made of plastic or metal. At the top of the display there is a teardrop-shaped notch for a selfie camera. The main camera is located in the upper left corner of the rear panel. The screen is frameless, but there is a small chin. Screen diagonal from 6.4 ”, Super AMOLED or AMOLED, HD resolution. In the Galaxy A51 model, the main camera is placed in a separate rectangular block, and the selfie camera is not made in the form of a droplet, but a dotted cutout in the center of the screen from above.

S. devices are made of aluminum (frame) and glass (front and rear panels). The glass panels are covered with durable Gorilla Glass 6. They are protected from water and dust according to the IP67 or IP68 standard. On the back panel in the center is the main camera and the company logo. The diagonal of the screen is 6.1-6.8 ”, made using Dynamic AMOLED technology, have a wide color gamut, they are called Infinity-O displays because of a special cutout for a selfie camera. 2020 models (Galaxy S20 line) feature 140Hz refresh rate screens (switchable to 60Hz).

Note. they are made of glass and aluminum, like the models of the S line. Also protected from moisture and dust. The maximum diagonal in the Note 10 model is 6.8 ”. Displays are made using Dynamic AMOLED technology.

Z. Samsung smartphones of the Z line are made of glass, they are quite thick when folded, but very compact. The hinge mechanism is based on ultra-thin bendable glass. Inside the hinge there are tiny nylon fibers to keep dust from the inside of the hinge. The phones are equipped with 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED screens with a resolution of 2636 x 1080 pixels. Each half of the display can be used for different activities when the smartphone is open.

What were the rulers before?

Galaxy is the most popular line of Samsung smartphones, including devices of the A, J, S, C series. They differ in processors, camera capabilities, screen size, resolution, memory capacity, battery capacity. Users can easily find a suitable option for any wallet:

  • The J Series are Samsung’s affordable multifunctional smartphones in a stylish single camera design. Made of metal, 5 “, 5.2” and 5.5 “, HD resolution.
  • Business series A. models of the middle price segment with a dual camera. Made in a shock-resistant glass and metal case. Smartphones Samsung Galaxy A50 attract attention with gradient colors of the case, beautifully shimmering in the light. Super AMOLED screen, 4.5 to 5.5 inches diagonal.
  • The S series are Samsung’s flagship smartphones characterized by high value, top-end processors, best cameras and screens. Premium devices made of glass and aluminum. Screens from 5 to 6.2 ” are made using Super AMOLED technology. Equipped with top-end dual or triple cameras, support self-mojis. The latest model released in 2020 is the Galaxy S20 Ultra.
  • C series. mid-budget multifunctional devices made of metal. Smartphones are equipped with AMOLED screens with a diagonal of 5 to 5.7 ”, a resolution of 1920×1080. Models are equipped with 13 megapixel single cameras with flash, autofocus, 4K video shooting is supported.
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Operation speed, memory size, performance

New Samsung smartphones show excellent performance thanks to 8-core processors and a large amount of RAM (6-12 GB). In devices of the middle class there are less powerful processors, the amount of RAM is 3-6 GB. The CPU is responsible for the performance of gadgets, depending on the model chosen:

Speed, memory, performance of previous Samsung smartphones

Series J A S C
Processors 4-core Exynos or Snapdragon 8-core Exynos 7885 8-core Exynos or Snadragon 8-core from Snadragon
RAM 2-3 GB 3-4 GB 3-6 GB 3-4 GB
ROM 16 GB 16-32 GB 32-64 GB 32-64 GB
Autonomy 2600-3600 mAh 2350-3600 mAh 2600-3500 mAh 2500-3600 mAh

In 2020, the A, S lines remained, as well as new ones: M and Note.

Comparison of new lines of Samsung smartphones

M is Samsung’s line of mid-range smartphones that launched in 2019. The lineup is distinguished by a good margin of autonomy, average-performance processors, and a standard amount of RAM (32 or 64 GB). About the M series we can say: “The perfect balance of filling and cost”.

A is the most popular line of Samsung smartphones with the largest number of smartphones. It used to be business class, but now the cheap J series has been discontinued, so the A line covers business smartphones and budget models. The distinctive features of the new line are stylish appearance, frameless Infinity Display screens, and high-capacity batteries. The most popular models of the line. Galaxy A30 and A50.

S. an expensive top line of Samsung flagships, combining maximum innovations, proprietary technologies and fancy chips (ultrasound scanner, Dynamic Amoled screen).

Note. Samsung’s high-performance flagships that support the S Pen stylus. They use the same features and innovations as the S line. What’s the difference? The S line is for business people, the Note. too, but also for leisure, work and communication, and all this is easier to implement with the S Pen stylus. according to Samsung.

Z are Samsung‘s flexible smartphones that first appeared in 2020. They feature a folding screen that folds in half, a dual camera, a top processor and the highest cost of any Samsung device.

Comparative table of characteristics of popular models of Samsung smartphones

Ruler S10 M20 A30 A50 Note 10
Screen 6.1 ” 6,3 ” 6.4 ” 6.4 ” 6.8 ”
CPU Exynos 9820 Exynos 7904 Exynos 7904 Exynos 9610 Snapdragon 855
Memory size 8/128 GB 3/32 GB; 4/64 GB 3/32 GB; 4/64 GB 4/64 GB; 6/128 GB 12/512 GB
Operating system Android 9 One UI Android 9 One UI Android 9 One UI Android 9 One UI Android 9 One UI
Battery 3 400 mAh 5000 mAh 4000 mAh 4000 mAh 4 300 mAh
Main camera 12 (f / 2.4) 12 (f / 1.5-2.4) 16 (f / 2.2) 13 (f / 1.9) 5 MP 16 (f / 1.7) 5 (f / 2.2) MP 25 (f / 1.7) 5 (f / 2.2) 8 (f / 2.2) 16 (f / 2.2) 12 (f / 1.5-2.4) 12 (f / 2.1)
Front-camera 10 megapixels 8 megapixels 16 megapixels 25 megapixels 10 megapixels
Face recognition technology

Comparison of the lines of smartphones from Samsung

If everything is roughly clear with Apple smartphones: every year a new model comes out, then Samsung’s assortment has a huge number of smartphones and lines, in which not only ordinary customers get confused, but also, probably :), Samsung employees themselves.