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  • First of all, you need to check that the TV is connected to the same network along with the phone. In this case, the TV set can be connected both by wire and by Wi-Fi. The most important thing is that the connection is to one router.
  • After that, download the Samsung Smart View program from the App Store or Google Play. Nothing is complicated, we just launch these applications on the phone, enter the name of the program in the search bar. Next, download and install.
  • After starting the application, you need to click on the button to connect to the TV. There will be only one. don’t mix it up. After that, we select the TV. I have only one at home, so only one device is displayed. If you have a TV model from 2011-2013, then you need to click on the “Allow” button. If the TV is newer 2014-2015, then on the screen you will see 4 digits. they need to be entered on the phone.

After that, Connect should already happen. Then you can use your phone as a remote control. But sometimes it can be difficult to connect.

Smart View can’t see or connect to TV: solution

Hi everyone! Today we will talk about the issue where Smart View does not see Samsung TV. The most important thing is not to panic. it can happen to anyone. It was today that I ran into this problem when connecting my smartphone to the TV. And now I will tell you how you can deal with it. But first of all, let’s make the correct connection.

Can’t find Samsung Smart TV

Sometimes the problem occurs precisely from the side of the application and the operating system of the phone. Therefore, first of all, completely uninstall the application. Then go to the “System” section and update the Android OS to the latest version. Then download the app again from Google Play or App Store.

On old “boxes” that have been released since 2011, you need to update the operating system. To do this, you need to synchronize via TELNET in the menu. Sometimes the update takes place in a separate settings menu. I can’t say exactly where, I’ll have to look.

Reboot the router, for this, go to it and click on a special button. If you are afraid to press on something, then just unplug it. You can try to wait 2 minutes, and only then turn it on. If this does not help, and the application still does not work, then reconnect the phone to the network. Also check that the TV is connected to the router.

Supported TVs

First of all, you need to see if the TV supports this function. I would also like to note that if the device does not have a Smart TV system installed, there is no LAN port on the back, to connect to the network, then, unfortunately, your “box” will not support this program. Now a little explanation on the table. A series of models will be presented below. The plus sign means that in addition to this model, support is also provided for later models. For example, LED D7000: LED D7500 also supports.

Year Model
2011 LED D7000, PDP D8000
2012 LED ES7500, PDP E8000
2013 LED F4500, PDP F5500
2014 H4500, H5500
2015 J5500
2016 K4300, K5300

NOT SUPPORTED! J6203, F9000, H6003, H6103, H6153, H6201, H6203.

The rest of the models from the 2017 release fully support this application. If you have any difficulties in determining which model is supported or not, then you can write your questions in the comments below. Just remember to include the full model name.

How to use

First of all, the application greatly facilitates the management of a large menu via a smartphone. It is very easy to search for information in the menu, tune the TV set, and enter data. If desired, you can view pictures, photos, videos from your phone, tablet or laptop directly on the TV.

If your smartphone is equipped with a gyroscope, you can use it as a controller in some games and applications. Also on new TVs, you can use the phone’s gyroscopic functions as an electronic pointer.

Connecting to an old TV

In order to understand what are the features of connecting Dandy to old TVs of different models, you need to pay attention to the following nuances:

  • Samsung. Many users have difficulty connecting the console to this particular TV model. This is due to the fact that on some of them, instead of the standard yellow and green inputs, you need to use white and yellow. To connect to them, you just need an adapter with 3RCA. Without it, in some cases, it is not possible to connect the set-top box.
  • LG. The video cable should be connected to the TV of this manufacturer with an A / V to HDMI converter. Thus, you can connect and configure Dandy on an LG TV without any difficulties and problems. It should be noted that such a connection allows you to achieve a high-quality picture on the screen.
  • Philips. The TVs of this brand compare favorably with many others. This is due to the fact that they have standard inputs. white and yellow. The configuration of these devices is carried out using the remote control. To do this, you need to press the “Input” button.

It is even easier to connect the Dandy set-top box to an old TV than to a new one. This process takes no more than a few minutes of free time.

Using an adapter

If the interface of a modern TV is in the form of a comb, you will need to use a special adapter. On the one hand, it consists of a cord with 3 wires, on the other. a SCART connector.

It is imperative to pay attention to the fact that the signal transmission of the IN type must be set on the adapter. Otherwise, the device may not transmit the game image you need to the TV screen.

You can connect the adapter with 3RCA and SCART connector to your TV and set-top box in just 1 minute. After that, it will take no more than 2-3 minutes to complete the rest of the tasks required before starting the game process.

Instructions for connecting Dandy to modern TVs

Games have long been an integral part of the lives of many people, both children and adolescents and adults. A significant transformation with them took place in the 90s of the twentieth century. This was facilitated by the emergence of mass access to a variety of consoles. One of the most popular among them was Dandy. Due to the fact that this console is more than 20 years old, its connection to modern televisions causes certain difficulties. Before starting this process, you should first understand about all the problems that you will have to face. This is what will be discussed later in this article.

Installation and connection to modern TVs

Despite the fact that at the moment almost everyone has their own personal computer and emulators that are currently popular, nevertheless, sometimes many have nostalgia for consoles from the 90s. This also applies to Dandy.

In order for the connection of the set-top box to be successful, you must first prepare several devices, such as:

  • Power Supply;
  • joysticks for one or more people;
  • AV cable (so-called tulip);
  • special adapter.

It only takes a few minutes of free time to connect the gaming console directly to the receiver itself. In this case, the installation scheme can be varied. It directly depends on what type of cable is used. It can be as follows:

  • AV cable;
  • satellite antenna cable.

Since a large number of Dandy models were produced, their kits could be different. In some, a connection cable was present, in others, it had to be purchased additionally.

AV cable

In order to connect the set-top box to the TV, you need to figure out which cable you need to use. To do this, it is necessary to inspect the rear panel of the device. If it has 3 round red, yellow and white inputs, use an AV cable. It is often called a tulip due to the appearance of this cord. Structurally, such a cable consists of three branches. They are designed to transmit video and audio.

Despite the fact that almost every old TV was equipped with AV cable inputs, many modern models also retain this feature. In order to connect the set-top box, you need to follow the following procedure:

  • connect the RSA Jack cable to the TV and set-top box;
  • insert the game cartridge into the console;
  • connect the power supply to the mains;
  • start the selected game;
  • switch channel to AV.

After completing all the above actions, the logo of the game itself or the company that is its manufacturer should appear on the TV screen.

A distinctive feature of the AV cable is that it allows you to clearly transfer the picture to the TV screen. Antenna cables sometimes do not cope with this task at the proper level. In addition, setting up a set-top box using an AV cable is much easier and faster.

Antenna cable connection

Not all Dandy set-top boxes can be connected to modern TVs using an AV cable. In such cases, a regular antenna cord should be used. This method has a number of disadvantages that must be taken into account. Among them, experts distinguish the following:

  • poor quality of the image displayed on the screen;
  • difficulties in setting up a TV, regardless of whether it is old or modern.

Connecting and configuring Dandy using an antenna cord follows a specific algorithm of actions. It involves the following steps:

  • Connect the two devices with an antenna cable.
  • Turn on the set-top box and install the cartridge in its place in the slot.
  • Turn on the TV and adjust its settings by searching for new channels.

If all the above steps are performed in the correct sequence, a corresponding connection is formed between the Dandy set-top box and the TV. Then you can enjoy the installed game.

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It is also worth paying attention to some of the nuances that Honor needs:

  • When performing any manipulations with the antenna cable, make sure that all devices. both the set-top box and the TV. are disconnected from the mains.
  • If during the implementation of the setting, the image of the game periodically disappears on the screen, you should check the strength of the cable connection.
  • In the absence of color rendition, be sure to once again make sure that the cord is connected securely or repeat the settings made earlier.

Thus, if everything is done in accordance with the instructions, connecting Dandy to the most modern TV is not at all difficult.

Setting up your TV

If you managed to connect Dandy to your Samsung or LG TV, you need to configure them. This can be done as follows:

  • turn on two devices at the same time;
  • use the remote control to switch the TV to the “Video” mode (AV / AV1).

It is worth paying additional attention to the fact that the transition to the desired mode on different models is carried out using different buttons. On some TVs, it is enough to press the “Input” key, on others, you first need to press “Source”, and then. “Input”. It depends on the individual characteristics of different TV systems.

How to connect a wired Internet to a Samsung TV

When your TV is upstairs. use the power line

TV upstairs or in another room from the router? This doesn’t mean you can’t watch Netflix or iPlayer.

The further you are from the router, the weaker the signal becomes. But you can extend the reach of your home network for smoother streaming with the Powerline Kit.

The Powerline kit includes 2 adapters and 2 Ethernet cables. Once the adapters are plugged into outlets and the router, the internet signal is sent through your electrical cables.

  • Provides a reliable internet connection overhead or through thick walls
  • Expand Internet access to the farthest corners of your home
  • easy to set up
  • Plug the first Powerline adapter into an outlet in the same room as your router
  • Use an Ethernet cable to connect the adapter to the broadband router
  • Plug the second Powerline adapter into an outlet in the same room as your Smart TV
  • Then connect the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on the Smart TV.
  • Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to the Powerline adapter

What is your broadband speed?
Watching online videos. the main advantage of Smart TV.

The faster your broadband connection, the better the quality of your subsequent TV viewing, binges of TV series and movie nights.

Especially if your Smart TV also supports 4K UHD. Netflix and Amazon stream a range of 4K movies and TV shows.

Ultra-fast broadband will provide the best quality for regular streaming. and it’s practically necessary for 4K streaming.

Is my internet speed good enough for 4K streaming?

See our buying guide for more information on Smart TV.

How to connect your Samsung TV to the Internet

Samsung has several Internet-ready TVs. first under the Samsung brand as Internet TVs, and then as Samsung Smart TVs that connect to the Internet via a router. The router communicates with the TV either via an Ethernet cable or wirelessly using built-in Wi-Fi or a compatible Samsung Wireless USB dongle.

3 Easy Ways to Connect Smart TV to the Internet

You can enjoy a boxset marathon on Netflix or watch yesterday’s EastEnders shows on iPlayer using Smart TV.

This is because Smart TV can connect to the Internet.

Many of our new TVs are smart today, but how to connect your TV to the Internet?

We’ll show you how to use the wireless and wired options, and even what to do when your TV is upstairs.

5 Reasons Your Next TV Should Be Smart

How to set up Internet on Samsung Smart TV.

So, connect the cable between the router and the TV via the Ethernet port and go to the Smart TV menu in the “Network” section and open the “Network Settings” item.

After entering the network setup, you will see a message that the network cable is connected. Click the “Start” button to configure your wired network settings.

After a successful network connection and network connection, click the “OK” button. Now access to the Internet on Samsung Smart TV is open for you.

But if the connection and connection is not established, then do not rush to contact your Internet provider, but try to change the connection settings on the TV.

Connecting Samsung Smart TV to the Internet.

If the TV is connected to the router via a network cable, the TV will automatically start setting up the network via the LAN wire in two steps. If the connection is wireless, then Smart TV will start configuring the network via the Wi-FI radio channel in five steps. I described in detail here how to configure the router for the Internet.

The connection diagram says that the LAN cable from the provider needs to be plugged into the WAN port of the router and the network device must be connected to the TV. To do this, one end of the compressed twisted pair must be plugged into the LAN port of the router, and the other into the Ethernet port of the TV. In order for the TV to automatically receive all network settings for accessing the Internet, do not forget to enable the DHCP server (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) in the router interface.

Thus, the DHCP server will automatically assign an IP address to the client and inform the DNS server and default gateway. Otherwise, all network settings will need to be registered manually. Make sure in advance that the IP you are setting falls within the range of addresses (start and end) that are set in the router interface.

How to connect Samsung Smart TV with a LAN cable to the Internet

Recently, I have been receiving many questions about how to connect a Samsung Smart TV with a LAN cable to the Internet and set up a network on the TV. We will connect the TV to the Internet through a router, so make sure that it is correctly configured and has access to the World Wide Web. The connection of devices with each other using a twisted pair can cause some inconvenience in the form of wires underfoot, but also provide a comfortable viewing of films and TV shows.

Connecting the TV to a Wi-Fi router via a LAN cable, rather than a wireless connection, in some cases can help to avoid interruptions and freezes while watching movies through Samsung Apps, as well as when broadcasting video files from a computer to a TV (how to create multimedia read home network between computer and Samsung Smart TV here).

For comfortable viewing of online video or broadcasting media content from a computer to a TV through a router, it is desirable to have a high-speed Internet connection and high-quality active network equipment. In addition, this method of connection can also give positive results and relieve you of discomfort, because the data transfer speed in a LAN network cable is higher than in a Wi-Fi radio channel.

In addition, external sources affect the Wi-Fi signal from the router, and in some cases it is necessary to diagnose the wireless network and find a less loaded channel. It is possible to argue about the advantages of this or that connection for a long time, but this is not the topic of this article. This material is a kind of continuation or addition to the article on how to set up a wireless Wi-Fi connection on a Samsung Smart TV.

If you do not know how to crimp a LAN network cable without a special tool (crimper) at home, then the crimping circuits and the method of crimping the twisted pair and RJ-45 connector are described in detail here.

So, the first thing you need to do is connect your TV to an already configured Wi-Fi router. In some cases, Smart TV can be connected to the Internet by simply plugging a cable from the Internet provider into the WAN port of the TV. But it depends on the Internet access provided by your provider.

Which antenna to choose

Initially, you must determine the distance from the nearest TV tower. To do this, go to the official website of the cartographic service. www SIM card.rtrs.rf /.

In the top search bar, enter the name of the settlement where you live. For example, Ufa.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

The red icons on the map are TV towers. Click on the icon and check out the coverage area.

If the repeater is located near your home and the coverage is good, you can use a regular antenna. Let’s present the main classification:

  • Room. They take up little space, they can be placed anywhere in the apartment, but it is better to put them closer to the windowsill. The indoor option will be an excellent choice if the repeater is close enough. the distance is no more than 15 kilometers.
  • Outdoor antennas. Used for remote locations of the TV tower. They operate in the decimeter range, which allows them to pick up frequencies of 470-860 MHz.

If there is a bad signal in a country house (for example), where tall trees act as a hindrance, then purchase an antenna with an amplifier.

How to connect a digital TV set-top box to a Samsung TV: step-by-step instructions

Today televisions have ceased to be popular, because the Internet has replaced television, where users can easily find any movie or information. Despite this aspect, the TV set can still be found in any home. Recently, the government approved a bill under which the entire population should switch to digital broadcasting. Then many may have a question related to configuration and connection. Let’s consider how to connect a digital set-top box to a Samsung TV.

Outdoor antenna

When purchasing an outdoor antenna, consider the following:

  • Look for models without a built-in amplifier, they don’t need them.
  • Choose directional antennas.
  • When using numbers outside the city, buy wide-angle antennas, this will have a positive effect on signal reception.
  • If the tower is too far away, and you observe interference when watching TV, then take an antenna with a preamplifier.

How to Connect a Digital TV Receiver to a Samsung TV

Connecting a digital TV set-top box to a Samsung TV is easy. All you need to do is connect the cables and perform the initial setup. Consider the connection process depending on the connectors used.

Indoor antenna

Indoor antennas are compact. When choosing, rely on the presence of an amplifier, because such devices have insufficient gain. Although, for an apartment, this will be an excellent option.

Receiver selection

  • The attachment must be equipped with all required connectors. Not only have an HDMI input, but also RCA or SCART, used in older TVs.
  • Supported screen resolution must be HD or Full HD.
  • Functional. The main task of the receiver is to transcode the incoming signal. Some models offer enhanced user experience. For example, a function for recording a specific broadcast on TV, delayed viewing, Internet, etc.
  • Ability to connect to Wi-Fi and use IPTV.

It makes no sense to buy an expensive model. You can take a simple attachment, it will include the necessary functionality for comfortable use.

Samsung Galaxy A20 How to Mirror Your Screen to a TV (Connect to TV)

Most common connection problems

Users often encounter the following problems:

  • Rippling image. In some cases, squares can be observed. Solution. make sure that the cable is in good working order, the antenna is connected and located correctly, because the reason is hidden in a bad signal.
  • Colorless picture (black and white). Check if the cables are connected correctly. You may have mixed up the connectors. Have you checked the connection and everything is ok? Go to the tuner parameters and in the “Image” tab set “Auto tuning”.
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Choosing a keyboard

Additional accessories will improve the quality of your Smart TV experience. The remote control is not the most convenient way to operate a smart TV. For this, a special keypad is produced. The keyboard allows you to quickly enter text, chat on social networks, use familiar applications. As a result, it simplifies the use of the Internet on TV. Agree that the name of the movie or the name of your favorite actor is easier to enter by clicking on the buttons. If you know the hotkeys, you can do without a mouse altogether. There are also models with a touchpad.

It is noteworthy that the luxury models are equipped with wireless mice in the form of a small remote control. At the time of choosing wireless devices, this device perfectly fulfills the tasks of searching and entering information. Their lineup is extensive. There is a keyboard with cursor control, which allows you not to buy a mouse, but this model costs more. But there will be a voice command option. A large assortment will also allow you to choose a model that will emphasize the design of the room, will look great in a set with TV.

How to connect keyboard and mouse to Samsung Smart TV: instruction

“How do I connect a wireless keyboard and mouse to my Samsung Smart TV?”. a serious question for owners of a complete set of comfortable TV viewing. We talk about connection methods in detail in this article.

Connect the mouse

The mouse connection process is similar. Just plug the adapter into the USB port. At the end, an inscription will appear that the device is connected correctly and can be freely operated. Next, scroll through the pages by simply scrolling the wheel. And select the desired program by clicking the left mouse button.

An interesting new device called Air Mouse. Outwardly it looks like a remote control. But inside the device is a built-in three-axis gyroscope that reads movements in the air. The controls are as simple as a mouse. There are buttons that execute specific commands. Connects to Smart TV just like a regular mouse.

Determine connectivity

Please note that both wired and wireless keyboard and mouse are connected to the Samsung Smart TV. Wireless work on the basis of Bluetooth or USB. Bluetooth connection is available if this function is provided by the developers. And wireless devices with USB do not need Bluetooth. Keep in mind that according to the assurances of Samsung experts, not all wireless models work on their Smart TVs. But they assure that you can easily connect Logitech, A4tech, Genius, CBR, Apple and, of course, models produced by the company itself. But only on condition that the TV is modern. released after 2012.

The developers have made this task easier as well. They suggest to clarify the information in the settings in the “Devices” section.

How to connect a wireless mouse and keyboard to your Samsung Smart TV?

It won’t take long to connect. It is noteworthy that even if the selected keyboard or mouse does not fit the TV model, the user will also be notified about this. The information will be displayed on the screen. The connection algorithm is described in detail below.

We connect the keyboard

There is no need to install drivers or other special programs. Follow the simple instructions.

  • Insert the adapter into the USB port.
  • Turn on Bluetooth.

The TV will indicate that a new device is launched. Wait for the process to complete. If the keyboard does not appear, you need to perform special steps that differ depending on the model. Go to “Device Manager”, click on the name of the purchased device. Press “OK” on the remote control in the “Manager” window. The success of the task is confirmed by the appearance of “Connected”.

How to get the keyboard back on a Samsung TV if it’s missing

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

Connecting Sega to a modern TV

Sometimes, looking at the same type of modern computer games, there is an irresistible desire to get the SEGA console and try something new, or rather, remember the old one. Only if you try to connect to a modern TV, then be prepared for disappointment. plasmas, LCDs, LEDs are not designed for old Segi, Dandy and Play Station.

Now all television equipment works with a digital signal, and the main working connectors have the appropriate appearance and purpose. At the same time, on old consoles, such as the SEGA Mega Drive 2, there is no sign of a digital connection type. They provide wires and connectors for analog connection only. Therefore, in order to remember the past and plunge into the worlds of Super Mario, Mortal Combat and other classic games, you need to act according to proven methods.

How to connect a shoga to a TV

The development of computer technologies affected not only the technical parameters of the “hardware”, the software has undergone significant changes. If we compare with what was on the SEGA, Dandy game consoles at the end of the last and the beginning of this century, now completely different pictures have appeared on the screens. The evolution of software has radically changed the external and internal world of computer games. improved graphics, increased functionality, increased productivity. But real gamers know how it all began, and those clumsy, at first glance, modern user toys evoke more emotions than the most advanced gaming software.

Antenna cable connection

Do not despair if the AV wire is out of order or lost. In this case, the set-top box can be connected to the TV using an antenna cable. This requires a modulator plug into the AV output located on the SEGA. Then connect the modulator to the TV using an antenna cable, as in diagram 1.

After connecting all the wires in places, you need to turn on the set-top box and start auto search on the TV to find the channel that is broadcasting from SEGA. After completing the setup, start playing.

Connecting with an AV cable

All modern TVs have analog connectors, you just need to know where to look and how to connect. Also included in the SEGA Mega Drive 2 set-top box is a wire called “tulips”, with the help of which the connection is made. There are several options:

  • AV input. There are no problems here. Usually this type of connection is located on the side of the TV, but it can be located at the back and is indicated by INPUT. In any case, it can be recognized by 3 characteristic connectors. yellow, red, white, as in Figure 1. You need to connect based on the color and purpose of the connectors. yellow contacts are for video signal transmission, and white for audio signal in mono mode. It is possible to turn on stereo sound, but for this you need another plug, which is inserted into the red jack and is responsible for the right stereo channel, in which case the white contact group acts as the left channel.
  • Component TV input. Many TVs have home theater connectors called AV IN / CPONENT IN. There are usually 5 of them, as in Figure 2, but in some cases a larger number is provided, depending on the TV modification. You should not understand the nuances of each component. To connect Sega, it is enough to find the video input marked as “Y”. the yellow plug is inserted into it, and the audio input L for the white plug.
  • SCART input. This convenient contact group unites all video and audio inputs and outputs in one connector, but for such a connection you need an adapter, as in Figure 3. It connects to SEGA according to the same principle as in the case of the AV input. The adapter is simply inserted into the SCART connector, which is usually located on the back of the TV;

IMPORTANT. Remember that each manufacturer of TV equipment uses different algorithms for switching video inputs on their products. Therefore, to determine which input Sega will work on, you need to follow the instructions for the TV or by the selection method.

We connect Sega to a computer monitor

To enjoy the good old games, it is not necessary to connect the set-top box to the TV, you can use a monitor for this purpose. To bring this idea to life, you need a video adapter or TV tuner. You can use the built-in device integrated into the computer, but it is better portable, which transmits the signal through the HDMI jack.

To start new equipment, you need to install drivers and configure new computer software. For the convenience of using the set-top box through a TV tuner, it is recommended to install a special AverTV program. After completing all the settings, connect the SEGA tuner or adapter in the same way as described in the subsection “Connecting with an AV cable”, and start playing your favorite games.

How to connect a phone to a TV. all the ways

Today’s telephones surpass the first computers in their capabilities. Apps, games, social media, and the internet have become standard features on any smartphone. Some users sometimes need to connect their phone to a TV. There can be many reasons, but most often such a connection is made to view phone files on a large TV screen.

On the TV, you can play multimedia files from your phone, and you can also use the phone’s memory as a flash drive. There are several ways to connect your phone to your TV. It all depends on which connectors your equipment has and which connecting cables are available. Choose the most convenient connection method.

It should be noted that the easiest way to connect your phone to a TV is via an HDMI connection. To do this, it is necessary that the TV has a free HDMI port, and the micro. HDMI (outwardly it is very similar to micro. USB, but these are different connectors). All you need is a cable with a standard HDMI (Type A) connector on one end and a micro connector on the other. HDMI (Type D). Turn off both devices and use the cable to connect the corresponding connectors. After that, turn on the TV and the phone, use the remote control to enter the TV menu and select HDMI as the signal source. If there are several HDMI connectors, then select the one to which the cable is connected. Now you can run videos, music and applications on your phone. With this connection, both picture and sound will be transmitted. Please note that not all applications support screen mirroring.

If nothing appears on the TV screen, there may be a problem with your phone settings. Usually, all settings take place in automatic mode and do not require intervention. If this does not happen, you can manually configure the transmission. Go to phone settings and select HDMI. then we are looking for HDMI format. In the window that appears, select the resolution and refresh rate that your TV supports.

It may happen that your phone does not have a micro connector. HDMI. In this case, a special micro-USB converter can be used. HDMI. It connects to the m icro-USB connector on the phone. After that, you can connect your phone to your TV using a regular HDMI to HDMI cable.

Connect your phone using a wireless connection

The issue of wireless connection between TV and phone is very interesting. However, it is difficult to talk about such a connection in general terms. Many TV manufacturers have developed apps that allow you to connect your phone over Wi. Fi. LG has Smart Share. With this function, you can transfer videos, music and pictures from your phone (LG brand. Smart Share compatible) to your TV. To do this, both devices must be on the same network. There should not be any particular difficulties, because TVs with Smart Share probably have a built-in Wi module. Fi.

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For Samsung TVs, this is the AllShare feature, which also makes it easy to connect your phone wirelessly. There is also Wi-Fi Direct technology. If both your TV and your phone support this technology, you can connect them directly wirelessly for information exchange, synchronization, and file sharing. Thus, it becomes obvious that you can connect your phone to your TV using Wi. Fi is possible. You need to familiarize yourself in more detail with the capabilities of your devices and find suitable software.

Most modern TVs have a USB port. Using it, you can connect a phone, but with this connection, the phone will be defined as an external carrier (roughly speaking, like a flash drive). Displaying a picture or video on the TV screen will not work. All you need is a USB to micro-USB cable. Connect the appropriate connectors with the equipment off and you’re done.

We’ve covered the basic ways to connect your phone to your TV. Surely you will be satisfied with at least one of them. Watching photos or videos on the big screen, listening to music or playing games are all possible. As you can see, connecting your phone to your TV is not that difficult. With the right cable, you can easily cope with this task.

How to connect an Android phone to a TV via HDMI?

High Definition Multimedia Interface or HDMI is an interface that transmits high definition and quality video and audio. What does it mean? This means that you can, for example, display an image from a laptop on a TV. In this case, on the TV screen you will see everything that happens on the laptop screen. Of course, this is only possible if your TV, like your laptop, supports HDMI technology. Is it possible to connect a smartphone to a TV using HDMI? You can, but there are some nuances.

What to do?

You are probably perfectly familiar with the first three devices, but few people know what an MHL adapter is. Let’s analyze in more detail.

In order to connect a smartphone and a TV with an HDMI cable, the TV must have an HDMI port, and the smartphone must have a microHDMI port, and an appropriate cable is also required. The problem is that only a small number of smartphones have a microHDMI port. manufacturers simply do not see the point in installing it, because it makes the device more expensive and takes up extra space in the case. Here is this port on a smartphone, it looks like a MicroUSB port, but they are similar only externally (for example, BlackBerry Z10):

If your smartphone does not have a microHDMI port, you probably think that it is impossible to connect it to a TV. Fortunately, this is not the case. Some time ago, Mobile High-Definition Link technology, or MHL for short, appeared. MHL is an interface standard that combines the functionality of HDMI and MicroUSB. In other words, with the help of this excellent technology, you can connect your smartphone to a TV using HDMI technology using a special adapter. There is also an MHL cable. The difference is that the adapter is powered by an external power supply, while the cable does not require additional power.

It also houses an additional microUSB port for receiving power.

So, in order to connect a smartphone to a TV using HDMI technology, you need to connect an MHL adapter to a smartphone. Then a regular HDMI cable is connected to the adapter. The second side of the HDMI cable connects to the TV. on its back or side wall you can find a port or ports for connection.

Have you connected? Great. Now it all depends on the TV model. There are models where, when you connect the cable to the HDMI port, the picture from the device you just connected is automatically turned on. If this does not happen, pick up the TV remote control, press the Source button and select the HDMI section.

After that, you will see a picture from your smartphone. Everything that is shown on its display, you will see on the TV screen. You can watch a movie or even play games. Very comfortably!

Just remember that in some cases it is worth completely disabling the screen off function on the smartphone or setting the maximum possible time, otherwise its display will turn off when it is idle.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in connecting, but you need to stock up on an MHL adapter in advance. Of course, only if your smartphone does not have a separate microHDMI port.

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Connect Apple TV to your TV in 5 minutes

Only a small part of users know how to connect Apple TV to a TV and carry out the first equipment setup. In fact, syncing these devices is a simple and straightforward process that everyone can handle.

The technology, released by Apple, has an intuitive, simple and clear interface. Therefore, users do not have any problems with connecting and setting up equipment from this manufacturer.

Setting up the set-top box via iPhone

On smartphones from Apple there is a special function designed to set up a proprietary set-top box. This option is called iBeacon. To set up Apple TV using your iPhone mobile, follow the step-by-step instructions:

  • Insert all the necessary cables, and then turn on the equipment to the network.
  • Bring your smartphone to the set-top box, and then walk away with the mobile device a short distance. 20 centimeters will be enough.
  • A notification will appear on the smartphone screen prompting you to start setting up. You need to click “Yes”.
  • Log in to the Apple ID, for this you need to enter the appropriate username and password.
  • As a result, two notifications will appear on the iPhone screen. whether to save the Apple ID account on this device, and permission to send reports on the operation of equipment will also be requested.
  • Answer the requests that appeared on the mobile phone screen.
  • Setup will start, wait for it to finish.

All in all, syncing will only take a few minutes. Then you can get to work. To set up Apple TV using an iPad or iPhone, iOS 9.1 is required. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth must be enabled on your smartphone or tablet.

Apple TV connection process to TV

  • Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the jack on the device and the other to the corresponding jack on the TV.

Insert the mains cable into the power socket, and then plug the cable into the socket.

Take your TV remote control and select “HDMI” as the main signal source.

Why doesn’t TV see the set-top box? It is possible that one of the cables is not working. The second reason is that the equipment was set up incorrectly. You should also not exclude the fact that you have mixed up the connectors, and the devices were connected incorrectly. Check everything again.

What Apple TV does

A smart set-top box from a well-known American brand differs from analogues in its versatility. Let’s see what features it provides:

  • creation of a home multimedia center by synchronizing various gadgets: TV, smartphone, tablet, speaker system, player and other devices;
  • using the iTunes application to play music content;
  • getting access to high quality video content (TV series, films, clips), which is stored on the appropriate resources;
  • watching sports broadcasts in real time;
  • displaying images from mobile gadgets on a large TV screen, regardless of the operating system. Therefore, you can sync your Samsung smartphone and Apple TV;
  • access to the most popular video games, podcasts.

Apple consoles are conventionally divided into 4 generations. Debut line mowers were available with Mac OS X Tige. The technique of the second version operates on the basis of iOS.

Owners of the second and third generation Smart Boxes from Apple will be able to play media content exclusively in streaming mode. This is due to the lack of a built-in hard drive with sufficient capacity to store files directly on the hard drive.

The A5’s central processor and 8GB of internal memory are used as intermediate storage for streaming information. However, there are advantages. The set-top box allows you to play various content from iTunes in maximum resolution (Full HD) and with multichannel soundtrack without any delays.

After connecting the set-top box, you can not only watch TV. The functionality of the TV will be significantly expanded.

To access the multimedia library of a smartphone, laptop, computer or tablet, you need to install special software. Then the devices are synchronized. Control will be carried out using the remote control, which is included in the basic set-top box. An alternative way is any gadget that works on iOS 7 or higher.

What you need to connect

The set-top box connects to the TV via HDMI cable or Wi-Fi. There are no alternative ways. A wired connection is a priority option, since it opens up the opportunity to fully use the functionality of the device. If you sync over Wi-Fi, you won’t be able to use iTunes. List of required connections:

  • TV with a working HDMI connector;
  • HDMI cable;
  • Internet access;
  • Apple TV set-top box.

The cable will have to be purchased separately. The base Apple TV package includes only the power cord, remote control, device, and USB cable.

Setup Instructions

Set up Apple TV as follows:

  • Turn on your TV and set-top box. If the wired connection was made correctly, a menu for setting up a new device will appear on the TV screen.
  • Connect the remote control by pressing the touch panel.
  • Using the remote control, the initial configuration is carried out: the language, region is selected, the voice control function is activated (available only in models of the fourth generation and above), a password is entered.
  • During the first connection to the Internet, activate your accounts in Apple branded services, for example, in iTunes.

A few words about connecting the remote control. Click on the touch panel of the remote control to start syncing with the set-top box. If you have any difficulties, then press the menu button and the volume up key at the same time. They need to be held for about 5 seconds. It is possible that the notification “There is too much distance between devices” will appear on the TV screen. In this case, you need to put the remote control on the console.

The step-by-step instructions are simple and straightforward. Each user will be able to independently turn on Apple TV. This completes the setup of the STB. Now you will be able to download and play multimedia content.

If you are a fan of Apple products and have several devices from this manufacturer, then be sure to connect your smartphone, tablet, laptop to the TV. Synchronization takes a minimum of time. Everything is very convenient and affordable.